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What the Alt Right Isn’t

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dontdolist-resized-600 [1]In the early days of GRECE, the think tank of the Nouvelle Droite (New Right), which included such luminaries as Alain de Benoist and Pierre Vial, it was considered necessary to make a clean break with the failures of the past, totems that many on the Right still clung to. This new generation of writers, mostly in their 20s during the cultural revolution of ’68, felt that nostalgia for a lost cause — and there were several — stood in the way of their values finding political and cultural support from the majority of their countryman. This left a void which the Left exploited without hesitation or limit.

Moving on is so hard, when the memories are so sublime. [2]

Moving on is so hard, when the memories are so sublime.

In essays and pamphlets, the writers of GRECE systematically wrote what they were not, in order to clarify what they were still in the process of becoming. They were not seeking a return to monarchy, Vichy, pre-Vatican II Ultramontanism, classical liberalism, etc. At first glance, many Rightists asked themselves, “then what is left?” The fact that this was such a clean break and a fresh start, many were left to realize that they had lost touch with the essence of what their revered ancestors were fighting for.

The Alt-Right exists as a clean break in the American Right as well. At its intellectual heights it borrows heavily from the Nouvelle Droite, but familiarity with that school of thought is not necessary for productive action in the American struggle. However, this fresh start is well overdue. Today is a time to act, not simply for a set of values, but for our very survival as a people. Our genocide has been programmed into the system, and the political dead-ends of the far Right and the kosher poltergeists that attract truth seekers have been laid out before our path like so many trap doors. It is time to innovate or die.

Now at this late hour, the Alt Right has emerged. The time has come to clarify what the Alt Right is not in the American context. Many have rallied to this banner after reaching one of the following dead ends and some do not realize yet to what extent they must transcend that earlier concern in order to “secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” This article seeks to create an understanding as to how these other schools of thought understand better than the mainstream narrative what is wrong with our society, but they fall short of providing a holistic view or a manageable solution. 

1. Not Fighting for the One True Faith

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the SSPX, saying Mass at his Mission in Gabon [3]

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the SSPX, saying Mass at his Mission in Gabon

The Ecclesia Dei, the Ummah, and the “Universal Lodge” of the Mason have this one thing in common, the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. This is a chimera. A healthy, racially conscious nation needs spiritual values, but this works at cross purposes if that spirituality is universalist or if sectarianism dissolves national unity.

Some have tried to reshape the universalism in Christianity by taking three verses out of context in the hopes of making racial nationalism excusable. This approach to Biblical exegesis is not so different from the young earth creationists approach to geology . . . its conclusions are just as convincing.

There are some writers and activists who apply the “One True Faith” approach to Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Men like E. Michael Jones and Father Raphael Johnson can be called fellow travelers, to adopt the Communist terminology, but the primacy of their religious commitments diverts them from the primary goals of the Alt Right.

In the end, those fighting to impose the “One True Faith” do not care if we survive as a people. Ask any true believer and they will tell you that they have more in common with their co-religionist from the Congo than with a professor at MIT. The saddest thing is, sometimes it’s true. 

2. Not Lobbying for the Interests of the Bourgeoisie

Gavin McInnes thinks that "reverring the entrepreneur," not masturbating, and wearing a suit 3 times a week will stop the destruction of our civilization. Race-mixing and Jewish media-political-financial dominance are not the problem. [4]

Gavin McInnes thinks that “revering the entrepreneur,” not masturbating, and wearing a suit 3 times a week will stop the destruction of our civilization. Race-mixing and Jewish media-political-financial dominance are not the problem.

Take a copy of Forbes magazine to your nearest welfare office and look over the list of richest individuals and highest paid CEOs. You will notice a lighter tone of skin on makers than on takers. This leads many well-meaning white people to conclude that defending the policies that make the efforts of those people in Forbes magazine easier (lowering trade barriers, eliminating regulatory oversight, and weakening unions, etc.) will unleash the greatness of our race. It is “Us or Them,” and we look a lot more like the CEOs than the welfare queens.

Some are even so foolish enough to believe that the handful of darker faces found at the top of corporate America are evidence that excellence is open to everyone. It is only a matter of culture and free will, rather than innate genetic differences, that keeps the country club white and the ghetto black.

The fact is more white people today are getting shafted by globalization than are reaping benefits. The pressures of the “free market” are preying upon the white Family. As Pierre Vial says, “the liberty promised by the American Free Marketers is nothing but the liberty of the fox to roam the henhouse.” This beast is eating our children.[1] 

3. Not Wishing for the State to Disappear

Contrary to popular myth, there is no correlation between wishing for the fall and the ability to impose Order after the fall. [5]

Contrary to popular myth, there is no correlation between wishing for the fall and the ability to impose Order after the fall.

