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Retreat to the Moral High Ground!


The Torment of Saint Anthony by Michelangelo

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The joy associated with beauty is the substance of optimism, for which patriots of the West thirst. The more optimistic they become, the greater the appeal of joining them and the more publicity they accrue, and the higher their chances for success in conserving the West become. Thus, it seems, victory demands none other than strength through joy.

By beauty we mean two things. One is the beauty reflecting man’s animal soul that is “in the eye of the beholder.” The other is classical beauty, associated with universal principle and unchained from the mundane. Consider the faces of your family, friends, and kind, your favorite counterculture songs, and your mementos as examples of the former; consider John Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn [2]” or Mozart’s Requiem [3] as products of the latter. One is homely, comforting, and decaying, to be interred with you when the bell tolls. As for the other, as Friedrich Schiller put it, “Ideal art must abandon reality and elevate itself with sufficient boldness above need, for art is the daughter of freedom, and she receives her rules from the necessity of the spirit, not from the pressing need of matter.” Ideal or classical art, in other words, must be immortal.

Thus, we have two kingdoms of joy: one for today, and one for the future. Which shall we serve? This is like asking whether we should swim in frigid waters at night, or climb onto a boat that is rescuing us. One is for our immediate survival, the other is a strategy for successful survival. Our goal is successful survival: long-term, foundational, generational, futuristic survival, but this cannot take place without tending to our children and to our immediate needs. We are thus in tension between, as Christ put it, Caesar and God. Caesar is a potent force that needs to be tended, but Caesar is not to be worshipped. Caesar is not the goal. Thus we are torn between that which dies with us, and that which will live on, if our fellowship be true.

What does this mean for the patriot? It means that he must become a beautiful soul and cultivate beauty in his environment as much as possible to disperse the ugliness that has settled upon our cities and cultures like a sordid cloud: postmodern buildings that look like glass Tupperware, nothing built to last or worthy of lasting, tasteless and hollow celebrations, and classrooms and screens that pitch such things as to roil our stomachs. A world better than this awaits!

Who We Are

Who are we, as humans? What we’re dealing with is an animal, if you want to call it an animal, that is defined by three principles, all three of which are denied and attacked by the marketing and educational systems today.

  1. The first principle is Creativity, the fact that man’s mind is made in the image of the Creator and is therefore sacred. It doesn’t matter what your conception of the Creator is; you can be an atheist if you must, but you can’t deny that man is the creative species, capable of discovering universal principles about Nature and about himself, by which he transforms his practice both technologically and socially. This potential is what the beasts lack. In shorthand: only men cook their food. In longhand: man’s first hero was Prometheus, the discoverer of fire-making, and all subsequent general development of mankind has been in terms of discoveries of more intensive methods of generating and employing fire. Principles are like the stars in the sky by which the sailors navigate the black waters. The more principles the better! That’s your highest heritage.
  1. The second principle is Original Sin. This refers to mankind existing in a hereditary condition of disorder of the soul, which opens the way for the gelid and monstrous appetitive will to ooze out of what should be its rational container to surmount and attempt to command the soul for itself, replacing the divine spark with a rotting corpse: the go-along-to-get-along man, the hedonist, or worse. All men are affected, and therefore, in a manner of speaking, all men become monsters of iniquity, which only the Creator’s grace contains, like antimatter in a magnetic bottle, allowing free will freedom from being beset with endless evil temptations and allowing it the potential to align itself with the exemplar of goodness. So, man is not good, but he is worthwhile and improvable through beauty, through the experience of discovery and the joy of his creative nature. He has the need to overcome himself if he is to become himself, to become politically potent. That’s your deepest problem.
  1. The third principle is Historical Necessity. Is life worth living? No logical or just appeal can answer that. Only a heart’s passion, a desire, can do so. Take that passion for life and apply it to the overcoming of the second principle, for the sake of advancing the first. Now, imagine a human being who died the worst possible death for the sake of increasing man’s power over nature, in order to save mankind from both individual hells of bestiality and from a future civilizational apocalypse that would sever man from the glorious future of a potential new Golden Age – in other words, from successful survival. Such a human being would be the hero of all time, a man of two worlds, both divine and human, and would live forever as principled action embedded in human history as it affects the universe, his principles built upon by all who came after. Those who believe in this, believe in this idea and this personality, thus causing believing to become virtuous in terms of successful survival, and who commit righteous deeds for the sake of mankind out of love for him and for the divine, and for the mindful faces of their grandchildren, themselves become as the stars in the heavens. That’s your goal, in principle.

