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Confessions of an East Asian National Socialist

A shop in Thailand.

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I am an East Asian National Socialist and a staunch and ardent advocate for, and supporter of, National Socialism and White Nationalism. In my forty years of life, I have been abroad three times, but I have never traveled to an English-speaking country or any of the European countries, at least so far. In writing about my ideological and intellectual journey, it’s actually hard to pinpoint a specific entry point, be it a book, a Website, or something else pertaining to Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, Aryan Nationalism, or the Jewish question, from my decades of learning experiences. I would thus like to offer a couple of anecdotal clues from my recollections.

I would say that my initial contact with and understanding of Hitler and his greatness is a rather visceral and innately congenial process with a natural beginning and a natural course of growth. When I was as young as 13 or so, in the time of my junior middle school, I read books and watched old Western movies on the subject. Despite a predominantly negative portrayal of Hitler and Nazi Germany in the largely English- or American-made movies, I came to feel and view Hitler as being a very extraordinary and remarkable historical figure. It seemed to me that all the outwardly visible things associated with Hitler, the man, and the political, ideological, and artistic expressions under his reign, such as the posters, paintings, the uniforms of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, the German weaponry, the way the German soldiers conducted themselves on the battlefield, and so on, could only be most appositely described with the word “awe” and its offshoots, such as “awesome,” “awe-inspiring,” or “awe-striking.”

Thus, in spite of the disparaging and denigrating official propaganda which accompanies anything related to Hitler and National Socialism, those sharp and striking images of power, order, neatness, and sheer aesthetic beauty had left a deep and indelible impression on my mind as a juvenile, and would unfailingly continue to impress and inspire me for years to come. This also raised a very natural and compelling question in response to the negative official propaganda in my young heart: how could that person, as well as his political system and ideological worldview, which are always depicted in terms of such unalloyed and absolute evil, produce such unrivaled might, magnificence ,and magnetism, perfectly in tune with the forces of nature and life and exuding such a mythically and unfathomably irresistible, visceral, enduring, and transcendental appeal to me as an ordinary, foreign youth, possessing an innocent and unbiased mind? If Hitler was as evil and wretched as the propaganda kept telling us, how could such a healthy, inspiring force, and the sublime beauty embodied by and infusing his ideas and persona, ever have been possible in the first place?

I went to college and mastered the English language, which I found to be a highly effective tool for discovering and learning about hidden historical truths. Guided by my earlier fondness for and attraction to Hitler and his splendid world-historical achievements, I began to read everything I could get my hands on, either in print form or on the Internet, about the political, economic, cultural, ideological, and philosophical ideals and ideas of Hitler and his National Socialism. I searched and read voraciously and tirelessly, and found a brand new horizon opening up before me, one which offered literally endless metaphysical treasures to explore and contemplate, to savor and appreciate.

I discovered the hidden truths about Hitler concerning his noble character and moral compass. I likewise studied his ideology of justice and selflessness, his reasonable and efficient policies, and the righteous, courageous, and glorious revolution that he fomented. This led to me to investigate the rationale behind the outbreak of the Second World War, which in turn took me to the unabashed, unadulterated, and undeniable evilness of international Jewry, headed by the Rothschilds and their vicious, parasitic tentacles, and of their long and criminal history of usury, manipulation, exploitation, and enslavement. I learned of their subversion, predation, degradation, perversion, and corruption of the Western nations and their people through Communism, Jewish-Bolshevism, and plutocratic financial capitalism (two sides of the same coin), and of the moral bankruptcy, shabbiness, turpitude, and iniquity of the Allies. I also realized that their leaders, especially Churchill and Roosevelt, had acted as puppets and proxies of the Jews, and that this had led to their morally reprehensible and utterly indefensible, heinous, monstrous, and atrocious treatment of Germany and the German people.

Unfortunately, for about a decade, from the age of 23 until I was 33, I had fallen for the American Republican Party’s version of mainstream conservatism and its flag-wavers before coming to my full awakening and subsequent realization of their follies and fallacies, their spuriousness and spinelessness, their sham and deceit, and their abject kowtowing to and shilling for Jewry and, to a lesser degree, other wicked and rich oligarchies. They struck the pose of patriotism and acted against some petty foreign dictatorships which they viewed as potential rivals, or as adversaries of democracy and freedom. All the while, however, they themselves systematically aided and abetted far more hideous, dangerous, and tyrannical powers worldwide in political, economic, and military terms, to the peril of America’s own national security. They gleefully sold out America’s White middle and working classes to globalist and oligarchic interests, and hollowed out America’s once-mighty industrial base with no moral compunction whatsoever, merely to fatten their own bellies. They sacrificed the same White middle and working classes on the altar of borderless globalism and mindless consumerism. Their pandering to and enabling of hostile and aggressive alien forces, both domestic and foreign, which accompanied their growing menace to the free and civilized nations, was utterly perfidious and outrageous, worthy of the largest measure of moral indignation and condemnation.

The list of their treasons and treacheries goes on endlessly. Shame on those immoral liars and specious, self-serving charlatans whose cowardice, dishonesty, venality, and duplicity surely know no bounds! Compare this with the moral integrity and rectitude of Hitler, the giant. They are all pathetic, despicable pygmies and clowns. Thus I became a convinced National Socialist and self-described Hitlerite – warts and all – and have remained so proudly, with a clear conscience and sense of honor.

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  1. Cobbett
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 9:51 am | Permalink

    I’m not a National Socialist.

  2. Stronza
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    I went to college and mastered the English language, which I found to be a highly effective tool for discovering and learning about hidden historical truths.

    Did anyone edit and improve your essay, by any chance? While I think that national socialism has come and gone, never to be seen again in its German form, I just wanted to tell you that I am deeply impressed with your ability to express yourself in English. – Mrs. Stronza.

    • Riki
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

      Thank you , Mr. Stronza, for your kind words of praise and encouragement. As a matter of fact, my English is merely functionally adequate for writing such essays to express and communicate my ideas, but is hardly up to the standard you are reading and admiring now, structurally and stylistically. It is Dr. Johnson who kindly helped edit my initial writing and refined it to its current look without changing any of my central ideas and utterances. Praises and Gratitude for his generous effort.

      • Posted January 19, 2017 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

        Riki, I just wanted you to know that it was actually me who edited this and your previous essay for CC. Not that Greg isn’t extremely capable as well, but he has me doing the editing for the site for this month. I’m pleased to be of assistance to you.

        • Riki
          Posted January 19, 2017 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

          My sincere and profound gratitude to your kindest effort, Mr. Morgan. It must have cost you considerable time editing my humble essays usually of a bloated writing style. 🙂 I have read many of your fabulously written, insightful and inspiring essays here on CC about topics of critically dissecting US party politics and mainstream media or of marvelous reviews of movies etc. from White racialist, identitarian-cultural and political perspectives. I appreciated them deeply and benefited from reading them greatly. Thanks again.

  3. laurent
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 10:25 am | Permalink

    Who do you expect to believe that this was written by an asian guy? Please

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 11:15 am | Permalink

      I expect everyone to believe it. It happens to be true.