A close cousin of the previous dead end is the hope for the end of the state. There are two camps when it comes to how this will be accomplished: the libertarians believe that voting can make the state disappear, the self-proclaimed “patriots” believe that the entire global system will collapse, usually due to a lack of gold. Whether they expect a popular mood swing or an apocalyptic reckoning, the problems that are at the root of their attitudes are evident to every white person in the US.

The front line employees of the state are most often underqualified black women. The military, once a testing ground for cutting edge weaponry, is now a testing ground for Cultural Marxist social theories. The stability of the global economy seems to be based on Americans consuming things and the rest of the world making things, an obviously unsustainable system. The federally subsidized universities, apart from propagating insanity, leave most of their students with less promising futures than a welding apprenticeship would.

It is only natural that so many white men would conclude that “the state is the problem.” It speaks volumes about the US government’s pathetic performance that so many of its citizens cannot even conceive of a state that enables its citizens to have a better future than can be scraped out of the hidden valleys of northern Idaho. The US Government is so bad in their eyes, they cannot even conjure an imaginary state capable of worthwhile contributions to the society it serves.

However, when we coldly examine these libertarians, especially the patriot survivalists, we realize that they are making a virtue of white flight. They take white flight almost to its logical conclusion, beyond the suburbs but just before the final white family is run down by Soros-funded colored mobs.

Our enemies can only be exiled and brought to heel by a strong state. Our future as a people, a collective future that still gives enough leeway to the individual to allow genius to flourish, can only be guaranteed by a White Nationalist state. And of course, it is only a white state, not a soulless corporation or a mixed-race state, which will colonize space.

4. Not Restoring the Constitution

Above, Glenn Beck praises MLK’s “true conservative” values. [6]

Above, Glenn Beck praises MLK’s “true conservative” values.

Patriots and libertarians, as well as quite a few middle class whites employed in the private sector, have concluded that a strict reading of the US constitution is all that is needed to set things right. The excesses of the Cultural Marxists are only possible through a loose reading of the constitution. The constitution did help a liberty-loving white nation’s rise to be the world’s greatest superpower. The constitution allowed whites with a diversity of faiths, political convictions, and professions, that could not be contained in a single European country, to work together to maintain the defense necessary for independence and the commercial system necessary for prosperity. The Bill of Rights gave individuals protections from tyranny not seen since antiquity, and perhaps unsurpassed in all history. This unprecedented liberty unleashed the ambitions of white men to conquer an entire continent in a single century. America still stands out as a land of opportunity to denizens of developing countries. When these people sneak into Europe it is to get welfare; when they sneak into America it is to work hard and make their fortune.

It is not hard to understand why so many white Americans believe that if the same recipe is used, the meal will taste the same. Unfortunately, ingredients matter. The constitution, as some of the Founders pointed out in the Federalist Papers, assumed a common culture and common morality. This cannot be willed back into existence. Furthermore, the constitution and the high trust, virtuous society that made it possible was a manifestation of white cultural traits. Restoring the constitution can be considered after a nice white country is reestablished (hopefully incorporating the lessons of America’s failed racial experiments). But it cannot be the first step towards restoring the liberty, prosperity, and order appreciated by the white founding stock of the US. 

5. Not Pretending “The South Will Rise Again”

The American southeast, despite large rivers and some small mountain ranges, is a land without natural borders. [7]

The American southeast, despite large rivers and some small mountain ranges, is a land without natural borders.

North is a direction; the South is a place, a culture, and a source of pride. It is no surprise that many descendants of the heroic soldiers of the South cherish the memory of their ancestors. This strain of Albion’s seed, the traditionalists, are far less culpable than their Northern cousins, the moralists, in allowing the United States to be subverted by the eternal enemy of our people. The culture distorters who control the media of the US have done all they could to discredit the Southerner, both the aristocratic and down-and-out archetypes. When these proud and demonized Southerners observe the recent evils of the Federal government noted above, the same Federal government that made war upon their ancestors, it is no surprise that many would dream of a renewed separatist struggle.

