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We Need to Move:
An Alt Right Take on the 2016 Election

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trumptriumph [1]As thrilling as it was to watch Donald Trump take the White House on November 8th, things aren’t as bullish for the Alt Right as they seem. Despite his comfortable 74 electoral vote spread, Trump won not because he called upon an insurmountable mass of white voters to overcome the opposition at the polls. In absolute terms, he drew fewer white votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012 despite the slightly increased white turnout in 2016. Trump won because he ran a smarter, more energetic campaign against a corrupt, low-charisma opponent in Hillary Clinton who was foolish enough to believe her own hype.

But like Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy against a stronger, more powerful opponent, it’s the kind of trick that only works once. Trump pinpointed a few seemingly blue rust-belt states with large white, working-class populations and campaigned there with righteous urgency. He told the people what they wanted to hear about jobs and opportunities, and took advantage of the Democrats’ unwillingness to do the same. He knew better than the Democrats where they were vulnerable. This is a main reason why he won in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and made it within one and a half points in Minnesota (where Barack Obama had won by over seven in 2012). These were the states which put Trump over the top.

Granted, Trump also won all the swing states he couldn’t afford to lose, such as Florida and North Carolina. His alpha-male charisma, anti-establishment message, large cash reserves, and willingness to fight with blood in his teeth certainly had a lot to do with that. So did Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and the second FBI investigation, I’m sure. It is tempting to speculate however that had Trump pursued a slightly different campaign strategy, he could have lost. The tallies in some states were that close. Can anyone say the same about Obama in 2008 or 2012? That’s the difference between winning on tactics and overwhelming one’s opponent no matter what they do. The GOP got overwhelmed in 2008 and 2012, and there really was little they could have done about it. Tactics can only take you so far when your opponents can field five-to-ten million more voters than you can. Remember, in both his presidential elections, Barack Obama received more votes than any other candidate in history. Fortunately for Trump in 2016, the Democrats were far less enthused for Hillary than they were for Obama, and Trump still lost the popular vote by over three-quarters of a million.

I was hoping that Trump would garner over 70 million votes and win whites over the Democrats by a 35-point spread. I was hoping that a racially awakened white population would send Trump roaring to the White House on the cusp of an electoral tidal wave. Not only did that not happen, it didn’t even come close to happening. Here are two graphs which illustrate these disappointing results.

graph1 [2]

graph2 [3]

Now, there is some good presented here. Yes, over 1.25 million more whites voted in 2016 than in 2012, and more whites voted Republican in 2016 than for John McCain in 2008. Further, while Trump received slightly fewer white votes than Romney did, he received a greater proportion of the white vote compared to the Democrats due to 2016’s high third party turnout. Best of all, whites have been steadily abandoning the Democratic Party since 2008. Over 41.7 million whites helped elect Obama the first time, while only 34.8 million turned up for Hillary in 2016.

Despite these positive trends, however, politically and racially aware whites are going to have to cope with the embarrassing fact that, as of now, more white people voted for Romney (54.8 million) than for Trump (54.6 million). Because this was such an oddball election which featured two candidates with such obvious flaws, many voters decided to give third parties a try. This was the case across all races, not just for whites. Third party candidates brought in more than 4.7 million votes this year. A strong showing, but perhaps more owing to their being alternatives to a pair of exceptionally unconventional mainstream candidates than to their own credentials. Time will tell if this assessment is correct.

A more disturbing trend can be found in the descending black line on Graph 1. That is the white share of the overall vote. In 2008 it was 74%. Now, it is 70%. That’s a drop of two percentage points per election. At this rate, whites will dip below 50% by 2060, but we shouldn’t be so naive to think it will take that long. With more non-whites in the body politic, our leaders will face greater pressure to let in more non-whites. Further, the non-whites already living legally in this country tend to reproduce at greater rates than whites do. Ronald Fisher, in his Genetical Theory of Natural Selection from 1958, posits that people who are more fit to survive in advanced societies tend to reproduce less and later than their less fit counterparts in order to make time for the training and effort required to succeed. As a result, less fit, lower IQ people will eventually overcrowd the left side of the bell curve until the distribution of intelligence and talent is no longer normalized. This always creates a dangerous imbalance in a society, especially when those societies are multiracial and the races often find themselves on opposite sides of the center line. And, as we all know, most non-whites who are not Jewish or East Asian do not compare well with whites in terms of intelligence and talent.

Such is the world we are facing as the non-white chunk of the vote keeps increasing. As of now, blacks and Hispanics make up 23% of it. Once that passes 30% the mythical white minority will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Whites will be shocked at how quickly their decline will accelerate.

So, yes, it is good that Donald Trump won, and I have been hearing talk on the Alt Right about whites now having a decade or two of breathing room in order fend off their own demographic demise. We should not think that way. Until proven otherwise, we should consider a Trump presidency as little more than a hiccup on this tragic slide to white irrelevance. A four-year-long, scandal-filled, orange and blonde hiccup. We need such a pessimistic view of Donald Trump because only a pessimistic view of Donald Trump will animate white, race-realist Right-wingers in the Alt Right to grab a Trump administration by its red tie and shake it until it does what we want it to do. In other words, we are not outsiders anymore. Trump’s victory has cracked open the window through which we can become insiders again. We need to slam that window open and make our presence felt.

I know it will feel weird. I’m sure that years ago most of us have written off the United States to the progressives and the cucks and the non-white hordes who’ve been crashing our gates since 1965. Alt Righters exercising their civic duties like good citizens? Alt Righters feeling optimistic that they can actually work in the system to implement change? Yes, that does sound weird, doesn’t it? But if we slack off now, the alternative is civil war in 30 or 40 years once the racial situation in America becomes intolerable. This is why I believe White Nationalism today is a position of peace. We handle now through government and law enforcement what we are going to have to handle in the future with guns and tanks and worse. It’s either minimal bloodshed now or maximum bloodshed later. Not much of a choice, is it?

