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The Chinese Question & Trump Supporters

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This article deals with China and the majority of the Chinese collectively. Certainly, not every single person of Chinese extraction is bad, just as not every Negro is bad. When one meets an ethnic Chinese in a Western society, it may be fair to judge him or her on an individual basis, just as one judges an individual Negro.

And yet it is sometimes necessary and advisable for White Nationalists to view them as a whole and to act accordingly in order to protect the fundamental interests of the white race.

Following a recent article on the popular Alt Right site, The Daily Stormer, entitled “President Trump and China [2],” which was reposted from another Alt Right site, Occidental Dissent, I feel compelled by my conscience and conviction as a staunch National Socialist and an advocate for White Nationalism to say something in order to correct a grievously misguided, wrongheaded, and perhaps fatal error of many White Nationalists in the West in their understanding (or misunderstanding) of China and the Chinese national collective mentality. I have lived in China for a long time as a college instructor, teaching English and Japanese. With no intention of showing off, but rather to demonstrate my actual competency and credibility as a veteran China watcher, I state that I speak and write Chinese fluently and possess expert knowledge of Chinese history, politics, and culture, from ancient times up to the modern era. This is important given that the abstruse and profound depth of the Chinese national mentality easily exceeds the abilities even of the average university-educated Chinese, and even those of a native scholar. The humble opinions that I am about to offer come from my extensive first-hand experiences from living in Chinese society, closely observing and meticulously analyzing all of its aspects while regularly interacting with innumerable Chinese of varying social echelons, from the bottom of society up to high-ranking members of the government bureaucracy.

In terms of veiled vileness and latent perils, the Chinese as a whole are arguably the most misunderstood and underestimated people in the eyes of the Western White Nationalists at present. It is my strong and substantiated opinion that the Chinese actually parallel the Jews in turpitude, iniquity, and potential destructiveness to white survival, and in this China even outweighs the Muslim world which, though similar in terms of population size, is much less intelligent and forward-thinking than China.

When we look at the similarities and differences between Chinese and Jews in respect to racial and ethnic traits, it is ostensibly true that the Chinese have not shown much interest in hijacking the political and cultural institutions of the West, or in undermining and subverting the traditional social-cultural norms of the white nations, which is an innate and manifest feature of the Jews. But the dangers of the Chinese are nevertheless equally pronounced and easily identifiable to an experienced and sharpened eye. When we compare the Chinese and the Muslims in terms of their future impact on white nations, once we sort out our internal situation, the religious, zeal-driven, and yet incompetent Muslims are no real threat. However, the Chinese, who are driven by national interests and are mindful of geopolitics, are the real heavyweight power-game player and long-term strategic rival. Therefore, China will be a larger and more serious threat to the white race than the Muslim world.

It is correct to observe that China ranks second in terms of its potential harmfulness and danger to the white race and white civilization only after Jewry; and while the threat from the Jews is immediate, acute, and ongoing, the threat from China is a gradual, incremental, and long-term one, and yet equally malignant as the former, and potentially deadly.

Like Jews, Chinese are obsessed with monetary and material gains and will stop at nothing to make dirty money at the expense of the general health and order of those host societies in which they choose to live. They have actually gone to live in nearly every country in the world, including, but not limited to, the Western nations en masse as immigrants, settling down with no intention of ever leaving, and then they begin immediately building their separate and enclosed overseas communities. Then they bring their families and relatives over and exploit the goodwill of the native populations, which they benefit from, but nevertheless they soon start crying out, alleging that they are being oppressed and discriminated against (like Jews). After they feel they are numerous and rich enough, they buy political influence by bribing corrupt politicians. And if they become a majority in certain areas, they will immediately start colonizing the adjacent areas, and even assimilating them through their new financial clout and/or sheer numbers (witness the fate of the originally non-Chinese territories of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and eastern Turkistan).

As a group, the Chinese are infamous for their two cardinal and striking national characteristics in the eyes of any neutral and honest observer (that is, those not taking bribes from Beijing and those who are not panda-hugging Leftist liberals), namely habitual dishonesty and mendacity – a preciously few honest and morally virtuous elements notwithstanding. The Chinese are a people who cast blame and gloat upon the deceived rather than the deceiving. They are incredibly ruthless, vicious, avaricious, spiteful, rancorous, and vengeful by nature, and exceedingly deceitful, resourceful, cunning, intriguing, unscrupulous, disingenuous, and duplicitous in pursuing both their collective and individual interests. They are undoubtedly one of the most corrupt, and corruptible, peoples on Earth.

