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The Chinese Question & Trump Supporters

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This article deals with China and the majority of the Chinese collectively. Certainly, not every single person of Chinese extraction is bad, just as not every Negro is bad. When one meets an ethnic Chinese in a Western society, it may be fair to judge him or her on an individual basis, just as one judges an individual Negro.

And yet it is sometimes necessary and advisable for White Nationalists to view them as a whole and to act accordingly in order to protect the fundamental interests of the white race.

Following a recent article on the popular Alt Right site, The Daily Stormer, entitled “President Trump and China,” which was reposted from another Alt Right site, Occidental Dissent, I feel compelled by my conscience and conviction as a staunch National Socialist and an advocate for White Nationalism to say something in order to correct a grievously misguided, wrongheaded, and perhaps fatal error of many White Nationalists in the West in their understanding (or misunderstanding) of China and the Chinese national collective mentality. I have lived in China for a long time as a college instructor, teaching English and Japanese. With no intention of showing off, but rather to demonstrate my actual competency and credibility as a veteran China watcher, I state that I speak and write Chinese fluently and possess expert knowledge of Chinese history, politics, and culture, from ancient times up to the modern era. This is important given that the abstruse and profound depth of the Chinese national mentality easily exceeds the abilities even of the average university-educated Chinese, and even those of a native scholar. The humble opinions that I am about to offer come from my extensive first-hand experiences from living in Chinese society, closely observing and meticulously analyzing all of its aspects while regularly interacting with innumerable Chinese of varying social echelons, from the bottom of society up to high-ranking members of the government bureaucracy.

In terms of veiled vileness and latent perils, the Chinese as a whole are arguably the most misunderstood and underestimated people in the eyes of the Western White Nationalists at present. It is my strong and substantiated opinion that the Chinese actually parallel the Jews in turpitude, iniquity, and potential destructiveness to white survival, and in this China even outweighs the Muslim world which, though similar in terms of population size, is much less intelligent and forward-thinking than China.

When we look at the similarities and differences between Chinese and Jews in respect to racial and ethnic traits, it is ostensibly true that the Chinese have not shown much interest in hijacking the political and cultural institutions of the West, or in undermining and subverting the traditional social-cultural norms of the white nations, which is an innate and manifest feature of the Jews. But the dangers of the Chinese are nevertheless equally pronounced and easily identifiable to an experienced and sharpened eye. When we compare the Chinese and the Muslims in terms of their future impact on white nations, once we sort out our internal situation, the religious, zeal-driven, and yet incompetent Muslims are no real threat. However, the Chinese, who are driven by national interests and are mindful of geopolitics, are the real heavyweight power-game player and long-term strategic rival. Therefore, China will be a larger and more serious threat to the white race than the Muslim world.

It is correct to observe that China ranks second in terms of its potential harmfulness and danger to the white race and white civilization only after Jewry; and while the threat from the Jews is immediate, acute, and ongoing, the threat from China is a gradual, incremental, and long-term one, and yet equally malignant as the former, and potentially deadly.

Like Jews, Chinese are obsessed with monetary and material gains and will stop at nothing to make dirty money at the expense of the general health and order of those host societies in which they choose to live. They have actually gone to live in nearly every country in the world, including, but not limited to, the Western nations en masse as immigrants, settling down with no intention of ever leaving, and then they begin immediately building their separate and enclosed overseas communities. Then they bring their families and relatives over and exploit the goodwill of the native populations, which they benefit from, but nevertheless they soon start crying out, alleging that they are being oppressed and discriminated against (like Jews). After they feel they are numerous and rich enough, they buy political influence by bribing corrupt politicians. And if they become a majority in certain areas, they will immediately start colonizing the adjacent areas, and even assimilating them through their new financial clout and/or sheer numbers (witness the fate of the originally non-Chinese territories of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and eastern Turkistan).

As a group, the Chinese are infamous for their two cardinal and striking national characteristics in the eyes of any neutral and honest observer (that is, those not taking bribes from Beijing and those who are not panda-hugging Leftist liberals), namely habitual dishonesty and mendacity – a preciously few honest and morally virtuous elements notwithstanding. The Chinese are a people who cast blame and gloat upon the deceived rather than the deceiving. They are incredibly ruthless, vicious, avaricious, spiteful, rancorous, and vengeful by nature, and exceedingly deceitful, resourceful, cunning, intriguing, unscrupulous, disingenuous, and duplicitous in pursuing both their collective and individual interests. They are undoubtedly one of the most corrupt, and corruptible, peoples on Earth.

Besides these sinister features of Chinese immigrants, which have persisted for quite some time, a new circumstance which makes China and the Chinese all the more menacing and horrifying is related to the very nature of the current Chinese regime, which is headed by its pig-headed and fleshy-faced dictator, Xi, as well as the increasingly close and coordinated ties between the Chinese regime and the overseas Chinese. It is a glaring fact that the Chinese regime now pushes a hard-line confrontational policy not only with its neighbors such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, but also with the United States. This is backed by the beefy war chest it has amassed through absolutely dishonest, unfair, and predatory “free trade” with the rest of the world, most especially the U.S. and Europe. It has also obtained advanced military hardware and technologies through theft and industrial espionage from the West over the past three decades, aided and abetted by traitorous and greedy Western political and business elites. All of these enormous advantages are now being used to bully, browbeat, and coerce other nations. Needless to say, their increasingly hostile overtones against the West are being used to inflict direct, dire, and disastrous costs upon white nations.

It is a common and fatal misperception that China has adopted its current aggressive stance because the West has tried to impose its corrupt and self-righteous democratic values upon China. That’s just a superficial observation, and actually a false pretense. It lies in the very nature of the Chinese race and its unlimited ambition to conquer, dominate, exploit, and enslave other peoples, and even to commit genocide against them, if they deem it necessary. This is an indisputable fact, as reflected in China’s own official strategic doctrine of national development and empowerment – the so-called Long-term Planning for the Grand Revival of the Chinese Nation (中华民族伟大复兴). China has the will to enact this plan, and is accumulating the strength necessary to do so. All the political, military, economic, commercial, diplomatic, educational, and demographic policies of China, both at home and abroad, are being tailored towards that ultimate goal, and the actions it is taking to implement them are unmistakable.

Mark my words, even given a friendly, non-interventionist Western leader such as Mr. Trump, whose policy is not to criticize China regarding its human rights issues and to refrain from meddling in its internal affairs, China will yet continue along this path and toward its premeditated goal of global dominance, incessantly and relentlessly. It will continue to talk out of both sides of its mouth in order to deceive the naïve West about its true intentions before it reckons that it has become strong enough for a final showdown. Its ultimate purpose is nothing short of becoming the unrivaled master of the globe, trampling all other nations under its feet. China knows that the white race will be its primary obstacle in achieving this, and that it must be either subdued and replaced, or, if necessary, wiped out.

Therefore, it has been my consistent opinion that our best defense against an expansionist and utterly ruthless China is not to attempt to “open up” or “democratize” it through mindless investment and transfers of technological know-how. From Clinton to Obama, this utterly infantile, futile, and bankrupt policy has only served to further fortify and embolden China. Rather, the West should be completely disengaging from China, beginning with a hyper-nationalist and protectionist trade policy and an isolationist foreign policy that will have the effect of forcing Japan to grow up, finally becoming capable of handling its own national defense rather than remaining dependent on the U.S. America must also more stringently and effectively enforce its counter-espionage and surveillance measures against ethnic Chinese in the U.S. – naturalized citizens, permanent residents, and students alike – so as to shield itself from China’s tentacles and defang it in the process. This is the only correct and meaningful approach, albeit an approach that the pragmatic and business-minded Donald Trump may or may not adopt. Nevertheless, the tried and failed approach of “engagement” and “partnership” has only benefited Chinese and Western bankers and corporate fat cats, while simultaneously inflicting great losses and hardship on American whites.

What makes the Chinese all the more dangerous are the two factors I mentioned above: namely, the utterly inassimilable and corrupting nature of the Chinese expatriate communities in white nations, and the malignant ambitions of a Chinese regime hell-bent on world domination. The Chinese expats are one of the most, if not the most, stubborn and skillfully resistant to assimilation communities of all, and tend to obstinately stick to their own ethnically, socio-culturally, environmentally harmful, discordant, and polluting ways of living even when they are in other peoples’ societies. In terms of acting as a fifth column for their homeland, the Chinese in diaspora certainly rival, and perhaps exceed, the diaspora Jews and their relationship with Israel. Given the rapid ascendancy and increasing saber-rattling of the mainland, the tendency of the overseas Chinese is to “answer the call of the motherland and work in lockstep with its orders.” It is certain that once China issues orders to its people in the US, Europe, and Japan to rise en masse when it is ready to act decisively, they will serve as saboteurs, spies, subverters, and foot soldiers.

It is also an incontestable fact that China has been working with international Jewry hand-in-glove for decades in order to further their joint objective of compromising, taking down, and eventually finishing off the white race and Western civilization. The Chinese and the Jews, both being races of shrewd and unscrupulous merchants, have long admired and felt affection for each other.

And please don’t forget that China is still officially a Marxist-Leninist country, where Communist ideology is indoctrinated into its citizens at school, from kindergarten through college. The Chinese leadership certainly knows that these mind poisons originated from the Jews, but nevertheless continue to uphold Marxism and enforce it in every aspect of the socio-cultural life of China. Doesn’t this fact speak volumes about the consciously symbiotic relationship between China and world Jewry? Jews have long since chosen China as a new partner and future host, to be exploited after the downfall of whites has been achieved. Of course, this will likely lead to a new rivalry between them for the leadership of the planet, but for the moment they are willing to put this aside, given the greater threat they both face.

We are talking about a people who have no qualms about lying, stealing, and cheating in order to reach the top. To them, the ends always justify the means, much like the Jews and perhaps even more so. “Hide sharp claws in velvet claws,” and “Hide one’s light under a bushel, build one’s strength, and bide one’s time” (韬光养晦不露锋芒蓄势待发) are ancient mottos of the Chinese, born out of wisdom forged and distilled throughout millennia of China’s cutthroat internal and external struggles for power and control. The Chinese collective mentality is one of hyper-egoism, coupled with an unabashed ruthlessness in carrying out its aims, as well as its adeptness at feigning goodwill as a ploy until it suddenly unleashes a torrent of utterly unspeakable malice, violence, cruelty, and barbarity when it deems that the time is ripe. This is beyond the wildest imaginings of an honest and honorable white man.

Therefore, I view this article as being seriously flawed and misleading, riddled with factual inaccuracies and wishful thinking. In the comments section, a few perceptive and discerning gentlemen made insightful and trenchant counter-arguments against the main idea of the article, but many others remain clueless, in my humble opinion. No offense is intended toward anyone, but I would like to offer my responses to some of the specific examples of specious and untruthful observations in this article and its comment section that are typical of misguided panda-hugging, which are either the result of terrible ignorance or of starry-eyed and pink-spectacled fantasy about China.

First, the very picture at the top of the article, which was apparently taken at the sort of newsstand that is commonly found in the streets of a Chinese city, features a famous tabloid newspaper, The Global Times (环球时报). This newspaper is a notoriously ultra-nationalist and Chinese supremacist tabloid published under the auspices of the People’s Daily, which is China’s foremost official newspaper, used to disseminate the propaganda of the Communist Party, and it was founded in Mao’s era. It always features news reports and editorials of an extremely biased and often sensational nature, often containing anti-American and anti-Western themes. By this I do not mean simply opposition to the Obama regime or the so-called democratic and humanitarian values of the West, but it is anti-Western in general. This paper peddles and incites Chinese chauvinism and jingoism, and asserts China’s “international lebensraum.” With a lurid and implacable animosity toward anyone from outside China who might question or criticize its military adventurism that sometimes borders on hysteria, this official mouthpiece is of an orientation that is fundamentally and indisputably opposed to the crucial interests of the white race. Likewise, all of the calculated messages of congratulations that Xi sent to President-elect Trump, all the smarmy and unctuous talk of “pragmatism,” of a “consequential bilateral relationship,” “common business interests,” of a “reciprocal and symbiotic relationship”, “win-win scenarios,” and so on are nothing more than sanctimonious bubbles and a smokescreen designed to appeal to the emotions and sensibilities of the American public, and to further deceive and disarm the new American administration.

So don’t fall for China’s deceptive utterances! Truly wise and alert White Nationalists should know better than to be flummoxed and hoodwinked by this newspaper and other outlets of the Chinese media, some of whom foolishly regard them as being pro-Trump or pro-white. It is very important to point out that while the Chinese are extremely and unabashedly racist, and view matters on the basis of race when it comes to their internal affairs (the majority Han people dominate every aspect of the political, economic, and cultural life of the country), their attitude toward the Western nations is determined strictly in national and geopolitical terms, in respect of how it will affect their grand design for global hegemony. Hence, bear in mind that China views the whole white world as nothing more than a stumbling block along the road of its own agenda, with the American nation and its white core as their main target. Liberalism, as it has been preached at them by Obama, Hillary, and others, is seen as merely a prickly and annoying detail in Chinese eyes. White Nationalists may not want to find fault with China, or interfere with its hegemonic intentions in Asia and the Pacific, but China never rests from seeking every possible means to infiltrate, undermine, weaken, and harm the white nations politically, culturally, economically, militarily, and demographically. White people all over the world need to take a clearer and steel-minded approach to China and all its deceitful and flattering propaganda, most especially when they adopt a spuriously friendly, conciliatory, or sympathetic tone to our cause. It’s all subterfuge and intended to serve their own aims of eventually defeating and replacing the white race.

Second, one commentator quoted Xi’s remark that, “First, China doesn’t export revolution; second, China doesn’t export hunger and poverty; and third, China doesn’t come and cause you headaches. What more is there to be said?” Were these words of Xi honest and sincere? No, they were not. All three are bloody lies, all lies, nothing but lies, and quite juvenile lies indeed. And all of them are relevant to the interests of the white race – two obviously so, the other not so obviously and yet related, as we shall see.

China does indeed half-openly export Communist ideology and props up Maoist rebels in Nepal and northern India with arms and finance. What is more, with the increase in China’s political and financial clout, Chinese expats have also begun to make more noise and act more aggressively in their attempt to spread and promote Communist ideology (exemplified by the recent aborted attempt to hold Communist song contests in places like Australia). This has not yet reached the level of fomenting full-on revolutions in foreign lands, but the early signs of unrest being brewed are visible. This will eventually emerge as a sort of Chinese version of the jihadist movement. It may perhaps be less bloody and violent in outlook, but all the same it is sinister and pernicious.

Furthermore, China does export hunger and poverty, albeit indirectly and deviously. China’s utterly unfair, unethical, unlawful, and unconscionable predatory trade practices, aided and assisted by Jewry and other treasonous business and industrial elites in the West, have caused systematic, severe, and far-reaching negative consequences for the global economy, most especially the economies of the Western nations. The brunt of this suffering has been foisted upon the white middle and working classes, as demonstrated by their hollowed-out industrial base, the closure of factories, stagnant wages, and increasing bankruptcy among small businesses. This is tantamount to the export of hunger and poverty. A National Socialist economist from the Third Reich would certainly agree with my claim, as would the great patriotic American statesmen of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. That’s why the white nations urgently need to adopt a nationalist and protectionist economic and trade policy in order to cut off the blood-sucking tentacles of the Chinese monster. Top priority must be to purge all the internal traitors who are fattening themselves through collaboration with China. I hope that the Trump presidency will take the first steps in this direction.

Third, China does cause tremendous headaches for all the white nations. In addition to its vast political and military expansionism, there is also an economic and commercial factor which represents a great menace to the well-being of whites as it contradicts the fundamental beliefs and values of White Nationalism. It is a well-known fact that China has been the largest beneficiary of the globalist “free trade” system, which it has rigged and exploited ever since the traitorous Clinton administration granted China “most favored nation” status and admitted it to the World Trade Organization. As a result, China’s greatest fear is that the U.S. and the other developed counties might adopt a nationalist and protectionist economic and trade policy, as this would blunt, if not completely deny, its current advantages.

Naturally, China at present is the most avid and ardent advocate of international free trade and the free market, and fervently opposes and denounces the so-called isolationist and protectionist stance in economic and trade relations, citing specious and grandiose principles. In the meantime, Chinese leaders are constantly rubbing shoulders with and being echoed by the bigwig elites of the Western industrial and financial establishments who, needless to say, are disproportionately Jewish.

