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That Disorientation You Are Feeling is Called “Winning”

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winnersarentlosersIt hasn’t really sunk in yet, has it?

I tried to avoid the internet for most of Election Day. As my readers know, I expressed confidence that Trump would win. But that was a bit of a lie — a noble lie, said to bolster my readers and get them to the polls. Secretly, I feared that the Forces of Evil might triumph once more. I was prepared to be bitterly disappointed, and that is why I wrote “After Trump.” It was an attempt to get my thoughts together; to steel myself for the worst, and soldier bravely on come November 9th. 

Around 11:00 pm on the big day a friend called to inform me (breathlessly) that Trump was ahead in the Electoral College. It seemed too good to be true. I started streaming Fox News and watched as they called state after state for Trump. Then it was time for bed. By the time the benzodiazepine and vodka had taken effect, Trump was within reach of 270 electoral votes.

When I awakened, I immediately opened my laptop and refreshed the New York Times page, which was the last thing I had viewed before losing consciousness. Up popped “TRUMP TRIUMPHS.” I had imagined this moment over the course of the preceding weeks and months. I saw myself jumping up in the air, fists overhead, uttering a barbaric yawp. But that’s just not my style. If I myself had just won the presidency, I would probably only permit myself a slight grin.

I went about my day in a kind of a daze. I expected the liberals at work to be apoplectic. Instead, they were strangely subdued. In fact, I didn’t hear anyone mention the election all day. When I arrived at the grocery store in the early evening, I got out of my car and noticed that I was in the grip of an unusual happiness. “That’s not like me,” I thought, “why do I feel this way?” And then I remembered: Trump had won.

I’m not used to winning — or rather I should say that we’re not used to winning. It feels strange. I keep waiting for bad news. People are circulating a scare story about how the electors might vote against Trump. But that’s not likely to happen. And if it did there would be a popular uprising that would surely dwarf the pathetic “anti-Trump protests” that have been getting attention for the last two days.

Hillary gave a decent concession speech. No legal challenges to the outcome, it appears. Trump has been congratulated by world leaders. He has had tea at the White House. He has powwowed with the odious Paul Ryan, who might yet redeem himself. Everything looks quite . . . normal. Yet I keep thinking of the fourth episode of The Prisoner, “Free For All,” where they convince McGoohan that he’s been elected the new No. 2, hand him the reins of power — then beat him up and dump him back in his bed.

It just can’t be true that we won, can it? Yet it is true. What I described as “The Happening” really is happening. I’ve been involved with “the Movement” for about sixteen years now. And in those years hardly a meet-up went by without somebody saying “when are people going to wake up?” Well, they are. We’ve been saying for years that the truth would triumph, that people can’t live with lies forever. And we were right. I can hardly believe it, but we were right. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I am not under the illusion that our work is done, and that Trump is the answer to everything. Read “After Trump” and read the superb piece that Greg Johnson published the day after the election.

Nevertheless, this plus Brexit, plus the implosion of the witch Merkel, plus the rise of Marine Le Pen, plus the new visibility of the Alt Right (thanks Hillary!), plus Angry Birds, South Park, and Pepe, gives us very good reason for hope. Things have never looked better for our cause. And as it slowly sinks in, I am savoring it. Who cares if I miss that deadline? Trump has won. So what if I’m 50 and alone? Trump has won. (Besides, I look really good.) So what if I’m talking to myself again? Trump has won. Who cares if Daniel Craig never makes another Bond movie? Trump has won.

The air smells sweeter. Birds sound tweetier. I smile at people. They look away. There’s a spring in my step. I’m full of beans. I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Happy days are here again. Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gal. Trump has won.

All is right with the world.

We can allow ourselves to feel that way, for a while at least. Winning is an entirely new experience for us. But at a certain point we’re going to realize that the pressure is on. Losing is a lot easier: all we had to do in the past was to sit at our keyboards and generate a ruthless critique of everything that exists. But now our guy (or as close to our guy as we’re going to get) is in. And the next four years are going to be a nail biter. Will he? Won’t he? Can he? Let’s pray to whatever gods we worship — Odin, Kek, Crom, Cthulhu, etc. — that the opportunity is not lost. And let’s hold him to everything he’s promised. Let’s build on this.

But for now, let’s relax and soak ourselves in bliss. Trump has won.





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  1. Dov
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 6:13 am | Permalink

    I had the same experiences. I was glancing up at the TV in the call room every minute. In the beginning of the night, when both candidates had fewer than 50 electoral votes (Trump with the lead), I was thinking, well, just watch Clinton overtake and crush him once the battleground states’ results come in. My surprise reached its peak when I saw that Michigan was going red. Everyone else in the room was supporting Clinton, and they were literally slack-jawed with shock. I could barely concentrate the rest of the night, I was so discombobulated.

    This is how leftists have felt for eight years, and we deserve it, goddamnit. With Banning in the White House, Le Pen and Wilders celebrating Trump’s victory, and the sense of elation among all the right-wing parties I follow on social media, I’m certain that the repercussions of this election are greater than many of us probably imagined. They go well beyond Supreme Court nominations.

