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Greg Johnson on Millennial Woes’ Milleniyule Hangout



  1. PCA
    Posted December 22, 2016 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    It seems that Jews have sensed that their usurpation of the academy is being challenged. Mark Zuckerberg’s sister is on the attack, pledging ever more deconstruction of the classics.

    See also, somewhat more directly:

    It’d be nice to see Greg enter the fray!

  2. R_Moreland
    Posted December 23, 2016 at 1:19 am | Permalink

    Regarding running for office…

    In the months leading to this year’s election I attended a number of candidate forums, mainly for third parties and off-the-wall politicos. These candidates would earnestly address audiences about what laws they would pass if elected; answer questions from the audience with suitable gravitas; and have plenty of bumper stickers and lapel buttons to pass out. Just like real politicians. One fellow was especially impressive when presenting his write-in campaign for state office. Of course, if in November 2016 he got 100 votes he was lucky.

    Essentially, most third party candidates are LARPing. They are playing at being politicians. True enough, there is a thrill in seeing one’s name on the ballot, in being on stage in those public forums, in attending that election night party and after the announcement that you got 1% of the vote exclaiming “Next time we’ll do better!”

    The dilemma is that there just may be no next time, not with the ongoing third world invasion (OK, Trump may have delayed the apocalypse for another four years). A certain amount of role playing could be tolerated back when the USA was a mostly White country. On the day after the election, you’d still have the same electorate. But we are seeing today, as the Man says, the government electing a new people. (Stipulated, sometimes there is agitprop value in running for office insofar as one can gain media attention to push ideas; but ultimately, those ideas have to pay off and that has not been happening.)

    These third party runs (at least in the USA) takes too many natural leaders and talented individuals out of the activist sector and diverts them into an essentially pointless political charade. It’s like they have chosen to firewall themselves off from doing anything that might actually accomplish something in the real world.

    Now supposing all the energy, resources and personnel put into these third party and independent runs for office were instead devoted to activism? Like setting up student organizations. And putting up posters around town. And organizing demonstrations. And raising those funds so you can rent a for-real office. And then setting up a larger front for activists so you could take action now instead of in some alternative reality where 51% of the voters cast their ballots for marginal candidates.

    I’ve seen these points raised to such candidates. They insist with cool detachment that activism accomplishes nothing. They dismiss anything other than precinct walking, phone banks and press releases on fancy letterhead. It’s running for office which counts since once you are in the capitol you can pass those laws which will bring about the revolution (not to mention getting to play golf with Beltway lobbyists). The fact that the Left can implement much of its agenda by taking it to the streets and taking over the media goes by the boards. And perhaps if these candidates could get elected they might accomplish something. But they do not. Yet they keep on running.

    There’s that LARPing angle, feeding one’s ego every two or four years. If people are out in the streets protesting, they are not indoors attending those candidate forums and looking up at John/Jane Q. Candidate as Savior of the Republic.

    There’s a real struggle ahead. It just may be that elections are one front. But that’s a very small front in a much bigger war.

  3. Posted December 23, 2016 at 3:24 am | Permalink


    If society was more open to White Identitarian ideas, you would’ve been a good politician.

    It’s is interesting how Anglo America changed it’s standards over the ages. Like, 150 years ago Irish were the “foreign collectivists” whereas nowadays let’s say, Ukrainians are considered adaptable immigrants from individualist point of view.

  4. cecilhenry
    Posted December 23, 2016 at 8:27 am | Permalink

    Greg is a great speaker and promoter of White interests. Great interview.

    These one on one, personal and practical back and forth interviews are powerfully persuasive on those who hear them. We must promote them any way we can. They speak for themselves.

    These are the kinds of people that we need to demand the MSM give voice to.

    Spencer, Taylor, Johnson, Millennial Woes, Pale Hominid, Red Ice… we have intelligent, personable speakers.

    This is what ‘The View’ and the MSM need to here if they want to pretend they are interested in ‘dialogue’.