Besides these sinister features of Chinese immigrants, which have persisted for quite some time, a new circumstance which makes China and the Chinese all the more menacing and horrifying is related to the very nature of the current Chinese regime, which is headed by its pig-headed and fleshy-faced dictator, Xi, as well as the increasingly close and coordinated ties between the Chinese regime and the overseas Chinese. It is a glaring fact that the Chinese regime now pushes a hard-line confrontational policy not only with its neighbors such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, but also with the United States. This is backed by the beefy war chest it has amassed through absolutely dishonest, unfair, and predatory “free trade” with the rest of the world, most especially the U.S. and Europe. It has also obtained advanced military hardware and technologies through theft and industrial espionage from the West over the past three decades, aided and abetted by traitorous and greedy Western political and business elites. All of these enormous advantages are now being used to bully, browbeat, and coerce other nations. Needless to say, their increasingly hostile overtones against the West are being used to inflict direct, dire, and disastrous costs upon white nations.

It is a common and fatal misperception that China has adopted its current aggressive stance because the West has tried to impose its corrupt and self-righteous democratic values upon China. That’s just a superficial observation, and actually a false pretense. It lies in the very nature of the Chinese race and its unlimited ambition to conquer, dominate, exploit, and enslave other peoples, and even to commit genocide against them, if they deem it necessary. This is an indisputable fact, as reflected in China’s own official strategic doctrine of national development and empowerment – the so-called Long-term Planning for the Grand Revival of the Chinese Nation (中华民族伟大复兴). China has the will to enact this plan, and is accumulating the strength necessary to do so. All the political, military, economic, commercial, diplomatic, educational, and demographic policies of China, both at home and abroad, are being tailored towards that ultimate goal, and the actions it is taking to implement them are unmistakable.

Mark my words, even given a friendly, non-interventionist Western leader such as Mr. Trump, whose policy is not to criticize China regarding its human rights issues and to refrain from meddling in its internal affairs, China will yet continue along this path and toward its premeditated goal of global dominance, incessantly and relentlessly. It will continue to talk out of both sides of its mouth in order to deceive the naïve West about its true intentions before it reckons that it has become strong enough for a final showdown. Its ultimate purpose is nothing short of becoming the unrivaled master of the globe, trampling all other nations under its feet. China knows that the white race will be its primary obstacle in achieving this, and that it must be either subdued and replaced, or, if necessary, wiped out.

Therefore, it has been my consistent opinion that our best defense against an expansionist and utterly ruthless China is not to attempt to “open up” or “democratize” it through mindless investment and transfers of technological know-how. From Clinton to Obama, this utterly infantile, futile, and bankrupt policy has only served to further fortify and embolden China. Rather, the West should be completely disengaging from China, beginning with a hyper-nationalist and protectionist trade policy and an isolationist foreign policy that will have the effect of forcing Japan to grow up, finally becoming capable of handling its own national defense rather than remaining dependent on the U.S. America must also more stringently and effectively enforce its counter-espionage and surveillance measures against ethnic Chinese in the U.S. – naturalized citizens, permanent residents, and students alike – so as to shield itself from China’s tentacles and defang it in the process. This is the only correct and meaningful approach, albeit an approach that the pragmatic and business-minded Donald Trump may or may not adopt. Nevertheless, the tried and failed approach of “engagement” and “partnership” has only benefited Chinese and Western bankers and corporate fat cats, while simultaneously inflicting great losses and hardship on American whites.

What makes the Chinese all the more dangerous are the two factors I mentioned above: namely, the utterly inassimilable and corrupting nature of the Chinese expatriate communities in white nations, and the malignant ambitions of a Chinese regime hell-bent on world domination. The Chinese expats are one of the most, if not the most, stubborn and skillfully resistant to assimilation communities of all, and tend to obstinately stick to their own ethnically, socio-culturally, environmentally harmful, discordant, and polluting ways of living even when they are in other peoples’ societies. In terms of acting as a fifth column for their homeland, the Chinese in diaspora certainly rival, and perhaps exceed, the diaspora Jews and their relationship with Israel. Given the rapid ascendancy and increasing saber-rattling of the mainland, the tendency of the overseas Chinese is to “answer the call of the motherland and work in lockstep with its orders.” It is certain that once China issues orders to its people in the US, Europe, and Japan to rise en masse when it is ready to act decisively, they will serve as saboteurs, spies, subverters, and foot soldiers.