      • Ty
        Posted January 19, 2017 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

        Haha! This is what I was talking about in my initial comment!

  4. Posted January 19, 2017 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Wonderful article!

    This is what I have personally experience in Asian Studies and wish to talk about!

    You say it better than what I am trying to do! XD

    • Riki
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

      Thank you very much!

  5. Ty
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    I wonder how many idiot WNs skimming this piece are going to vent their spleens in a series of signaling rants in the comments.

    • Atomic Pope
      Posted January 21, 2017 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

      Ty, you may not be a WN but you are autistically counter-signaling.

  6. Posted January 19, 2017 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    I support National Socialism and I do believe Hitler is a great person. In fact, there is a large segment of Chinese society that sympathises with National Socialism and Hitler. It is more difficult for any Chinese to sympathise with the Japanese Empire and Japanese fascism because of decades of Chinese Communist programming, but there are some who can see the light. The fact of the matter is, the Japanese would never have killed as many Chinese as the Communists have. Therefore, it is morally corrupt to criticise the Japanese for war crimes while the Communists have committed heinous crimes against their own people, and that needs to be addressed first. I do not know what is true about the Nanjing Massacre, because it is obvious why the Communists would want to exaggerate that. However, whatever the truth may be about the Nanjing Massacre, the Communists have certainly killed more people than that. Marxism-Leninism was and still is absolutely terrible for China and the world. That sort of thing should not even exist. I do sympathise with National Socialism because Hitler was probably the most anti-Marxist person alive, and he was obviously right about his clear stance on communism. Too few Chinese are yet aware of the history of the Communist Party (hand them a copy of the Nine Commentaries or send it to them if they do not already know) and too few Chinese have yet explored (historical) alternatives to Marxism. I cannot say that I am a National Socialist myself although I do support Hitler’s ideas and National Socialism, but I am certainly a fascist myself (with sympathies for absolute monarchy like Julius Evola). Fascism is somewhat vague, but it is about tradition, and as East Asians we have a rich tradition, ranging from folk religion to social philosophy to absolute monarchy. Fascism is to be felt, and it is more than just a biological racial idea, but it is a spiritual idea as well. I do believe that there was already ‘fascism’ before there was even fascism in the 20th century, because the original fascism which did not need a separate name naturally sprang from folk religion. The Romans were fascist, so were the Greeks, so were the Chinese, and so were the Japanese. If we look honestly at history and look for the truth about tradition, we will find (original) fascism. I do not even need to say I am fascist, because it is complex and it can be felt. I am an adherent of Chinese folk religion in its pristine form (like Shinto when it has been liberated from Buddhism). I am a believer in real polytheism, and I believe that polytheism and fascism are one. I reject Buddhism as a way of life that is alien to our polytheist/fascist human nature, and I support Confucianism and I sympathise with Taoism because they do not reject polytheism/fascism. I am not a Taoist myself, because I feel and know that Chinese folk religion is the pure and original form of what Taoism bases itself upon. I want something that is real, I desire authenticity since that is what we have lost because of all the leftist insurrections and subversions around the world – from the West to the East. To finish this message, I would like to share the Nine Commentaries once more and I recommend everyone to read it who wants to know more about (the truth about) the Chinese Communist Party:

    • Riki
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, Chinese Nationalist, for your thoughtful and valuable input. The multiple and inter-connected points in your comment are quite enlightening and encouraging as from a fair-minded Chinese nationalist’s perspective, and I mostly agree with you on them with some minor exceptions. I shall complement here that just as the Marxism-Leninism as a ideological stranglehold on the Chinese society being as much a dire menace to both China and the world as you put, the current “Market-Leninism” of China is even an bigger danger and threat to the world, and especially to Japanese and White races and their civilizations.

      Secondly, I have an intense and tangible worry that even if the Chinese masses having come to terms with the truthful side of the history including both truths concerning Japan in the past wars and the extremely ugly, disturbing and disillusioning truths about the communist regime that has ruled them til this day, due to some negative and inherent (or habitual) inner elements of the Chinese people including but nor limited to their spiritual passivity and slave mentality, they may simply brush the truths aside and march on with their cynical and materialistic life-view and lifestyle obediently under the current regime, as long as the latter continued to provide them, as it has done successfully in the last two decades, enough bread and cheap entertainment as well as some vainglorious Chinese superiority v.s. insidious foreign power theories to vent their hot air of Chinese supremacism and chauvinism. In that sense, you and your like-minded true Chinese nationalists, an admittedly enlightened few, have tremendous work to do to pull the benighted and obdurate Chinese masses to the side of light and justice. I sincerely wish you best luck and success in this momentous undertaking of yours.

      By the way, have you read my reply to your comment on my previous posting here on CC? In case you missed it, please kindly take a look. Some one in the White nationalist circles I know and respect vouch for your character and forthrightness and asked me to send his regards to you. Again, thank you for your righteous conviction and enthusiasm. I wholeheartedly wish you will have great successes in your chosen path of helping the Chinese people to eventually regenerate and rectify their country and political system, however herculean a task it is indeed.

  7. Peter
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

    It´s for me interesting as a view from the outside, from a far distance. Maybe that perspective is able to grab someting that I am normally missing:
    I usually say that power concentrated in one hand will only end with bad decisions and misallocation of means, as the market makes much better decisions. But: the market means struggle of power, and power leads to the aporia of power, to blackmagic rituals, to savagery (all possible means that power ultimately grabs to in desperation, in order to persist). In contrast, a tribune of the people is the channeling of the wishes of the people, which simply means a wholesome life.
    So… could the political form of a tribune of the people yet be the better form, despite all reasonable objections?? Could the asian girl, from her distance, have seen the relevant signs, the overall wholesomeness of the venture, and thus been able to make the right choice?? (And is that the idea behind monarchy? But monarchy yet quickly degenerated into the “free market” system…!?).

    • Sandy
      Posted January 19, 2017 at 5:02 pm | Permalink

      But monarchy yet quickly degenerated into the “free market” system…!?).

      I’d hesitate myself to say that a thousand years or two was quickly

      • Peter
        Posted January 19, 2017 at 5:12 pm | Permalink

        “Quickly” in the sense of “inevitably”, step by step, on a stable trajectory.

  8. Peter
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    The Asians have not been indoctrinated with as much hatred and lies about Germany and Germans. The entire west has. I noticed this about twenty years ago when an Chinese female colleague commented on Germany’s unfortunate geography and she stated this led to wars for Germany. I remember telling my mother about what she said.

    Then I read that “Mein Kampf” is read by many Indians that are in business school. They consider Hitler a good leader to study. Why not? Many Indians considered Great Britain their enemy and when offered, joined up with the German armed forces in WW II. And while much of the world is worse off for WW II (certainly Europe is), India should erect a monument to the idiot Winston Churchill (who disliked them intensely and would have never let go of his colony) in every major city, for it was his insistence on war with Germany (which continuously sought peace with Britain) that destroyed Europe, bankrupted the British Empire and freed India. Hitler and the German soldier probably deserve a monument in India too.

