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The Hard Sell

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Here is my attempt at selling White Nationalism to liberal, diaspora Jews. I know, it will be a hard sell, but as a writer, I strive for a perspective as wide as the world. An impossible dream, yes, but still I strive. Why? Because white ethnostates are what the white race will need in the very near future to avert the impending existential crisis of multi-racialism. And some of the most powerful people standing in our way today are liberal, diaspora Jews.

As we all know, non-white invaders are barbarizing traditionally white homelands, and the white elites, crippled by the twin diseases of Cultural Marxism and political correctness, have become powerless to stop it. Our identities, both racial and national, have been suppressed, and our futures as potential minorities in our own nations are fraught with uncertainty. We see the oppression, chaos, and poverty in the Muslim world, black Africa, and Latin America, and know that given enough immigration from these places, our world will decline rapidly. In fact, the decline has already begun.

Of course, it’s not enough to halt this decline. We must reverse it and make the white nations great again. Considering all the wonderful things white Europeans have given the world since Antiquity, it would be better for everyone, not just the whites, if this happens. As it stands now, however, whites are on the road to second-class citizenship in our own countries, and perhaps eventual extinction in many parts of the world. The goose that laid the golden egg just might get cooked and eaten one day, and, as Jews, I really hope that’s not what you want.

As an American, I can think of three broad methods for achieving a white ethnostate in North America. One is what Counter-Currents editor Greg Johnson calls the Slow Cleanse [2]. Basically, self-identifying whites take control of the American government and initiate pro-white policies which, among other things, forbid non-white immigration and encourage non-white self-deportation. Such a peaceful transition would occur until whites once again make up the ninety to ninety-five percent majority they enjoyed prior to the 1965 Immigration Act. This would take a long time and would certainly cause some difficulties for non-whites, but ultimately would save the white race from its current predicament, in North America at least.

The second method is Balkanization, which, thanks to the traction achieved recently by Calexit, is something many of us are talking about right now. Americans are already balkanized by race in many places. And, let’s face it, we’re starting to hate each other. The Left-Right fault line runs deep. A divorce may be in order. In response to the violent backlash against conservatives in American universities, the Ace of Spades recently wrote [3]:

On the plus side, it will take us closer to National Divorce, which will benefit all parties.

I don’t want revolution, I don’t want “resistance,” I don’t want violence. I don’t want to make others live under my heel (despite the fact they dearly wish to make me live under theirs).

I just want Done. I want Gone. I want Goodbye.

Sadly, this is perhaps the only sentiment that many on the Left and Right can agree upon these days.

Balkanization would also be a peaceful method to achieve a white ethnostsate. I’m not sure how it would come about, but I imagine that under the best circumstances, representatives from various groups would meet and hash out who gets what. For example, the White Nationalists get the Pacific Northwest, the midwest, and most of the former Confederacy. The northeast and most of the west coast would go to the multi-racial Left, and the southwest would go to the Hispanics. Lawrence Murray has an interesting rundown [4] of American Balkanization on his Atlantic Centurion site, and I am sure there is much to quibble over. Really, however, the details don’t matter too much, as long as whites get their ethnostate and a chance to rebuild.

The final method is warfare. At this point, all bets are off and God only knows how it will all play out. Whites could get everything or lose everything, or settle for something similar to what we have now after sacrificing millions of lives. And the same goes for you and everyone else. This possibility, of course, is the one that we all want least, but will be the only option remaining for whites if the Slow Cleanse and Balkanization don’t work out. We hope you understand that at that point, the alternatives for whites will be either to fight or submit completely to our enemies. Remember Masada? It will be something like that, only on a much larger scale and quite a bit more successful. And when that happens, you can rest assured that whites will have little tolerance for non-whites, Jews included, given that we will be blaming them for our dire predicament. Jews have been a consistent and influential Left-wing presence in America for over one hundred twenty years and have promoted non-white immigration as often as they could. Just because you look like us does not mean we will let you off the hook once we’re contemplating first and last things. At that point, your choices will be limited to fleeing to Israel or siding against us, sort of how you are siding against us now. And if you choose the latter, you will have no room to complain when things get violent and deadly.

So, here are the arguments for the Hard Sell which will focus on demonstrating the bright sides of the first two methods outlined above. I hope you see the truth in these arguments. I hope you find them persuasive. I hope you will also wish to respond and engage productively. In either event, please remember, I am presenting the Hard Sell because I want what’s best for everyone.

