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Why I Support Mike Enoch

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I met Mike Enoch in December of 2014 at an NRx gathering in Manhattan. I instantly recognized his voice and struck up a conversation. He gave me his normie email address, and later that evening, on the long Metro North ride back to Westchester County, I did a Google search on his name and put together a pretty full picture of his life, including his wife’s Jewish surname. I leaned back on the uncomfortable bench, closed my eyes, and thought, “I wonder how long this star will streak across the firmament before burning out.” 

I had just discovered The Daily Shoah and The Right Stuff the month before, on the recommendation of Charles Krafft, but I was already a big fan. I believed that their combination of satire and serious analysis could reach a large audience, and since the Death Panel consisted of ex-Libertarians who were evolving in the direction of racial nationalism – and bringing their audience along with them – I believed the Shoah was performing a valuable educational function.

At the time, the Death Panel did not really identify as White Nationalists, but they were wise to race and the Jewish question, and given their trajectory, I knew it was only a matter of time. In February of 2015, Mike went to the American Renaissance conference and returned calling himself a White Nationalist.

Given Mike’s opsec practices, I knew that the information about his wife would eventually leak out, and I knew it would create problems. In 2015 he tightened his opsec considerably, but by then quite a few people knew.

When we met, Mike’s ideological views were still evolving. I expected, however, that his personal loyalties would prevent him from fully understanding the Jewish problem and concluding that whites and Jews need a racial divorce. But I was wrong about that. His personal attachments did not cloud his objectivity, but I wondered how he squared it with his marriage. I decided, however, not to ask. I would see if he would bring it up on his own.

We saw each other a number of times in 2015, and during a long train trip back from a pool party at Seventh Son’s, he brought the topic up. It was really his first opportunity to do so. It turns out that Mike told his trusted real world associates about his wife whenever he found an appropriate time and place. He did not hide the truth from his friends or deceive us in any way. I told him that his confidence was safe with me, and I kept it.

Did Mike owe this information to the rest of the world? No, he did not. He told everyone he trusted, and he kept it from those he didn’t know or didn’t trust. That’s as much openness as anyone can reasonably expect. I know some of his fans feel betrayed, but you don’t own a piece of him. Beyond that, chances are, you use pen names and keep your private life private. After all, this is a dissident movement. Our ideas make us targets. Thus we have the right to determine our own level of explicitness and involvement. And everyone else needs to respect those choices. That goes a hundredfold for people who are actually creating something important.

The truth about Mike’s marriage might not fit with many people’s image of him, but a lot of those images are false. The Daily Shoah is not a neo-Nazi podcast. It does not support a paranoid and conspiratorial view of the Jewish question. It mocks lies and sanctimony about the Holocaust, but it does not advocate genocide.

As an aside, given the large number of people who knew the truth about Mike’s marriage – including people from his libertarian days, some of whom had bitter fallings-out with him – I am not surprised that he was eventually doxed. The only surprise is that it took so long. I am not convinced that the dox comes from insiders at all. But if it did, then the fact that it has taken this long proves that, for all their faults, people in our milieu are much better than I suspected.

I am not going to violate the privacy of Mike and his wife. But, by way of correcting some false statements floating around, I will confirm four things. First, she is half-Jewish through her father. Second, she does not have a strong sense of Jewish identity and ethnocentrism. Third, she was aware of Mike’s work and supportive of it. Fourth, she works as a freelance photographer – not for B’nai Brith or the National Security Agency or a corporate diversity office or any of the other rumors, which are simply created by malevolent people out of whole cloth.

One more false statement floating around is that Mike is a Jew. I have no reason to believe that. I have seen no evidence for that claim, and I think that if he were, he would have leveled with me about that as well.

My position about Mike’s marriage, which I shared with Mike at the time, is the following. The main problem with Jews is not their genes, it is their culture. Yes, genetics shapes culture, but it does not determine it in every detail. The 613 commandments, for instance, are not inscribed in Jewish DNA. Jews, like other Near Eastern peoples, are genetically predisposed to be much more ethnocentric than Europeans, and this predisposition serves as a foundation for the Jewish live-and-let-die ethos. But this ethos is still a cultural rather than a genetic product. Thus the Jewish mentality can be transplanted even to Europeans – the Puritans, for instance – who lack Jewish genetics. And Near Eastern peoples who share Jewish levels of ethnocentrism but lack their misanthropic culture – Armenians, for instance – are far less hostile to Europeans.

Thus a partly Jewish woman with weak ethnocentrism and little connection to Jewish culture doesn’t really threaten me. She’s not exactly one of us, but not really one of them, either. She certainly could be the wife of one of our people. It might not be an ideal marriage. But if they had children, I would count them as white. (If you want to be fashier than Hitler, knock yourself out.) Of course hard cases like these do not in any way lessen the necessity of separating ourselves from the Jewish nation. And when we get to that point, we can make up our minds about the edge cases.

Beyond that, Mike married before he was red-pilled, such vows matter, and his wife was supportive of him. Frankly, under those circumstances, he would have been a monster to want to divorce her, and I said so.

The most important thing is that Mike’s marriage did not lead him to downplay the gravity of the Jewish problem and the necessity of separation. He told the truth, even if he might not end up in some versions of the white ethnostate.

I am glad that such “Alt Light” personalities as Gavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopolous, and Paul Joseph Watson are arguing for civic nationalism and Trumpian populist ideas and against open borders, globalization, feminism, and political correctness. These positions fall short of White Nationalism, but they are better than mainstream conservatism. And since all these figures are either non-white, or whites married to non-whites, the positions they support are really as close to White Nationalism as they can go while remaining authentic to themselves.

Now, you might argue that Mike Enoch is being inauthentic or hypocritical by being married to a partly Jewish woman while taking a very hard line on the Jewish question, but frankly I applaud the fact that he thinks that truth is more important than authenticity; he thinks truth is more important than avoiding hypocrisy; he thinks truth is more important than his personal interests and comfort. I would much rather that he argue for White Nationalism, even if he might not qualify for the ethnostate, than for the Alt Light’s Right-wing form of multiculturalism. The message is more important than the man. Thus the message is also more important than his wife.

We White Nationalists have a deep understanding of the causes of our civilization’s decadence; we have a vision of a perfected white society; and we have a program for getting from here to there. But that does not alter the fact that we are all the products of the fallen world we wish to overthrow. Moreover, we are not immune to its corruptions. (If we were immune, that would undermine the necessity of changing them.)

Mike had a front row seat on America’s decline in his very own family. The Jews want to smash our families and mix our genes and loyalties to the point that we can never contemplate reversing our programmed march to extinction. But with Mike and so many others, these blended families and mixed children helped red-pill him. The true story of his life is far more inspiring than any of the shattered fantasies of disappointed fans.

As I put it in an article [2] on Donald Trump: “What makes a man great? A man is not great because he is perfect. Great men often have enormous flaws, make catastrophic mistakes, and face overwhelming obstacles. A man is great if he can overcome his flaws, learn from his mistakes, and surmount obstacles.” The Right StuffThe Daily Shoah, and Mike Enoch have come to a crossroads. They can be bourgeoisie or Übermenschen. They can let this doxing crisis destroy them, or they can surmount it by facing it, owning it, overcoming it, and making it part of an inspiring story. This is an Übermensch moment, and I know that Mike and TRS will rise to the occasion. They have the right stuff, after all.