What Do We Fight?

Now to get ugly. What do we fight? As Saint Paul said [4], “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We face something far more sinister, dangerous, and overweening than just anarcho-socialist thugs or ideological marching millions. We face the liquefaction of everything dear to us. As treated earlier [5], the origin of this dissolving process is the Nazi Holocaust, in a cauldron of pain, which has produced the alkahest or universal cultural solvent. But, the alkahest is not passive, waiting to be imbibed. Instead, it is like a kind of giant amoeba which has emerged from the cauldron it was brewed in. This amoeba exudes the alkahest like a slug exudes slime. I call it the femiblob, which comprises all the specific ideological elements eating away at Western civilization, including:

Anti-Christianity, anti-classical music, anti-familyism, anti-humanism, anti-industrialism, anti-nationalism, anti-traditionalism, apathy, Buddhism, cisphobia, colonialism, Communism, contempt before investigation, corporatism, critical theory, cybernetics, ecology, egalitarianism, envy, existentialism, fatalism, fascism, feminism, globalism, Gnosticism, hedonism, heterophobia, illiteracy, innumeracy, irrationalism, irredentism, impatience, Islam, Marxism, masochism, mindlessness, misandry, moderatism, multiculturalism, New Age, nihilism, oligarchism, overconfidence, pacifism, pessimism, philistinism, positivism, postmodernism, psychopathy, sadism, Satanism, sexual libertinism, sophism, spectacularism, supremacism, synarchism, totalitarianism, ugliness, unprincipledness, witchcraft, and Year Zero thinking.

Not all of these things by themselves are wholly bad. No serious thinker is ever wholly wrong. Concern for animals, for the ecology, for mutually beneficial multicultural dialogue, and for women, for example, can all be seen as beautiful manifestations of the European ethnic folk-soul, something alien to, and at best, imported by, non-Western cultures. The danger of these things lies in their hypertrophy at the hands of their oligarchical pushers, not in the things themselves, which are all founded on a healthy respect for the dignity of the Other. Tempered, they are good. Untempered, they distort into something inimical.

The femiblob is an agglomerate of allied, conflicting, and contradictory movements converging on the hate-fueled need to attack the West. Its goal is desolation. Its god is Mammon, for behind every sin is a false god, and behind all false gods is the love of money. The femiblob’s nucleus is the oligarchy, which directly or indirectly influences everything its organelles do – one does not need to know one is an agent to be an agent; one needs only to find the femiblob’s odor pleasing, and thus follow it.

This nucleus is an old story: that of an eternal opposition between the monetarist oligarchical impulse deeming lesser men cattle to be penned, bred, and culled as needed, and the small-r republican impulse extending from the great Solon of Athens to the present-day inchoate Trump administration, two snakes coiled in mortal conflict in a war about ideas and beliefs that shape the virtues and deeds of man. One stands for the subjugation of man; the other, for the liberation of his creative powers. Hence, “culture war,” where the contest between oligarchy and republicanism is ground zero. That’s what we’re up against.

Why Do We Fight?

Why do we fight? Very simply, we do so for economy, security, and identity, in that order.


Economy is the sine qua non of our existence. Without Prometheus’ gift of fire, we cannot temper the tips of our spears, we cannot willfully increase our carrying capacity on our land, nor can we develop a culture, much less a civilization, and so all the fruits of the grocery store and the lunar surface were denied us. Even today, economic collapse at the hands of the oligarchs and their financial organs is looming. The bursting of the $2 quadrillion speculation bubble threatens a new Dark Age of witchcraft, starvation, cannibalism, and global civil war, and quite possibly nuclear war. So, saving the economy is job one.