  9. Bobby
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    For a long time now, there has been an awareness in many organizations involving the visual arts, including some that are dominated by Jewish leaders, on the psychological power Nazi propaganda exerts on quite a number of people the world over. It’s shear freshness and power to impress the human brain, is the very reason that much of it has never been released for public viewing. The people who created it in post Weimar Germany had an amazing genius for this kind of art.

    • Peter
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

      “The people who created it in post Weimar Germany had an amazing genius for this kind of art.” I think it’s related to the Germans talent for making beautiful things in all areas. They lead in car design (the rest of the world follows) and in industrial design of appliances and other things. I think I read that Apple Computer hired a German design firm to create the look of one of their computers. Certainly others create beautiful things also (Italy’s Ferrari for example), but I don’t think their impact is as great.

  10. Riki
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

    I suspect the photo was taken in Japan. not Thailand. The street scene definitely looks like in Japan instead of in Thailand. What is more indicative, the modified Hitler-imaged MacDonald toll has two places on it showing Japanese language: On the head of it, there is a red-colored paper box used to collect donation money, that features the Japanese words “タイ洪水義捐金”, which means “donation for the relief effort for the Thailand flood”; on the waist level of the doll, there is another paper written in Japanese that reads “子供はキライです”, which means “I don’t like children”, perhaps a humorous way of putting up a message of warning children not to temper with the doll, and corresponds to the sign on the forehead of the doll saying “Don’t touch me!” The round-shaped block on the above-left area of the doll features Thai language indeed, but it seems to be added later by the poster of the picture to show the meaning of the Japanese message “タイ洪水義捐金” to the Thai people. I might be wrong, and the picture might still have been taken in Thailand featuring a volunteer Japanese group aiming at calling donation from the Japanese community in Thailand as well, who knows? Either way, not really a big difference. 🙂

  11. Sylvie
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

    Communism, Jewish-Bolshevism, and plutocratic financial capitalism (two sides of the same coin)

    I think that’s from a Goebbels speech:
    “Communism and Democracy/Capitalism are two sides of the same coin – both controlled by Jews.”

    An admirable article. Many of us came the same way:
    Nearly all of the central paradigms of National Socialism make sense, some of them were even far ahead of time. NS was concerned with family values, nature and ecology when this term was not even known.

    But – as Greg once described his own intellectual trajectory – initially we “saw anti-Semitism as a serious flaw in National Socialism”. Why did these Germans considered Jews different from “Aryans”, why did they want to limit their influence in culture, media and finance, why did they think Jews were threatening the White Race?

    We learned it the hard way: even in the Jewish question, NS was far ahead of time.

    • Riki
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 11:14 pm | Permalink

      I completely concur with your points which are also in my mind, but you simply expressed them so incisively and seamlessly. Thank you very much for your insightful observations and beautiful writing!

  12. Abba
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    Great article. Truly, Distributism is the greatest economic model. Even Gottfried Feder’s planned “garden cities” were distributist in form and function, even if he never used the term per se. In essence, Distributism can color any social scheme, be it absolute monarchy, national socialism, etc. with principles like subsidiarity, the family as the least divisible economic unit, etc.

    • Montefrío
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 5:22 am | Permalink

      Ah, subsidiarity and Distributism! Sad there’s so little interest in them today. To be honest, I no longer believe Distributism is viable in the West, at least not in its current societal state. Subsidiarity on the other hand, is the governing principle of my own life (now on the home stretch) and what I’ve made a yeoman effort to pass along to my posterity, both by teaching and example. You might consider mentioning Röpke’s work as well with respect to economics.

      For those unfamiliar with Distributism, there is a good-sized collection of the most important works that treat of it (all of which I own and frequently consult) available from IHS Press. Those who frequent this site would greatly profit from reading them, I believe.

      • BroncoColorado
        Posted January 20, 2017 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

        The Australian League of Rights, , is very active with their brand of distributism called Social Credit, which grew out of the exigencies of 1930s Australia.

        • Riki
          Posted January 20, 2017 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

          Thanks for your valuable input on Social Credit. In case you may not be aware, the Social Credit theory as an imported but very sensible idea, has attracted strong and sustained attention and gained mainstream currency in Japan of 1930s. It went further to guide the Japanese social-economic policy from mid 1930s and successfully pulled the Japanese economy out of the deep recession incurred in early 1930s and put it on a new and healthy track of national socialist economic pattern that led to a general revival.

  13. ronehjr
    Posted January 19, 2017 at 9:50 pm | Permalink

    Hitler was a horrible strategist and the worst leader in Germany’s history. Just because he was right on the JQ does not make it sensible to emulate him or national socialism in any way. All Hitlarpers do is cause white nationalism to lose credibility each time it is exposed, because we should be trying to attract normie whites who outnumber us about a million billion to one.I still support Spencer and Enoch even after hail(heil?)gate, but I truly hope both have learned their lessons.

    • Lee
      Posted January 21, 2017 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

      “Hitler was a horrible strategist and the worst leader in Germany’s history”

      Er, I think you might be forgetting Germany’s current leader…

  14. Leon
    Posted January 20, 2017 at 1:32 am | Permalink

    This is exactly the kind of moral simplicity so common in WN that I hate: “The left and the mainstream said that Hitler was pure evil and the Allies were perfectly good. They distort the truth. So I guess that means that the Allies were pure evil and Hitler was perfectly good.”

    Grow up people. This kind of stupidity is unbecoming for adults.

    • Patak
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

      Well he did say his first impression was made while still young, under the influence of simple awe inspired by the visuals and basic impressions. After that he seems to have been mostly influenced by reading and research.

      It’s funny how my own trip (of a south-east/central European) has been fairly similar, although with a very different outcome. I too was impressed by World War 2 era German visuals, particularly the Stahlhelm had an impression on me. Any army with such beautiful helmets just begs to be admired. And the tanks, and the aircraft, and the Horst Wessel Lied and the whole tragic defeat fighting outnumbered against hordes of much less aesthetically pleasing armies. But after that as I grew up I did some reading and exploring on my own, lately totally unrestrained by the nazis=bad conditioning… and I came to the conclusion I couldn’t call myself a national socialist, not even a proper admirer, even if I can still sympathize with many of the tenants. The stupid and murderous nordicism that estranged the Slavs, the equally stupid insistence that the English should be made peace with because of muh nordicism… if someone would act that way today I imagine we ourselves would call him autistic.

      I can wear an accusation of being a nazi as a badge of honour, but I won’t every actually seriously consider myself as one. Still if anyone decides to do so for themselves, I don’t mind. If anything the fight over which right wing approach gets to rule our societies is still in the far future and from this perspective at least looks like one of those problems we’d like to have.

      • Leon
        Posted January 21, 2017 at 1:41 am | Permalink

        I know what you mean. The aesthetics of N.S. were certainly very appealing, no doubt about it, and I agree that there were actually a lot of good ideas embedded into their ideology. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that N.S. is so attractive to young White men, especially in contrast to the effeminized, anti-White ‘culture’ of today. But, at the end of the day, the fact remains that the German National Socialists were not some group of enlightened pan-European White nationalists as many on the Alt-Right seem to envision them. They were German supremacists whose chauvinism, I am certain, led to the disastrous outcome of the war, as much as anything else.