I would like to conclude my argument with a simple equation: free trade and globalism deeply and grievously harm the interests of white people; China actively and knowingly manipulates globalism and free trade to its own advantage while being fully aware of and pleased with the harmful effects this has on whites; therefore, China is a major enemy to white people and must be understood as such and dealt with accordingly by all awakened White Nationalists.

The long list of the problems and perils caused by China don’t end there. To it could be added the poisonous food and shoddy, defective products it disseminates; its extensive and unremitting air pollution; its predatory and rampant purchasing of Western firms, technologies, land, and resources, with grave implications for Western national security and the driving up of prices; actively meddling in the geopolitical backyard of US, such as grasping for control of the Panama Canal using wealth it gained from its unfair trade practices with the US; not to mention the constant bashing of and finger-pointing at white people in the official media for exercising their sovereignty when it comes to protecting their domestic order and security from rampaging black and Third World criminals.

It is ironic that while the author of this article argues that the U.S. should not upbraid China concerning its human rights issues, the Chinese regime regularly instructs its media outlets to exploit the situation whenever a black man is shot by the police, leading them inevitably to side against the whites while painting blacks as the collective victims of white racism. The official Chinese media constantly condemns the U.S. for “police racism,” and depicts American society as being full of racial discrimination at every possible turn. The Chinese government even compiles a so-called U.S. Human Rights White Paper annually which invariably attacks and castigates the U.S. for its “illiberal” acts against minorities, which is a blatant attempt to interfere in America’s internal affairs.

It is also ironic to observe that while the author of this article calls for the U.S. to stay out of China’s sphere of influence, such as in the East Asian and Western Pacific regions, China does not extend the same courtesy to the U.S. Mr. Trump announced that he will withdraw from the TPP agreement immediately after he takes office, much to China’s chagrin. Nevertheless, China has been openly penetrating into the U.S.’ backyard with its emblematic “silver bullet diplomacy”: taking control of the Panama Canal, building railways, investing heavily in resources, and enticing and bribing corrupt Third World regimes, all with the clear purpose of subverting and displacing the American strategic presence in this region, which has been considered as part of the inviolable American sphere of influence since the Monroe Doctrine. China’s latest move to undercut the U.S. saw Xi visiting a number of Central and South American countries, ladling out financial aid, promising investments, and declaring China’s strong will to uphold and defend the global free trade mantra. He also pledged to make more economic contributions to the region, supposedly for the sake of “balance” and “openness,” which is a scarcely-veiled move to seek hegemony in the Americas with the intention of encircling and eclipsing the U.S., both economically and politically.

Last but not least, some commentators have posted pictures highlighting the flamboyant support that some Chinese-Americans have given Donald Trump. Again, this is quite a one-sided and misleading portrayal which fails to see the forest for the trees. Firstly, the vast majority of American citizens of Chinese extraction still favor the Democratic Party and vote for its candidates in large numbers, just as do other minorities. In fact, many young Chinese college students in America were among the frenzied edge of far-Leftist activists who staged protests against Trump’s election.

And although it is a fact that more Chinese-Americans started voting for Trump and the Republican Party in 2016 – and for the time being, this is admittedly a welcome thing and can be capitalized upon for our own advantage – they were only voting for their own interests. They believed that Trump could better defend law and order in American society, which they want to cash in on forever. Their horse-changing by no means indicates that they identify with the core value of White Nationalism and support the fundamental interests of whites. They simply voted out of their typically Chinese realism, astuteness, and selfish calculation. They remain first and always Chinese, and are likely to recoil in horror and switch sides again once they realize that Trump is going to stand up for the interests of whites in the long run. And when whites are ready to reclaim and restore their land to its original glory, or when the Chinese government gives them a go-ahead to create problems, or when China and the US finally reach a showdown (which is inevitable considering the nature of China), these “Chinese-Americans” will, for the most part, do as they are instructed and show their true colors as being Chinese, not American. After all, they are an invasive, alien people and have no right whatsoever to remain in the land of white America, according to the natural law as set down by our Aryan gods and our ancestors.

Westerners, including many White Nationalists, are either ignorant or nonchalantly careless about China, about which they know surprisingly little. Many seem to have an admiration, however grudgingly, for China’s tough nationalist stance in defiance of the bogus ideology of human rights and democracy that is promoted by the ZOG U.S. and by the West in general. This is understandable, but a nationalist foreign power is not necessarily a friendly force for white people’s interests and survival, as Israel amply demonstrates. Israel’s ethnocentrism, doctrine of racial supremacy, and chauvinism act as a fountain that generates an endless stream of hostility and spite toward the white race. While China may not hate whites on the same racial and religious grounds as Jewry does, its vast global ambitions, coupled by an equally supremacist ethnic egotism, derived as it is from a twisted need for vengeance based on the humiliations it has experienced in its past, drives an irresistible and collective national urge to defeat and conquer the West. All these grave and alarming facts behoove me to sound this warning bell to all those who care about the future of the white race, but who are currently in the fog concerning the China question.

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  1. Timothy D.
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    I absolutely agree with you that China and the chinese are a massive problem for whites.

    However, I also absolutely believe that they don’t even register in the top 100 list of the problems facing the white race RIGHT NOW.

    We can worry about the chinese after we actually have the means to do so, not while arabs and blacks are literally killing us by the thousands and white traitors are stabbing us in the back and importing the first two.

  2. Patrick
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    If I want to read a list of adjectives I can look at a dictionary. It’s really great that the author made a lot of first hand observations of the chinese, it would have been even greater if he shared some of the specific events of those observations so we would have an understanding of why he uses the adjectives that he chose to use in this article.

    • the cruncher
      Posted January 14, 2017 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

      Yes, the author expresses himself, but doesn’t communicate, doesn’t give us cause to feel the same way he does. I’m receptive to him, having heard stories, watched movies, and hung out on expat boards so I’m familiar with how devious / ‘State of Nature’ the Chinese are to ‘outsiders’, variously defined (also there’s a book “The Chinese Have a Word For It” which gives a lot of insight), and am generally prepared to believe him, but the larger claims could have used more backup.

      Collect articles and anecdotes, OP, for version 2.

      • Halvard
        Posted January 16, 2017 at 11:59 am | Permalink

        Do you think that China has sway over racial Chinese on purely biological grounds? That is sway over citizens of other countries with no personal, financial, cultural or linguistic ties to China?

        • Riki
          Posted January 16, 2017 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

          “Do you think that China has sway over racial Chinese on purely biological grounds? That is sway over citizens of other countries with no personal, financial, cultural or linguistic ties to China?”

          Yes, China has very very strong sway over racial Chinese in Western societies on a combination of grounds that includes biological, ideological and utilitarian. Firstly, the number of Chinese in foreign lands today is vast and still increasingly rapidly, from Africa to Southeast Asia to Latin America, and particularly in US, Canada and Australia and NZ. Both the tacit and premeditated strategy of the Chinese regime and the blindly insouciant, stupid and suicidal policy of the western liberal government gave rise to such a phenomenon. And it must be noted that a big majority of Chinese overseas DO have personal, financial, cultural or linguistic ties to China. That is partly due to the fact that many such Chinese are actually not citizens of the foreign countries where they live, they remain “Chinese citizens living abroad” aka. “Hua-qiao” (华侨); and even for those who have become foreign citizens, they have markedly little loyalty and allegiance to the country whose citizenship the obtained (like Jews).

          Both the those who keep the Chinese citizenship and those who are non-Chinese citizens, however, share some important common features: they usually have family members back in China, they have frequent and intricately interconnected economic interested with China, many of they still speak Chinese and are extremely racially egoistic and neither appreciate Western values nor feel grateful to the West for taking them in. Consciously or not, they constantly take pride in China and closely follow the move of the Chinese regime, associating their personal status and fortune with the power and strength of the Chinese mainland. And because of this indelible nature of Chinese and other factual factors such as their family members or relatives in China, most such overseas Chinese prove themselves highly vulnerable and susceptible, and actually willingly so, to the ongoing brainwashing and manipulation and occasional blackmail from the Chinese government, and often actively take part in various politically motivated activities overseas in droves that are organized and mobilized by Chinese diplomatic institutions which were arranged for the purposes of embellishing the image of China, smearing its opponents or criticizers in an coordinated effort to further China’s global ambition and its insidious agendas. A very repugnant and alarming scenario indeed!

          Two quick examples. Back in 2008, shortly before the opening of the Beijing Olympics Games, during the torch rally through foreign lands, China ran across many bumps on road, mainly from voice of criticism and boycott over human rights abuses of the regime in occupied Tibet etc.. China then mobilized its vast “human tidal waves” in the West to counter such including mobilizing over a thousand of its students all over in Japan, shipping them to the city of Nagano with shuttle buses organized by the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo and coordinated by its various consulates in Japan in a collective mission of flexing muscle and rattling saber to intimidate those holding anti-Chinese Olympics rallies of a peaceful and non-threatening nature. A major part of the city was literally engulfed by flying five-star red flags of China being waved by literally hundreds of Chinese impudently and arrogantly who were heckling and verbally threatening their far outnumbered opponents of anti-communist Japanese protesters, shouting them down in loud and lewd words. I was there and witnessed the whole scene and I remembered I was amazed at the place being turned into an “occupation zone” completely. A fight almost ensued but the Japanese police intervened and separated the two sides so the situation didn’t run out of control.

          A very latest news reported the female Taiwanese President stayed shortly in US after her visiting tour to South America. Again the morning she woke up in the hotel she stayed, she was astounded to see that she was surrounded by hundreds of read flags, pro-Chinese banners and protesters chanting pro-China and anti-Taiwan slogans just outside his hotel and in the surrounding area. Numerous anti-Taiwan and pro-Chinese organizations proudly took the order from China and took to the street to heckle and intimidate a foreign leader conducting peaceful democratic activity elsewhere and was simply transient in US. The most shameless and appalling part was these groups of Chinese people also harshly criticized and warned US for “interfering in the Taiwan issue in disrespect of China’s vital interest” despite the fact they chose to live in US instead of mainland China. What arrogant, ungrateful and hypocritical vermin they are! There are countless other examples but I shall stop here, suffice to prove my point. Now, do you see the powerful sway of China over Chinese overseas as well as the latter’s anxious collaboration in answer to the call of China?

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    Very well said. We underestimate these people at our peril.

    I’ve observed their behaviour upclose here in OC as they’ve continued to gobble up properties and settle in large numbers over the last decade or so.

    I’ve been told by a local real estate broker that they consider the nearby city of Irvine (where there’s an enormous Chinese presence) as the “head of the dragon” of their West Coast colonization efforts.

    Can’t say we missed the warning signs.

  4. Ted
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    Praise the Lord (or Kek, whatever your preference)! Finally – FINALLY – someone writes the facts about the HBD “Land of the Gods” China and the threat it poses to the White race. This article is the perfect antidote to the moronic madness of Silk Road White Nationalism peddled by cunning Asiatrics and their hapless White male extended phenotypes. And also an antidote to HBD yelow supremacy and Derbyshire’s “measured groveling.” This article is must reading for any well-informed WN.

  5. Fashionista
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

    Fantastic text. Ignore it at your peril!

  6. Riki
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    First of all, many thanks to Greg for assiduously editing and kindly publishing this long and winded humble writing of mine at the greatly and profoundly White nationalist intellectual venue of CC.

    Thank you guys’ for your warm praises as well as critical views of my article. I do believe I have presented some specific examples to back up and justify my admittedly overblown adjectives on parade (sorry, my helpless writing style as a non-native English speaker), maybe they were not detailed enough, but due to the time and size limit of one single article, that’s the best text organization and structure I could gather together. I shall strive to write better next time.

    As to the issue of the immediate relevancy or urgency of the China question raised by some one here, I certainly agree the White people need to straighten out and solve their internal political and social problem posed by enemies within and without (traitorous elite ruling class and rampant and violent immigrants etc.), which is a pressing imperative that must be tackled first and takes precedence to the China question, however, the later is not waiting and sitting idly, it is actively beefing itself, often at huge and debilitating expense of the White people in their home countries, and pursuing means to weaken, vitiate, and eventually defeat, subjugate and displace the White race, often in tacit collaboration with the international Jewry, the frontal and avowed adversary of White people. So Whites simply cannot afford to ignore the China question until later when other problems are dealt with. Thus this article at least may serve a purpose of calling people’s attention, provoking their thought, and raising their alertness to the factual and ongoing phenomenon of increasing menace and the multiplying risks posed by the current China with its ant nest in mainland China and its masses of soldier ants spread across the West.

    I’d also like to take this chance to reiterate emphatically, as I put at the beginning of this article itself, that on the one hand, there are indeed a handful of Chinese living both in China and overseas who pursue truth and justice, are anti-ChiCom and supportive of and sympathetic to White nationalism with whom I regularly interact and exchange opinions; thus when meeting an ethnic Chinese in a Western society, it would be fair and right to judge him/her on individual basis, the same as judge an individual Negro; yet on the other hand, more often than not it is necessary and advisable for White nationalists to view China as a whole and act accordingly to protect and safeguard the fundamental interest of the White race.

  7. Captainchaos
    Posted January 12, 2017 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    Meh. All that needs to happen is for the Nordic race to recognize that it alone is a Master Race by embracing National Socialism and any plans for Chinese world dominance can be easily avoided.

  8. ex South African
    Posted January 13, 2017 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    They are gaining more and more influence in Africa. It is a race for resources. I received reports of more and more little Chinese shops popping up in South Africa over the years, and now they are going for big:

    So when perhaps white South Africa has finally dealt with the black question, what will it face next? The yellow peril?

    Once China was the Middle Kingdom, and no threat to anyone, and mainly reserved for explorers like Sven Hedin (Counter Currents has articles on him), and Chinese explorers, who might possibly even have reached the shores of Southern Africa.

    Then came the British Empire, and from then on the problems started. I wonder how deep these events still lie in the collective memory of the Chinese, and if there exists a feeling of retribution.

    • Riki
      Posted January 13, 2017 at 7:15 pm | Permalink

      Yes, the “yellow peril” posed by overseas Chinese is real and palpable, and not limited to South Africa and Africa continent in general, but to White man and his homeland countries. And, the sense of retribution and revenge is also very true among Chinese as a whole, being so acute and vehement, to the extent of taking forms of violent xenophobic eruptions from time to time (innumerable incidents of anti-US, anti-French boycotts, and anti-Japanese boycotts and shop window-smashing and car-destroying incidents in recent years that occurred in numerous Chinese cities come to memory).

      In the future, if China continues to build its strength and expand its clout and is not neutralized or disarmed through primarily economic disengagement from US, we will all expect to see such violence happen not just inside China’s borders but take to the world stage, and a scenario of a monstrous and muscular fire-spiting Chinese dragon making random claims for rights and territories by flexing muscle and brandishing saber will become very much a reality.

  9. Frederik Jürgen
    Posted January 13, 2017 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Can you, perhaps in a short essay or in a longer article, explain the religious and ideological inspirations the Chinese take to arrive at their ultra egoist supremacism?

    It is my opinion that in order for such an attitude to prevail over generations, there needs to be a mental/spiritual guideline to advise the next generation. In the case of the Jews, this is obviously Torah and Talmud in addition to oral teachings by Rabbis. What is the Chinese Talmud? Who are their Rabbis?

    • Riki
      Posted January 14, 2017 at 2:41 am | Permalink

      Thank you for raising this important and highly relevant question in regard to the Chinese version of Talmud i.e. the religious or ideological inspirations that took the Chinese to their current ultra-egoistic supremacism. Certainly I’d be very willing to give a detailed explanation with a long article, but due to my recent super tense schedule (I am at the end of the academic semester at the university that employs me and am pressed down by tons of work including literally hundreds of student test papers to grade and some procedural work about some academic projects to clear and numerous forms to fill in a stipulated short time frame), for the moment I will focus on some major and pertinent points in a few paragraphs, which can be viewed as a supplement to this long article of mine published on CC.