How can this be done? By getting the right man in power, or by getting the wrong man out of power. Right now, we have a golden opportunity to push through the Glass-Steagall banking law, which was originally enacted by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to patch the vulnerability of the physical economy to the wild speculation market. Bill Clinton repealed it, in its by then somewhat battered form, in 1999, with disastrous but predictable results. Getting this law reenacted will separate commercial banking from speculative banking, such that if the latter goes down, it will not pull the actual economy down with it.

Protectionist measures are also needed to stop the hemorrhage of jobs, machine tool capacity, and industrial production to the Third World. America was built on protectionism, which was a response by the colonials to British imperial designs on keeping America a backwater raw-materials pool, as well as a market for British goods. With protectionism in line with Alexander Hamilton, America was catapulted to prosperity and was admiringly emulated by nation-states worldwide.

Infrastructure investment is also crucial. The American West was nothing before the railroads. Intelligently designed infrastructure generates wealth by bringing together labor, capital, and raw materials along an export line. Today, this means hard infrastructure like high-speed railways, canals, dams, and nuclear power plants, and soft infrastructure like hospitals, research laboratories, and schools.

In those labs and schools, the most crucial part is simply this: principle. Man does not live by bread alone, as if he were a beast of the field grazing grass, but by the discovery of new universal physical principles, as well as artistic-moral principles. Through their efficient discovery by a sovereign individual mind, their transmission and assimilation into society allows for an increase in potential population density. Potential, not actual; the goal is not to fill the Earth, but to increase mankind’s power to survive in this hostile universe. For example, uranium was a useless rock until the relevant principles of nuclear power were discovered; then uranium stunned us by providing us the power of the gods themselves.

The side effects of this increased power in a well-tempered society include longer educational arcs for students and a higher consumption basket for individual families, even as most of the economy becomes increasingly dedicated to the production of necessities for those other than consumers. Eventually, most of man’s astoundingly abundant economy will be dedicated to producing arcane widgets that the economy needs in order to proceed to even higher levels of power as we crane our necks to see where our posterity shall live.

Artistic-moral principles we find in classical art, whether in antiquity – such as Plato, Myron’s Discobolus, and, to an important extent, Homer – or from the modern Western period of Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Schiller, and Beethoven. They educate the emotions, lifting the soul to empyrean realms of sensitivity, letting us feel what coarse and crass life ordinarily conceals, and subliminally laying down the mental frameworks for future discoveries of principle, whether artistic or physical. Beauty enlarges the soul and makes the beautiful society, both in our own lives and in the society at large, with political freedom as the most beautiful of all works of art, and directly impacts on our moral fitness to survive.


Security is either mortal or immortal. Immortal security is that which our sovereign powers of creative mentation contribute to the Christian heritage of principled, at best Promethean culture, which in turn increases the potential population density of mankind, in effect increasing his power to survive in the hostile universe he finds himself in. And the process of doing this is called “fun,” while the motive for it is called “love,” and the end result is denoted by the term “immortality.”

For we are dust in the wind. Every building shall crumble, every babe born will die. We should we not succumb to the pleasures of the small? We do not succumb because of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony [6]. Listen to it alone, in a quiet, relaxing room, and dwell within the genius that so humbled himself before Nature’s God he could not but weep that the trees and the twigs and the storm itself were “very good.” Such music refers intellectually, beyond logic, to that which encircles and frames ourselves and our world, if we would only see it. It’s that quality, as also seen in Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy [7],” that beautify our approach to the world and show us effulgent triumphs of the spirit.