    • Michael Bell
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

      What exactly are your issues with the Axis?

      • Leon
        Posted January 21, 2017 at 1:40 am | Permalink

        Where to start? They were German supremacists and imperialists who felt entitled to walk all over the other nations of Europe and rob them of their sovereignty. They murdered, subjugated, and enslaved millions of Slavs in Eastern Europe. They teamed up with the Soviets, the most evil regime in human history, in order to invade and partition my ancestral homeland. Their blind anti-Slavic jingoism led them to mistreat their Slavic neighbours, and even allies, which I am certain led in great part to the ultimate disastrous outcome of the war, the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, and the imposition of Communist governments there for half a century. They abducted children, and encouraged division among their neighbour nations. They depopulated entire regions so they could settle them with their own people, and then sent their original inhabitants to work camps where many were allowed to die from the bad conditions. They sowed distrust between the West and the East that won’t soon disappear. Does that answer your question? Or do you believe these are good things to emulate?

        • Riki
          Posted January 21, 2017 at 7:02 am | Permalink

          “They teamed up with the Soviets, the most evil regime in human history, in order to invade and partition my ancestral homeland. Their blind anti-Slavic jingoism led them to mistreat their Slavic neighbours, and even allies, which I am certain led in great part to the ultimate disastrous outcome of the war, the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, and the imposition of Communist governments there for half a century.”

          Mr. Leon, I think you have gone a bit too far in your statement above. I guess you are of Polish extraction and harbor some bitter memories about German invasion of your ancestral homeland. But to be totally candid with you, I’m afraid your historical knowledge is either insufficient or clouded by your ethnic prejudices against Germans or both. You talked about Hitler;s Germany teamed up Soviet Union in order to invade and partition Poland. This is patently false. First, Germany did have some cooperative treaties of the Soviets which dated back to late 1920s, reached in that extremely stringent time for Germany when it was under dire oppression and persecution of Western countries as a result of the Versailles Treaty. The partnership with the Soviets was the Hobsons Choice for Germany, it was tactical and contingent, and the nature of it was basically a reciprocal one in exchange of technology for resources. It was also one of the peace time which predated the German-Polish war. When Germany invaded Poland in Sept. 1 1939, it had no premeditated plan of collaboration with Soviet Union, which also invaded Poland from the East after Germany had basically ended the war and clenched the victory, thus the tow invasions were separate and unrelated in nature with the Soviet invasion of Poland being that of “looting a burning house”, nasty, despicable and totally unjustifiable.

          But unlike Soviet Union, Germany did have real issue to settle with Poland. I don’t actually believe you didn’t know that Hitler was originally friendly to Poland, intending to form a real alliance with it against the menace of the Soviet monster in mid 1930s. The leading Polish leader Field Marshall Pidulski was sympathetic and receptive to Hitler’s view. But after he died, the Polish junta was becoming increasingly arrogant and hostile to Germany, backed up by the Jew-influenced British and French governments hellbent on starting a new war with Germany by using Poland as the pathway, who handed the Polish junta regime a blank check and constantly moved to fan up German-Polish animosity. An emboldened Poland thus continued to recklessly and relentlessly provoke Germany by mistreating and harassing even slaughtering minority German civilians living in Poland, they also grossly miscalculated their adversary and themselves by plotting to start war with Germany and fantasizing they would take Berlin two weeks into the coming war. Poland had unreasonably and stubbornly refused Hitler’s repeated and sincere request for rational negotiations on the status of ethnic Germans in Danzig (Gdansk in Polish) which originally and historically belonged to Germany until the end of WWI. Do you know how many ethnic Germans had been killed by Polish mobs encouraged or given a free rein by the Polish government? The answer was more than 540 thousand, a number that almost equaled the total number of US soldiers KIA throughout the entire Vietnam War. Hitler as a fierce German nationalist and patriotic leader finally lost his patience with Poland and decided to fight a war to end the Polish massacre of ethnic Germans when his country was not actually fully shaped or ready for war in 1939. thus the outbreak of the tragic war.

          Hitler’s mistrust of and disdain for Slavic people was of course one’s of his major flaws, and with disastrous strategic consequences for Germany’s war effort. The origin of such sentiment and such judgment dated back to Hitler’s youthful days in Vienna, from his direct experiences and personal observation of the role of the Slavs in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, his motherland. Hitler finally came to terms with reality and started changing his views and conduct around mid 1944, but it was already too late and this great blunder of his costed Germany its much coveted victory or a drew at least. But your claim that Hitler mistreated all Eastern European and Slavic countries including Germany’s allies was obviously an overstatement and exaggeration. For example, during the war time Germany was largely on friendly terms with Slovakia and Croatia and gave them much aid and assistance in joint war efforts against Soviet Union.

          Finally, you must understand the WWII was foisted upon an unwilling Germany by Jew controlled enemies of both West and East. What actually and fundamentally costed Poland its sovereign and independent nationhood was not Germany’s fault, the culprit was UK and US on whose side the brave free Polish soldiers fought with naive expectations. The Western allies, not Germany, sold out the collective independence of all the small Eastern European nations to the Soviet bear at Yalta. The Soviet occupation and domination of the East Europe and the subsequent imposition of the totalitarian communism hence became something natural and inevitable. What we shall all feel luck and grateful to Hitler and Nazi Germany is the iron hooves of the beastly Soviet hordes could have reached the very Western tip of Europe and included not only the entire Central Europe and Southern Europe but Western Europe including France and Spain within the sphere of its conquest, occupation and enslavement but for the heroically valiant and steadfast and persistent war effort of the National Socialist Germany led by Adolf Hitler until its downfall and demise in 1945.

          Perhaps you and I read different historical stories, or perhaps we focused on different perspectives and drew different conclusions. You are of course freely entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine. It is really pointless for us to argue back and forth. What I have written so long above is to respond to some of your remarks which I found disagreeable, but honestly all of them should not be our focus today, the really significant and meaningful cause of today ought to focus on the general solidarity and mutual respect and collaboration of all White nations under the overarching title of White race to protect, preserve and defend the Race, the only truly all-inclusive, inherent and essential habitat and fortress for all White people, regardless of nation, on this planet.

          • Leon
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

            Mr. Riki, I can appreciate that for you, as an outsider, the abundance of information, propaganda and counter-propaganda can be difficult to make clear sense of, especially in the absence of family or personal experience to ground you. I hope I can clear up a few things for you with regards to this topic, although of course everyone has their own opinion, and most people will believe what they want to believe. I realize that I too have my biases, although they may not be exactly the ones you think I have.

            “You talked about Hitler’s Germany teamed up Soviet Union in order to invade and partition Poland. This is patently false. First, Germany did have some cooperative treaties of the Soviets which dated back to late 1920s, reached in that extremely stringent time for Germany when it was under dire oppression and persecution of Western countries as a result of the Versailles Treaty…When Germany invaded Poland in Sept. 1 1939, it had no premeditated plan of collaboration with Soviet Union”

            No, Mr Riki, what you described is patently false. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was signed less than a month before the joint invasion of Poland, and the two powers actively co-operated during the invasion ( , This is the ugly truth: for all his talk about the evils of Bolshevism, Hitler was quite content to ally with the beast so long as it benefited him and his Reich. Earlier treaties are irrelevant here (actually, Germany moved away from the Soviets and towards the Poles before the war, before moving back to the Soviets again. Hitler’s stance changed almost week to week). And the Soviets weren’t the only ones to conduct a systematic campaign of burning, looting, and slaughter. The Germans gave their fair share to the Poles as well, something that many Polish families, including my own, can attest to.