Argument 1: You will be getting off easy. You don’t really want to stick around for the bloody birth throes of a white ethnostate, do you? In fact, you should consider yourselves lucky that you don’t have to. You have Israel. You have a homeland, which is one more homeland than most whites have. So if you intend to complain about how difficult it will be to uproot yourselves and move to Israel (or to another part of North America in the event of Balkanization), White Nationalists will not be terribly sympathetic. Our lot will be just as bad, if not worse. In the case of Balkanization, whites will be undergoing similar upheavals and displacement. And in the case of war, we’re going to have to duke it out with non-whites as well as that Left-wing, oikophobic portion of our own population which hates us. A couple of U-Haul rentals and a flight to Tel Aviv would be a small price to pay to avoid being part of that scenario.

Check out Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission [5], if you wish to take a gander at the kind of future traditionally white nations are now contemplating. There’s a memorable scene in which the French protagonist must say goodbye to his Jewish girlfriend during the slow Islamic takeover of France. She finally realizes that she must leave for Israel, and wants to take him with her, but he refuses. “There is no Israel for me,” he said.

Argument 2: It’s hypocritical to support a Jewish ethnostate in Israel and not a white one anywhere. White Nationalists basically want the same thing Israelis want. Among other things, this includes a homeland which secures our perpetual majority. Israel could even be seen as a model for a white ethnostate. So how can you claim to be consistent when you support open borders for America but not for Israel? See the hypocrisy? Of course, I know the typical response to this. America and Israel, they say, are apples and oranges, the former being a vast, pluralistic society which has thrived on immigration for over two hundred years, whereas the latter is a tiny nation, besieged by enemies, constantly under threat, and the only place on Earth where Jews as a group can call home. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to compare one with the other.

But yes, it is appropriate. First of all, we should never mistake a definition for an argument. Just because you define the United States as a pluralistic, racially diverse nation does not mean I have to, or that it should be one. The Founding Fathers, with the Naturalization Act of 1790 [6], certainly didn’t think so. America is what we say it is, that is, the white people who founded it, broke its land, built its cities, fought its wars, and upon whose genius the world relied to create one of the greatest civilizations in history. Without whites, there never would have been a United States, so I do believe we get the final word on who gets to live here and who doesn’t, just as the Israelis do when it comes to Israel.

And while we’re on the topic of defining what a country is, some people choose to define Israel as an apartheid state. Is that enough to make it so?

Finally, as for the argument about being a tiny, besieged country, please don’t pretend that that’s such a bad thing. Israel is only besieged by enemies because it is smart enough not to let its enemies in as immigrants. Better to be a besieged country that is armed to the teeth, racially proud, and equipped with several hundred nuclear weapons than a declining superpower which is slowly rotting from the inside. If anything, the United States is in worse shape than Israel, since the process doing us in is impossible to reverse without massive amounts of bloodshed.

So, for the sake of consistency, and for the millions of innocent whites being robbed of their homelands one immigrant at a time, you should support White Nationalism.

Argument 3: Jews are not white people. (I didn’t say this would be an easy sell, did I?) Of course, in any ethnostate you will have a tiny number of outsiders living and working there. Jews would be no different than any other non-white in a white ethnostate. But since Jews have been shown to be genetically distinct from European whites (according to Nicholas Wade in his book A Troublesome Inheritance [7]) and possess many characteristic traits, both negative and positive, it makes sense that they wouldn’t belong in any ethnostate that isn’t theirs.

Argument 4: One does not have to hate Jews to support White Nationalism. As I have written before [8], there is an objective need for White Nationalism. Therefore, it does not matter how a person feels about Jews in order to support it. Yes, it is true that many White Nationalists are anti-Semites. I have read and heard the heinous abuse which gets dumped on Jews on the Internet and elsewhere. I know what goes on. I understand your antipathy towards White Nationalism. But just because a portion of a population can get verbally abusive does not mean that the population as a whole does not deserve an ethnostate.

Please also consider that whites are placed in a unique position. No other people in the world is expected to take in millions of unruly Third World immigrants and smile about it while they slowly get dispossessed in their own nations. In fact, if they complain about it loudly enough, they could lose their careers or even go to prison in some countries. This is an outrage, and therefore some bitterness and anger should be expected from that portion of the population which is most sensitive to these things.