      I’d like to divide my discussion into three parts: the old China, the current China, and a brief summary. Firstly, on the traditional Chinese society and collective mentality of the traditional Chinese community before the communist takeover in 1949. In China, due to its mono-racial composition, distinctive and rooted culture and social structure characterized by over a thousand years of internal struggle, bickering, backstabbing, mistrust and betrayal not only in the chains of imperial officialdom, but also prevalent in the non-official civilian life in general, a unique social ambiance and way of human mentality and conduct has been formed, gradually ossified and ingrained which has guided most Chinese one generation after another. As a result, most Chinese in the traditional Chinese society do not trust others and are not willing to help others outside their close and extended family or inner friend circles unless there are profits to make. They tend to be incredibly callous to others’ misfortune if not actually gloat over others’ suffering. At the same time, due to the powerful and prolonged influence of Confucianism, in old China, people with higher literacy yearned to become government officials through examinations so as to “jump over the dragon gate” (跳龍門) and become members of the elite, transforming themselves from a mere fish to a dragon. On the other hand, due to the influence of Buddhism which was also fairly strong in old China, Chinese usually keep a low key, mind their own business i.e. make money and make a living, and tend to be aloof to care little about politics or the fate of the nation in general. This kind of value system and social norms and the mental cognition it cultivated among Chinese collectively well explain the historical fact that while Chinese are largely emotionless, uncaring, cruel and extremely selfish and utilitarian, they tend to be politically passive and unassertive, mind their own business of making money and getting their kids educated in order to make more money but not aggressively seek after political power to dominate and manipulate peoples of host nations whose societies the Chinese live as immigrants, unlike the Jews, thus the law and order in old China Towns across the Western world until this day and the reputation of foreign citizens of Chinese extraction as law-abiding, tax-paying, behaving “model citizens”. Note: the above image of China Towns in foreign lands strictly refers to those established by older generations of Chinese overseas before 1949, whose settlers mostly originating from Canton or Fujian, the new China Towns that propping up everywhere in the Western countries from US, Canada to Australia and New Zealand and Japan like mushrooms in a forest after a Spring rain has a strikingly different character and is much more problematic, perilous and is poised to become pestilent in a long run if left unchecked.

      The traditional Chinese mentality and group behavior pattern, albeit such positive and offsetting factors as Confucianism and Buddhism and Taoism, was still ugly and alien enough to disgust and alert a decent, honest and honorable Westerner not blinkered by the naïve and illusory pink-colored image and smarmy smokescreen about China purposely put up and spread by Western liberals after the forced opening of China and its interaction with the Western world since the mid 1800s. One very thought-provoking and interesting book I would like to recommend you to read which gives a very honest, candid and insightful portrayal of the old China largely ranging from 1900 to 1930 by an American who lived there and observed the Chinese society and people first-hand is Ways That Are Dark: The Truth about China by Ralph Townsend, an American diplomat who had resided in China for many years and was later harassed, persecuted and penalized by the FDR regime in 1940s for fabricated crimes of “pro-Japanese propaganda and activities”. The book can be easily located at amazon, abebooks and other outlets, so please pick up one and read it if you feel like getting to know some unvarnished and truthful reports about the reality of China.

      If you already think the old China and Chinese mental/spiritual outlook insidious and unsavory enough, prepare yourself for the worse, about which let me usher in the new China i.e. the People’s Republic founded in 1949 and has continued to this day, which can also be classified into two eras, the Maoist China and the post-Maoist China. In the former part, in a maelstrom of naked and unbridled violence and bloodsheds deliberately agitated by Mao to purge party rivals and consolidate his supreme power coupled by frenzied mass movements reaching the level of quasi-civil war exemplified by the massive political arrest and persecution from 1959 to 1962 and culminated in the cultural revolution of 1966-1976, even the remaining vestige of the only thing positive and innocuous about the old China i.e. the kind side of human nature influenced by Buddhism and Taoism was completely destroyed, extirpated and buried, while the cowardice, greed, selfishness, treachery and all other ugliest and most pernicious and iniquitous of the Chinese mentality were further solidified and amplified. Thus during those periods there were extensive instances of son reporting their parents and wives reporting their husbands to the authority to get them arrested and jailed so that they themselves could survival intact or prosper.

      After Mao’s death and the end of the calamitous cultural revolution, Mao’s former political rival and the new paramount leader of China, Deng Xiaoping correctly and astutely perceived and pinpointed the “largest paradox” of China then as an entire country exhausting and tying down itself in senseless ideological struggle which made China weak and feeble and lag behind the whole world in science, technology and productivity. Thus Deng vigorously spearheaded and swiftly introduced the “reform and open-up” policy and hence released a tremendous and abysmally cheap work force of 1 billion people and a gigantic potential market to the western capitalist and plutocrats to use and exploit. Deng also timely chose to cooperate with US and ingratiate itself with the latter by checking Soviet Union and countering its geopolitical agenda with such actions as invading Vietnam to weaken a major regional Soviet ally and secretly shipping US supplied weapons to Afghan Islamist rebels fighting the Soviet army etc.. Western corporations were also ogling at China for its potential market while the super rich and powerful Jewish clique pulling the string behind the curtain selected China as their best new proxy to help fight the nationalist and antagonized Soviet Union and to undermine, weaken and eventually displace the White race. With the help from US and Western political-economic establishment and the subsequent inflow of capital and high techs into China, the Chinese economy starts to grow and expand rapidly built upon an export-oriented trade model and taking advantage of its vast and dirt cheap labor resources, the Chinese on average also became to prosper though only by a tiny share of their ruling class i.e. the communist leadership and their families.

      In about two decade time since 1900s, with the explosive growth of China’s economy cemented by a distorted and dishonest international trade regime and at the expense of the Western middle and working class, thanks also to the fact that the last remnant of the traditional Chinese culture on modesty self-restraint in the teachings of Buddhism and Confucianism had already been totally destroyed and eradicated, and the Chinese society is now utterly atheist and secular, most Chinese have no belief whatsoever in religion and after-life, they now only believe in money and material gains; the rich ravish, dissipate and squander, live a lifestyle of complete self-indulgence, chasing after stimulation and gratification from wanton and excessive pleasure-seeking, the hedonism and nihilism rule. Hence the deplorable reality of today’s China witnessing the super rich but morally bankrupt living in extravagancy like a former sultan and shopping around the world, and in contrast a Chinese child getting run down by a car and lying there on the ground bleeding to death while scores of people walking by with no one giving him a helping hand. This is an era when the new Chinamen and their hyper-selfishness and ruthlessness are running amok, freed from any major restraint of religion or ideology.

      In the new hedonistic and materialistic Chinese society where communist is virtually dead in the collective mindset of educated and metropolitan younger generations, unlimited consumerism and consumption competition are featured heavily and possess ubiquitous influence. The ruling cliques of China knows that too well and reckons they urgently need to devise a new ruling ideology to take over the place left by communism as the cardinal force for securing unity and cohesion among the restless Chinese masses and for distracting and deflecting the attention and mounting resentment of the public away from the ingrained and incorrigible government corruption and power abuses and other serious problems. They found hyper-nationalism and chauvinism as the best replacement of the diseased and dying communism. The hatred-centered so-called “patriotic education” of China started about 20 years ago soon after the bloody clampdown of the democratic uprising of 1989 by the Jiang’s regime and has been accelerating and intensifying ever since. The current Xi’s regime push it to a new high, building a whole set of domestic educational, cultural, and foreign policies around the key concept of “the great revival of the Chinese nation” (read: China must dominate the whole world as the new global master and take all necessary means to seek vengeance on the whole Western world for historical wrongs and grievances). The anti-Japanese and anti-Western propaganda machine is on full throttle and running 24/7 to indoctrinate Chinese youngsters endlessly and unremittingly from primary school to graduate school. Anti-Japanese and anti-West fire is being constantly stoked up on newspaper, magazine, radio broadcasting, TV and cinema and the Internet. Every failure is blamed on “anti-Chinese foreign forces”; every criticism coming from foreign country, however mild and minor, is regarded as intolerable; every China’s own adventurist foray into foreign waters or claim for disputed land is met with applause and exclamation; every such claim China made and is expected to continues to make regarding disputed land or water with other nations is labeled as China’s “intrinsic and inalienable national interest”. And a brainwashed Chinese populace rapturously swallow these messages with only minor exceptions among the Chinese.

      The key factor here is that unlike US, Japan and Western European countries which are rich but where the governments had no absolute and unchallenged power, and unlike North Korea where the government has absolute power but which is poor, China is both rich (acquired through decades of predatory trade practices aided by Jews and White traitors) and its government exercises an absolute control of every piece of media, all the state apparatus, every gun and all the money in China. And because the current Chinese regime builds its own imagined perpetual legitimacy and survival strategy upon a calculated and grandiose plan of indoctrination and misinformation at home and an adventurist, aggressive and expansionist policy abroad, it will naturally and is fully able to mobilize vast and limitless resources at its disposal, money, technology and human power, and adopt all means it considers necessary, no matter how dishonest, duplicitous, dirty and unconscionable they might be, to achieve this plan, Thus comes the ultimate peril of the China to all nations on earth and especially the White race whom China knows it must defeat and subdue, and if necessary, eliminate to achieve its ambitions, without mentioning the fact that China’s major ally and enabler, the international Jewry also shares this objective.

      In a summary, in years China has morphed into a hybrid monster combining the worst and most sinister elements and vices of the traditional and modern China sifted and forged to survive and linger to this day: selfishness, ruthlessness, apathy, cruelty, bully, deceit, egotism, mendacity, jealousy, vindictiveness, amorality, duplicity, abusiveness, aggressiveness, vileness, violence and treachery… It is high time for the White people to wake up and stare at the dire reality of the Chinese question squarely and start thinking about countermeasures as soon as possible.

      • Frederik Jürgen
        Posted January 14, 2017 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

        Thank you for your extensive answer. I think by comparison, the Jews are in advantage since they have such a coherent narrative. The Chinese will be able to cause major and most problems in the near future, but if the regime fails to develop a coherent narrative which inspires the average Chinese to selflessness for his people, then I believe a new “cultural revolution”, just without the ideological background, to be inevitable. The West should not wait for that to happen though.

        I have always wondered why Dugin regarded China first only negatively, then on a neutral/pragmatic basis only in his geopolitics, now I know the answer.

  10. Posted January 13, 2017 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    I think that the broad conclusion of this is true, but the author’s description of the Chinese expat community seems rather overblown. I knew a reasonable number of young Chinese descended people in New Zealand and most of them were utterly deracinated and lived in a haze of US pop culture. Very few of them could speak Mandarin and I doubt those that did would teach their children to speak it. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are proof that Chinese descended populations are not necessarily all ethnic Manchurian candidates waiting to rise up.

    They don’t belong in the west, but we shouldn’t overestimate the extent to which these people are chewed up and absorbed into the mincing machine of our culture. Most of them seemed rather rootless to me.

    • Riki
      Posted January 13, 2017 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

      I respectfully disagree. It indeed something seems overblown in my writing, it is my writing style i.e. use of too many intricate and perhaps occasionally recondite adjectives, not the substance of my proposed ideas. I do understand your point of mentioning the factually existing Chinese youngsters living in the west, who in your words, living in a rootless, deracinated fashion and in a haze of pop western culture, no doubt such people do exist and your visual observation proves that, but still what you observed and remarked here is only part of the story, not the complete and complex picture, which is beyond most modern westerner’s belief and imagination in terms of its grand and premeditated design on the part of the Chinese regime in using its overseas citizens or even non-citizens of Chinese extraction as potential “fifth column” in the heart of the western society. Your observation thus typically reflects a saying: “seeing only the trees not the forest”.

      China is a huge country with huge and almost unlimited and inexhaustible human resources, and the number of Chinese living abroad throughout the world and especially in various western countries starting from US, is staggering and still climbing year by year. Those Chinese currently living, working, studying in the West naturally and inevitably include many sent there by the regime under the titles of exchange student and visiting scholar. They take order from Beijing and actively engage in espionage and propaganda activities for the regime. Such people do these things with different reasons and motivations, some doing its job voluntarily, being spellbound by the rabid Chinese nationalism and sense of revenge thanks to years of brainwashing and indoctrination, some doing this to win “exploits” and expect personal gains and promotion, some being sort of blackmailed and forced to do so since their family members are sort of being kept as hostages by the regime back in China. The regime also actively recruit non-citizen Chinese in the west as its tool for espionage and sabotage activities, using the same tactics i.e. threatening with violence against ones’ relatives in China, enticing with monetary gains, or appealing to their morbid and warped mindset of Chinese supremacy, chauvinism and sense of vengefulness against the West who is taught to every Chinese and became entrenched in many Chinese’s mind (Chinese citizen or not) as the primary culprit having insulted, humiliated and oppressed China for a century. Many Chinese, including those receiving high education in the West, took the bait and answered the call from the Chinese regime. And with the waning of the communist ideology, the “revenge” mindset and the “great revival of the Chinese nation” has now become the No.1 ideological underpinning of the Chinese regime both domestically and as regards Chinese compatriots overseas and proves itself very successful. How else do you account for innumerable cases of espionage and secret leakages by researchers and scientists of Chinese extraction in US , Europe and Japan, from the high-profile Wen Ho Lee (a scientist working at the Los Alamos National Lab) to many other Chinese and Chinese-American spy incidents uncovered in recent years, mostly played down by the liberal panda-hugging western MSM and nevertheless very true and alarming.

      In summary, not every single Chinese in the West is a spy bent on harming the host country and aiding and assisting a increasingly militant and swashbuckling China eyeing for global hegemony, but considering the cardinal number of Chinese in the West now that is enormous, as well as the strategic deliberate design of China to use them as puppets and future “Trojan Horse” and the effectiveness of this strategy together with their systematic and successful brainwashing effort applied to almost every Chinese (to which only a handful few can resist and remain immune), the number of those Chinese engaging in such acts is large and destructive enough to merit our attention and wariness.

      PS: With an ever swelling wallet that China obtains from decades of dishonest and disingenuous trade with the West aided and assisted by Jews and traitorous Western elites, now China has already had enough money and means to wield its propaganda machine and project its cleverly designed, perfumed and packaged, yet highly poisonous, deceptive, and misleading messages in the Western societies through collaboration with corrupt and liberal western MSM and aimed at embellishing China’s image, veiling its real attempts, and numbing and disarming westerners mentally. Evidence in this respect abounds and is becoming more and more noticeable. Mark my words and watch out for the danger!

  11. Sandy
    Posted January 13, 2017 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    On facebook I clicked on an animal welfare site put out by a German guy and I am amazed at the cruelty that the Chinese come up with. They outrank the world’s perverts.

  12. Blotto
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    In the 60’s and 70’s the Communist Chinese were largely responsible for the destruction of Rhodesia, an outpost of White Civilization in a barbaric world. That is a Chinese offense against the white race that can never be forgiven.

  13. Bon
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    Important and informative article. I live in California and signs are obvious that Chinese are massively colonizing the state top to bottom, building a completely separate and isolate colony for themselves while buying up American land, buildings and businesses. They are also moving into political offices, re: mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee.


    45 Signs that China is Colonizing America:

    In Canada:

    305,000+ More Chinese for Canada

    “The Canadian government has drawn up plans to substantially increase the number of Chinese and other Asians coming to Canada next year, eclipsing even this year’s record influx of 305,000.”

  14. zelia
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    This article hit it out of the ballpark. I don’t understand why our governments allow such mass immigration from China and not Russia. Western governments are traitors. Why they allow such immigration policies to empower more Chinese even influence over our nations boggles my mind. No I do not believe China will enact war between the western nations because of immigration….why fire a shot when they don’t need to. Something wrong with our governments.

  15. Michael Bell
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    “The Chinese may have-a da velly tiny dong, but-a 4 birrion tiny dong equal a velly big dragon.”

    —Me pretending to be a Chinese philosopher

    I agree with the premise of the article though, jokes aside. After we have secured our homelands and consolidated power, the tiny-dong dragon will have to be dealt with.

  16. Leon
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 11:40 am | Permalink

    This essay reads like a petty nationalist screed, of the kind you’d find on Stormfront or VNN. I have to say I’m surprised it was published here. The author does actually have some good points, but these ridiculous hyperboles on the character of Chinese people just make the message less convincing. For me, at least.