  5. Armin Mohler
    Posted December 23, 2016 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    I strongly recommend reading the book “Das Dschihadsystem. Wie der Islam funktioniert.” by the German New Right author Manfred Kleine-Hartlage (he truly is a kind of German Greg Johnson).

    Hartlage’s analysis is extremly valuable because he describes Islam as a social structure based on certain cultural norms which are taken for granted by every Muslim. These specific cultural norms create a strong in – group/out-group dichotomy and cause the expansion of Islam.

    The book was praised by the German Islamic Scholar Tilmann Nagel as a must-read for every person involved in domestic policy.

    I really wonder why there is no English translation available yet. Hartlage’s description of Islam is by far the most-sold book by a New Right author on Amazon in Germany.

    • PPight1931
      Posted December 24, 2016 at 2:41 am | Permalink

      Just a couple of neural reactions (no comment on the book since I have not read it).

      1) “cultural norms which are taken for granted by every Muslim”
      Would that apply to “EVERY Muslim”, including misguided [seemingly] White men who have converted to Islam, like David Pidcock?

      (the Mephisopheles-looking mugshot has gone but you can find others of him on the net).
      btw Pidcock *seems* generally a decent guy, so I’m not singling him out for spite. You could pick any others in the same league, e.g. ‘Mohammed Rafiq’ (former) sidekick of Daryl Bradford Smith or James Dickie, or, going further afield, musician Richard Thompson (Sufi).
      My point being, that when I see “Muslims” referenced, I see race, not religion. Maybe here’s why:
      OK shoot me down with observations on the Muslim populations of the Balkans, but admixture there may explain…

      2) The name Nagel suggests a Jewish gentleman; if that is the case, does his ethnicity colour his stance here?

      • Armin Mohler
        Posted December 25, 2016 at 3:56 pm | Permalink

        It is a statement of fact that the average Muslim is a lot more religious than the average European Catholic. Many Muslims know the Koran by heart and even the dumbest of them are deeply rooted in the Islamic value system. I guess the Same is true for the small number of converts. Islam, for example, depicts human nature far more realistic than Christianity. It appreciates the world that Mohammed lived in 1300 years ago. Islam doesn’t condemn violence as Christianity does, it regulates violence. It also doesn’t condemn slavery, because slavery has always existed and therefore it regulates slavery. Islam is a social structure that doesn’t need a state because it regulates every aspect of social live from crime to economics. Christianity originated at a time when the Roman Empire embodied the most advanced form of government and Jesus rejected any form of violence. Unlike Islam, Christianity in its early history was entirely spiritual and focused on the otherworld. As a result, we have two cultures that are totally opposed to each other.

        Concerning Tilman Nagel who wrote a 1000 page biography on Mohammed I don’t think that he is Jewish. The JQ does not play any role in Central Europe because for historic reasons we only have very small Jewish communities. Western Europeans on the right are not willing to open this front, because they already have enough enemies. The latest success of parties like the FN, AfD or FPÖ is definitely the result of avoiding all issues related to the Old Right (fashism).

        Hartlage once said that you can dissolve German culture in water, for example, if Germans get replaced by Swedes, but you can also dissolve German culture in acid, and Islam is acid.

  6. JJ Przybylski
    Posted December 25, 2016 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    This is a very nice and very measured conversation. Perfect for the Holidays, when seeds-of-thought can be planted with family and friends. I’m reading Evola’s Autodifesa, and he emphasizes the need for inner-grooming towards the end that strategists like Nathan Damigo and Patrick LeBrun champion today. It’s where The Brand meets the individual WN. It’s where the medium is the message. It’s where the man himself is convincing and his politics are but a well-tailored fit.

    The essence of glamour is understated power. It’s something to remember while socializing over the holidays. I know that, for myself, adrenalized conversation leads to a crash. So such friendly interviews as Greg and Millenial Woes are more than loops between insiders. They set a tone that needs hearing over and over again. Like a tuning fork. Like a core yet e-z vibe to take to a party.

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