I really believe that antipathy towards outgroups is a genetic trait. One end of the bell curve can’t help but feel hostility toward outgroups, and the other feels no hostility at all towards them. This, I believe, is the natural range of characteristics for all people. So when you single out white people for shame because some of them say mean things about Jews and other non-whites, please realize that this happens because they don’t have an ethnostate. I’m sure Palestinians and other racial minorities catch abuse from certain Jewish citizens of Israel for the exact same reasons. I’m also sure that quite a few Jews truly do detest gentiles. Some people just don’t like outsiders, and when they are on their home turf, they can get quite nasty about it. Since I believe this is a genetic thing, I must also believe that there is little they or anyone else can do about it. But as long as such individuals have a place to go where they don’t have to encounter outsiders, peace can be kept. So if you want to greatly reduce anti-Semitism in the Western world, push for the formation of a white ethnostate.

Argument 5: As long as Jewish nationalism exists, White Nationalism will not lead to a second Holocaust. Had Israel been around during the early years of the Third Reich, I really believe there wouldn’t have been a first one. It’s not like the Nazis didn’t try to encourage Jewish nationalism [9] prior to the war. For many reasons, not least humanitarian ones, Jews deserve their homeland, and I am glad Israel can take care of itself. I really am. Further, Jews have a lot to offer as a people, and I would like for that to continue in a place like Israel, which can suit the unique character of its people. And if you look at history, Jews suffered the most when they were a wandering diaspora in gentile lands. Do you really want that to continue? Because it will if liberal, diaspora Jews continue to import Muslim anti-Semites into white-controlled lands. Just chew on that one for a while.

And another thing about this Holocaust business: don’t you think you have been using it as a weapon against white people for long enough now? That and slavery have been pummeled into the minds of young whites in a concerted effort to shame us into abjuring our own racial interests. Do you think we’re not noticing? Do you think we’re going to want this to continue as we slowly lose our lands? Isn’t it time you gave us a break? I say this because Holocaust-phobia is wearing thin seventy years after the fact. This is not because white people are insensitive to its sheer enormity. It’s because we’re detecting a prejudice on your part which considers any white gentile who acts in his own racial interest as a closet Nazi. Even if we deny it or renounce anti-Semitism, it doesn’t matter. We are all potential Nazis to you, and that’s all there is to it. Don’t you see how offensive that is? Do you forget that hundreds of thousands of white, Christian men lined up to get slaughtered on the battlefields of Western Europe in part to save your people from the Holocaust? Do we not deserve even a little bit of credit for that?

And since so many of you wish to use the Holocaust to create self-abnegation among innocent people, perhaps whites should start doing the same to you. Are you not familiar with Jewish complicity in the Holodomor and other Soviet war crimes? Jonathan Bowden relates a story [10] about how a British National Party deputy chairman once fielded a question about the Shoah during an interview. He responded, “Well, which ‘Shoah’ are you referring to? Are you talking about the Communist holocausts, many of which were inspired by Jewish ideas?” He’s right, you know, although Jewish involvement in such atrocities went far beyond mere ideas. Stalin’s Jewish lieutenants and associates, such as Politburo member Lazar Kaganovich (who oversaw much of the famine in Ukraine in the early 1930s), NKVD commander Boris Berman (who committed acts of terror and atrocities in Belarus), secret policemen Matvei Berman and Naftali Frenkel (who helped develop the Soviet slave labor system, the latter of whom oversaw the deaths of two hundred thousand slaves during the construction of the White Sea Baltic Canal in 1932), and many others were complicit in the deaths of millions, especially in Ukraine. And I think it goes without saying that Bolshevism, one of the most murderous movements in the history of mankind, was in large part a Jewish phenomenon, at least until Stalin turned on the Jews in the 1930s. So without Jews, there is no Bolshevism. And without Bolshevism, there is no USSR. And without the USSR . . . well, you see my point. Louis Rappaport, a Jewish writer, described Lazar Kaganovich in 1989 as having “more blood on his hands than any living person.” In the same vein, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in his monumental The Gulag Archipelago [11], offhandedly referred to Genrikh Yagoda, the Jewish chief of the Soviet secret police during the 1930s, as the “murderer of millions.”

Not bad for two percent of the population, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, I am aware of the Black Hundreds and the bloody pogroms of the Czarist period. But how far back do you want to go with this? Is history nothing more than a pissing contest to see who has suffered the most? Wouldn’t you also like to talk about the two million white Europeans sold into slavery by the Crimean Tatars and other Muslims since the fall of the Byzantine Empire? Or how about the one-and-a-quarter-million of them sold into slavery by Barbary pirates during the same period? Or does only Jewish suffering matter to you?

I hate discussions like this. They go nowhere and accomplish nothing but the spreading of discord and discontent. I think that perhaps the best, most persuasive argument in favor of White Nationalism is that it ends discussions like this once and for all. And afterwards, we can all go home.