            Hitler’s decision to invade Poland was not a Hobson’s Choice. Germany was not in danger of being invaded by Poland, that is German propaganda. The Polish Plan West was a contingency plan for a predicted German invasion of Poland, not a plan of conquest. Arrogant as Poland’s leadership may have been, they were not so stupid as to think they could take on Germany alone, and the Western Allies, unfriendly as they were, were not about to take to arms against Germany either. Indeed, even after the invasion of Poland, Britain and France were reluctant to actually begin combat operations, which gave Germany the upper hand. Hitler therefore always had peace with his neighbours as a choice. Hitler made the decision to instigate the war in Europe, not the Poles, not even the admittedly Jew-controlled Allies, but Hitler. If you have concrete evidence to the contrary, then I’m willing to re-consider my opinion, but thus-far, all I’ve seen is blatant German war-time propaganda.

            As to the thousands of German civilians massacred by hate-filled Poles before the war, I’m afraid you’ve fallen for yet more German propaganda. Of course there was hostility, but it was not a one-way street. Events like Bloody Sunday were instigated by pro-NSDAP insurgents among the Germany minority in Poland, who had been told non-stop about how barbaric the Poles were, and how all these lands belonged to them. The figure of 540,000 Germans killed that you produce, is a blatant falsehood. Such claims were only pretensions used by Germany to justify its wars of conquest in the east, which Hitler had talked openly about since he wrote his work Mein Kampf. Given that he had earlier pretended that he would be satisfied with Austria and the Sudetenlands, the Polish leadership had good reason to be sceptical that Hitler would be content only to annex Gdansk (Danzig). The Germans considered all Polish territory west of Mazovia to be theirs, even those lands with historic ethnic-Polish majorities.

            We are not ‘lucky’ that Hitler chose to invade Poland and then turned on his erstwhile collaborators in a bloody war of conquest that left Europe destroyed and half the continent under the Soviet bootheel. If Hitler hadn’t invaded Poland in the first place, none of Europe (except for Russia) would have come under Communist rule. The Poles themselves had already repelled a Soviet invasion on their own just ten nineteen years earlier, and if Hitler was really motivated by protecting his country from a Soviet invasion, he could have let the Soviets make the first move, and exhaust themselves fighting Poland again. Instead, he chose to collaborate with the Bolsheviks in order to expand his territory, and his dominance in Europe.

            I am in complete agreement with you that our focus should be on the general solidarity and mutual respect and collaboration of all White nations, and the protection of the White race. What I don’t understand, is why so many WNs feel the need to hold up Hitler as a shining example of this, when his own words and actions indicate otherwise. We can accept that Hitler was a charismatic, unique, and also deeply flawed man whom we can study, just like any historical figure, in order to draw lessons. But it doesn’t follow that he is someone we should admire, or consider a model for White nationalism. He was a German nationalist, and very chauvinistic and imperialistic one at that, unfortunately. When we look at Hitler, it should serve as a lesson of what not to be, as much as of what we should be.

        • Michael Bell
          Posted January 21, 2017 at 11:15 am | Permalink

          Look, I am pan-European and embrace all peoples of European extraction as my own. I have Polish-Americans in my family and some of my best friends are Polish American. However, I find that Polish people are often biased In their presentation of World War II. They conveniently forget certain facts. Poland was egging Germany on and provoking a fight before Hitler invaded. As if that weren’t enough, the German population in Danzig was being severely mistreated, so much so that a book was written about it called “Death spoke Polish.” I’m not trying to promote petty nationalism or intra-racial squabbles here, but if we’re going to discuss World War II and how horrible the Germans were, lets at least cut this “Poland is the victim” nonsense.

          • Leon
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

            This claim that Germans in Danzig were mistreated is really surprising, given that pre-war Danzig was 95% German, and run by ethnic Germans. Do you have a copy of this book “Death spoke Polish”, and/or do you know who the author is?

            “lets at least cut this “Poland is the victim” nonsense.” I’m sorry, but from where I stand Poland and the Poles suffered greatly during the war and after, and the fault ultimately lies with Hitler. If I see concrete, convincing evidence to the contrary I’ll gladly change my mind. I hate all this petty-nationalist squabbling as much as you do, but I’m not obviously not keen to celebrate a man who declared my people his racial enemy, and brought unprecedented destruction to them.

            • Michael Bell
              Posted January 21, 2017 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

              It’s called Der Tod Spracht Polnisch by Arndt Verlag. You’ll probably disregard whatever is in it because it is German.

              I revere Hitler and Nazi Germany because they sought to create an organic type of civilization where culture was revitalized, high art was cultivated, healthy families were promoted, ethnic identity was a Major source of pride, and the economy was subordinated to the will of the state rather than the other way around. Slaughtering Slavs is not something I endorse, but to argue that the Poles were perfectly innocent snowflakes is just as small-minded as you would likely accuse a German Hitlerite of being. Polish politicians threatened Germany with war before the invasion actually happened. They mobilized the Polish army just a few days before Germany invaded. They were asking for a fight and England backed them up and said that they could do whatever they wanted. The poles MAY or may not have been harshly treating ethnic Germans living in Poland. It was a simple case of talk shit, get hit. Poland got hit. But all we hear about is “Germany invaded Poland, thus starting the war.”

              Btw I’m only 1/4 German, so don’t think this is a petty-Nationalist diatribe.

          • Leon
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            Mr Bell. Firstly, I’d like to clear a misconception that you might have about me. I don’t hate Germans. In fact, I have a great appreciation for German people, their culture, their language, etc. By Polish standards, I’m a downright Germanophile. I think the Germans are a beautiful and unique people, and that their current suicide/destruction as a nation is one of the most tragic happenings in European history. The only thing that I dislike about them is they way they’ve treated their eastern neighbours. Being Polish, I’d say that’s pretty reasonable.

            I looked up “Der Tod Sprach Polnisch” and found that it was written by someone called Leigh Richard in 1999. Arndt-Verlag is German publishing house with a known German nationalist orientation. This does not mean what is written there isn’t true, obviously, but clearly this isn’t a first-hand account, and is subject to all the flaws and biases that books of this sort are prone to. Unfortunately I can’t read German very well, so I can’t really evaluate it. All I’m really asking is that people not just assume that because the Allies had their propaganda, that everything stated by the Axis and their supporters must be automatically true, which would lead one to believe that the Germans were morally spotless, and that everyone else was to blame for the destruction of the war.

          • Leon
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            Mr Bell, I can understand why you admire the National Socialists’ domestic policies. I have no issues with that. There’s no question that Hitler did a lot of good for his people, during his rule at least .