The Romantic in each of us can conclude that the South has everything it needs for such a struggle; the classicists, however, realize there is more to be desired. The South has the bulk of US mainland and retrievable deep sea oil. Most American refinery capacity and infrastructure is in the South. The South also has an incredibly long border with the rest of the US that does not benefit from serious geographical impediments to invasion. There is no “rump South” with defensible borders that can be retreated to, but there are plenty of mountain refuges where Southerners could make another last stand. There is not a single planner in the Pentagon who would look at this and accept a peaceful separation that would result in such a sovereign country to be placed in a newly created soft underbelly. National liberation struggles with imperial powers only succeed when there is an asymmetrical interest[2] in changing the status quo between the colonizer and the colonized.

Though the South is the most economically dynamic and is the fastest growing region, this is thanks to internal migration of highly educated whites and Asians who do not share a desire for Southern separatism. Furthermore, about 1 in 4 Southerners are Black. In the age of guerilla warfare and highly propagated small arms, this large a population will not accept leaving the US, which will make even a peaceful separation of the South impossible.

The struggle to preserve a future for our people will be an all or nothing struggle. The empire cannot allow for a separate peace, and it certainly won’t be based on reverence for a political economy that was dysgenic and anti-nationalist. 

6. Not Repeating the Lie of “Judeo-Christian” Civilization

Victor Davis Hanson believes these people are co-founders of and equal partners in Western Civilization [8]

Victor Davis Hanson believes these people are co-founders of and equal partners in Western Civilization

After the Attacks of September 11th, as Americans looked for allies who could help make sense of radical Islam, the organized Jewish community stepped forward. If Jihadists were attacking both of us, we must have something in common. The sabbos goy, Victor Davis Hanson, explained to us that the foundations of Western Civilization were Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem. More recently, Gavin McInnes is attempting to redefine the Alt Right as “Western Cultural Chauvinism.” Under normal circumstances, an alignment of interests is the best foundation for an alliance. Unfortunately, there is nothing normal about Jewish cultural norms. When any element of the organized Jewish community is the counterparty in an agreement, like the fable of the frog and the scorpion, the compulsion towards betrayal, even against allies is irresistible for the Jew.

Unless they live in a handful of major cities, most Americans only know two Jews intimately, Moses and Seinfeld. In school, American history books start with the Pilgrims. In Church, Sunday school history lessons end in first-century Palestine. Most Americans lack the opportunity to be red-pilled through personal interactions with Jews and lack the historical/cultural formation to understand the long history of this indissoluble node and its parasitic relationship with Europe’s Third Estate.[3]

Leaving the history lessons aside, simply looking at the “Judeo-Christian” alliance of the last 15 years should make it abundantly clear that such an alliance is a non-starter and that our allegedly common civilization is not enough to ensure mutual concern. It requires just a small amount of political maturity to understand the one-two punch of the Jewish Left, which oversees our invasion and cultural demoralization, and the Jewish Right, which has created an environment of Christian genocide in the Levant, emboldened a brand of Jihadism more focused on attacking the West rather than Israel, and created the push factors of the so-called “refugee crisis.” If Jews are white, as a ruling elite that arose from within white Civilization, why are there no brakes on their material greed? The need for order and sustainability, which would be compelling to any organic elite that is linked to its subjects through bonds of race and civilization, was definitely not guiding the criminal banksters who knowingly crashed the global economy. While a handful of egregious crimes committed by Jews have been prosecuted, the Jewish parasitic elites who created the systemic bribery, theft, and destruction of that defines the European and American economies have not been brought to justice.

George Lincoln Rockwell, when describing the principles of civilization, stated: “Civilization is built because I am willing to give up something for my family, and the family is willing to give up something in order to have the town succeed, and the town is willing to give up something so that the state can be in business, and the state is willing to give up something so that the nation can succeed. Self-sacrifice is the first principle of civilization.” Whether we are looking at the degenerate popular media and culture, the rolls of soldiers lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the nearly nonexistent prosecutorial response to criminal Jewish banksters following the economic crisis, it is clear that the overwhelming contribution of the Jewish community to Western civilization is not as a foundational component but as a parasitic squatter that threatens catastrophic collapse.

This “not” may be the most important to enumerate. The most likely subversion of the Alt Right will come in the form of well-funded, well-organized philo-Semitic media outlets and 501(c)(4) advocacy organizations. The kosher media will be a partner in defining the Alt Right in the mind of the masses. Remember that the Tea Party was a genuine grass roots movement that largely grew as a continuation of the Ron Paul campaign. FreedomWorks was created by the Koch Brothers and funded by their fellow oligarchs to rein in this movement. They made very generous grants to local Tea Party groups as long as they agreed not to criticize neocon war-mongering, mass immigration, or the Federal Reserve. Within a year they were successful. Glenn Beck and the Zionist-bankrolled Pastor Hagee started national networks and put on large spectacles to divert energy of Tea Party sympathizers toward the neocon agenda. The 2010 midterm election was the last time Tea Party has had an impact on government. If we are not aware of this risk, our brief moment in the sun will be followed by a decade in the darkness.

