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Three Poems

501 words

[1]You There to the Left of Me

Your world is rotten, but even more than
That, it’s hypocritical, it doesn’t
Consider its rottenness as rotten
Because it’s as willfully blind as it’s bent
(And by bent I meant crooked, and I meant

Corrupted, too). I hate everyone of
You, every so-called liberal thinker wont to
Repeat popular mantras like “One love”
(As if you wrote it yourself, as if you
Were original, as if it was true 

And not just popular) “Anyone in
Their right mind” (as if the rest of us were
Always mad and wrong), “Fuck your Christian sin”
(Where Christianity is a trigger
Term used for showing others how bigger

You are than it. I’m not exactly a
Christian and I find it insulting that
You think the word Christian is a pat way
To put an entire people down). “Fat
Positive” (as if it means ‘Better at

Being authentically human than those
Of you who are not obese’, as if it
Means fat people are evolved…I suppose
It also means they are content to sit
And eat convenience food by the bucket

So they can become even better and
Evolve more as time goes on, unlike we
Who weigh far less and therefore understand
Far less about ourselves and our body
Images and social perceptions). Mostly

I hate the fact that I can’t even get
To hate you without having to explain
Why I hate you because you are dead set
Against being willing to just listen
Without a type of pop comprehension

Being used. You disgust me and exhaust
Me. Still, your days are numbered seeing as
Your type of person will always eat its
Own right there along with everything else
Because no one is right or virtuous

Except you and there’s no talking to you
Because all of you are you, you’re the same
One over and over, there’s no point to
Your hate except outwards. Give rage a name
For today. Tomorrow’s a whole new game.


What You Lack

You’ll never be like us. The black sun shines
Within, not without. We are part of lines
That connect to each other as far back
As time can reach. Our holy sigils, black
Rays that extend from worlds you will not find,
Make us who we are. They are not designs
That can be bought or sold. A redefined
Heritage is no heritage, you’re not our kind
You’ll never be
We are not the same as you. Flesh combines
With soul and becomes life. Spirit assigns
Soul, each to proper each, there is no slack,
No give, no “same as us”. . . for what you lack
You’ll never be.


Three’s A Charm

Stepped Over

They asked me what I thought of (((them))); I said
I never did. I hate circuses and bread.

What They’d like the English to Think

Empire’s crumbled?
Mustn’t grumble.

Why We Must Resist

Because it’s easier to miss red pills
When the soul is smashed and the heart is ill.