    • Posted January 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm | Permalink

      Why do you think it is not convincing? This is one of the most realistic articles I have seen so far. The real problem is that Westerners do not believe this. They cannot believe it because that is not they themselves are like. However, you should not think from your own perspective. You should empathise with the enemy and try to understand him properly. This is a Chinese Communist enemy. I am telling you that this is your enemy, because he really is. He is as anti-Western as you can imagine, and he is very dishonest about it as well. It remains to be seen what the Chinese people will become when they are liberated from Communism, but I have faith that they can adopt decent human morality and become people who can actually coexist with Westerners. However, that depends on whether humanity will be able to exterminate all of the Communist heritage in China. I do really mean exterminate. It must be totally annihilated or else it will come back. All of the Party members are an extreme threat to a free China and to humanity as a whole. There are more than eighty million of them. It will be no easy task defeating the Communist Party, but it is not impossible because the anger, jealousy and hatred of the Chinese people can be used against it. The Chinese people can be mobilised against the Party, but the West has so far not constructed a coherent narrative that will embolden the Chinese to overthrow the Party. This narrative should exploit the feelings of anger, jealousy and hatred that are present in Chinese society. There are a lot of bad feelings directed towards the Party and these can be fed. As long as the West is making no real effort to construct a counternarrative against China that is actually utterly offensive, the West is going to make no progress in dealing with China. Be more ruthless than China or be defeated!

      • Leon
        Posted January 15, 2017 at 1:59 am | Permalink

        If you read the article carefully, you’ll see that the author is not describing the Chinese Communist Party, but Chinese in general. If you truly believe this summary is accurate, then I do not envy you.
        Although I’m always glad to see people of any race stick up for White people, self-hatred is a quality I find deeply unattractive. And while I may not be an ‘expert on China’ like the two of you, I’ve personally known/know enough Chinese to know that they are not all ‘vicious, spiteful, disingenuous, money-obsessed and egotistical’ as the author intones. They have, on the other hand, been frequently brainwashed by the Chinese Communist government on matters relating to politics.

        • Posted January 15, 2017 at 7:40 am | Permalink

          The qualities that the author describes are being encouraged in the Communist society. I am not a self-hating person. I am just envisioning a better China. I want there to be morality.

  17. Posted January 14, 2017 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    I see nothing really that is fundamentally untrue about this article, and I have also been warning Westerners about the red threat that China really is. Communism is real in China, and the world should know this. It is a lie that China is not really Communist. You can also read my blog about this. I would love to write a lot more on this topic, but I do unfortunately not have so much time. However, I will continue writing whenever I can find the time because I believe it is important that Westerners, especially White Nationalists, become better informed about China and Chinese Communism. Personally I think the Chinese are not lost. They can be converted to a more Western-friendly worldview, and I believe it is worth the resources to achieve this goal because that will make the world a safer place. Defeating Chinese Communism is very important. I always say that Chinese Communism is Soviet heritage. Red China used to exist in the shadow of the Soviet Union. The latter is now gone, but the former still exists. The parent is dead, but the child is still living. Jew-aware people know that the Soviet Union was utterly Jewish. The Jews have managed to push their narrative on China because they managed to make it a Marxist-Leninist country. I really applaud the efforts of the author because he really speaks sense about China. I would like to emphasise that a narrative is needed to convert the Chinese to a more Western-friendly worldview, and such narratives already exist. The Tuidang movement provides a good narrative. I think that the Nine Commentaries are probably the best to inform the Western and Chinese public alike on the basic dynamics of current Chinese politics and society. I really recommend everyone to read the Nine Commentaries and if you can, you should spread it. Tell your friends or family, share it with Chinese people you know. The more people read this, the better for the West and the entire world.

    If the editor allows, I would like to share a link to the Nine Commentaries:

    • Ted
      Posted January 15, 2017 at 2:13 am | Permalink

      What happened to the “Maiden” part of your webonym? Not using it here anymore? In my opinion, saying that the problem with the Chinese is “communism” is the same as saying that the problem with the Jews is “Judaism.” No, the problem is with the peoples themselves. The Chinese in China can do whatever they want – be communist or whatever. It’s the Chinese living in the West, that’s ultimately the problem.

      • Posted January 15, 2017 at 7:48 am | Permalink

        My name is too long for this site otherwise I would call myself Chinese Nationalist Maiden. The fact that Chinese back home are Communist is a problem for the West, I believe. Chinese people themselves are influened by the ideas of the Communist Party. The Chinese people cannot be seen separately from the Party at this moment, just like most Westerners cannot be seen separately from liberalism. I can say: liberal or whatever, it does not matter. However, that is not the truth. It matters whether or not the West is liberal. Those type of things are relevant for Chinese truth-seekers, and whether Chinese are Communist is also relevant for truth. It is clear that China is leftist, and leftist ideology and racist ideas are not mutually exclusive. You see the same thing in the West. Leftists are pretty racist, but against Whites. Being leftist is being anti-White, and ultimately the Chinese leftists are also anti-Asian although they claim to be otherwise. I do not like Communism nor do I like the society it creates.

        • Ted
          Posted January 15, 2017 at 9:02 am | Permalink

          From a racialist perspective, the number one problem with China is the Chinese disapora. If I had a choice between: (1) a communist China with no Chinese at all living in the West, or (2) a nationalist and pro-Western China with a Chinese diaspora in the West and continued Chinese (and other Asian) immigration, I’ll pick #1. Granted, the best combination would be a pro-Western China and no diaspora, but my point remains. It’s not my place to tell Chinese people how to run their society. Likewise, it’s not the place of Chinese – particularly those who violate European EGI by living in the West – to tell Europeans what to do or not do. Then we have the following paradox: you state you support the essay, and yet the essay tells us that Chinese people are duplicitous, untrustworthy, and that the Chinese diaspora is dangerous; on the other hand, you yourself are a Chinese person living in the West. I trust you can see the problem. It is also uncertain why a person who declares themselves as pro-Asian and pro-White has to be living in majority White, Western nations. This all does not pass the “smell test” for sincerity.

          • Posted January 15, 2017 at 9:51 am | Permalink

            I think it is your business how Chinese run their society, because Communism is bound to be extremely anti-Western. The choice you are proposing is not even a real choice. A pro-Western, nationalist China would welcome its own Chinese people back to China. However, Communist China makes it very hard for Chinese to integrate back into Chinese society. That is reality.

    • Riki
      Posted January 15, 2017 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

      Hi, Chinese Nationalist, thank you for your valuable input. From your comments, I can tell you are a person of sturdy character, a strong sense of justice and a clear mind. I appreciate your righteous, staunch and steadfast stance of anti-communism and anti-ChiCom regime, which is in fact an extremely malicious and dangerous threat to peace, freedom of all decent peoples, and particularly, to the survival of the remarkable White race and its splendid civilization which we all admire and cherish and want to preserve.

      Although some commentators here pointed out the irrelevancy of your argument to the main gist of my article, which I partially agree, I also believe there still some overlaps and inner connection between the two of opposing the communist regime of China and the issue of Chinese diaspora in the Western nations, which is expected to be sorted out and stopped and eventually reversed if a pro-White nationalist regime takes place in China, adopts pro-White and honest foreign policy, and effectively educate and enlighten its foolish and benighted populace.

      But that is a long story from now. Under the current pressing circumstances of exponentially increasing Chinese immigration flowing into the Western societies and a deliberate and meticulously premeditated strategy of actively encouraging such a trend on the part of the Chinese regime for aggressive and subversive purposes coupled by its all the more militant, minatory, provocative and swashbuckling conduct on the world stage to bully and intimidate other nations, it is the general question of China that must be addressed with utmost vigilance and vigor by the White nationalist and all the White people.

      And if you can do any thing to contribute to this critically important and righteous task from your perspective and capacity, you are an ally and we all appreciate your effort. By the way, Colonel Brumm sends his regards to you, he said you are a brilliant and forthright lady and vouch for your character and moral conviction. Thank you again and please keep on your anti-ChiCom work and strive to awaken and illuminate as many Chinese as possible, draw them to the side of integrity and justice and rectify their previously held fallacious and dangerous worldviews.

  18. Ed Fitzgerald
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    Riki Rei, what an interesting article and breath of fresh air. Greg Johnson sure knows how to find topics most other WNs miss.

    The thing I liked most about your article (and subsequent comments) was your awareness that Jews above all are working with the Chinese to profit from and ultimately destroy not just Western civilization but Western PEOPLE. Of course your article was about China, but my own view is that currently the Jewish threat dwarfs any Chinese threat.

    Let me give a small comparison.

    In the late 1980s, after having lived in Japan for some years, I resolved to return to America and work toward exposing the Japanese threat. (At the time, I was not explicitly racially aware but in hindsight, I was hoping to act as a watchdog of the White Race — American branch — and protect Whites from the Japanese onslaught.)

    To make a long story short, I failed to excite any interest in my crusade, and the peak of the whole Japan story was probably when Michael Crichton’s “Rising Sun” came out in 1993.

    From that point onward, the accepted wisdom became that Japan’s bubble had burst and the country was no longer a threat to anyone. Personally, I disagreed with this assessment, as Japan continued for years to make inroads into traditional Western economic strongholds. (Also, look at the trade patterns: Japan exports immense amounts of high value, high tech material to China, which then packages it into consumer products for shipment to the West. We used to call this Japan’s “shell game” economic strategy.)

    By the early years of the new century, however, even I had to admit that Japan was not going to prosecute any advance into the West. It sent far fewer students to American universities, especially those like Harvard and Stanford, and in Japan (where I’ve resided for many years) the country and culture have turned markedly inward — surprise, surprise.

    I pondered this for a number of years. Then I had an awkward epiphany: When did Japan ever take back its independence from the Judeo-Anglo world that had thoroughly defeated it in WWII? To be honest, I can’t show that it had. Thus I began to think of Japan as still a vassal of said above power, particularly banking.

    I now have a hypothesis that the Judeo-Anglo elites restructured Japan as a highly profitable slave plantation (though one with rising material standards) and have ever since the war been skimming off profits born of Japanese industriousness. I’ve never seen this thesis discussed, so I can’t begin to put numbers to the idea.

    Watching Japanese politics, it seems clear that my hypothesis is true. Japanese leaders are puppets for global banking. Japan prospers from this to some degree but ultimately they are the pawns of the global elite (as are so many other people).

    Since (Jewish) communism also defeated the old China, I have to ask if the Jewish stranglehold on China has ever been lifted. Your article hints that it hasn’t. I would love to see this issue explored in depth. World Jewry using the massive resources of China could be a horrifying power. Especially if explicitly aimed at the extermination of the White race.

    • Riki
      Posted January 14, 2017 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

      Thank you Ed, thank you Chinese Nationalist, thanks to all who have read and commented on my humble writing with warm praises and pertinent comments.

      Ed, I totally agree with you that current leaders are all but puppets of international banking and universalist one-worlders, yes, that’s unfortunately very true, and the list of the treacherous politicians includes the ostensibly and speciously nationalist right-wing current prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe., who has been actively working for and cooperating with the largely Jewish international forces in undermining and sabotaging Japan’s traditional order and national essences while promoting internationalism which is amply and explicitly demonstrated by his ignorance of the problem of restless and assertive Chinese and Korean immigrants in Japan, his colluding with globalist institutions to “open up Japan” for yet more foreign immigrants and guest workers under the pretext of low birth rate of Japanese, his eager collaboration of ZOG US establishment of bringing troops to third world war zones where no vital Japanese national interest is concerned etc., etc.. Abe is in fact a pseudo-nationalist or in the latest term, a cuckservative with no real ideological and philosophic backbone and is bent on ingratiating himself with his masters for furthering his own political status and gains. This is very sad, but considering the consistent post-war political powerlessness and malaise of Japan, this is hardly a surprising thing. Other members in the so-called most conservative cabinet of Japan under Abe presently are likewise posturing and self-serving clowns.

      Authentic nationalist Japanese political figures are an endangered species and one of this rare breed that I can confidently recall is a man named Shingo Nishimura who is from Osaka but currently holding no cabinet post or parliamentary seat. Interestingly, Mr. Nishimura comes from a traditional Christian family and he is one of the very few truly and fiercely nationalist statesman with both moral courage, political prescience and strong sense of responsibility. He’s been famous for his outspokenness and used to raise many important issues on national defense and other fields when he served as a member of the Lower House.

      As to the significant question of Jewish-Chinese alliance, here’s some of my personal observations I wrote some other day. I’ll give four pertinent and revealing points from my humble opinion for you gentlemen’s reference:

      1. Some Western nationalists admire the strong stance of China and believe China now is a quasi-National Socialist state, which is far from true. China is not a National Socialist state. It never was and is not now. Since the communist takeover of it in 1949, it has stayed as a Bolshevist and international communist state until late 1970s, and from then on it has largely transformed into and is now increasingly resembling a plutocratic and oligarchic mammoth state. The ruling regime comprises a handful of elites being children and grandchildren of the founding and top-ranking revolutionary cadres, who cling to the supreme power of the land with an iron grip only to advance their own hyper-corrupt and selfish interest by repressing and abusing its own people, both the Han majority and other 55 ethnic minorities, at home and pursuing unlimited power projection, territorial expansion and domineering over neighboring nations abroad to fulfill its hegemonic ambitions.

      2. China and the international Jewry are congenial, symbiotic and co-supportive. It has always been so in the history and it is still so now. Firstly, Mao, perhaps not controlled by Jews, but he was by no means not influenced by Jews. Not only he was surrounded by Jewish military advisers and political commissars dispatched to aid and guide him (despite the reluctance and conflict) by the Third Communist International during his revolutionary war years, even after the regime was established in 1949, there were still a fair number of Jews lingering in China, guiding and instructing him mainly on economic and communist propaganda affairs, most of who actually becoming members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Mao’s political rival and successor, the late post-Mao paramount leader of China, Deng Xiaoping, also had extensive connections with Western Jewish politicians and business tycoons, notably members of the Rothschild’s family, by secret channels. All these information is now accessible on the Internet in English and can be searched, located and read without too much difficulty by simply clicking in the key words like “Chinese communist party” and “Jew” etc., White nationalists are encouraged to get yourselves educated and enlightened on such important matters.

      3. China has its today’s power and wealth through its own incredibly unscrupulous, dirty and treacherous criminal efforts and the active and consistent aid and assistance from Jews. China is a nation with such a self-congratulating and self-aggrandizing collective mentality characterized by utterly no sense of shame and a belief that ends always justify means, which makes it willing to lie, steal and deceive to get to the top completely devoid of conscience and compunction. It is a universally known fact now that China has been engaged in nasty underhanded espionage activities against US, Japan, and Europe unremittingly for the last three decades. China send its spies masquerading as students, scholars, businessmen and diplomats to the West to steal industrial and military secrets; it has also been bribing and buying off corrupt and/or indiscreet Westerners in key positions to obtain the top secret industrial and military information. The primary example in that regard is Bill and Hillary Clintons. Furthermore, It is already been pointed out honestly and candidly by me that China and the international Jewry have been hands-in-glove for a long time. Powerful Jews in the West never stops helping empower and reinforce China economically, technologically, culturally and politically in all ways imaginable. For instance, the state of Israel has a tacit and finely disguised, but very true, honeymoon relationship with China. After the crackdown of anti-government forces in 1989, when the Western governments was forced by the world opinion to at least impose a weapon and military related embargo on China, albeit nominally and ostensibly, Israel has given away many advanced military technologies and weaponries to China, ranging from advanced missile to radar and military drone, in defiance of the US government. Such treacherous transfer dealings between the Jewish state and China keep going on to this day.