7. Not Starting with Revisionism

Since we are not shying away from criticizing the role of Jews in destroying Western civilization, why not snap people out of their slumber by enumerating all the lies of kosher historiography and Jewish criminality? Creating a nice, white country is a 21st-century political challenge, not a 20th century historical debate. For some readers, exposure to Historical Revisionism was a major moment in their political awakening. Discovering a lie so big fills one with a missionary zeal to spread the truth. Attacking a metapolitical foundation for the current order seems like the linchpin that, once pulled, will destroy the entire psychological control mechanism put in place by the political and media elite.

lebrun4 [9]

Understand that in the life cycle of revolutionary movements, different types of people join at different stages. Far fewer people will have the ears to hear something that contradicts their beliefs, but they are concerned about the “kitchen table issues” that the kosher multicultural regime fails to address. For many new arrivals, revisionism may be a metaphorical advanced degree that they can shoot for once their prerequisites are finished, but an encounter with a wild-eyed revisionist trying to “wake them up” at their first real world meeting with Alt Rightists would send them packing. At the same time, it is clear that the sensibilities of millennials, on both sides of this issue, are different than that of their predecessors.

Many of our last minute supporters who will take us over the top may never have the interest or capacity to understand the complexities of Revisionism. But rest assured, after the revolution, there will be a “Mark Weber Chair of Modern History” at Harvard, and Eric Hunt will be an executive producer at the History Channel. 

8. Not Diverted by the Battle of the Sexes

MGTOW practiced as it was in the Satya Yuga (Golden Age) [10]

MGTOW practiced as it was in the Satya Yuga (Golden Age)

Our People are failing to reproduce at replacement levels in most of historically white countries; divorce and degeneracy are commonplace and celebrated, respectively. In school underqualified teachers prefer to force parents to drug young boys into submission rather than deal with the aggressive, energetic nature of these boys.[4] Young men fall prey to nonmarket strategies in the workplace, often blindsided by female and homosexual colleagues who outclass them in EQ when productivity and meritocracy is sandbagged by egalitarian Federal regulations and social sanctions that stigmatize the “privileged” Heterosexual white Males. Shockingly, 15% of men in their early 20s have not had a single sexual partner since turning 18, mostly “InCels” (Involuntary Celibates),[5] for other young men first dates have become easier than ever thanks to dating apps, but meaningful relationships are like a sip of water to Tantalus. College campuses are in the grip of a new post-Christian puritanism that decries “rape culture” and claims that all men are potential rapists who must be reined in, a rather Calvinist view of the masculine soul.

While many of the previously mentioned problems affect only a few, there is a universal character to these problems as all of us came from a union of a man and woman and all of us have a need for emotional companionship. These basics have been challenged in the past when societies have been decimated by famine or pandemic, or when peoples have been brutalized by war and oppression, but never have these basic needs been so threatened by a decadence that affects not just the idle rich, as in times past, but the entire society.

There are many in the Manosphere, who stay strictly within their own expertise (divorce lawyers, counselors, economists, fitness trainers, nutritionists, martial artists, etc.) and who make valuable contributions. There are many positive testimonies of well-meaning men who were told to “give [women] what [they say] they want and they’ll be happy” but through a pro-social application of lessons from the Manosphere have created healthier marriages, such as Daily Shoah contributor Hateful Heretic.[6]

MGTOW as it is practiced in the Kali Yuga (Dark Age) [11]

MGTOW as it is practiced in the Kali Yuga (Dark Age)

There are essentially three groups which seek to reach “the logical conclusion” in their response to these social pathologies. Two of them are nihilists, Pick Up Artists (PUA) and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). The third, self-proclaimed traditionalists, seeks to adopt Satmar-style social norms and fertility levels in order to resolve the demographic crisis.

PUAs pumping and dumping women will never help us recreate a nice white country. Instead they have embraced the Brazilification of sexual norms and identity as a kind of protective shell against the coming pain of the Brazilification of our racial demographics. There have been quite a few MGTOWs in history deserving of respect, the Hindu Saddhus, Buddha and his Arahants, and the Desert Fathers come to mind. Unfortunately, the internet subculture of MGTOWs lack the many of their qualities. Like the PUAs, they are emotionally devastated by the social pathologies related to gender and sexuality that are so common in this age, but their risk aversion and poor social skills lead them to sequester themselves from any attempt at creating a loving family . . . sadly, for many of them, there is no model to follow from their personal lives and, if there was, they lack the finesse to understand the interpersonal dynamics that led to success.