          • Walter
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            Michael Bell:
            The Germans in the so-called Korridor – an area of land which was given to Poland through the Versailles document giving direct access to the Sea were under direct Polish rule and they were, along with the other Germans under Polish rule, subjected to increasing duress, which resulted in 70000 Germans fleeing in summer of 1939 alone Polish anti-German measures. These were both enshrined in laws as well as spontaneous and sometimes terroristic actions (such as burning down farms) by militias and private individuals. A problem clearly existed which the German government intended to solve as the last remnant of the -for rational beings- incomprehensible provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.
            To make it short: The Germans in Danzig were not subject to direct Polish measures, but Poland did consider the practically purely German City of Danzig its own domain, the change of status of which was considered a casus belli by Poland.

        • Riki
          Posted January 21, 2017 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

          Mr. Leon, I carefully read your latest long reply comment to my previous long reply comment to you, and I found some of your points seem to make sense and will help me dig deeper and think deeper on this subject. But you also seemed to have made some exaggerations (excuse me for not intending to point them out one by one) as well as your blanket accusation ascribing anything critical of the conduct of the Poland side to German war propaganda. I also want to argue that the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, from German’s consideration, was in fact a tactical move vis-a-vis the Soviets, made primarily for the purpose of maintaining a geopolitical and military stability on Germany’s East front i.e. avoiding a premature Soviet attack on Germany from the East while Germany could focus on fighting and defeating its Western enemies i.e. France and Britain who were poised to declare war against Germany using all the pretense which Hitler knew they would definitely do and was born out by historical fact soon after the outbreak of German-Polish war. To state further, the Pact was not for targeting Poland in cooperation with Soviet Union which was only a secondary and collateral aspect of the Pact if at all. You seemed to have exaggerated the nature of the Pact and argued its primary aim was in antagonism against Poland which I don’t think so.

          Among an array of your points which I partly agree and feel sensible, this following paragraph struck me of being a little rash and hasty and factually questioable. You said: “We are not ‘lucky’ that Hitler chose to invade Poland and then turned on his erstwhile collaborators in a bloody war of conquest that left Europe destroyed and half the continent under the Soviet boot heel. If Hitler hadn’t invaded Poland in the first place, none of Europe (except for Russia) would have come under Communist rule. The Poles themselves had already repelled a Soviet invasion on their own just ten nineteen years earlier, and if Hitler was really motivated by protecting his country from a Soviet invasion, he could have let the Soviets make the first move, and exhaust themselves fighting Poland again. Instead, he chose to collaborate with the Bolsheviks in order to expand his territory, and his dominance in Europe.”

          It is unreasonable and historical-factually untrue that you claimed without Hitler fighting the first shot against Poland, Europe would not have been consumed and destroyed the conflagration of war and half of it placed under the beastly hoof of iron-fist occupation and domination by Soviet Union. It is now already a widely known and recognized fact to the independent and open-minded historians and intellectual circles that Stalin was actually planning an gigantic war of conquest and enslavement to be executed in the Summer of 1941 shortly after the date Hitler preempted him, he was ready to sweep and reinvent the whole European continent with Bolshevist ideology in fulfillment of both his personal ambitions and the last wish and behest of his former boss and predecessor Lenin. He had been preparing that last assault on European nations and Western civilization wholesale for two decades, patiently and painstakingly. Every plan of Soviet heavy industrialization and military buildup was for that patent purpose. Under Stalin’s ruthless and unceasing effort, Soviet had amassed the largest assault force in the world, with largest size of army, largest number of artillery, largest number of and then most advanced tanks, largest number of military aircraft, largest number of the purely offensive airborne troops (the number of this particular service easily exceeded that of the rest of the world combined). In addition, all signs of Soviet military deployment pointed to the secret fact that the Soviets were maneuvering for a major offensive war against the Germany with a objective of defeating Germany in a Soviet blitzkrieg and subsequently pouring into the Western European plain and eventually planting its red flag on the capital of every continental European country. The plan for this grandiose war of conquest was coded “Operation Groza” (Thunderstorm) according to the Russian writer Viktor Suvorov, other Russian military historians and scholars also made similar observation.

          If Hitler did nothing except as a sitting duck waiting for Soviet Union to make the first move, it would be too late to save both Germany and Europe from the juggernaut of Soviet onslaught. The behemoth of Soviet war machine would sweep across Poland in a matter of days like a hot knife cutting through butter (sorry if this may offend your national pride but it would probably be true and a Soviet military campaign against Poland in late 1930s or early 1940s would not exhaust Soviet but be more like a cakewalk), Germany itself would also be overwhelmed and defeated soon after the swift fall of Poland. You highlighted one point in your argument that Poland bravely repelled a Soviet attack in 1920 which was of course true and very heroic, brilliant and praiseworthy, but how can you mistake the Soviet of 1939 onward with that of 1920 and conflate the two on one platform for discussion? The Soviet of late 1930s had become 10 times more powerful and fearsome as a war machine, in military hardware, in the number and degree of training of its soldiers, than it was 20 years earlier when it tried to take Warsaw futilely. Not to underestimate the resolve of Polish people in defending their homeland against the Soviet monster, but it is very reckless and unwarranted, if not ludicrous, to claim that Poland could somehow repel a new Soviet invasion again around 1939 and exhaust the latter. A a matter of fact, if allowed to launch a blitzkrieg with its full and ready power by a remiss and nonchalant Europe, the Soviet probably would not have too much difficulty in overwhelming, defeating ans subjugating the rest of the entire Europe in a year.

          The brunt of German losses in WWII was in the East fighting against the Soviet Union. Through making an preemptive attack against the latter, Hitler’s Germany had successfully knocked out about two thirds of the conventional military force of Soviet Union in the first several months into the that fateful war. Still, relying on its abundant and cheap human resource as canon fodders, its vast geographic territory and military and industrial potential, plus the stupendous amount of military aids and support given to it by the Jew-controlled America, Soviet Union still staged a comeback and reversed the situation of the war and eventually defeated Germany four years later. Could you imagine what would befall Poland, Germany and the rest of Europe if Soviet union was able to launch a sudden and all-sweeping war of offense and bring all its raw power upon the its objects with its military intact and fully prepared? That’s why I said Germany actually salvaged half of the Europe from the communist takeover and subjugation, in spite of the abject betrayal of the allies to Stalin at the war’s end. We can agree to disagree on that part too. Hitler and his Nazi Germany had all its share of flaws, follies and foibles, but in a long run, its victory over the international Jewry and its puppet and proxy states would still be much better to the White race at large and all the White nations in Europe, which include Poland, than the opposite result as we all can bear witness and confirm today.

          Again, I agree with you on the flaws and serious shortcomings and mistakes of Hitler, but my visceral love and admiration for him as a dedicated, intrepid, and self-sacrificing White leader of a grand and unparalleled world-historical scale stands forever.

          • Leon
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            Mr Riki, I appreciate you taking the time to read my reply and respond to it. That being said, I suspect that with this subject, both of us have made up our minds beforehand, and that this debate will never reach a satisfying conclusion. However, for the sake of those who have not yet made up their minds, I will respond to your last reply.