      4. Contrary to what the initiator of this discussion section mistakenly applied to China, it is not China, but the Soviet Union during the Cold War era that gradually transformed itself from the old Bolshevist and international Communist nature in its early phases into an increasingly Nationalist and National Socialist polity. The utter breakup between Soviet and US leading their respective camps, and the subsequent and fierce hostility and challenge of the post-war Soviet Union to the international order by, of and for the Jews, exercised via the Western governments as their puppet practitioners cemented this drastic change of the nature of Soviet Union about a decade into the post-WWII era. This dramatic yet every bit truthful and irrefutable development was first observed by the legendary American National Socialist rebel intellectual Francis Yockey, supported by loyal former Nazi Germany soldiers like Hans-Ulrich Rudel, and is now being presented and elaborated by bold and insightful New Right scholars such as Kerry Bolton etc.. A careful study of relevant facts and events amply attests to the historical accuracy of this assertion. In the light of this, is there any wonder that the globalist-universalist-egalitarian US regime and its allies, all in the hands of the international Jewry, decided to turn against its former WWII dear ally the Soviet Union totally and irreversibly in late 1940s or early 1950s and remained hostile to the latter and worked vigorously and feverishly for its eventual collapse in early 1990s, and less than ten years later, in late 1950s, Mao’s China suddenly broke up with its former mentor the Soviet Union and the two countries remained hostile, alienated, and alert with each other until the last breath of the latter, and less than another twenty years from the Sino-Soviet estrangement, China and US, the two former sworn enemies, suddenly started to break ice and warm up rapidly with each other and join hands in a silent but definite strategic political and economic alliance against Soviet Union, to the extent of China launching military aggression against Soviet-allying India and Vietnam (to teach the Soviet a lesson indirectly and on the latter’s case, also to ingratiate itself with US, according to Deng’s words), China and US secretly cooperating in Russo-Afghan war (the former, leveraging its geopolitical advantage, helped deliver advanced weapons supplied by the latter to anti-Soviet Afghan Islamic rebels), and US abandoning the democratic and nationalist Taiwan and starting investing in China rabidly with astronomic amounts of accumulated capital and techno know-how continued to this day at the dire expense of the middle and working class Americans who are mostly composed of White people? Do we still need more proof and evidence that China is no real nationalist or national socialist and instead is in the same bed with Jews, who also think and act like Jews?

      Examining the historical development of the last half a century and the cleverly camouflaged dangerous relationship of Jews and China, I couldn’t help but remember an old saying: Birds of the same feather flock together aka. Two jackals often live in the same lair.

      • Posted January 15, 2017 at 8:01 am | Permalink

        If ever you have time, I would love to hear your thoughts that I share on my blog or elsewhere. You are spot-on about China, and it is rare for me to meet such informed individuals. If I can, I would love to help you with informing the West public. You say things that people should be aware of, and you present an extremely reasonable view. What you say is not extreme, but I know that what we are fighting against is more extreme than people can imagine. What we are saying is not exaggerated, but it is the truth no matter how often and cleverly people deny it. Furthermore, it is also best for the Chinese people to become aware of what they are dealing with. It will ultimately also not be good for them to be forever enslaved and looked down upon by the Communist Party elite.

        • Posted January 15, 2017 at 8:06 am | Permalink

          -I would love to hear your thoughts on the content that I share on my blog or elsewhere.
          -help you with informing the Western public.
          Sorry, I accidentally hit sent before checking my comment.

      • K R Bolton
        Posted January 19, 2017 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

        Nicely stated. Japan was co-opted as part of the Trilateral partnership by Rockefeller et al, and China serves on the Trilateral Commission also. Russia tends to be notably absent from any such all-mates-together bodies.
        I recently had occasion to look at the policies of Chiang, the supposed US lackey, whose doctrine seemed thoroughly national-revolutionary, including efforts to create an autarchic state. He was struggling against many factors, including US meddling, and one of China’s ongoing eras of cyclic decay; something of a ‘man against time’?

        • Riki
          Posted January 20, 2017 at 6:45 am | Permalink

          “I recently had occasion to look at the policies of Chiang, the supposed US lackey, whose doctrine seemed thoroughly national-revolutionary, including efforts to create an autarchic state. He was struggling against many factors, including US meddling, and one of China’s ongoing eras of cyclic decay; something of a ‘man against time’?”

          I agree. Chiang is a monumental and tragic figure in contemporary Chinese political history. For all my reservations about him from the Japanese perspective, he is nevertheless a much better a leader to both Japan and certainly to the Chinese nation. The only problem is that he lost. Chiang has some qualities of a political and military leader and even of an intellectual in his inner world of those of an ancient Chinese imperial tine. He is more honest and decent but less ruthless than Mao, the exact reason he lost his rule to the latter.

          Chiang is well-known for his admiration of Adolf Hitler and his political ideologies and governing ways, even sending his second son to study military in Germany who is said to personally met Hitler. Chiang had some political and military policies, even the outlook of his half-secret inner-circle political and military organizations directly attached and responsible to him, including his top political-military elite guards and intelligence agencies, had the organizational structure and selection standards modeled on the Nazi Germany.

          Chaing had always been keenly aware that that cardinal and sworn enemy is the Chinese communist force backed by the Bolshevist international Soviet Union then. He fought Japan reluctantly but was eventually swayed by the situation and by the Jew-controlled America who had strong influence on his wife. In fact, the imperial Japan also desired an early end of hostility with Chiang’s nationalist Chinese government and the two sides actually sought for peace negotiations to reconcile between themselves under the German mediation once in late 1930s and there were two more attempts but all failed due to the intervention and agitation of Chinese communists, the Soviet and US who successfully hijacked and manipulated the public opinion of China, using their powerful and poisonous media to incite and stoke up anti-Japanese propaganda which was beyond Chiang’s management.

          Admittedly, Chiang, as a Chinese, also used many disingenuous and distorting propaganda against Japan during the war. For instance, he personally ordered to blow up sections of the Yellow River to create artificial flood in order to obstruct or slow down the unstoppable onslaught of the Japanese army, which unfortunately backfired for Chiang as it proved futile in its original purpose while causing an enormous disaster to the Chinese civilians in Henan Province. He then falsely blamed the act of blowing up on Japan. He also used some US directors from Hollywood to produce artificial anti-Japanese war propaganda movies which were brought to be circulated in US cinema in order to fan up anti-Japanese sentiment among the American public. The Nanking Massacre was another classic example of anti-Japanese smearing campaign first aired by his government (though of only a modest degree in terms of the depicted Japanese atrocity in comparison to the totally shameless and unconscionable level of mendacity and distortion by the communist Chinese regime as we see now). On the other hand, when Japan surrendered and the war came to its end, Chiang adopted quite a generous and conciliatory treatment to the Japanese officers and soldiers (of course with his own selfish political calculations as he needed the war-tested and weather-beaten Japanese commanders to help him fight the communists with their superior warring skill), still Chiang won the respect and even admiration of many Japanese army men who did played a major and effective role in Chiang’s successful last-ditch effort to stop the communist from invading Taiwan (the Japanese Baituan and generals like Hiroshi Nemoto).

          On Chiang’s complex and troubled relationship with US during the Sino-Japanese war and later the Chinese nationalist-communist civil war, in the former, US helped him but often behaved very rudely and arbitrarily, often interfering with his internal affairs and gainsaid his orders. In the later, US played an extremely dishonest and treacherous role, ogling to the communist force secretly and eventually betrayed Chiang altogether, thus handing the Chinese mainland to Mao in a silver plate. If the Korean War had not happened in early 1950s initiated by the communist North and soon saw the Chinese communist also sending armies to Korea, I highly suspect that US would even have tuned a blind eye to Chiang when the communist launched war of invasion and annexation against the remnant of the Chiang’s nationalist force in Taiwan. My last words is about the US interference and underminding of Chiang’s rule in the Sino-Japanese war. The famous US general Stilway was sent to advise Chiang by FDR, and this guy despised Chiang and his regime, often resulting in verbal confrontation and altercation with Chiang personally. When he went back to US, he badmouthed about Chiang a lot, saying his government is corrupt and unreliable (not completely untrue) and suggested US should talk more to the Chinese communist, which had very negative effect on US attitude toward Chiang later. On the contrary, another US general in China, general Weidemeyer, was more conscious and prescient about the Chinese politics and sharply perceived the incoming threat from the communist to not only China itself but the whole East Asia, he insisted that US should stick to Chiang and support his government vigorously in spite of his numerous demerits and shortcomings. Unfortunately, W’s advice largely fell on deaf ears in Washington’s inner circles, with disastrous and perhaps irreversible long term consequences for Chinese nationalists, Japan and US as well, as we all see today.

          • Kadphises
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

            This is very interesting!
            What are your thoughts on Sun Yat-Sen, Wang Jin-Wei and Pan-Asianism?
            And how do you see the current situation of Taiwan? Will it be just a ‘bargaining chip’ for U.S.-China relations? Or can it become the ‘breeding ground’ for a renewed pro-White and pro-Japanese Chinese nationalism and an ally against Global Jewry, Marxism and Salafism?

          • Riki
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

            “What are your thoughts on Sun Yat-Sen, Wang Jin-Wei and Pan-Asianism?
            And how do you see the current situation of Taiwan? Will it be just a ‘bargaining chip’ for U.S.-China relations? Or can it become the ‘breeding ground’ for a renewed pro-White and pro-Japanese Chinese nationalism and an ally against Global Jewry, Marxism and Salafism?”

            Thank you mister for your kind reply and your interest in East Asian political history and current affairs. Since I am at present in the middle of some busy work full in my hands, I shall answer your questions and address your raised points relatively briefly.

            Sun, as the broadly acknowledged and acclaimed “founder of the Republic of China” and a cardinal symbol and tool of cross-strait lobbying effort on the mainland side, is indeed a complex and intriguing character. For all his relentless anti-Manchurian armed struggle, Sun is in fact more of an opportunist and carpetbagger who liked to control and command in comfort and safety far from dangerous places and to grab the fruits of revolutionary struggle shed blood for and won by others. He also had a great measure of dictatorial tendencies. The most intolerable and unforgivable vice of his, viewed from a Japanese perspective, is that he betrayed many sincere and helpful Japanese Pan-Asianists who donated to him generously and selflessly to the point of risking their own financial bankruptcy. In that sense, the Pan-Asianism movement, whose main bastion of political and financial support was in Japan, and from the perspective of Japan’s national interest, was a thankless and largely futile endeavor vis-a-vis the contemporary China at least. But the movement had born well-deserving and rewarding fruits elsewhere in Asia, for example, India and Indonesia, and to a lesser degree, Vietnam and Philippines.

            Wang Jing-Wei is perhaps the most politically tragic and lamentable figure in the contemporary Chinese and East Asian political history as the one of the most diligent, good-faith, hardworking but most demonized and discredited politician in China. Wang was a handsome man, a natural-born “lady-killer” but nevertheless never paid much attention to women, never a playboy. He became an orphan in early years, followed Sun in the revolutionary cause aimed at toppling the Manchurian Dynasty and founding a public centered on the Han Chinese stock. He was very clean in money and woman, absolutely no financial or female scandals, a rare breed of his time, he worked very hard and rightly perceived the Chinese communists backed by Soviet Union being the primary and most dangerous enemy to the Chinese nation, which should be looked upon as his most valuable and significant political wisdom and legacy. Being constantly and deeply disturbed and alerted by the communist menace and overwhelmed by the strength of Japan, he chose to cooperate with Japan in its political running and the construction of the “the Greater Asian Co-prosperity Sphere”, with his own plan of using the Japanese to fight and eradicate the Chinese Communism. But he didn’t accurately understand the depth of the vileness and craftiness of the pro-communist alliance striding across East and West that mobilized the power of US to defeat his ally Japan, he had failed to grasp the intricate and interactive matrix of the international politics and his dream utterly failed and vaporized together with the downfall of the imperial Japan at the hand of the joint forces of Soviet Union, US, and Chinese and Japanese communists.

            The current political structure and power relations in Taiwan is another complex question. To be frank, all things considered, I am afraid and sad to say that I can’t be very optimistic with its current outlook and the prospect looks a little bleak to me. The reality is that the “bargaining chip” factor and the “pro-West and pro-Japanese force” factor exist side by side. The former has existed for long time and will continue to exist. In case Hillary would succeed in the presidential election, Taiwan would most probably be further sidelined and eventually ditched by US in a near future, but now Trump wins and becomes the President, and Taiwan’s situation may become safer at least in a short term, and the “bargaining chip” factor would amplify, not necessarily to the detriment of Taiwan’s physical security at least before the blustering and swashbuckling bully of China. There indeed existed genuine elements of pro-White and pro-Japanese Taiwanese (note: Not Chinese!) nationalism in Taiwan but they are mainly concentrated on the grass-root level of anti-Kuomintang political forces, geographically spread in Southern Taiwan who are unfortunately largely powerless (few political and economic elites in this camp) except for their votes. This group of people, the one White and Japanese Nationalists identify most and ought to support most, now faces two major adversaries. One, the Kuomintang (former Chinese nationalist party who have become increasingly co-opted by mainland Chinese regime) is a major political enemy, together with the multiplying pro-Chinese media and numerous puppet and proxy organizations all controlled by Chinese money (a phenomenon already taking shape in Western countries as well and is poised to increase), they are calling actively fro reunification with China in complete denial or neglect of Taiwan’s sovereignty, freedom and dignity with a lot of fanfare and sometimes resorting to violent means to muffle and suppress native Taiwanese opposing their sellout policies and ideas. The second and unexpected adversary comes from the current ruling party the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) who originally belonged in the political camp of pro-Taiwanese independence but has transformed and softened up its stance over the years for realistic political considerations. What I want to stress here is not only that DPP has alienated itself with its support base gradually, but its nature of being co-opted by international Jewry and globalist one-world forces, that will be my main point of argument in my next and final paragraph.

            The current female President of Taiwan, Dr. Cai Ying-Wen, who I might call “Merkel of the East”, is a typical liberal left-wing and feminist politician, utterly indoctrinated by corrupt liberal values of the post-modern West. She had studied and stayed in US and received her Ph.D. there, and judging from her radical social-engineering policies, I’d like to make a well-grounded and fully warranted speculation that she had been eyed upon and co-opted by Jewry and its globalist camp when she was in US. Her various globalist policies and ultra-liberal, cultural-Marxist agenda recently, besides the long-held economic ones, mainly concentrate on altering and defacing traditional Chinese and Eastern socio-cultural values. She actively promotes legalization of homosexual marriage, promotes radicalized and totally improper sexual education in Taiwanese schools to pupils and other minors, censors and penalizes dissenting scholars opposing her policy and advocates of traditional concept of marriage as one between a man and a woman, and in the latest high profile controversy which you must have known, pressured and punished the schoolmaster to resign whose middle school students put on Nazi Germany uniforms and other symbols in a cultural festival. These acts all border on clamp-down of freedom of speech of a police state and forebodes ominously about Taiwan’s society and future generations.

            In a nutshell, the healthy and righteous forces in today’s face not only a bully and vicious China, but also its internal enemies from both politically and economically pro-Chinese Kuomintang and an ostensibly China-resisting yet at the same time pro-Western and pro-globalist liberal authority that is in power now. A lot of hard battles await the truly pro-White and pro-Japanese Taiwanese nationalist force indeed. You are welcome to give this and all other writings and messages of mine to share with your friends in Taiwan if you want. Thank you for bearing with my long and winded and sometimes tangential bloviation. 🙂

          • Kadphises
            Posted January 25, 2017 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

            Riki, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my questions with a very detailed and insightful response! I agree with your analysis that the KMT seem to have become a pro-PRC party which will happily give Taiwan to the PRC as long as it’s ‘good for the economy’ and they can keep their own positions of power. I also agree that Cai Ying-wen and the DPP apparently are cultural marxists, more eager to virtue-signal by legalizing gay “marriage” than to solve any real-world problems. This is very unfortunate as the roots of both political streams have very positive aspects, in my opinon. The old Taiwanese “nationalists” in the South are very pro-Japanese, very friendly, honest and traditional. But also many old-guard Chinese nationalists of the KMT are admirable for their resistance against the spread of communism in the Mainland. I believe that the positive aspects of both political streams could be combined into a powerful new Chinese Nationalism, which seeks reconciliation and friendship with Japan and White nations, and acknowledges regional identities. I think it is possible, because one can feel that there is a strong longing for unity and national identity in the Taiwanese youth, and the K.M.T./R.O.C. flag which once stood solely for Chinese nationalism has achieved a new meaning and now symbolizes independence and rebellion against the P.R.C. and the communists. What is still missing are historical figures to refer to and a clear vision for the future. As for historical figures, I think Wang Jin-Wei, as a pro-Japanese Chinese nationalist, and Adolf Hitler, as an Austrian who rebuilt Germany, could be these figures. Historical indoctrination has to be overcome, of course, as Wang Jin-Wei has been portrayed as a traitor and Adolf Hitler as an insane mass-murderer. Still, most Taiwanese are aware of the evils of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek, and unlike many Westerners, they don’t believe in the equation Fascism/National Socialism = absolute evil. I would be glad to spread your ideas and alternative views on history among my Taiwanese friends. Have you published any articles online in Chinese language which I could link to? Maybe you can also have a look at groups like this which discuss German culture and history, and help to spread the historical truth and a vision for a brighter future for all our peoples, if your time allows.