In essence, a Trump administration has given us an opportunity to begin to achieve our ethno-nationalist goals as long as we have the proper attitude with which to seize it. We cannot rely on Donald Trump to do this for us (as nice as that would be). We have to do it for ourselves. The best example of this kind of attitude comes from, of all people, Bill Cosby. In his classic stand-up routine entitled Himself from the early 1980s he describes his own father exerting control over his children with the following threat: “I put you into this world and I can take you out.”

Blunt as it is, this is precisely the attitude with which the Alt Right should approach President Trump and all Republican politicians who gained or retained power on his coattails. We put you in power, and if you disappoint or betray us, we will take you out. Trump ran by appealing mostly to the Right, not the center. If he were to abandon his base and shift to the center after moving into the White House in 2017, his base should drop him . . . especially now that we know that a Rightist, nationalist platform in the United States isn’t as problematic as once thought. The Democrats certainly won’t vote for him, so if Donald Trump loses even a little bit of his white base, he will likely be toast by 2020.

Of course, whether this is literally true is of less importance than whether it is perceived to be true. Most people are not going to pick apart the white vote the way I did above. Most people are going to believe that that monster white vote did make the difference for Trump. Prominent members of the mainstream media were saying as much on election night when they began to realize that the Hillary campaign was doomed. It is now common knowledge that whites put Trump into the White House, and we need to exploit this semi-true information to the fullest in order to implement change. The fact that Mitt Romney did better with whites than Donald Trump did is not something we should lead with when speaking with our representatives in Washington.

And as for that, what do we tell them?

  1. Build the wall. Ann Coulter told us a hundred times a recent article that we should do this. But it still bears repeating: build the wall. High and deep. Wherever we have a border with Mexico, build the wall.
  2. Deport illegals. All of them. It doesn’t matter if they committed other crimes while in the United States. Just their being here is a crime. It also doesn’t matter if they have family or children here. They are not our countrymen. They are not citizens. They are invaders. Ultimately, they wish nothing less than supplant white people in our own country. If they stay here long enough, we will come to a point at which it will be either us or them. We will do well to never forget this.
  3. End birthright citizenship. This is the anathema for any sovereign nation which wishes to remain sovereign. Obvious to some, not so much to others. We need to make it obvious to our leaders and accept nothing less than its unambiguous demise before the next midterm election.
  4. Mete out steep punishments for employers who hire illegal immigrants and for those who aid and abet them. We should start with prison time and go from there.
  5. Ban all immigration from majority Muslim countries. No exceptions. We are at war with radical Islam, so we might as well act like it.
  6. Deport all Muslims who do not have a legal right to be here permanently. This means students, visitors, tourists, and others. We have to start playing hardball with these people. It’s not like they’re not playing hardball with us. Donald Trump in his rhetoric seems like he is aware of this. It our job to make sure he doesn’t forget. He also shouldn’t forget that this is what Jimmy Carter did after the Iran hostage crisis in the late 1970s. If it’s good enough for the Democrats, it should be good enough for the Republicans.
  7. Demand timelines. We should be melting down the phone lines demanding time lines from our leaders. We should make such nuisances out of ourselves that our elected representatives should get to know us by name and dread us every time we call. In other words, we need to impress upon our representatives in Washington that we are interested only in results, not excuses.

I’m sure there is more to ask for. I’m assuming that without our help President Trump will appoint acceptable judges on the Supreme Court. I’m assuming he’ll fix the VA and cut taxes like he said he would. Shrinking government and tackling the debt would be nice as well. But I think we can all agree that the list above would be an excellent start for what we really want. If we ever want to reclaim the United States as a homeland for white people, we could do a whole lot worse. And then we’ll be putting Donald Trump on the twenty-dollar bill.

John Adams once defined an aristocrat as a person who can command at least two votes: his and one other man’s. For us to implement such changes we would have to make ourselves aristocrats again. Form groups. Speak on behalf of families and friends, neighborhoods and churches. Make it known that your opinion reverberates beyond yourself and into a community. Any community. If enough of the Alt Right does this, eventually our leaders will listen. We took the White House, kept the Senate and the House, and have a gubernatorial majority. How can we not be emboldened by this?

Of course, we on the Alt Right should keep up with memes and the essays and the videos. We should be as hip and as smart and as attractive as possible. Basically, we should change nothing about what we’ve been doing, except add a good deal of civic activism to the mix. Donald Trump made some great promises during his campaign, but he may or may not keep them. His victory is only a week old and he is already walking back on his promise to prosecute Hillary. What’s next? The nature of the Leftist beast in this case is to be as merciless and totalitarian as possible in victory and to be as flattering and cajoling as possible in defeat. The Democrats seem to be powerless right now. But they have wiles. They have Hollywood and the media and academia. Would President Trump be able to resist their charms if they stroke his ego enough times? Actually, I am afraid to find out. But if we put enough pressure on Trump to remind him of who makes up his base and how he got into power, we may not ever have to.

Note on Methodology

For my denominators, I did not start with the vote tallies for each candidate, as compiled here [4]. According to the AP, Hillary currently has 61,782,016 votes and Trump 60,834,437 (and yes, I am aware that considering widespread voter fraud, of which there is some evidence, Trump’s count might be higher and Hillary’s lower). Instead, I determined the overall vote tallies from 2008, 2012, and 2016 using the United States Election Project [5] which currently has the 2016 vote tally at 134,537,600 and counting. I determined the total and by-party white vote percentages for all three elections from exit polls conducted by Edison Research [6] for the National Election Pool. Here is the data in tabular format.

table1 [7]