Mortal security, then, is a matter of the swimmer in the sea. The boat is the culture. Without the boat, the swimmer dies; with it, he survives and adds to the crew of the boat. Therefore all mortal things must bow before the immortal, for one cannot worship two gods. Keeping the peace, achieving justice, protecting the innocent, and promoting culture: these are all goals subsumed into the overall goal of successful cultural survival – of principled, Promethean culture. And the vines of our sacred ancestors will decorate the ruins of their achievements that are vital to our very lives. And so we cherish these things and find beauty even in dust.


Economy and security are all very well, but, without identity they are meaningless. Men will die for their identity, and indeed, they always do. A bestialized man will die as a beast, returning to the Earth having had no consequence. A human will die as a human, laying his brick in the pyramid of progress.

We are humans. This is the capital identity of our existence: the creative being, the fire-maker, the one who can and joyously will project his power into the illimitable gulfs of space. As humans, we belong to a single, indivisible species, unique (so far as we know) in the universe, and who, unlike the lesser beasts, exists because he is the species capable of changing the universe, and is therefore sacred. In the same way in which one tunes a laser beam to travel at optimum fidelity through the atmosphere, when we act to benefit all mankind in a principled manner, we are affecting all mankind, including by changing the outcome of the past and altering our potential in the future. In effect, we change mankind’s past, present, and future simultaneously. It may not be immediately obvious, but, just as when one tunes a piano, when that piano is finally played, it will sound all the more beautiful because of the work that went into it, even after the tuner has departed. Our human identity exists in that sense.

But, we are also members of the European ethnoi. We are the heirs of Europe, and it seems fitting that the West should be rechristened “Europa” when it reconsolidates itself and begins lifting towards space in earnest. We are a people that has been bred for the cold, for honesty and self-reliance, and that exhibits the wonder of a complaisant child amidst the magic forest, as Frank Raymond puts it. We are blessed with pulchritude and a natural receptiveness and desire for Truth, which has carried us into the great renaissances and times of exploration.

Our identity has been splashed across centuries’ worth of both material (art, architecture, phenotype) and immaterial (songs, religion, folk-soul) culture. At this dark date, all of this is slated for destruction by the femiblob. But we must look on the bright side: all “white” culture is white power culture. It will become defiant and delectable to enjoy any of it that hasn’t been interpolated, censored, redacted, race-lifted, defamed, or otherwise vandalized by the haters of the West and their masters. Rejoice! For we have winter, we still have the majority, we have high and low culture on our side. We are the torchbearers of classical culture, of the principle of principles, of the romantic, hygienic future of vined ruins and spacecraft which glimmer and tease us before our mind’s eye.

We are the faces of our families, of our parents and children, extended relatives and friends, team members, competitors, neighbors, coworkers and bosses, professors and idols and friendly acquaintances, professionals and homeless, and the congenial strangers we meet on the street: “society.” We seek to bind these things into a single interactive and organically functional whole, and that whole is the socially contracted entity called the nation; add a government or state to it and it becomes a nation-state or country. Ideally, countries encapsulate common folk culture, classical cultural heritage, language, borders, history or historical narrative, ethnoi, national neuroses, and religion, based on the general welfare principle whereby the government, whatever form it takes, exists solely for the sake of the people, rather than the people existing for the sake of the government.

Countries that have multiple nations within them will, at a certain bursting point, cease to be countries as Joan of Arc or Louis XI knew them, and will instead become what are known as empires. It is in the interests of countries to work together along the lines of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, with a clause stating that each should work for the advantage of all the others, so as to promote mutual development and harmonious respect. This is, in other words, the concordiantia catholica of harmonious international relations under the rule of internationally recognized but non-governmental natural law.

Humanity is our first concern, but we cannot save humanity without first saving ourselves as ethnic, social, and national individuals. If we allow ourselves to be flattened by the femiblob, our distinct voice, power, and beauty will disappear. Meaning is that which contributes to your sum of life experience: in other words your identity, and without the blood of your human, ethnic, social, and national identities coursing through your veins, you will cease to sing. You might rap on your cage, but you won’t sing.

How Do We Fight It?