  19. Dov
    Posted January 14, 2017 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    To me, the greatest threat Asians in general pose to Whites is that of miscegenation. Being in the medical field, even I (a White Nationalist aware of the White race’s maladies for 6+ years) am constantly taken aback at the prevalence of White-Asian miscegenation among the highly-educated.

  20. Miha M
    Posted January 15, 2017 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    Its a good article and I agree with most of assertions but I dont agree with conclusion. Whites have inspired for global domination long before Hans and even Jews. We have been first ones to openly attempt to achieve this by global extermination of non-whites. And I am almost certain we were thinking about this before anyone else as well. And we failed because of our own morality, not because anyone else was able to stop us. And despite our best efforts to export our technology we still have a tremendous advantage.

    Whites are noble people. When we conquer enemy we dont exterminate them. No other race would do that. Even right now most whites think we need only to limit or stop immigration. White nationalists want to repatriate non-whites. Only very few people think that global extermination is the way to go. I am one of them. I think if we do any other solution whites will face same problem in less than 1000 years. And I have come to realization that whites will only accept global extermination if we are forced to do it in self defense. So I think its great that Hans too want to exterminate us. Because they need to go too.

    • Posted January 16, 2017 at 4:59 am | Permalink

      I usually refrain from inflamatory words, but sir, this is stereotypical Teutonic gibberish.

      Whites descended from Global domination and excellence to their current race-mixed apocalypse thanks to their own folly. We didnt do it because we are noble, but dumb.

      We need to get smart again. “Morality” has nothing to do with it

  21. Michael Bell
    Posted January 15, 2017 at 9:29 am | Permalink

    Mr. Rei,

    Hope you didn’t take my weiner joke offensively earlier. I was Just goofing. I do have a query though:

    It seems that nearly every Asian country cooperates with China on some level with the exception of Japan (I’m assuming you are Japanese by blood.) Is this purely because Japan is under the patronage of the USA, or is there a deeper animus that goes back hundreds of years? Or is there some kind of serious philosophical-mental difference between the 2 nations that prevents any cohesion, even though they are of the same race?

    • Riki
      Posted January 15, 2017 at 10:32 pm | Permalink

      “It seems that nearly every Asian country cooperates with China on some level with the exception of Japan (I’m assuming you are Japanese by blood.) Is this purely because Japan is under the patronage of the USA, or is there a deeper animus that goes back hundreds of years? Or is there some kind of serious philosophical-mental difference between the 2 nations that prevents any cohesion, even though they are of the same race?”

      Mr. Bell, thank you for your kind words and your good question. Since I’m now in the middle of some busy work, I’ll give a brief answer to the points you raised. In fact, unlike what you said, Japan did and is still cooperating with China mainly economic and technological areas which has continued for more than three decades until today, sending astronomic amount of capital and technological asset to China (our folly). The steadily deteriorating and freezing ties in political and security sphere was mainly caused by China’s unilateral and increasingly belligerent and minatory stance against Japan and innumerable cases of military intimidation and provocation coupled by rampant psychological bully and political interference of Japan’s internal affairs centered on historical and educational issues, such impudent arrogance and rabid hostility of China naturally caused popular backlash in Japanese society and led to further worsening of the bilateral ties.

      US of course has played a major role in the vicissitudes and fluctuation of Japanese-Chinese relationship. In recent years, US certainly has instructed or prodded Japan to take a relatively more hardline standing toward China mainly due to the glaring fact that the China’s rapid and reckless political military expansion with various acts of hostile provocation in East Asia and West Pacific is reaching such a flagrant and blatant level that not only imposes a huge threat to Japan and other countries in the region but patently threatens the strategic interest of US. On the other hand, at least in the long years of pre-Trump Presidencies, because US government has always adopted a highly mollycoddling and appeasing attitude to China in a totally silly and futile attempt of “engaging China to promote its democratization” and the entangling economic interest between US and China promoted by Jewish elites and transnational corporations, it is highly reasonable and probable to infer that US actually has pressured Japan in multiple occasions to back down in dealing with China and decrease its voltage for the fear of harming the Chinese economy materially. As I mentioned just now, Jews and their globalist cohorts played a huge part in helping China advance and aggrandize with very negative and worrisome consequences for not only Japan but the whole the Western world and the White race in particular.

      The historical animosity and animus between China and Japan of course is a significant and lingering issue. But as I indicated above and will say it again, without any exaggeration or sentimentality, the fault completely and entirely lies in the Chinese regime and Chinese nationals per se. In retrospect, the Japanese-Chinese relations from late 1970s to mid 1990s was pretty good, at least without all the mouth-frothing accusations and violent anti-Japanese boycotts and car and shop smashing that we witness today. The reasons were two fold. Firstly, even though Japan did nothing fundamentally wrong in the war time (the war was caused by premeditated provocation by the Chinese communist and Moscow to drag Japan in a all-round confrontation to save the ass of Mao and weaken the Chinese nationalist regime, and most war time atrocities blamed on Japan were either bloody lies or monstrous distortions and exaggerations, about which any honest and informed White Nationalists should know), a post-war and “reeducated” Japan still harbored a general sentiment of remorse and compunction to China due to the memory on that unfortunate history and actively supported the policies of Japanese government and industrial circles which tremendously helped China’s modernization. For its part, China as a fledgling power anxiously sought after Japanese investment and technologies and craftily and insincerely showed itself to be amicable and conciliatory. But with China’s becoming more and more powerful thanks to Japan and West, and with its own increasingly drastic and radicalizing domestic problems caused by government corruption and oppression, it started to show its true colors from late 1990s and early 2000s and began to adopt a sustained and antagonistic policy toward Japan in order to pursue its global ambitions abroad and deflect anger and restlessness of the masses internally from its rooted and structural political and economic problems. Despite the fact that the post-war Japanese society and people in general has become extremely dormant, unassertive and pacifist, the mounting Chinese menace and its insufferable rudeness and barbarity still caused widespread and totally justified negative feeling and resentment among our people. Hence the animus you said between the two nations. The undeniable fact is that China was completely responsible for it and the reaction and vigilance on the side of Japan is still too feeble and insufficient before such a evil and malicious monster that is the today’s China.

      Finally, as you wondered, there are indeed serious and even fundamental and unbridgeable philosophical-mental differences between the Chinese sub-race and the Japanese sub-race , despite both belong to the same Eastern Mongolian race by and large. Admittedly Japan learnt a lot from the classical Chinese culture of the ancient time, but we learnt selectively and wisely as we never picked up their vile and foul habits and practices such as the male eunuch, the female foot-binding, and the human fetus-eating. Again, perhaps it sounds a little stereotypical or hyperbolic to you, but the truth is that the Chinese in general are extremely selfish, callous and amoral while the Japanese are not. The masses in China are totally and unbelievably insensitive to the interest and concern of others and actually relishing and gloating over others’ misfortune and suffering and won’t hesitate to harm the interest of others and the general public if doing that will suit their own interest. They are cruel and bullying toward those who are weaker than them while being easily brainwashed and controlled by those in power without any independent or critical thinking of their own. They obediently and unthinkingly dance to the baton of the government. Japanese today are none of the above, the horrifying and menacing vices possessed by the people of China. In one word, the Japan nation and the Chinese nation have distinctively and monumentally different and disparate belief system, value system, philosophy and spirit.

      • Michael Bell
        Posted January 16, 2017 at 4:57 am | Permalink

        Thank you.

  22. Ted
    Posted January 15, 2017 at 1:33 pm | Permalink

    As an anti-communist, of course I’d prefer China ditch whatever remnants of Marxism exist there. But that’s a side issue, and the attempt to deflect the main issue of race to one of political ideology does not hold. Back when Dennis Kearney and other great men fought to repel Chinese invaders in the 19th century, China was not communist. China was not communist when Josiah Tattnall intervened to prevent White men from being butchered, and China was not communist in the Boxer Rebellion. China was not communist when Stoddard warned against Asia in The Rising Tide of Color. When second and third and fourth generation Asian-Americans, particularly Chinese, side with the Colored Left against Whites, I see that as being racial and cultural, and not due to “communism.” And, really, if China became a nationalist pro-Western state tomorrow, would that mean that all ethnic Chinese in America would leave. I tend to doubt that.

  23. Ted
    Posted January 15, 2017 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    One more thing. I do not understand the Silk Roaders and their call for an alliance between Europeans and East Asians. An alliance against who? Space aliens? The Global South and the Jews constitute a threat to Europeans worldwide only to the extent that we let them. Therefore, ultimately, the battle for White survival (against the major current threats) is one that is internal and cultural-political. Likewise, if (as Peter Frost gets all breathless about) African immigration poses a threat to the Chinese (at least in some of the major coastal cities), then that is an internal problem for the Chinese to deal with. The only realistic purely external threat to Europeans/West is from East Asia, and vice versa. Only East Asians, particularly the Chinese, constitute a long-term military, technical, and economic threat to the West. Therefore – what? Do we make an alliance with East Asians against East Asians? On the other hand, given that each side is capable of wiping out the other, it is prudent to keep the competition peaceful – peaceful co-existence. There may well be future threats (alien invasions, asteroid/comet strikes) that would necessitate Euro-Asian cooperation. But for now, against who is a “10,000 year alliance” going to be directed? And if Asians want to act in good faith to Whites, step one is to stop, and then reverse, the Asian influx to White nations. Something which none of them, insofar as I know, have proposed.

    • Riki
      Posted January 15, 2017 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

      Mr. Ted, thank you for your both balanced and focused, instructive and insightful observations as well as your appreciation of and encouragement to my humble writing. Cheers!

  24. Gurkha Sam
    Posted January 16, 2017 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    I am not an expert on anything, actually more of a survivor than a success in life. Additionally I have not read very many of the comments but I will try to get some of my thoughts in nonetheless. Rei correctly identifies a Chinese threat, accurately assesses the stupid backwardness of the Islamic world but greatly and I emphasize greatly minimizes the threat of Islamic nut jobs. They are stupid but capable of terrible destruction and multiply like rabbits while continuing to inundate the so called white nations. They are and will be front and center the most immediate danger to the so called civilized west until such time as they are soundly defeated.

    It is true that China intends to eventually become the world’s preeminent world power and they can and will exercise that power in both a shameless and ruthless manner. Their leaders at least are cunning and mendacious and the Chinese people as a whole are acquisitive and money hungry. For instance they have destroyed the home buying market in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    The symbiotic relationship between world Jewry and the Chinese I just don’t see. The Chinese admire and emulate world Jewish power that much is true. This insiders game between the two I don’t see at all. Jewish influence with China is negligible at best right now. I do agree that in the long run a China with hegemonic world military and economic control will be a monster the likes of which the world has never seen.What is not mentioned is that the rest of Asia has become tired of Chinese bullying and chauvinism and that Chinese emerging economic superiority is an inflated bubble waiting to burst. It is a dirty polluted country that is more third world than it is modern. Yes potentially the world’s super bully but far from a sure thing and in the meantime those pesky Muzzies are only beginning their reign of terror. That is a threat that is going to have to be met by the harshest most savage counter force. Would it be sooner rather than later.

    • Riki
      Posted January 16, 2017 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

      Mister, I do not underestimate or doubt about the savageness and multiplication of the alien Islamist population in Western societies, and that threat must be dealt with resolutely and effectively. This article of mine might have given you this wrong impression due to the fact that I mainly focused on the Chinese question and its enormous danger by drawing comparison to other threats including the Islamic one. As I had mentioned, the Islamic threat was far less intelligent and although their number and outward barbarism are striking, the Chinese are indeed no less cruel and vicious, and their number in the West is increasingly exponentially aided and assisted by ignorant, stupid and greedy liberal traitors on China’s payroll, so the Chinese are just bidding their time and will strike a deadly bite like a copper head when they feel sure of their power.

      Moreover, it is all true you mentioned the corruption, bubbled economy, and environmental pollution in China, that only explains why China is more instead of less dangerous, because when the regime feel desperate to stay in power among a future domestic crisis, it will probably lash out and unleash desperate war of invasion and conquest on other nations to save its legitimacy in the eyes of the masses. Anyhow, no intention to downplay the Islamic threat, but the Chinese threat must be heeded and countermeasures be discussed with great vigilance and urgency.

    • Riki
      Posted January 16, 2017 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

      Additional note: The cooperative and symbiotic relationship between China and world Jewry is a very true and palpable one, albeit a tacit one of hand-in-glove style without much fanfare compared to the much more noticeable and widely acknowledged US-Jew relationship. Besides the continued and extensive Israeli military and information aids and assistance to China over the years and the wink-and-nod from mostly Jewish elites in US giving green light to China’s rampant espionage activities in US and trying to suppress the scandals when they were unfortunately discovered.

      The most classic and cardinal example and irrefutable evidence for this Chink-Kike relationship is that Western Jewry has always been on the forefront championing globalism and the international free trade mantra, for which China is the largest beneficiary from which it has accumulated astronomic amount of wealth unfairly and criminally, and based on which it has also been building its dangerous and aggressive power for seeking global hegemony and subjugation of the West. Prominent panda-hugging like Henry Kissinger and the company were behind all these. They certainly knew the consequences of their globalist and free trade regime and subsequently a rising China with an ambition of seeking global dominance and reconstruction of the world order with violence and what this will mean to the West and to the White race in particular, yet they have always preached and are still preaching and practicing the repeatedly tried and failed and completely bankrupt idea of “engaging China” and “assimilating it into the international community”. All platitude and bullshit rigmarole! You see, those Jews in high power status are evil, but they surely are not dumb, how can you claim that they are not doing this i.e. sparing no effort to help empower China at the expense of the Western people willfully and purposely?

      To sum up, Jews promote globalism and free trade, Jews know doing that is to the huge benefit of China and makes the West suffer, and Jews in power continue with such policy in three decades without changing course and try every means to prevent people from coming to see the light by repressing truths and smearing those bringing attention to the problem as economic “protectionist” and “isolationist” etc.. A logical and natural conclusion: Jews help China. Period.

      PS: The Jewish influence and clout, political and economic and mainly cultural, is increasingly steadily in China. There are many signs and enough evidence to that. They are making a long term and all-rounded investment here in China. I am here and can attest to that fact.

      • Gurkha Sam
        Posted January 17, 2017 at 8:50 am | Permalink

        Thanks for your in depth, thoughtful and well written replies. Regarding world Jewry and China. I think what is missed is historically powerful Jews end up overplaying their hand. For example in promoting free trade and open immigration in so called white nations they are sawing off the same log they are sitting on. They are importing barbarians that have no love for them, when people like me would under normal circumstances have no vendetta for them, only wishing to live in a peaceful and prosperous society. Witness thousands of French Jews fleeing in abject terror for the safe confines of Israel. I’m not trying to hijack your central thesis, just to point out that in trying to neutralize and even defeat traditional society they are bringing in their own midst implacable enemies that do not wish them well, and in the end will not permit themselves to be controlled, like we in the west have allowed ourselves to be controlled. I have the highest respect for your experience and knowledge regarding China, something I will never have, but I do not think the Chinese will allow themselves to be the lap dogs of Israel or world Jewry. Again thanks for a great article and your willingness to go back and forth with us. It doesn’t happen very often anymore.

        • Riki
          Posted January 17, 2017 at 10:00 am | Permalink

          Mr. Sam:

          Thank you for your kind and nuanced words. It is very delighting and encouraging to see you noticed and agreed with my theme. I am actually very busy at this time, but I am still willing to write back, however briefly sometimes, in order to clarify or corroborate my points to inquisitive and perceptive readers of my humble writing.

          You remarked that “but I do not think the Chinese will allow themselves to be the lap dogs of Israel or world Jewry.” This is arguably a valid point and I tend to agree with you on that. In fact, regarding this point, I have explained in the 15th paragraph of my article, and you are kindly advised to take a look at it again. I just want to stress it here with one more sentence: Of course there will probably be a new clash and rivalry for ultimate master on the planet between China and Jewry in the wake of the demise of the White race that is to be wrought by their joint effort as harbored in the evil mind of both Chinese and Jews, but that new situation will only arrive upon the dead cold collective body of the White race. Let’s not let them have their way!