It is also an incontestable fact that China has been working with international Jewry hand-in-glove for decades in order to further their joint objective of compromising, taking down, and eventually finishing off the white race and Western civilization. The Chinese and the Jews, both being races of shrewd and unscrupulous merchants, have long admired and felt affection for each other.

And please don’t forget that China is still officially a Marxist-Leninist country, where Communist ideology is indoctrinated into its citizens at school, from kindergarten through college. The Chinese leadership certainly knows that these mind poisons originated from the Jews, but nevertheless continue to uphold Marxism and enforce it in every aspect of the socio-cultural life of China. Doesn’t this fact speak volumes about the consciously symbiotic relationship between China and world Jewry? Jews have long since chosen China as a new partner and future host, to be exploited after the downfall of whites has been achieved. Of course, this will likely lead to a new rivalry between them for the leadership of the planet, but for the moment they are willing to put this aside, given the greater threat they both face.

We are talking about a people who have no qualms about lying, stealing, and cheating in order to reach the top. To them, the ends always justify the means, much like the Jews and perhaps even more so. “Hide sharp claws in velvet claws,” and “Hide one’s light under a bushel, build one’s strength, and bide one’s time” (韬光养晦不露锋芒蓄势待发) are ancient mottos of the Chinese, born out of wisdom forged and distilled throughout millennia of China’s cutthroat internal and external struggles for power and control. The Chinese collective mentality is one of hyper-egoism, coupled with an unabashed ruthlessness in carrying out its aims, as well as its adeptness at feigning goodwill as a ploy until it suddenly unleashes a torrent of utterly unspeakable malice, violence, cruelty, and barbarity when it deems that the time is ripe. This is beyond the wildest imaginings of an honest and honorable white man.

Therefore, I view this article as being seriously flawed and misleading, riddled with factual inaccuracies and wishful thinking. In the comments section, a few perceptive and discerning gentlemen made insightful and trenchant counter-arguments against the main idea of the article, but many others remain clueless, in my humble opinion. No offense is intended toward anyone, but I would like to offer my responses to some of the specific examples of specious and untruthful observations in this article and its comment section that are typical of misguided panda-hugging, which are either the result of terrible ignorance or of starry-eyed and pink-spectacled fantasy about China.

First, the very picture at the top of the article, which was apparently taken at the sort of newsstand that is commonly found in the streets of a Chinese city, features a famous tabloid newspaper, The Global Times (环球时报). This newspaper is a notoriously ultra-nationalist and Chinese supremacist tabloid published under the auspices of the People’s Daily, which is China’s foremost official newspaper, used to disseminate the propaganda of the Communist Party, and it was founded in Mao’s era. It always features news reports and editorials of an extremely biased and often sensational nature, often containing anti-American and anti-Western themes. By this I do not mean simply opposition to the Obama regime or the so-called democratic and humanitarian values of the West, but it is anti-Western in general. This paper peddles and incites Chinese chauvinism and jingoism, and asserts China’s “international lebensraum.” With a lurid and implacable animosity toward anyone from outside China who might question or criticize its military adventurism that sometimes borders on hysteria, this official mouthpiece is of an orientation that is fundamentally and indisputably opposed to the crucial interests of the white race. Likewise, all of the calculated messages of congratulations that Xi sent to President-elect Trump, all the smarmy and unctuous talk of “pragmatism,” of a “consequential bilateral relationship,” “common business interests,” of a “reciprocal and symbiotic relationship”, “win-win scenarios,” and so on are nothing more than sanctimonious bubbles and a smokescreen designed to appeal to the emotions and sensibilities of the American public, and to further deceive and disarm the new American administration.