To renew our culture, we must first discover it for ourselves, our beautiful folk and pop cultures, our classical humanist culture, the material and immaterial culture of our families and extended families, and then persuade sufficient fellows still of good faith that there is joy beyond the ugliness, and that their hearts will smile with optimism even as they gird for cultural warfare. In other words, this culture war is a war of persuasion, which, as Aristotle taught, has three components: the force of logical argument (logos), the establishment of credibility (ethos), and the stirring of strong, favorable emotions (pathos).

The paradox of our age is that our own noble drive toward freedom – extending from ancient Athens through the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence – as seen in open-borders policies, the licensing of sexual minorities, the identity movements based on victimhood, and the explosion of religious, political, corporate, and gender cults, is hurting us. Chafing under them, we consider authoritarian solutions and the bringing about of the dawn of a new Sparta. These things may have their place, but they are all doomed without joy. The femiblob can withstand anything, more than we can, so we must become better. In other words, our problem is not our logic as such, nor our passion, but our ethos.

The Western patriotic movement is dimly viewed by the vox populi. “Patriots,” whether for race, Trump, libertarianism, or Christian rights, are to be viewed as stupid, crazy, evil, and ignorant, and likely as dirty and bad in bed, too. The simple word that sums up Leftist views of patriots is “cruel.” Cruel men are capable of anything, and are not to be trusted, certainly not in their facts. The only benefit of this disparagement lies in its underestimation. Stupid people pose a threat only as a horde, and are easily routed, being tired, headless, and lacking in strategy.

Let’s imagine a different sort of patriot. He’s virtuous and principled, both as a man and in terms of his opposition to the femiblob. He identifies in terms of European ethnoi and as a national. He’s romantic, futuristic, and hygienic. He honors Heaven even if he doesn’t believe in God. He dresses the part, not looking slovenly or punkish, but not necessarily wearing a sweater-vest, either. Ties are good, bow or straight. Leather jackets and polished boots. He sings. He’s even genteel – can the South teach us some of that? And he takes pleasure in discovering new principles and learning new facts, which are both the strategies and ammunition of his efforts. He is ecumenical, honorable, and kind, the type to volunteer. And handsome, or at least he has a good haircut, is clean-shaven or with a well-trimmed or braided beard, and is reasonably fit. He is willing to engage in controversy. And even the greatest of heroes needs a note of gentleness.

For such a man, I propose a new term: leukocyte. What our ancestors call us to do is to become leukocytes, the white blood cells that engulf and neutralize pathogens in the body. The bad cell we have to engulf is the femiblob. The counter to the outrageous vice and sin of our enemies is not imitation, abandon, baseness, and semi-psychotic fits of undisciplined rage, but virtue and principle, and here the seven Catholic virtues ride to our defense, in conjunction with the four secret gods of the human heart: our yearning for the Good, for Honor, for the Thrill, and for Action. These are followed by three principles: beauty, the leukocytic rules of engagement, and creativity, once again.

First, the theological virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity, adapted to our quest; later, the four cardinal virtues.