  25. K R Bolton
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 1:27 am | Permalink

    Fantastic, important article, thanks. The relationship between China and Israel is of long duration. China wants to play the lead role in globalisation, with the enthusiastic endorsement of Kissinger, Brzezinski and Rockefeller. Amaury de Riencourt ‘s book on the soul of China would be profitable reading for Rightists.

    • Riki
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, Mr. K R Bolton for your heartening comment! I presume you are the great writer and analyst of history international politics Kerry Bolton, if that\s so, I felt all the more honored and humbled to receive your message. In the past I have read countless articles of yours on this platform and others, as well as some of your books and drew great inspirations from them such as the thin but extremely well-written, pertinent, insightful and persuasive book “Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific”.

      I strongly agree with your ideas in the book and your well-grounded, bold and prescient argument about a potential US-China alliance vs a Russia-India-Japan alliance deeply resonated with me. As you might have noticed if you have read various comments and my replies to this article of mine, in my response to Ed Fitzgerald, I identified and called attention to the transformed nature of Soviet Union and China from 1960s and also the alienation of Soviet and the West together with China’s increasing intimacy with the West due to that profound change which was very telling and indicative of the role of the international Jewry and its long term strategic planning. If you scroll down on the page to my reply to Ed Fitzgerald, you will see that paragraph of mine elaborating on this theme.

      In the future, I plan to take on the tricky and intricate issue of the current Russia-Chinese-Japanese trilateral relationship which in my opinion is dangerous to Russia in a long term as Russia only managed to glean some monetary interest from China to slake its financial difficulties temporarily and is set to grievously compromise its national and racial security in years to come by assisting the empowering and strengthening of China militarily and materially, and Russia’ obstinate and stubborn stance on dealing with Japan by constantly bashing Japan on WWII history and fervently clinging to the tiny islands it took from Japan, refusing any compromise is hardly a constructive and sensible move, considering its much more friendly and conciliatory ties with China despite the incomparably larger and more significant territorial dispute and latent threat of population invasion it may experience from China potentially.

      It is my sincere hope that Vladimir Putin approach the matters more wisely and with more far-sighted vision, and hopefully, the Trump presidency will help that move through easing pressure on Russia and thus contributing to prospectively lessening the dependence that Russia has had on the Chinese monetary and opinion support in the last two decades.

      • K R Bolton
        Posted January 19, 2017 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

        Thank you for your detailed response, and also for having read my book on the geopolitics of the indo-pacific. I have recently written an article on China’s role in globalisation, published on the Russian site ‘Katehon’. They have gone to Davos with the intention of presenting themselves as the smiling face of globalistaion. Perhaps being a New Zealander i find the China situation rather more acute than those in other parts of the world. NZ politicians and business hitched their star to China and i think it will be a falling star, a paper tiger that is embracing the commodity culture with its inherent pathologies. However, like Israel, i feel that China is the type of state that would drag everyone else with it. Also what needs to be remembered is its control of the headwaters of much of the region in Tibet, which i think one day will cause much trouble. Tibet is an e.g. of the symbiotic relationship between China and Western capital, as China has opened mineral rich Tibet up to exploitation.

        • Riki
          Posted January 20, 2017 at 9:33 am | Permalink

          Your article on China’s role in globalization is a timely and priceless piece. I wish you will write more on that as well as the latent threat, population wise, posed by China with its implacable dream of hegemony and potential territorial ambition against Russia coupled by its strong and inherent sense of vengeance on Russia to Russian nationalist readers and Russian public at large if possible, which will help remind them of, or awaken and galvanize them to the tremendous menace of China in years to come. By the way, could you please kindly provide a link of that Russian site where your article appears to me so that I can have a good read of it? Thank you.

          The Chinese neo-colonization of Australia and NZ is indeed increasing and multiplying rapidly, aided and assisted by ignorant, myopic, corrupt, greedy and traitorous Western leaders. So it is of high imperative to also awaken the native White people in the Oceanic to the vicious and vile Chinese ambition to grab the land and resources and displace the White people. Please do more to educate the White people of Australia and your home country with your great intellectual capacity.

          The Chinese control of headwaters in Tibet as well as Yunnan province of its own threatens to cut off water to some Southeast countries, which is a major topic in your book that I read, and this is also a mean big stick that the Chinese would most probably wield to intimidate and blackmail the foreign counties concerned. Another pressing issue to be deliberated and tackled with.

          As to your trepidation that China is a type of country that would drag everyone else with it when it goes down, just like Israel, here is my two cents of opinion: if you look at and examine the very nature of the current Chinese regime and its composition, you will see those supreme bosses of China are not warrior or desperado, instead they are corrupt plutocrats and hedonists in their private life who treasure their own life and material luxuries more than anything else, and they are ruthless and cling to their totalitarian power by any means exactly for that reason. Those people have astronomical secret bank accounts in foreign countries and many of their family members and close relatives have US or European passports and are currently living hyper-rich life abroad. They may have a huge army and advanced weapons including nuclear ICBMs in their hand, but deep in their heart, they know that they would never go ahead obliterating the whole world together with themselves if they still can expect to have a minimal chance for life and security. Besides they are also sitting on volcanoes of simmering domestic resentment and disquiet from their oppressed masses including some of the low echelons in the military.

          Their obsession with their own life and their materialistic corruption and debauchery is their foremost weak point, their soft belly or Achilles’ heel. And it is the greed, cowardice and criminal indulgence of the spineless and pampering Western leaders and above that, the deliberate and calculated support and coddling from the international Jewry, that have helped maintain and sustain their political and economic power. When the White race gets rid of the Jewish grip on power in the West and completely becomes the master of its own nations, it can deal with the Chinese question conscientiously, resolutely and resourcefully by taking advantage of their inner weakness through a multitude of smart factors, both from without and within China, that can be leveraged to our goal. Of course that will also be an exceedingly thorny and challenging job, but with proper means, it can be achieved, and the Chinese despots can be pressured, intimidated and cajoled to negotiation table with club and carrots to the effect of disarming and defanging them without too much blood.

          • Kerry Bolton
            Posted January 20, 2017 at 4:38 pm | Permalink

            Thanks for the further comments. i entirely accept what you say about the decadent corruption of large elements of China: an inherent byproduct of importing Western culture pathogens that come with being ‘modern’. For all Mao’s bluster about a third (or was it two-thirds?) of humanity dying by radiation but there still being enough
            Chinese survivors to be triumphant, when the Russians started lobbing a few missiles over the border Mao was cringing in his deeply dug shelter.

            The article on China’s current bid to be the leader of the globalisation process is at :

          • Riki
            Posted January 20, 2017 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

            Thank you, Mr. Bolton, for your kind comment and providing of the link that lead to your excellent article. I just clicked and opened it and it looks a very expertly and scholastically written, and I shall take time to read it carefully and deeply and feel sure that I’ll benefit from it greatly.

            Just one short note in case you missed another message of mine: Did you see my comment on the former Chinese nationalist lead Chiang Kai-shek and his relations with US and Japan during Chinese-Japanese war and later? I wrote a long reply-comment following your reply under the same thread of my initial response to Ed Fitzgerald? If you haven’t read it yet, please scroll down the webpage and go to the aforementioned place to take a look at it. I do not mean to require or urge your further comments, just kindly remind you of the existence of my comment on that important and tragic contemporary Chinese political leader in whom you seemed to have some interest according to a previous comment of yours. Thanks again and have a great day.

  26. 宮田
    Posted January 23, 2017 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for the insightful article, Riki. The negative influence of the Chinese and Koreans are indeed Jewish in character, especially today in their imposition of a sense of “Japanese guilt”–quite similar to that of “White guilt” in the West–based, of course, on the false histories of the “Rape of Nanjing,” and “comfort women,” respectively. I was not surprised to discover that the Talmud is lauded in South Korea and, as some articles state, every household owns a copy. It is characteristic of the Jews to cause any group to feel guilt for strength of spirit. The 大和魂 is unconquerable and that is most evident in the ongoing topographical shifts of Japan’s political map toward authority, military discipline and spiritual ascendency. An Aryan culture is one that reflects the unity of existence, and is at once contemplative and bellicose. Hitler called the Japanese the Aryans of the East for good reason, and spiritless China–who stresses in all areas of life quantity over quality–has no sense of what it ought to fear, that is, the coming Japanese people.

    • Riki
      Posted January 24, 2017 at 10:22 am | Permalink

      Thank you, Miyata-san, for your beautifully written and very encourage message! Your observations on the factually inferior and soulless and yet very cunning and vicious traits of the Chinese and Korean as well as their intrinsic similarity to and mental attachment with the Jewish mindset is highly precise, insightful and revealing.

      The spiritually noble and righteous Japanese nation, the Aryan of the East, needs to revive and reassert our lofty and invincible Nippon Spirit (“Yamato-Damashii”) as a whole, which been suppressed in our collective national mind for so long since our previous defeat more than 70 years ago; we must wake up to the dire reality and the diabolic menace posed by China, our egregious and iniquitous neighbor with whom we so unfortunately border, and bestir and gird ourselves for an all-rounded and decisive fight.

      But before that, we must also tackle, subdue and abolish our internal enemies, the Marxist, Communist, ultra-Liberal, Globalist and all the other vile, alien and anti-Japanese elements who still exist in our midst in no small numbers unfortunately as a result of our previous defeat and the subsequent occupation and degradation artificially and forcibly imposed on us by Jews in the uniform of the occupying force. This task of interior-cleansing is an absolute imperative for our self-salvation!

      Then we can sallying forth with confidence and determination toward utterly and completely defeating and demolishing our Chinese enemy as well as the ultimate Jewish enemy of the Aryan nations East and West, together with our White Nationalist comrades, reclaim and reinvigorate our respective nations and restore our honor, pride and glory.

      Long Live the Japanese Nation!
      Long Live the White Race!
      Long Live the Aryan Spirit!
      Hail Victory!

      • 宮田
        Posted January 24, 2017 at 10:55 am | Permalink

        You are absolutely correct: We must first turn our gaze inward and purge the country of traitors, namely, those who wear a Japanese mask but are Jews-of-the-spirit. Corneliu Codreanu said, “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.”
        Also, I was wondering if you know where I can purchase a copy of Seiji Fuji’s Theoretical Modern History volumes 1 and 2? As an American college student, I find it incredibly difficult to get my hands on Japanese right-wing texts.

        • Riki
          Posted January 24, 2017 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

          Your quoting of Corneliu Codreanu’s remark is very pertinent and trenchant! I totally agree. And your question is highly welcome. In that regard, do you mean the awarding winning essays compiled into a series of publications by the now famous and contentious (infamous to the Chinese) patriotic businessman Mr. Toshio Motoya aka. Seiji Fuji, the boss of the APA Hotel Group? If that’s what you meant, that’s great!

          You may go to the related website of his company featuring the thesis contest event and its various related publications and find a variety of books and essay magazines there. Also, there is a separate book of his summarizing his ideals and views at a decent price. I’ll provide two links to you in the following, the first leads to the full page of all the publications available, the second leads to the particular copies you mentioned, and on the lower center-right area, there is a black bottom for purchasing, you just click on it and will see a form of order to be filled at your choice. As to the book I mentioned above, it is titled “My Proud Country Japan”, currently priced at 1,620 Japanese Yen, and you can quickly find it by searching it on the site of if you are interested.

          One big merit of these publications is that they are written both in Japanese and English at the same time in one copy, and you are encouraged to make a full use of this advantage to inform and educate your American friends with truthful and accurate accounts of WWII history involving Japan, the historical and present situation of Japanese-Chinese relations and other relevant and important post-War issues.

          My best wishes to your endeavors.

          • 宮田
            Posted January 24, 2017 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

            I cannot thank you enough for your kindness in directing me to these websites. I will go ahead and purchase the books I want as well as those recommended by you. 本当に有難うございました。

          • 宮田
            Posted January 24, 2017 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

            Also, if you know of any histories or texts generally that give a fair assessment of Japan, I’d appreciate suggestions. English translations are preferred.

  27. Riki
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 10:45 am | Permalink

    Recommendation of A Fantastic Site Run by Japanese Nationalist Intellectuals on Contemporary and Modern East Asian History and A Brief Address of the Issue of Japanese-Americans’ Liberal Tendency

    This discussion is prompted and inspired by Mr. Miyata (宮田) and is intended partly as a response to his request for information in English that gives a fair assessment of Japan in historical and current affairs and partly as some reflections of myself on the issue of liberal tendencies of Japanese-Americans. The first part i.e. a greatly informative and refreshingly forthright site and some other relevant histories or texts on Japan’s historical truths and current affairs, I wish to introduce them not only to Mr. Miyata but to all White Nationalists who may have an interest to know these important and intriguing knowledge, which I will do at the end of this long message. Before that, I’d like to first comment on the political reality and inclinations of the Japanese-Americans in America today.

    The particular ethnic group of Japanese American is a tiny existence in the current multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural American society in terms of its very small population, but has always been generally recognized as an ethnicity of collective “model citizen”, composed of those who are patriotic, law-abiding, tax-paying, and generally highly educated and successful members. Of course, in a ideal nation of White Nationalist notion, people of Japanese extraction do not belong in a White America and should be encouraged and peacefully made to go back to Japan eventually, a idea to which I also subscribe as a Nationalist myself and a supporter of White Nationalism in the West, so my following brief discussion shall only focus on the reality historically and at present, detached from the future vision of an ideal White North America.

    It is an undeniable fact that like the rest of colored ethnic minorities in US, the Japanese-Americans have been under persistent and heavy mental influence and indoctrination of Leftist Liberal Jewish and White elites and mainstream media in their hands, which shaped, fortified and maintained their political and socio-cultural outlook as a whole. With only some minor exceptions, the Japanese-Americans collectively identify with the liberal ideology and values and mainly vote for the Democratic Party, again, like the rest of other non-White ethnic groups. This is a very real yet unfortunate picture to the cause of White Nationalism, because at least under the current political system when the existence of non-Whites is still a fact taken for granted without being questioned by most American people and is not expected to alter fundamentally in a near future. Thus, for all its small size, with the high human quality, decency and successfulness of Japanese-Americans in general, and a common and reasonable general image of the Japanese as a highly honest, capable, coherent and disciplined people with a rich traditional culture and ardent nationalist, even warrior-like spirit, if the White Nationalist camp is able to manage to attract and sway more Japanese-Americans and make the latter feel more sympathetic, congenial and receptive to the cause and ideas of the Alt-right or even Paleo-Conservatism at this early stage, it will definitely and indisputably be a plus to the former as more Japanese-Americans of this distinctive ethnic group that is small in size yet highly intelligent, wealthy and successful will make its due contribution in terms of financial contribution, human capital and others to the effort that leads to a right and desirable direction of America from a White Nationalist viewpoint, and the Liberal, Leftist and anti-White race-baiting and mongering camp of Jews, White traitors and other wicked and degenerate forces will be deprived of an important aid and asset that is the Japanese-American people. It is in this regard exactly that talented and awakened minds of Japanese-American like Mr. Miyata can give their abilities a full play by making strenuous and innovative efforts to proselytize, galvanize, enlighten and win over more Japanese Americans especially those of the younger generations to our side, the side of Alt-right Nationalism. So please exert yourself from now on to work hard to play your just and glorious historical mission, Mr. Miyata!

    Incidentally, on examples of famous or infamous Japanese-Americans, two names have jumped into my mind just now. First, the late Democratic Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye, a typical and epitomized persona of decent old-school liberal Japanese-American politicians, a prominent and respectable political figure, and an American patriot yet was unfortunately in possession of a liberal mindset; the second example is an ugly and obnoxious figure, an opportunistic and wretched careerist politician, a disgusting and detestable man indeed, Mike Honda from California, a state legislator, who has shamelessly, vigorously and dutifully aided and assisted various pro-Chinese communist and anti-Japanese political organizations and lobbies on historical issues against his ancestral homeland, taking every chance to side with the enemy’s lurid and abhorrent campaigns of bashing, smearing and traducing Japan in exchange for favor of his heavily Chinese populated precinct in advancement of his dirty career and personal interest in an abjectly corrupt and unscrupulous fashion. This guy is an utter soulless sellout and traitor and deserves a noose someday in the future.