So don’t fall for China’s deceptive utterances! Truly wise and alert White Nationalists should know better than to be flummoxed and hoodwinked by this newspaper and other outlets of the Chinese media, some of whom foolishly regard them as being pro-Trump or pro-white. It is very important to point out that while the Chinese are extremely and unabashedly racist, and view matters on the basis of race when it comes to their internal affairs (the majority Han people dominate every aspect of the political, economic, and cultural life of the country), their attitude toward the Western nations is determined strictly in national and geopolitical terms, in respect of how it will affect their grand design for global hegemony. Hence, bear in mind that China views the whole white world as nothing more than a stumbling block along the road of its own agenda, with the American nation and its white core as their main target. Liberalism, as it has been preached at them by Obama, Hillary, and others, is seen as merely a prickly and annoying detail in Chinese eyes. White Nationalists may not want to find fault with China, or interfere with its hegemonic intentions in Asia and the Pacific, but China never rests from seeking every possible means to infiltrate, undermine, weaken, and harm the white nations politically, culturally, economically, militarily, and demographically. White people all over the world need to take a clearer and steel-minded approach to China and all its deceitful and flattering propaganda, most especially when they adopt a spuriously friendly, conciliatory, or sympathetic tone to our cause. It’s all subterfuge and intended to serve their own aims of eventually defeating and replacing the white race.

Second, one commentator quoted Xi’s remark [3] that, “First, China doesn’t export revolution; second, China doesn’t export hunger and poverty; and third, China doesn’t come and cause you headaches. What more is there to be said?” Were these words of Xi honest and sincere? No, they were not. All three are bloody lies, all lies, nothing but lies, and quite juvenile lies indeed. And all of them are relevant to the interests of the white race – two obviously so, the other not so obviously and yet related, as we shall see.

China does indeed half-openly export Communist ideology and props up Maoist rebels in Nepal and northern India with arms and finance. What is more, with the increase in China’s political and financial clout, Chinese expats have also begun to make more noise and act more aggressively in their attempt to spread and promote Communist ideology (exemplified by the recent aborted attempt to hold Communist song contests [4] in places like Australia). This has not yet reached the level of fomenting full-on revolutions in foreign lands, but the early signs of unrest being brewed are visible. This will eventually emerge as a sort of Chinese version of the jihadist movement. It may perhaps be less bloody and violent in outlook, but all the same it is sinister and pernicious.

Furthermore, China does export hunger and poverty, albeit indirectly and deviously. China’s utterly unfair, unethical, unlawful, and unconscionable predatory trade practices, aided and assisted by Jewry and other treasonous business and industrial elites in the West, have caused systematic, severe, and far-reaching negative consequences for the global economy, most especially the economies of the Western nations. The brunt of this suffering has been foisted upon the white middle and working classes, as demonstrated by their hollowed-out industrial base, the closure of factories, stagnant wages, and increasing bankruptcy among small businesses. This is tantamount to the export of hunger and poverty. A National Socialist economist from the Third Reich would certainly agree with my claim, as would the great patriotic American statesmen of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. That’s why the white nations urgently need to adopt a nationalist and protectionist economic and trade policy in order to cut off the blood-sucking tentacles of the Chinese monster. Top priority must be to purge all the internal traitors who are fattening themselves through collaboration with China. I hope that the Trump presidency will take the first steps in this direction.

Third, China does cause tremendous headaches for all the white nations. In addition to its vast political and military expansionism, there is also an economic and commercial factor which represents a great menace to the well-being of whites as it contradicts the fundamental beliefs and values of White Nationalism. It is a well-known fact that China has been the largest beneficiary of the globalist “free trade” system, which it has rigged and exploited ever since the traitorous Clinton administration granted China “most favored nation” status and admitted it to the World Trade Organization. As a result, China’s greatest fear is that the U.S. and the other developed counties might adopt a nationalist and protectionist economic and trade policy, as this would blunt, if not completely deny, its current advantages.

Naturally, China at present is the most avid and ardent advocate of international free trade and the free market, and fervently opposes and denounces the so-called isolationist and protectionist stance in economic and trade relations, citing specious and grandiose principles. In the meantime, Chinese leaders are constantly rubbing shoulders with and being echoed by the bigwig elites of the Western industrial and financial establishments who, needless to say, are disproportionately Jewish.

I would like to conclude my argument with a simple equation: free trade and globalism deeply and grievously harm the interests of white people; China actively and knowingly manipulates globalism and free trade to its own advantage while being fully aware of and pleased with the harmful effects this has on whites; therefore, China is a major enemy to white people and must be understood as such and dealt with accordingly by all awakened White Nationalists.

The long list of the problems and perils caused by China don’t end there. To it could be added the poisonous food and shoddy, defective products it disseminates; its extensive and unremitting air pollution; its predatory and rampant purchasing of Western firms, technologies, land, and resources, with grave implications for Western national security and the driving up of prices; actively meddling in the geopolitical backyard of US, such as grasping for control of the Panama Canal using wealth it gained from its unfair trade practices with the US; not to mention the constant bashing of and finger-pointing at white people in the official media for exercising their sovereignty when it comes to protecting their domestic order and security from rampaging black and Third World criminals.