    I will say that if electors change their votes and elect Clinton, blood must flow. I also think that the mocking of leftists for protesting the vote is a bit short-sighted and disingenuous. If the tables had been turned and we had lost, I sure hope that we’d be in the streets.

  2. German Warrior
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    If I’m president we’ll win so much, you’ll get bored with winning.

    Future president said that in completely different context but it still applies. His victory is not so much political as is cultural. He destroyed political correctness which prevented white identity politics. And because of media hysteria everything has become identity politics.

  3. Danny
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 7:52 am | Permalink

    Well said. I feel as if it has not sunk in either. Every time I open up my browser I’m greeted with pure win and I’m not used to it.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Very well said. WE DID IT.

  5. Peter
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 10:42 am | Permalink

    … and yet the absurdity remains that we don´t have a real enemy, and this is not a real war: it is our own fellow Whites who are the problem. If we all Whites stood up together, there would be nothing to talk about as a problem. We secede, form a nation, and wait until the rest crumbles, then take back that land. There is no fight, there is no war, there is only Whites with no ethnic consciousness. It´s absurd because it puts us into a life-threatening condition which could however be fixed in the blink of an eye: have ethnic awareness, problem solved

    (but yes, I fully concur with the happiness thing, I´m happy and relieved like rarely before in my life. And it really takes time to orient oneself, we have won!, so the whole perspective has changed, where do we stand, what happens next, what is to do…).

  6. Posted November 14, 2016 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    thanks, jef. so very close to my own emotions last week. but even before he was declared the winner, i asked myself (and still ask myself): “what can i do? now that we have this enormous barrel of concrete rolling down hill, smashing all in its path, what can i/we do to keep it rolling until it crushes our enemies so flat that they will never peal themselves up again?” i am still on that thought. i actually hate the opposition so much that i will not rest until we have our own homeland, free and clear, or we have driven them all from north america and europe. we all know they are the parasites who hate us but cannot live without us and thus they will return again and again. but we can and must force these blood-suckers off our neck or eventually we die, trump or no trump. thus, my ‘victory celebration’ lasted only a few seconds before these thoughts crowded in.

    my questions now: what do we do to seal the deal. where to? how to? before trump, i had the easy focus of trying to reach the enemy ahead and throw an iron grip around his neck. now, i/we are ahead. what now? i’m afraid, for the first time in his life, this white nationalist needs direction…. NOW!

    what are others thinking? doing? we have been given a four year reprieve. four more years of survival. what should we work for weekly, daily, hourly? i honestly do not know……….

  7. R_Moreland
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    The Left can dish it out. But the Left can not take it.

    The tantrums which the Left has been throwing for the last several days are one symptom. And bear in mind this is over one man being elected to office, albeit the highest one in the land. The critical thing is for the Alt Right to double down and continue the offensive. The Alt Right has got to form a movement which can take it to the streets and onto the campuses of America. We’re already seeing the first stirrings of such a movement as reported by various Alt Right media (such as Identity Europa) and obviously there are the Identitarian and Nationalist movements in Europe.

    Something I have seen happen from campaigns for conservative politicians in the past is that once the candidate is elected, the organization that supported him dissolves. The people who were walking precincts, manning phone banks and arguing with Leftists at campus tables disperse, not to be seen until the next candidate makes a run for office. This happened in the 1980 presidential campaign where the GOP set up a considerable Youth for Reagan organization. The day after the election, that organization was history. The candidates and their hangers-on got high paying jobs in the Beltway and everyone else had to sit back and watch the Left reemerge and retake the ground they had lost. (As I say, it’s like a guerrilla war; the Left strives to control the “countryside” of academia and media, isolating the conservative strongholds in public office. Then once in position they strike, Tet Offensive style.)

    But now we have seen The Happening, as Jef notes, like an undercurrent which is rising to the surface like Leviathan.

    To form an Alt Right mass movement is going to require support from higher echelons: funding, media, legal aid, offices, conferences, training, more media – all the things which the Left routinely gains from the corporate foundations, transnational financiers, universities and the rest of the Liberal Establishment. I mean, all it would take is one major grant from a billionaire or rightist foundation and a movement can be on the road. The thing is getting access to such support but then again, there just may be such (ahem) upstart billionaires and media moguls waiting for a movement with which to form an alliance.

    Think about this: if the Left can not deal with the outcome of the 2016 election, how would they respond to the Alt Right taking control of a major university or a television network? Or putting 1000 people into the street? Or 10,000. The hysteria which the Left is now experiencing could turn into full blown panic. And the Alt Right could exploit the chaos to consolidate.

  8. texascenturion
    Posted November 14, 2016 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

    I think the message is reaching more and more people. The racial double standards are more obvious and people have been secretly sick of it for years. I didn’t even know about this movement at the beginning of this year and I’m now fully on-board with the ideas and objectives. I’m glad you remain optimistic. It seems many in your position, after working for more than a decade, are demoralized; but that seems to be because they haven’t seen the results they expected. But there are many indications all your work may be bearing fruit at last–your work plus the red-pilled by life phenomenon. I’m optimistic.
    Hail Odin!

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