    Now finally to the part of my new list of highly recommended sites, texts and books to you all who are interested in reading them. Before getting to the aforementioned fantastic website, let me remind Mr Miyata of the book that can be purchased on and is titled “My Pound Country Japan” (my English translation) which I recommended to you previously, another relevant fact about the book is that it is written only in Japanese and the original title is “誇れる祖国「日本」”. Sorry I didn’t state that fact clearly on previous occasion due to my remissness. And using this Japanese title to look for this book on will facilitate your search if you still want to read it.

    Mr. Miyata suggested that books or texts in English are preferred, but unfortunately, books published in English pertaining to the topic he wants are very few, and despite my assiduous searching effort, I didn’t locate copies in English published and widely available for sale in Japan. But I suppose he reads Japanese, so here are a few good and pertinent titles for the him and others who know Japanese language to refer to. The following copies can all be easily searched and found on by using their respective author’s name.

    1. A book by 茂木弘道(Hiromichi Mogi), debunking the “Japan was the aggressor” myth and powerfully argues that the Sino-Japanese War was actually plotted, incited and instigated by the Chinese side. This same author is also the founder of the great history site in English, which I will introduce in the last.
    2. A book by 藤井厳喜(Genki Fujii), convincingly argues that FDR should actually be responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan by relentlessly provoking and goading Japan into the fighting the first shot as well as purposely and knowingly hid the information of an impending Japanese attack to the American public in order to prod the whole nation into fighting Japan and Germany. The author applied numerous forceful evidence including the resource of former US president Hoover’s memoirs.
    3. Several books tackling topics of allied lies and delusions centered on US during the Japanese-American war of 1941-1945 and calling US the true war criminal state by the former English journalist, personal friend of Yukio Mishima and eminent Mishima researcher Henry S. Stokes, written all in Japanese.
    4. A books by a rarely known yet heroic figure, an American independent journalist based in San Francisco and named Frederic Vincent Williams, who, together with another rarely-known yet greatly honest and intrepid American Ralph Townsend, consistently wrote articles and expressed opinions warning the American public of the true nature of China and calling for mutual understanding and good will between US and Japan during 1930s, and were both harassed, smeared, arrested and imprisoned by FDR regime in early 1940s. This English version of this book of his cannot be located, but the translated Japanese version can be found by typing his full name on, showing only one item that is it. By the way, a great book by Ralph Townsend is available on, in English, and titled “Ways That Are Dark: The Ruth About China”.

    I would also like to provide a few copies in English and written by fair-minded and good-faith Western scholars that concern or partly concern Japan, all available on
    1. Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor, by John Koster
    2. Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor, by Robert Stinnett, an decorated US Navy officer in Pacific War turned historian, and this book is the most classic and prominent one of this camp.
    3. Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath, a highly acclaimed and masterly book, by George H. Nash
    4. Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government, by M. Stanton Evans
    5. Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies, by M. Stanton Evans
    6. The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors, by Eric Breindel

    Books of similar themes can also be found displayed along the long and movable horizontal bar under the title “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” on the webpage of each of the above 6 books on

    Last but most, the long awaited Japanese website established and operated by a group of civilian intellectuals starting with Hiromichi Mogi. The website is the homepage of an organization called 史実を世界に発信する会, translated into English as “Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact”. It is a trove of informative, insightful and refreshingly forthright writings on important historical facts before, during and after WWII involving major wars, conflicts, and big power relationships in which Japan was a part. For all fiery and controversial issues from Nanking Massacre to Comfort Women, from the origin of the Sino-Japanese War to crucial facts behind Pearl Harbor, you can find an abundance of meticulously researched and expertly stated information contained in countless numbers of articles, letters and reports. The only pity I feel is it’s not Jew-wise and sometimes postures to ingratiate itself with and caters to the Western mainstream taste of historiography. I guess they either do that ignorantly or tactfully. I will provide its Japanese language site, English language site and an extra link to a document bolding challenging China to the blatant falsehood of Nanking Massacre. This last one actually is also included in the online files together with many other interesting and illuminating essays, I just present it here for emphasis.

    1. Japanese site:
    2. English site:
    3. Open letter questioning China’s claim of moral vantage on the Nanking Incident:

  28. Riki
    Posted February 1, 2017 at 1:48 am | Permalink

    Someone on the site of Daily Stormer recently posted a thread of discussion where he introduced a very peculiar and intriguing anti-Japanese article written by someone else as materials for people to discuss about the issue of Chinese military capacity and its threat to the West. The long and exhaustive article, indeed a carefully crafted propaganda diatribe masked and perfumed with pseudo-academic language and tendentious quotations, which seemed to have been written by some confused or baleful Middle East Christian fundamentalist (my guess) was a astounding eye-opener in the sense of its inexplicable and fanatical hatred for and its barefaced, virulent and vehement attack on the national character and culture of Japan, smearing and badmouthing Japanese history, traditions, religions and politics in an all-rounded fashion intended to slander, misinform and mislead.

    In one word, it was a jaw-dropping read! I spent several hours reading it from the head to the tail and then took pains to write a long 21-point refutation as my tentative response, after that I also wrote a few more relevant comments related to the nature, degree and demonstrations of the Chinese menace on White Western nations. Please do go there to take a look if you have an interest. My name over there is “riki88”. Thank you for your attention.

    The article:

    The discussion section containing numerous comments of mine:

    PS: Mr. 宮田, where are you? It’s a big disappointment and pity that in about a week time up to this day you never wrote anything more in response to my last comment here in which I kindly introduced some information you requested previously. Please respond if you see this comment of mine. Thank you.

    • Riki
      Posted February 2, 2017 at 11:40 pm | Permalink

      Two more decent and facts-analyzing historical books for Mr. Miyata or others who read Japanese and may have an interest:

      1. The translated Japanese copy of the book “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnett, which I recommended previously. The Japanese title is “真珠湾の真実-ルーズベルト欺瞞の日々”; also if you simply type in the key words “真珠湾の真実”, you can see a few more pertinent books in this regard.

      2. A translated Japanese copy of the book titled “中国最大の敵・日本を攻撃せよ” (Attacking Japan, the Biggest Enemy of China) by 戴旭 (Dai Xu), a colonel in active service and a famous hawk of the PLA Air Force published in 2010, that is written in a stilted fashion revealing the true intent of malice and ambition of the current Chinese military against Japan and US. The book was a bestseller in China and is worth a conscientious read.

      These books and others of similar themes written in Japanese can also be searched swiftly, browsed and purchased on by typing in relevant key words.

    • 宮田
      Posted February 7, 2017 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

      I apologize for the late response. I had waited for an email notification of your reply, but never received one. This was because your response was not posted as a direct reply to my comment. This of course is no excuse and the blame rests squarely on my shoulders. I apologize for my negligence in the face of your kindness. I am immensely appreciative of your suggested readings and I will read them as slowly and deliberately. I found Seiji Fuji’s Theoretical Modern History both thrilling and eye opening in many regards, having been raised in a setting that does nothing but denounce Japan of the twentieth century.
      It may also be of interest to you to hear that I was just notified of my acceptance to study abroad at Waseda University this coming school year. I hope to use this time to further expand my knowledge of Japanese history and hopefully learn the ways in which I can be of service to the spiritual trajectory of the great nation.
      Lastly, are you familiar with Pre-war, nonapologetically nationalistic Japanese fiction? I have already read every work of Mishima and hope to read like-minded authors.
      Best, and, as always, thank you,

      • Riki
        Posted February 10, 2017 at 1:39 am | Permalink

        Dear 宮田君:

        Glad to hear from you finally. I saw your explanation which was very reasonable. Sorry for my previous remark which might sound a little rash and impetuous. You see, I have been eagerly expecting your replies eagerly just as you have been doing the same which I guess in the middle of our meaningful and affable interactive communication. And I hope you didn’t mind my previous urging. 

        In regard to your request for some pre-War Japanese nationalist novels, actually I myself do not have too much knowledge. My limited and modest understanding based on past reading in the field leaves me with an impression that the pre-War Japanese nationalist writers produced many reportages on factual accounts, poems and literary critiques, but novels are relatively fewer in number and less conspicuous, and mostly depicting the war and life under the war so the themes seem a little narrow in effect. Through some sedulous searching both in my mind and on the Internet, I discovered some clues which might be of some tentative usefulness or referential value to you. Let me introduce them in the following, mind you they are all in Japanese, but you can also trying search or other book shopping site (I recommend to see if some have translated English versions.

        For example. there are菊池寛「海軍武士道」、尾崎士郎「凱歌千里」、佐藤惣之助「敵前遡江」、片岡鉄平「戦地へ行く」、吉屋信子「満ソ国境戦火の一番乗り」、林芙美子「漢口入城一番乗りの感激」, but most of them may be hard to find now.
        I want to mainly introduce two nationalist writer and literary critics and their books. Hayashi Fusao (林房雄) and Shirai Kyoji (白井喬二), the former Mr. Hayashi is especially famous. He was a leftwing-leaning aspiring youth in this early days and rediscovered and regenerated himself shortly before WWII and remained steadfastly so until his death in 1975. He is also close to Mishima and with whom he often held discussions and also wrote some memoir about him. His masterpiece is a book titled “A Confirmative Argument of the Great East Asian War” (大東亜戦争肯定論) which was a highly acclaimed, controversial and ground-breaking work but surprisingly balanced and self-reflective in its content, and can be searched and bought on His main novels were mostly historical ones centered on an eminent and charismatic nationalist statesman in Meiji era Saigo Takamori (西郷隆盛). You can take a look at all of the above by searching with his name at the book sector of The other writer Mr. Shirai wrote some historical novels on and traditional folk culture and heroic figures which can also be searched and viewed with the same method as mentioned above.

        There aren’t really many pre-war nationalists novels to be found seriously though poems, prose and literary critiques abounded. To further expand the horizon and also to focus on the particular genre, I would to recommend another heavyweight contemporary writer and nationalist scholar Nishio Kanji (西尾幹二) and his timely and pertinent series “A Reopening of the Boos Consigned to Fire by GHQ” (GHQ焚書図書開封), which is a critical examination of harsh post-war the GHQ censorship of pre-war Japanese literature in general in which you can find all kinds of literary works, novels included. This series has published 12 books so far, each treating a specific area of pre-war Japanese nationalist books and dissertations debunking and denouncing the imperialism and hypocrisy of Britain and US and the vileness and wickedness of China and defending the justice and righteousness of Japan and hence that have been censored, banned or even destroyed by the US occupation force after the war. The link of this series is as the follows:カタカナ&url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=西尾幹二 GHQ焚書&rh=n%3A465392%2Ck%3A西尾幹二 GHQ焚書

        Sorry, I guess my suggestions this time are not of much use as they are a little obscure and not definite enough while also short in number. Please forgive my inability. But I have an additional and relevant suggestion which might be of some complementary value to you as such a bibliophile which I found very remarkable and admirable. You see, Japan is one of the largest reading countries in the world with a vast publishing industry and avid readers. The libraries in your university is a primary resource to be tapped and utilized during your stay. What’s more, Tokyo boasts THE largest secondhand book market in the world, where hundreds of small or medium sized bookstores line up on both sides of a very long street and its adjacent alley, selling books featuring politics, history, culture, military and all other fields you can imagine. Many bookstores are family business that have been in operation for over a century and passed down generations, and some contain extremely precious and valuable old books in good conditions whose publishing dates went over to late 19th century and even older. When I was living near the area years ago as a student, I frequented the place every weekend, often spending a day wandering, reading and buying books I liked, and the books I bought were often at great bargain prices, sometimes at only 1/10th or 1/20th of the original price. I strongly recommend you to go there in your spare time and I’m sure you will discover a trove of wonderful books there. This secondhand book store in located at “Jinbocho” (神保町), near the JR Suidobashi station (水道橋).

        I was very delighted to see you are going to Waseda University for a visit as an Japanese-American student. Waseda university is one of the best and most famous and prestigious private universities in Japan. I think that is a wonderful opportunity to see, listen and feel about Japan as well as open your mind to engage in active and constructive conversations and frank exchange of opinions with the young Japanese college students and also with some faculty members shall the chances arise. I think you are indeed a rare and outstanding type of Japanese-Americans, perhaps all the more so among your generation, being a solid nationalist yourself in the sense of both the Japanese nationalism and advocacy for White nationalism and untainted by mind-numbing liberal ideologies and orthodoxies so prevalent in American today. You outshine and outclass others with your inner conviction, your knowledge, your curiosity and other admirable qualities which I could perceive in you through the several discussions we have had here. You are expected to be a very significant force for our cause and surely have a great potential, and I have a high hope and confidence in you. I will pray for your future successes in every regard, and I wish you a very eventful and fruitful journey to Japan.

        To be honest and straightforward, current Japanese education system, especially at the higher education level, thought not yet completely as rotten and heavily controlled by Jews, is still very liberal in its academic and campus atmosphere. A majority of professors are either vestiges of the past Marxism of 1960s and ‘70s or are spellbound by the current Western neo-liberal mantra spread by Jews and their cohorts in education and media establishment. Many Japanese college students are either woefully ignorant, uncaring or badly misguided and wrongheaded on vital political, historical and ideological issues for having been immersed in such a generally liberal campus ambiance while some of them still have natural and visceral pride in and attachment to Japanese traditions, patriotism and commonsensical judgment of right and wrong. Waseda University is also a very internationalized university in Japan, having one of the largest body of foreign students. After you go to Japan and to your university, be prepared to encounter people from different countries with a highly diverse racial and political backgrounds, and very liberal professors and students, Japanese and foreign alike. You will see clashes of different camps of thought especially the loud voice of the liberal camp. You are encouraged to actively interact with native Japanese students and Western students and try to influence them with your ideas as much as you can. Modern Japanese students have a natural fondness in America, and your unique identity as a Japanese-American gives your double advantage. Be ready to be asked tough questions about US politics, Japanese-US relations, about US pop culture, about President Trump and his policies, even about Japanese politics and China, In one word, every topic may prop up, and you will probably be astonished by their ignorance, their simplicity, their unthinking swallowing of the inaccurate and slanted MSM arguments. You need to convey the truth on all the above mentioned topics and help those young minds going astray or getting lost in the mist and fogs of piles upon piles of lies spewed at them constantly by both Japanese and Western MSMs and their leftwing professors. Your need to them correct those misunderstandings and misperception, help rid their mind of those lying and often slanderous misinformation fed to them, and wring them back to the path toward truth because of your ancestral blood and your faith as a nationalist Japanese-American. Use patience and passion, skill and tactics when you talk to them, patiently, skillfully, steadily, friendly and sincerely. For those kept in darkness, let them know the truths and help them break free from the smokescreen that has blanketed and fooled them for so long; for those knowing the truths tentatively or holding suspicions about the reality, broaden and deepen their views and galvanize and awaken them totally. You have a great and momentous role to play to salvage the innocent Japanese from deadly cultural and political erosion and corruption of Jews and its allies in Japan, and you should welcome and fulfill it. I have high confidence in your idealism and activism and expect you to win hearts and minds in Japan.

        May you succeed! ご成功をお祈りします。

        Finally, my dear young fellow and nationalist comrade, I assume you have already read my previous analytical comment on the political and cultural tendencies and inclinations of Japanese-Americans as an ethic group at the whole, that is perhaps an incomplete and immature take from me as an outsiders of the American society, but the issues and factors I discussed in that part are all fact-based and demonstrably clear. If you have read it, which is not really long, please reread it carefully and earnestly as it is very important to you in my humble opinion. As I said before, and I’ll say it again, you are one of the truly shining gems among Japanese-Americans and fresh, fledging and promising force to our movement, and I’m fully confident that you will grow to play an important role, shoulder great responsibilities and make a great contribution to our cause, a cause that accords with honor, honesty, justice and the eternal cosmic truths of the nature and human world. From now on, you are supposed to take up that task ordained to you to disseminate truths to people around in both Japanese-American community and to the wider part of the American society in large, you will educate and inspire people, you will help young people in your ancestral land of Japan to know truths and virtues, you will advocate and defend White Nationalism and National Socialism as an awakened, conscious and proud Japanese-American nationalist. I shall always be here watching you and praying for you, and am always glad and willing to help, assist and advice you with my utmost capacity. Please always feel welcome to contact me and ask for anything I can provide.

        Adhere to your original ideal and make your utmost effort with consistent devotion and perseverance! 初志を貫徹し粘り強く頑張って下さい!

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