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Mañana, Mañana:
White Nationalism Today

manana [1]1,632 words

One of the differences between a childish mind and a mature mind is that the childish mind has difficulty distinguishing between what it wants and what is. I try to use this dichotomy when thinking about White Nationalism. White Nationalism isn’t so much what I want, but I know that it is and must be.

Sure, a white ethnostate in North America would be great for a multitude of reasons, but knowing that that could very well come at the cost of another civil war tempers my enthusiasm for it a little bit. White Nationalism is scary, especially if you have children. Given that these children will most likely be the ones fighting the war that we are moving us closer to today, and also given the fact that war is indeed hell, I hope you can all understand my apprehensions.

Still, the direction in which we are headed is the right one—really, the only one—whether there’s a war waiting for us at the end of that White Nationalist tunnel or not. We have to go there. Non-white immigration and demographic trends are lighting the way for us. Increased rates of crime and terror are pushing us there. So are blatant, state-sanctioned acts of anti-white racism and non-white favoritism. Most insidious is the pervasive political correctness which makes it all but taboo for whites to identify as white and to establish communities, professions, institutions, cities, and nations based on such a natural, racial identity.

This is why White Nationalism exists and will continue to exist. To drift away from it or to stagnate is tantamount to ethnosuicide. And suicide for healthy individuals, as we can all agree, is unnatural. Therefore, resisting suicide in the form of ethnonationalism is perfectly natural and justified. Further, at least ehtnonationalism gives us a fighting chance. Indeed, our cultural-Marxist, Islamo-fascist, negrophilic enemies are truly loathsome and totalitarian. So it’s not like we don’t have justice on our side.

White Nationalism, quite simply, is, regardless if we want it to exist or not. In some ways it’s like an approaching storm on a parched plain. It could reinvigorate the soil and save us, or it could drown us out. Either way, it is not going to ask for our permission to crash our land, so we might as well prepare for it.

I really believe that procrastination is one of the universal human traits. This was humorously depicted in George Orwell’s classic memoir Homage to Catalonia [2]which chronicled his time fighting for the leftists during the Spanish Civil War. It seemed that the favorite word of the Spanish officials he had to deal with was “mañana,” and Orwell made it a running joke throughout the book. Mañana was the answer for everything. Need to get your papers looked at because you’re wounded and can’t fight? Mañana. When will that hospital train finally leave for Barcelona? Mañana. Your superior officer has been arrested by mistake on his way to the front and you need to see him at once? You guessed it, Mañana. In this last instance, Orwell had to finally say, no, not mañana. Now!

For most whites who have any inkling of racial identity, White Nationalism is forever mañana. Why deal with all the worry and the strife when you can be like Baloo the Bear and have your bare necessities [3] covered at home? Seriously, White Nationalism for most whites today is a net loss: loss of friends, income, career, reputation. So why go there now when one can worry about it mañana?

Well, one big reason is that it is childish thinking. A white person may accept White Nationalism in theory and long for it in his dreams. He may be uncomfortable around his Asian neighbors or be repulsed by the black punks haunting his children’s school or annoyed at the preferential treatment that non-whites get at the office. But societal pressures make him grin and bear it all rather than take a stand. And oftentimes that grin is genuine. In other words, for all its difficulties, he doesn’t want white nationalism to be an immediate necessity. So, poof, it isn’t.

Another reason is that when it came down to it, Shere Khan kicked the crap out of Baloo [4] and would have killed him if not for Mowgli brandishing “Man’s red flower” at the edge of a burning branch. So there’s that.

One day, however, we’re going to run out of mañanas. Tomorrow will become today, and whites will be forced to choose. When our multiracial American experiment begins to fail (as it most surely will), the Truth is going to come at us fast, and time will no longer be a luxury. Whites in Texas and Oklahoma and Kansas all the way up to Montana will be seceding with the aid of various militias, police departments, and the National Guard. The Jews, Asians, and other academic, tech, and media elites will be fleeing either to the east coast or to their home countries. Armed and well-prepared White Nationalists will be killing Muslims and blacks by the tens of thousands and chasing away non-whites by the hundreds of thousands. In federally controlled land, lawlessness abounds, with blacks and Muslims pouring in from the red states and rioting and issuing bloody reprisals upon helpless whites. Mexico will have annexed swaths of land in New Mexico and Arizona and will be probing into California, arming their American countrymen in their stand-offs with the gringos. Under such critical circumstances, before Washington can even coordinate a military response (if a still-mostly-white military is even willing to raise its hand against the rebellion, that is), what’s a white person in Michigan or Oregon or Maryland to do? Side with the crumbling United States and consign himself and his family to instant minority status as their brown-skinned neighbors victimize them daily? Flee the nation and their fortunes as refugees begging for alms? Or join the white rebellion for a shot at self-determination.

Perhaps the best example of what I am trying to describe appears in the movie Deliverance. Remember that great scene in which Lewis, played brilliantly by Burt Reynolds, tries to convince his fellow campers to bury the body of the man they had just killed [5]? The man had just raped one of their party, and most likely had deep ties in the nearby rural community. Lewis wasn’t sure if going to the authorities like good citizens would be wise considering that this man’s relatives could very well be sitting in the jury box when they go to court. This doesn’t sit well with the more sensitive and civilized Drew, however. He fiddles with his glasses, reminiscent of Piggy in Lord of the Flies, and then argues that hiding the body sets them up for a murder charge. He doesn’t want to break the law and insists on reporting the killing as a justifiable homicide. Ed, the main character and narrator in the novel, provides the final vote. He listens to Drew’s impassioned and well-reasoned arguments and simply says, “I’m with Lewis.”

He didn’t provide an explanation. He didn’t defend his position. He just realized that when forced to contemplate first and last things, one must rely on the law of Nature before the law of Man. Lewis, with his martial aspect and bow and arrow is certainly a man of Nature. On the other hand, Drew, with his glasses and guitar is man of, well, Man. In desperate circumstances, there really is no choice between the two.

Note that three paragraphs ago, I did not put a question mark at the end of the last sentence: “Or join the white rebellion for a shot at self-determination.” That’s because it is not a question. It is a statement. It’s what most whites will do when forced to choose. That is, take their own side. It will either be that or suicide, which we have already established as unnatural. Nobody’s going to be concerned about the law or civil rights when dozens of blacks or Muslims invade their neighborhoods and start throwing Molotov cocktails through windows. Nobody is going to be quoting The Autobiography of Malcolm X or Ta-Nehisi Coates while begging them to stop. Nobody is going to be wondering why. They will realize something that our ancient ancestors knew quite well, that the fight for survival is the fight. The only fight. You either live or you die. That is the point at which all whites will become White Nationalists. And that is the point at which White Nationalism as we know it now will cease to exist. Because by then we will already be a nation, a disapora perhaps but still a nation, whether we realize it or not.

White Nationalism today is the most moral position one can hold because it is the only position which promises to stave off such widespread trauma. And wishing that it be less scary or more pleasing in the short term is not going to change this. Knowing human nature and history as we do, there is going to be a reckoning between the races. No civilization consisting of vastly disparate races living so close together can survive for long. This is why most White Nationalists disavow slavery and white supremacy and white imperialism and white colonialism. It was tried and it failed. The races, for the most part, need to separate and seek their own destinies according to their unique genetic and biological exigencies. After that, there is no reason why we cannot have peace and cooperation and cultural exchange.

But only after.

This is the future envisioned by White Nationalism. And it is a good future. But to achieve it with the least amount of bloodshed, we all need to become White Nationalists today, and not mañana.