  1. Faith, that the Universe is rational, made by a rational Creator, in whose image we frail humans are made. We are contaminated by Original Sin that has disordered our soul, but we still possess a jewel of great price within us that makes us, not all good, but worthwhile, for we realize that we are not helpless pawns in the hands of an insane mystery; rather, we are made for spiritual war.
  1. Hope, for a glorious future in our new-found frontier of Outer Space, and of a concordiantia catholica between sovereign nation-states, the only international law being natural law, of sovereign nations working together on common economic infrastructure projects and a true, respective, non-invasive Platonic cultural dialogue; of having secured the existence of our ethnic identity, and of our culture, both high and low.
  1. And finally, Charity, recognizing that all men, of every race, merit dignity, even those who demean themselves through their actions or are deformed by circumstance; that all ethnicities of men love their families, that all men are capable of obtaining and acting on principle, and thus illuminating themselves as credits to their nation. Men are not animals in the metaphysical sense, and we should not treat them as animals any more than they themselves force us to do so. We are born for something better. Here’s how we fight the alkahest itself: through the virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. As I spoke of in my first essay, the alkahest works by applying illogicality, shock, guilt, and a sweetener to us. I will take these one at a time and show how the cardinal virtues can defeat them.
  1. Prudence. In our enemies, illogicality is constitutional, hitherto passing unquestioned, and spread to the fence-sitting masses. It is countered by clear, reasoned debate, untiringly exposing lies, hypocrisy, and “anti” sentiment for the illogicality it is: anti-European, anti-male, anti-father, anti-heterosexuality, anti-beauty, anti-truth, anti-goodness, anti-capitalist, anti-history, anti-future, and anti-Christ. To anyone of any good faith who is listening to you, hammer these points home again and again like an untiring steelworker, and stop only when it works. Our foes are trying to knock out the pillars supporting the holy temple of beauty, truth, and goodness, and use the marble to build a temple to the oligarchy. Becoming less illogical ourselves steels us and leaves us less prone to bicker fruitlessly with our enemies in person or, worse, over ephemeral social media or with our comrades or families. It makes us more able to present ourselves as an example of men with better things to do, with bigger arguments and a calmer strength. Few enemies will defect, but it is more important to appeal to the fence-sitters who dislike the lying Left, but fear the perceived cruel Right. We must disabuse them. In ourselves, then, illogicality is disorientating, and is smashed by Prudence, the ability to carefully and cautiously weigh and discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad, up and down, based on principled analysis. This works on the intellect and speaks to the good, which is the highest god that we all know in our hearts, the standard of agape or love of man, the judge of souls, the measure of all that is worthwhile, the proper proportion and balance, and the paradigm of all good things, whether mental or physical. The specific names for the good do not matter; the good is our origin and ultimate goal.
  1. Justice. In our enemies, shock shows in the way in which the media got hooked by the 2016 American presidential election, and couldn’t look away from what it struggled to describe as a circus or a trainwreck. President Trump exploited this media death spiral to maximum advantage, and the patriots of the West can, in principle, do the same thing – not by being mindlessly controversial, but by acting out of character, and thus becoming intriguing. Are we going to win with an army of Hollywood skinheads? No, that would merely be a horde like other hordes. We are going to win if the patriots comport themselves with discipline, fervor, and heroic politeness – in a word, Justice. I remember a scene on television from a few years ago in which black protestors were attacking a white protestor, knocking him to the ground. One of the black protestors covered him with her body to protect him. That’s heroic politeness and decency; it was just and had an effect on me. Indeed, the publicity the “Alt Right” has earned has already begun, and the media can spin it but can’t quite bring itself not to cover it. Trump is the carrier wave here. The more coverage of sane (whether young or old), well-dressed men and women, talking seriously, bravely, passionately, articulately, soberly, and respectably in public, in the studio, or relaxing while chatting congenially with somewhat standoffish hosts, but with good humor and in good faith about the need for a patriotic Western movement towards Europa, the more the fence-sitters will be inspired to look past the half-truths, omissions, and scary taboos. There they will find a world of hope and intellectual stimulation that suggests that it is still possible to stop the bleeding. In ourselves, the shock is paralyzing. It sows doubt in our minds concerning what is good or bad, trivial or vital. It is smashed by Justice, by giving each man his due, by giving mankind its due, of being true to one’s word and being fair to all, and of arranging the soul in the proper hierarchical manner. This works on the whole man, and speaks to the name of action, for action is the god of instinct, to do something without thinking, on impulse, yet not mindlessly, whimsically, or shamefully. A properly arranged soul which places intellect over will, which is in turn over appetites, will develop reflexes of Justice, able to serve the good without thinking.
  1. Our enemies will feel guilt at being excluded from the new paradigm, at disappointing their fathers, at being criminals, and at being held up as morally inferior amidst a movement pressing towards traditional moral rectitude, charming joy, and Promethean futurism. Their slouchy dress, alarming hair, dysfunctional sex lives, and ironic wit will not save them from the steamroller of economy, security, and identity. Guilt corrodes self-assertion in us, leading to degradation and paranoia. It is smashed by Fortitude, the ability to be patient, to endure all insults and all slings and arrows without taking things personally or feeling obsequious towards those who obviously mean one harm. If this seems odd, consider being falsely accused of a crime: merely possessing Justice will not help; you already know you’re innocent. You will need to withstand the baleful glances, the cold demeanors, the lengthy interrogations, the stark environments, the mocking gauntlet of jail, the grind of going to court, of putting on your “game face” – you need Fortitude, which works on the will, and speaks to Honor, the desire for glory and the willingness to do what is right for logical rightness’ sake, knowing that Honor will never die.
  1. The sweetness which we administer will not lure many of our enemies in, but it will lure the fence-sitters, who see poetry, song, symphonies, art, uniforms, pride, youth, comradeship, cleanliness, friendliness, decency, and the exhibition of the theological and cardinal virtues, and who hear the resonance with the four secret gods, the appeal to the proper organization of the soul, and the cry “Join us! Surpass us!” made to the young. On the other hand, in ourselves, the alkahestic sweetener fattens the soul, addicts it, and distracts it from all higher pursuits. It is smashed by Temperance, the ability to know “this is enough” and to recognize that there are higher pleasures, vigorous and meaningful ones, to be had outside the pleasure dome. This works on the appetites, and speaks to the Thrill, the image in the soul of the rewards which result from the actions of the good and the just and which are motivating and joyful, but need regulation.
  1. Beauty. I recommend that the reader meditate on Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” as an example of European classical beauty, a thing delicate, like our precious West. Bear the final five lines in mind:

When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

We will all dwell in the urn sooner or later; better we dwell on the urn for the sake of mankind. A culture of beauty will shine like a beacon on a hill to a multitude of potential patriots.

  1. The rules for engagement as a leukocyte are threefold:

a. Non-violently oppose the femiblob.
b. Discuss reality fearlessly, non-hysterically, and honorably.
c. Recognize that anyone can become a leukocyte and that everyone should.

  1. Creativity again. The essence of psychology, which is aimed at reconstituting the human will as a potent force in the world, is the successful counter-position of the will of self-consciousness to the infantilized impulses of the ego-state. In our natural, uncorrected condition, we develop masks of ego, of maternal sadism, or of diabolical evil. It is the parents’ role, in the home environment which teaches children how to love, not within a banal mother-child dyad, but from the perspective of two self-consciously loving people collaborating on loving a third, and so reinforcing their own ability to extend their love outside of mother-comfort and into the colder, outer world represented by the father.

Creativity is based on this initial development of the child’s powers to love, and ideally the child grows up without any infantile ego, or mother image, at all, but rather locates his identity in terms of the self-conscious deployment of his powers of creative reason in order to discover, or rediscover, principles about man and nature by which he can do good, whether for individuals, his own family and children, his neighbourhood, his nation, his ethnoi, or his species in terms of the economy as a whole.

The development of such powers in an adult victim of anti-Western ideology is more difficult, and it helps immeasurably to work with a comrade, a girlfriend, or spouse to (for example) work on understanding Kepler’s principle of universal gravitation. This is not simply “fact-gathering.” This is principled understanding of one’s place in the universe, increasing one’s sanity in the face of the world-blizzard. The next Kepler will need to know Kepler from the source, not from a classroom textbook, in order to relive the discovery of principle that Kepler made.

Finally, the femiblob is like a mythic disease, and swords are no use against its multifarious pseudopodic process of infiltration, critique, subversion, and erasure of Western civilization. However, we must remember that leukocytes can’t do it alone. They work together, and this is the promise of mankind’s deepest dream. Keep that dream alive even as you wake up from your nightmare of hopelessness.

The last time a society adopted half of these principles and virtues, men walked on the Sea of Tranquility.