            In your paragraph defending Hitler’s military expansions you repeat the oft-heard excuse that Hitler was acting in self-defence against a future Soviet invasion of Europe. I will reiterate: Germany was not in danger of being overrun by the USSR just like that. In order to occupy Germany, and the rest of Europe, the Soviets would have had to first go through Poland (as well as Finland in the north-east and Romania in the south-east). Poland herself already successfully pushed back one such Soviet invasion, without help from Germany, and if Hitler was motivated by fear of a Soviet invasion, he could have waited for the Soviets to make their first move and watched as they exhausted themselves fighting Poland, or even, god-forbid, aided Poland once the hostilities began (Lord knows that, however anti-German the Polish leadership may have been, they would not have refused anyone’s help during a Soviet invasion of their country).

            Even if the Poles failed in repelling the Soviets, from Hitler’s perspective, it would have made his enemy considerably weaker, given the resources and manpower the Soviets would have had to expend to not just invade Poland, but continually occupy it -remember that in the actuality, the Poles continued to resist both the German and Soviet occupations throughout the course of the war, disrupting supply lines, and forcing both countries to expend resources on counter-partisan activities. Perhaps I’m being blinded by national pride as you say, but I really don’t understand why you think a Soviet occupation of Poland would be a ‘cake-walk’. Even the joint German-Soviet invasion wasn’t a ‘cake-walk’, the Germans lost many thousands of men during the first few days of the invasion, and about a quarter of its air force, despite having half again as many troops as Poland. Counter-partisan operations in Poland were the most expensive of any region in the war. Had the Soviets chosen to invade Poland on their own, they would have been in a far worse position with regards to Germany.

            Instead, Hitler chose to pass up using Poland as a buffer, and chose to co-operate with the Soviets in order to expand into Poland (I’m sorry, but your claim that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was not made for the purpose of facilitating Hitler’s invasion of Poland is difficult to believe given that it was signed less than one month before both powers launched their invasions of Poland). The reason is that Hitler was motivated by his desire for territorial expansion, for expanding German Lebensraum into the territory of the ‘barbaric’ Slavs. This is attested in sayings and writings of top Party members, including Hitler, long before the war began. (p.242-45)
            At least, this is what all the evidence I’ve seen has been pointing to. I don’t doubt that the Soviets intended to invade Europe. Stalin’s evil is not in question here. It’s Hitler’s motives that are in doubt. And if Hitler had not chosen to co-operate with the Soviets in order to invade Poland, the war might very well have ended far more quickly, and at much less cost to Europe. That is what one must conclude if he examines the evidence, at least as far as I can see. Hitler was not a ‘White leader’, but a German leader, whose primary motivation was the conquest of lands in Europe for Germany.

            And no, I don’t consider any criticism of pre-war Poland to be German propaganda. The Polish leadership after Piłsudski was undoubtedly arrogant and anti-German. Yes, both before the war and during it, Poles mistreated ethnic Germans, although as I said, it was not a one-way street. But certain things you said are indeed pieces of German propaganda: the notion that hundreds of thousands of Germans were being slaughtered in Poland in some kind of ‘German Holocaust’ was an invention of the German Ministry of Propaganda in order to justify Germany’s own aggressions on Poland, and has no basis in fact whatsoever. Forgive me if I’m not just going to let that slide.

          • Michael Bell
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            I never thought you hated Germans, but I got the feeling that you would deem any German account of Polish excesses to be “propaganda.”

            As for the Third Reich, I do not believe that absolutely everything they did, particularly in the geopolitical realm, was perfect. The treatment of the Slavs could definitely have been more humane. I do feel, however, that German domestic society was probably the closest thing to a Utopia that could have been created at the time, and had Germany won the war, a new age of scientific enlightenment, cultural rebirth, and a flourishing of the arts would have swept across Europe. Perhaps an entirely new pagan culture would have emerged, even. At the risk of sounding LARPy, we might have even accomplished a society close to that in Frank Herbert’s Dune series, or something a few steps away.

  15. Frederik Jürgen
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    This was a funny read. As a German born in Germany in 1984, I grew up in an environment in which Hitler was our collective total evil and every German was sinful since he existed. As I felt his attraction, I started independently researching and while I found many things positive about NS, there are also things I do not understand yet. Do you believe Stalin planned an invasion? What about Hitler’s Slavophobia? What do you make of his love of the British? (Heidegger likened them and the Americans to Bolshevism, since they too were of the same spirit).

    • Riki
      Posted January 20, 2017 at 10:56 pm | Permalink

      “Do you believe Stalin planned an invasion? What about Hitler’s Slavophobia? What do you make of his love of the British? ”

      Yes, I do believe that Stalin were planning an invasion of Germany and the rest of West Europe when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union on that fateful day in the Summer of 1941. Documents and evidence in that regard abound and can be searched and read on the Internet.

      As for the other two points you raised, they are of course both true and reflect Hitler’s ideological-political and intellectual limitations. No, Hitler was not God and he was a mere human being, albeit the greatest and most selfless and successful White leader in centuries whose herculean effort of leading the White people shaking off the yoke of Jewry came so close to final success but was eventually sabotaged and defeated only a few short steps before the finish line by combined forces of all the three world empires under the control of Jewry. Hitler was not impeccable, he made mistakes but that’ all. Didn’t I mentioned at the end of my essay that I admire him “warts and all”? That means I do know and heed his errors, some being grievous strategic ones. As an well-informed national socialist intellectual, I simply could not have missed them.

      All that aside, I shall say Hitler’s objectively existing mistakes still do not detract or diminish his greatness in my mind. I admit this essay of mine seems a little simplistic and even emotional. Perhaps CC chose to publish it as an occasional alternative complement to all the more profound essays written by others. But please understand that I wrote this essay from a different perspective of an Asian nationalist and national socialist. I want to express my VISCERAL love and admiration for him, a concept that sometimes goes to the level of spirituality and beyond pure rationality.

      Again, I was not blinkered to his errors and flaws. So please read my essay with the above explanation in mind and forgive any ostensible naivety or childishness you might have perceived in my words. This sincere explanation also apply to other commentators questioning the content of this particular writing of mine. Thanks for your generous understanding.

      • Leon
        Posted January 21, 2017 at 6:09 am | Permalink

        I’m genuinely curious. When you and others describe Hitler as a ‘White leader’, or a ‘leader of the White race’, what do you base this on? For my part, I haven’t seen any real evidence that Hitler was anything other than a German nationalist and a German supremacist. To an extent he had (at most) some respect for certain other nations of Europe, but he always placed Germans first. So why does everyone seem to believe that he was ‘fighting for the White race’ when his own words made it very clear that he was only really concerned with the dominance of Germans?

        • Riki
          Posted January 21, 2017 at 7:40 am | Permalink

          Mr. Leon, this comment of yours was obviously not in reply to my complementary and explanatory comment directly above, but to my article itself, which is fine, but you take a close look at my comment above your comment, you will say I did frankly state that I do have reservations about Hitler for his limitations and flaws. but I still love and admire him as a great White leader, warts and wall. My love for him has both elements of visceral and rational, and my view on him might sound a little less intellectual and a bit more emotional. After all, my approach is that of an East Asian and might have some detachment or unfamiliarity to historical inter-European affairs compared with a native European person like you.