It is ironic that while the author of this article argues that the U.S. should not upbraid China concerning its human rights issues, the Chinese regime regularly instructs its media outlets to exploit the situation whenever a black man is shot by the police, leading them inevitably to side against the whites while painting blacks as the collective victims of white racism. The official Chinese media constantly condemns the U.S. for “police racism,” and depicts American society as being full of racial discrimination at every possible turn. The Chinese government even compiles a so-called U.S. Human Rights White Paper annually which invariably attacks and castigates the U.S. for its “illiberal” acts against minorities, which is a blatant attempt to interfere in America’s internal affairs.

It is also ironic to observe that while the author of this article calls for the U.S. to stay out of China’s sphere of influence, such as in the East Asian and Western Pacific regions, China does not extend the same courtesy to the U.S. Mr. Trump announced that he will withdraw from the TPP agreement immediately after he takes office, much to China’s chagrin. Nevertheless, China has been openly penetrating into the U.S.’ backyard with its emblematic “silver bullet diplomacy”: taking control of the Panama Canal, building railways, investing heavily in resources, and enticing and bribing corrupt Third World regimes, all with the clear purpose of subverting and displacing the American strategic presence in this region, which has been considered as part of the inviolable American sphere of influence since the Monroe Doctrine. China’s latest move to undercut the U.S. saw Xi visiting a number of Central and South American countries, ladling out financial aid, promising investments, and declaring China’s strong will to uphold and defend the global free trade mantra. He also pledged to make more economic contributions to the region, supposedly for the sake of “balance” and “openness,” which is a scarcely-veiled move to seek hegemony in the Americas with the intention of encircling and eclipsing the U.S., both economically and politically.

Last but not least, some commentators have posted pictures highlighting the flamboyant support that some Chinese-Americans have given Donald Trump. Again, this is quite a one-sided and misleading portrayal which fails to see the forest for the trees. Firstly, the vast majority of American citizens of Chinese extraction still favor the Democratic Party and vote for its candidates in large numbers, just as do other minorities. In fact, many young Chinese college students in America were among the frenzied edge of far-Leftist activists who staged protests against Trump’s election.

And although it is a fact that more Chinese-Americans started voting for Trump and the Republican Party in 2016 – and for the time being, this is admittedly a welcome thing and can be capitalized upon for our own advantage – they were only voting for their own interests. They believed that Trump could better defend law and order in American society, which they want to cash in on forever. Their horse-changing by no means indicates that they identify with the core value of White Nationalism and support the fundamental interests of whites. They simply voted out of their typically Chinese realism, astuteness, and selfish calculation. They remain first and always Chinese, and are likely to recoil in horror and switch sides again once they realize that Trump is going to stand up for the interests of whites in the long run. And when whites are ready to reclaim and restore their land to its original glory, or when the Chinese government gives them a go-ahead to create problems, or when China and the US finally reach a showdown (which is inevitable considering the nature of China), these “Chinese-Americans” will, for the most part, do as they are instructed and show their true colors as being Chinese, not American. After all, they are an invasive, alien people and have no right whatsoever to remain in the land of white America, according to the natural law as set down by our Aryan gods and our ancestors.

Westerners, including many White Nationalists, are either ignorant or nonchalantly careless about China, about which they know surprisingly little. Many seem to have an admiration, however grudgingly, for China’s tough nationalist stance in defiance of the bogus ideology of human rights and democracy that is promoted by the ZOG U.S. and by the West in general. This is understandable, but a nationalist foreign power is not necessarily a friendly force for white people’s interests and survival, as Israel amply demonstrates. Israel’s ethnocentrism, doctrine of racial supremacy, and chauvinism act as a fountain that generates an endless stream of hostility and spite toward the white race. While China may not hate whites on the same racial and religious grounds as Jewry does, its vast global ambitions, coupled by an equally supremacist ethnic egotism, derived as it is from a twisted need for vengeance based on the humiliations it has experienced in its past, drives an irresistible and collective national urge to defeat and conquer the West. All these grave and alarming facts behoove me to sound this warning bell to all those who care about the future of the white race, but who are currently in the fog concerning the China question.