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Try Sincerity for a Change

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Sunday afternoon, I had a rather exhausting conversation with a friend who is supporting Hillary Clinton. She was well-versed in Hillary’s various policy proposals, but I did not want to argue those points, simply because Hillary’s real problem is not what she proposes but the fact that she can’t be trusted at all. So I focused on the issue of Hillary’s sincerity vs. Trump’s. I had some success, so I think it is worthwhile to summarize the gist of my arguments here. 

First, I stressed that I don’t oppose Hillary simply because I think her political philosophy is false and destructive. Indeed, I would like her more if she sincerely believed in bad ideas. I also don’t oppose her because I disagree with all of her policy proposals. Indeed, some of them actually sound good. No, I oppose Hillary because she’s insincere. She has no principles at all, just a lust for power, for which she will say and do anything, including cheating, killing, and mouthing liberal principles.

How do we know that Hillary Clinton is not pro-liberal, pro-feminist, and pro-gay? Aside from the fact that she remains married to a rapist, she is in the pockets of Gulf Arab theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which oppress and behead their own people and bankroll the medieval barbarism of ISIS, which rapes schoolgirls en masse and machine-guns schoolboys in ditches, destroys ancient monuments, and murders people in a thousand savage ways, from beheading to stoning to crucifixion to burning alive to throwing homosexuals off buildings.

How do we know that Hillary Clinton is not for white working people? It is not just that she disdains them as “rednecks” and racists, and treats employees and working people like dirt. She also supports trade policies that destroy their jobs and communities — or what remains of them after decades of non-white immigration and racial integration, which Hillary also supports.

How do we know that Hillary Clinton is not for the working class and middle class of any race? She is not for making the rich pay their “fair share,” because she is wholly owned by the rich, who have paid for her campaign and who dictate the job-killing, global plantation economic policies she supports.

We know that Hillary is not for blacks — or “niggers,” as she calls them — or Hispanics either, except as they can be used as biological and economic weapons to destroy white communities and lower white wages, to the benefit of our Jewish and plutocratic elite.

The only thing Hillary Clinton is for is herself — for increasing her wealth and power. To that end, she has determined US policies not based on American interests, or imagined “global interests,” but simply on who can pay her more. She kept a private email server — and then wiped it when it was discovered by government oversight — because she was engaged in massive corruption. She stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and will steal the election from Donald Trump if we allow her. She lies about her crimes, her policies, and her health because she is not going to be stopped by mere truths. She is literally courting nuclear war with Russia not just to do the bidding of Israel and the Gulf states in Syria, but merely to deflect attention from her own crimes.

There’s a word for people who are willing to do anything to gain wealth and power and to avoid responsibility, even by destroying others. That word is evil. Hillary Clinton is evil. But she’s fine with that. She keeps soldiering on because she’s a sociopath. She’s not all there. She lacks a conscience. She can look you in the eye, smile her fake smile, address you by name, and tell you any lie necessary to get what she wants. But millions of fools are counting on the fanciful notion that although Hillary has lied to and ruined the lives of millions, surely she is being honest with them.

Nobody as evil as Hillary has any business in public office, not even as dog-catcher much less President of the United States. The fact that the Democratic Party nominated such a corrupt and evil candidate should be enough to completely destroy its credibility.

But it’s either Trump or Hillary. The best reason to vote for Trump is that he is not Hillary, and he is the only candidate capable of stopping Hillary. We’d be better off electing a blue dog as president than Hillary Clinton, but fortunately Donald Trump is much better than a blue dog.

I like Trump’s policies, but even if you don’t like them, you have to credit Trump for something that Hillary lacks: sincerity. If Trump merely wanted to become president, he would have run as a slightly less cucky centrist than Jeb Bush. He would not have talked about a border wall, mass deportations, a ban on Muslim immigrants, protectionism, or an America First foreign policy. Instead, he would have colored well within the Republican establishment lines and counted on his money, celebrity, and personality to give him the winning margin.

Trump didn’t do that, because he believes what he is saying and is willing to pay the price and shoulder the burden of running on an anti-establishment platform, even though he has had to wage a two front war on both liberal Democrats and Republican cuckservatives. You may not like Trump or his policies, but he’s both principled and sincere.

Hillary might say things you want, but she’s not sincere, and she will only follow through on them if they happen to align with her corrupt calculations. And you don’t have as much money as George Soros, Haim Saban, the Saudis, or Qatar, do you?

But at least as far as Donald Trump is concerned, you do have one advantage. You are an American citizen, not a foreigner. And Trump is an American nationalist, an America-firster. His mission is to represent the real interests of all Americans, not just the plutocratic elites, domestic and foreign, that own Hillary Clinton. That includes your interests. Donald Trump wants to represent your interests. Hillary Clinton just wants to diddle you out of your vote.

But what if you disagree with Trump about what your interests are? Even there, you have an advantage: Trump is a deal-maker. He prides himself on making mutually beneficial deals among parties with different interests and visions. He looks for common ground, and he looks for ways to compromise without betraying fundamental interests. This means that Trump will govern as a centrist, a reconciler, and a peace-maker.

But why would Trump make a deal with you, a die-hard liberal? Simply because you are an American citizen. It’s your birthright to be taken seriously — to be protected and privileged — by your own government. That birthright means nothing to Hillary Clinton, who would appeal to universal principles to justify betraying you, but who would make up her mind based on cold calculations of self-interest, including payments of cold hard cash.

But even if you are a liberal, your birthright as an American means something to Donald Trump. Try it on for size. It might start meaning something to you too.

Donald Trump promises to bring many changes to American politics, but the most fundamental one is sincerity.