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Pizzagate, Hegel, & Leonard Cohen:
Greg Johnson on Alex Fontana’s Fascist Pigs Podcast

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I joined Alex Fontana’s Fascist Pigs Podcast to talk about Pizzagate, sexual liberation, social decadence, Nietzsche’s conservatism, Hegel on will and freedom, liberalism, Rogue One, film as an art form, and Leonard Cohen. Click here to listen. I want to thank Alex for a very enjoyable conversation.



  1. biology
    Posted January 2, 2017 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

    always thankful for more Greg J. on podcasts! downloadable version here:

    • Peter
      Posted January 7, 2017 at 5:36 am | Permalink

      Well that comes in handily, that hint to downloadable.. was just about to complain about not downloadable… thanks !

      • Peter
        Posted January 7, 2017 at 5:45 am | Permalink

        … then again, the payload of a full 1000 MB for a podcast just doesn´t spell “media savvy”… !?

        • Shure1933
          Posted January 7, 2017 at 10:07 am | Permalink

          What??!?!?! They still haven’t replaced that ONE GIGABYTE .wav file with a sensibly encoded mp3 for this 1h 40m conversation?? I posted a comment about that on 2 January (not visible) at

          stating “Please consider encoding it in a more conventional format for speech, e.g. 22.05 or 24 kHz, 32kbps, mono or stereo mp3….” and suggesting this existing monster file size would deter downloads.

          My own frugal mp3 conversion at 32kbps 22kHz, mono is 22.7MB. For the convenience of others, I have uploaded it here:

          links there expire if no downloads after a while.

          (If there’s objection to this from the parties then feel free to ask zippyshare to delete it – ignore my maildrop admins. You may cite this post.)

  2. Shure1933
    Posted January 4, 2017 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    I did not like this host – inarticulate and halting in his own delivery, but then interrupted over much. Maybe he performs better in writing. Who knows, I wasn’t inspired to find out.

    (However, I think he was right about the late lamented Leonard Cohen).

    Regardless: the reason for this note is to pick up the important remarks made around 1h 19m concerning demoralisation of Whites by the media (fossil and infiltrated newer) and the mesmeric abuse of language.

    In a recent ADV podcast Kevin Alfred Strom remarked that the hyper-use of the label “Antisemite” in relation to Whites is now a means whereby aggressively imperious sayanim and shabbas goyim call Whites, basically “Niggers”.

    Furthermore it seems that wherever (((they))) are assembled, one hears not discourse, but concatenations of cliche’s, the ad nauseam repetition of selected attack words regardless of the subject: racist, Nazi, White Supremacist, bigot, fascist (blah blah). You get it on TV, on radio, even in the courts! It’s as if they thereby seek to provoke sensations of powerlessness and self-censorship in those subjected to their droning drumbeat. The Pavlovian spell?

    This particular issue would make a great subject for a detailed study, perhaps an essay, but amplified with an audio version to emphasize the auditory effect. (I assume the wheel would not thereby be reinvented). Not just the inveterately recurring cliche’s should be identified and listed (with translations of sense inverted), but there should be laid forth the clear evidence that the disparate voices of these media are uncannily unified not only in their attitudes to issues affecting our very existence and that of Western Civilization but in the manner they articulate them: the words and phrases they use, the intonation, and the additional means of suppressing White dissent they employ. These people have been trained to the task (think of the communist class photo featuring MLK).

    From the UK here are a couple of good illustrations of the typical anti-White advocacy, where callers phone in and fruitlessly try to argue rationally with the relevant quisling:

    Spreading Nationalist Views #1
    -this one has a particularly good illustration of how the show host uses aggressive-dominance collateral tactics on the intelligent female caller who has the facts and can marshall them.

    Spreading Nationalist Views #2

    This form of lying and barracking is so commonplace and so immediately identifiable in the principal media such as radio and TV that I virtually never have resort to either. However if you want another ready source in UK, LBC is as good a choice as any:

    I tuned in last Sunday around 5pm and heard one Stig Abell using some really quite rareified sophistry. During his show a woman in her 70s called in and whilst averring that she found ‘migrants’ [sc.: immigrants] were all lovely people, asked as to Mr Abell’s own origins. One detected the ever so slight hesitation and tone change when he responded basically, English. Complaining reservedly that the mass influx of unassimilable aliens was destroying English culture, he put the elderly caller to proof of her assertion: define ‘culture’ with examples. (I unfairly assume Mr Abell doubtless would have taken as an assumed fact the deleterious impact on, the native culture of say, South Sea islanders facing an invasion by 100,000s of Latvians). She was flustered, off guard and her complaint quelled. She did not have to hand Rudyard Kipling’s “The Stranger”. But future callers may.

    “Redneck”? YOU can’t say THAT, Mr/Ms radio host; that’s OUR word!

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