          I want to make one last supplementary point that Hitler’s views on various matters are not permanently fixed or unchanged. He evolved and transformed his views albeit gradually during the war. He learnt lessons and rectified some of his old opinions, perhaps slowly, which were being tested and approved or disapproved by reality. I am quite certain that before the end of the war, he must have started to regret his blind Anglophilia and Slavophobia.

          Furthermore according to his good friend and conversation partner, German architect Hermann Giesler and the legendary Belgium Waffen SS officer Leon Degrelle, Hitler had in his mind a grand blueprint for post-war European nations, a big family style loose federation with Germany at the center and distribution of functions among other nations. It would be of a voluntary and mutually respecting and collaborating nature, and the sovereignty of all European nations (excluding the defeated and disbanded Soviet Union) was to be honored. Of course, due to his loss in war, this design/plan could never be put into practice. And wasn’t it Leon Degrelle (your first-namesake :)) who uttered that Adolf Hitler was the first pan-European thinking leader? Or perhaps this Belgium Leon was wrong? Anyhow, end of my discussion on this topic, and of offense intended.

          • Riki
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 9:01 am | Permalink

            Correction: The last line “and of offense intended” should be “and no offense intended”. Just caused by a slip of my typing fingers. My remissness. Sorry.

          • Leon
            Posted January 21, 2017 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

            My comment was to your characterization of Hitler as a “White leader” in the comment above, which I assume you meant in the sense of a ‘leader of the White race’. My objection stands. While your response boils down to the notion that Hitler was a pan-Europeanist, White nationalist that just happened to be afflicted by Slavophobia, from where I stand it looks more like he was German nationalist/imperialist, plain-and-simple, who occasionally used references to Europe or ‘Aryandom’ in order to justify the Germans’ domination of Europe. Once again, I’ve failed to see any convincing evidence to the contrary, particularly in light of the actions he took in history.

            As for Degrelle, my hunch is that he was reading into Hitler the ideal that he wanted to see in him. Just like yourself.

      • Frederik Jürgen
        Posted January 21, 2017 at 9:29 am | Permalink

        Thank you for that explanation. I was genuinely curious, since from the article I couldn’t infer your position towards Slavs and the British. Hitler’s policy choices remain debatable. What do you make of the Holocaust? Do you deny it’s official death toll, or are you an apologist?

        What unites both you and me is what you called the VISCERAL aspect. Hitler as a historic persona is extremely unique. I can remember my grandma telling me about the time she was at a rally in Königsberg and her absolutely loving him, tearful eyes 70 years later. Then there are writers like Serrano and Savitri Devi who trough the ether came to admire him. I myself have always felt attracted to him, and if it was legal, I would walk around in a full SS uniform daily. I dug up some picture books from the time and Germany looked more beautiful than I ever saw.
        In random conversations with Arabs here in Germany, sooner than later it becomes apparent that they are Hilter fans, also. I once had an Arab bartender open a sentence out of the blue with “Nothing against Hitler, nothing against Hitler, but…”, then criticising some minor flaw of his.
        I have often read that East Asians are generally positive towards him and NS. The whole worldwide reaction to him, both positive and negative, is incredible and makes Serrano’s works ever more believable.

        • Peter
          Posted January 22, 2017 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

          My parents were German and came to the USA after the war, where I was born. You might be interested in this website and this particular article. There is evidence Russia planned to strike Germany within a few weeks, but Germany beat them to it. It makes perfect sense. These were the two biggest enemies at the time, by far and both countries attacked each other in the press. I believe much of Europe viewed the USSR and “Jewish Bolshevism”, as the National Socialists called it, a murderous threat that would strike eventually. Here is a review by a Russian author that said Stalin was going to attack, but Hitler beat him to it. And theses revisionist historians (there are Germans too) say the reason the Russians were decimated by the original German attack is because all their forces were moved forward in an offensive position.

          Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?, by Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun)

          As for the British, David Irving’s “Churchill’s War” explains how Hitler tried to make peace with the British every way possible, even after he attacked Germany, with Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess flying an airplane to Scotland and then making his first parachute jump ever out of the airplane he was flying in an effort to meet the Royal peace faction in Britain.

          The allies have lied about virtually everything. They have denied the evidence David Irving has uncovered and Hess’s own action that stares them in the face. In his book, David Irving explains how wealthy Jews paid off Winston Churchill in 1936 to attack Germany. This too is incontrovertible evidence that cannot be denied, but the “conformist” historians do it anyway and lie to the world. This is Mr. Irving’s website, but I’m not sure if it’s banned in Germany.

          As for the Holocaust, until the early 1990’s (and still today, although much less so now), the allies (Jews) said Auschwitz was the main, so called “death camp” and that four million people, mostly Jews, were “murdered” there. Then, under pressure from revisionist findings, the authorities at Auschwitz tore down the sign at Auschwitz and replaced it with a sign saying 1.5 million people were “murdered” at Auschwitz, and then they dropped the figure to 1.1 million. So the allies lied about this too. Then, at around the same time, the Jewish head of Auschwitz, Franzisek Pieper, admitted in an interview with David Cole (available on youtube) that they had been lying to visitors to Auschwitz for forty years. They had always told people that a gas chamber on display there was in its “original state”, as it was used during the war. Then Pieper admits they had been lying. He says the gas chamber was built (he uses the word “rebuilt”) after the war. There has been much more work done researching Auschwitz and other camps by PHD scientists and engineers (Fritz Berg, Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter, Arthur Butz) that have exposed the claims about Auschwitz as fraudulent lies. I don’t “deny” anything. The allies admitted they lied for 40 years and it’s been shown that Auschwitz was no “death camp” but the allies continue to lie about it.

  16. WWWM
    Posted January 22, 2017 at 6:25 am | Permalink

    Hitler was awesome. The Hero and Savior of World War II. There are a lot of Monday-Morning Quarterbacks attacking his decisions. I have thought these people to be short-sighted for some time. The German and Japanese people were up against a growing, globalist power based on the extraction of resources from throughout the colonized world. Hitler did what he could (as did other lesser figures around the world) to fight against globalism and defend the German People. The final player in this drama was he rise of international communism, who were the true victors in WWII. Hitler’s efforts blocked the communist takeover of Wester World, but as time has shown he accomplished so much more. He showed what a racially aware, sensitive leader could do for,the European race. Whether Hitler should have invaded Poland, or this decision or that, is not relevant. Numerous choices are made based fuel resources, traditional politics and fighting methods, etc. What matters is the triumph of the will and the facing of unprotected racial truth.

    I finally turned to Hitler’s side after reading Yockey’s “Imperium.” Yockey detailed how WWII was a takeover of European people by extra-European forces. Something so obvious is never even mentioned in the pro-American (really pro-Soviet, they just don’t realize it) narrative of WWII. Hitler’s ultimate victory will be when he is relegated to his proper place in history. Neither vilified or made God-like, but seen as a mere mortal who was loyal to his people at a difficult time in history. It is then the common European man will see that he should be the same way.

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