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The French Anti-Revolution

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While Marine Le Pen could be said to be more “liberal” than her father, Jean-Marie, she is still undeniably the key figure in relation to the destruction of the European Union. It would be more powerful than Brexit, and infinitely more powerful than Trump. This is not because there will be endless memes about it (although there may well be), and not because Leftists globally will have a mental breakdown on a scale equivalent to their response to Trump, but because it could open the gates for the older, traditionalist factions of the Front National to rise up and either push her towards their stance, or eventually inherit the party from her and take over.

If this actually happens, it could be the most revolutionary act since the French Revolution itself. It would be an Anti-Revolution. It would serve to reverse time and restore order to what some believe to be the heart of Europe. It would potentially be the Final Revolution, a restoration of European order and harmony, and a complete reversal of the cancer that has spread at a historically unbelievable rate since the French Revolution occurred.

Donald Trump and Brexit are both very interesting, and have done well to shift the political tone, but they are both hollow gestures, as both Trump and those behind Brexit are not really conservatives or traditionalists. They are modern capitalists. Steve Bannon summed it up perfectly by describing his movement as an economic nationalist one. They will not reverse the spiritual damage done to the West because they do not have the spirit to do so.

Saying this might annoy or alienate some people, but no American can reverse the damage, as most Americans, whether they like it or not, are against monarchy, hierarchy, and harmonious order. It is in the very roots of the nation. It is in their national spirit, for the most part. They are the sons and daughters of the decline, although some more so than others. America is a nation founded on republican, anti-traditionalist values. America and the French Revolution go hand-in-hand. How America has conducted itself in the world since their “liberation” from monarchy is a testament to this inability to do anything seismic. Of course, there is work to be done in America, work that has to be done by good people, but it is a very complex situation.  America is a very young nation, so it could go either way.  It could even be that America was merely a mistake, and it will simply dissolve.

Am I saying that Americans must embrace the Queen and monarchy in order to save themselves from the jaws of chaos? Maybe I am. Honestly, I don’t know what they should do.  Am I saying that a group of Radical Traditionalists will rise from the ranks of the FN? Maybe I am. Am I saying that, if they do indeed rise to take control of the party and follow through with their traditional values, that it would be, or could be, the saving of Europe? Yes. If this Anti-Revolution takes place, nothing is unimaginable and everything is possible, if time itself can be reversed.