The final group is the most sympathetic as they have not given up on the white race and/or Western civilization. However, there are three errors in their approach. Most importantly, when they reject the positive aspects of the contribution of white women to public life in Europe and America, they are abandoning a distinguishing characteristic of the white race. Also, every successful revolution and national liberation movement of the modern era so greatly benefitted from the active participation of women in every aspect of struggle (propaganda, logistics, political organizing, espionage, armed struggle, etc.) that they were indispensable. Finally, it assumes a zero-sum game between including women whose greatest ambition and aptitude is to raise a large family and including those women whose ambitions, aptitudes, age, and fertility guide them toward every other field known to man.

The American experience has led many in our movement to believe that the feminine soul is essentially anti-nationalist and anti-traditionalist. Restricting this rebuttal to a single counter-example, in France women’s suffrage did not come until 1945. It was actively opposed by the socialists and radicals of the Third Republic who feared that women would listen to the political advice of their Priests and would support Patriarchal leaders. In the Fifth Republic, when women started voting at the same rate as men, there was not a Left-wing government until 1981 (which was elected with only 39% of the female vote). Today, the National Front enjoys proportionally more support from women than from men. So, if there is a problem, it is not women or feminism but rather the American cultural expectations of women and American expressions of feminism.

If the problem is cultural and not biological, then perhaps we should look to the media for a culprit. The media is not notable for being in the hands of women; the media is notable for being 90% in the hands of 6 Jewish families plus Rupert Murdoch. Someone is standing in the way of our nice white country but it is not women . . . it is the organized Jewish community.


While articles like this have a certain impact on the thinking of a small number of people within the movement, ultimately, it is those who speak in poetry rather than prose who have the broadest impact. As RamzPaul stated, following the Bastille Day attack in Nice, “White Nationalism is about our need for a home, a home of our own.” All of these movements that the Alt Right is not, whether they are centuries old or are simply YouTube channels that have been around a couple years, they diagnose some of the problems of our civilizational and racial decline, but none of them have the whole story or the proper prognosis.

White People need living space separate from the other races to survive and thrive. Jews of all political stripes are a parasitic element that will stand in the way of that goal. Achieving these goals requires a broad movement that seeks total victory and the resulting peace and order will only be maintained by a strong state. Our historic religious commitments, enlightenment ideals, and family values will be reinterpreted through the lens of racial survival . . . we are free to keep what works and discard what doesn’t work well with this goal.

We are also free to maintain our commitments to these Dead Ends that lie outside the Alt Right, but we do so at the peril of securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. What could be more important than that?


1. Alain de Benoist has referred to immigrants as “the reserve army of capitalism” which have been unleashed upon the native working class.

2. Asymmetric Interest Theory developed out of Game Theory experiments. When one party views a point of negotiation as a priority and the other party views it as contingent on more important priorities being met, there is an asymmetry of interest. As a result, when the first party makes the second party’s highest priorities impossible to achieve without surrendering on first party’s priority, the first party is at an advantage.

3. The relationship between Jews and their European host populations varied by estate/caste, falling into essentially four categories of bilateral economic relationships. There was no economic, ideological, or governmental relationship between Jews and the clergy, with a handful of exceptional debates or investigations carried out with the Second Estate into Jews masquerading as Christians. The Second Estate had a largely positive relationship with Jews because they were guaranteed friendly rates to borrow money (a necessity in the long cycles between harvests, then as now), access to an international trade network, a source of intelligence, and the Medieval form of diplomatic back channels. The fixed, guaranteed interest rate was a loss leader, allowing access to black market lending to the Christian peasants, merchants, and artisans of the Third Estate. The fourth and worst bilateral relations began in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth where the nobles hired the Jews to act as tax farmers and mid-level government administrators over the Third Estate.

4. According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, 14.1% of boys and 6.2% of girls aged 5-17 were diagnosed with ADHD between 2012-2014.

5. Archives of Sexual Behavior, August 2016: “Sexual Inactivity During Young Adulthood Is More Common Among U.S. Millennials and iGen: Age, Period, and Cohort Effects on Having No Sexual Partners After Age 18.”

6.  Fash the Nation – Week 51; 1h06m.