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We’ll be There for You, Pajama Boy

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The morality fed to the majority comes from centralized (((media))) that normies are not acute enough to realize are under the control of a different tribe. They don’t actually like multiculti, they absolutely hate political correctness, but because the average human is just one cell in a racial organism, they take the tribal norm that is given and roll with it. Because of this, the accusation of being “racist” is deeply psychologically crippling. It is an outgroup word and accusation of tribal betrayal. 

The noose of what is defined as “racist” tightens every day because it is a linguistic game designed to legitimize the idea that white people should not exist. In whatever capacity a white person acts in his own interest, that white person is racist. Whites are only “not racist” to the extent they accept their dispossession and impoverishment by colored masses. The National Health Service is good because it is an internationalist communist health service; gentrification is racist because whites drive up property prices; not-gentrification is racist because whites are being racially prejudiced against the Third World slums in their own cities; integration is good because it forces whites to accept coloreds who hate them; black metal is bad because it is about and for whites, and not anyone else. I am white, therefore, I am racist.

I am beginning to think that even the concept of “equality” is not worth attacking, as it is pseudo-intellectual flimflam designed to reinforce the witchcraft accusation of racism. The sin is racism. Equality is the hocus pocus that legitimizes the idea that Racism R Bad. Telling someone he is inherently wrong, that he doesn’t belong in their group, that he is inadequate by nature, is an accusation which, if believed, will turn all our internal energies toward self-destruction.

Hence the caricature of the left as weak. It is women and weaker men who have a more intense desire for the security of social acceptance, and so they will go to further extremes to attain it, rationalizing away stupid acts like letting random stab-happy Arabs into their homes and lives. The same mechanism of accusing someone of moral inadequacy, used against the white majority, is a nonpareil psychological weapon, as whites by nature are incredibly tribalistic and warlike. It is an outstanding piece of Jewish chutzpah that Semitic media infiltrators have made whites feel guilty just for existing. It is this motivating factor that prompts the most gullible to swell the ranks of the Left.

Homosexuals, especially, will join the cosmopolitan and militant Left out of a perception that the majority believes them to be defective, broken, and so on. The degree to which the Left is a reactionary movement against real or perceived marginalization by the mainstream and a movement of genuine psychosis and hatred for one’s own racial identity is impossible to really quantify, but this is a question that needs answering. Eventually, it will probably have to be answered with political aggression.

We can look forward to the polarization and disintegration of the mainstream Left into a pan-Third World aggression movement led by Jews, fielding Islamic terrorists and lawfare radicals (the current Mayor of London being one) and bolstered by negro terrorism; and the splintering away and disappearance of the mainstream, Yoga-class attending, bourgeois left as the atavistic hatred for whites becomes more and more pronounced, more and more obvious, and more and more rejected by nationalist counter-currents in the mainstream.

The Leftist white middle class will reach a breaking point where the ethnic self-hatred and self-abasement required to remain in the movement will become so extreme that it will no longer be “fun” or “radical” or a good way to rebel against one’s parents. Instead, it will be a scary, traumatic existence of giving one’s full consent into being treated as less than dirt; an excluded “white ally” to a closed black “safe space.” Enough, even, that young and impressionable hot chocolate drinkers will find it intimidating enough to reconsider, and retreat instead back to their all-white, apolitical Magic the Gathering meetups.

The allegiance of the white working class, who were in Britain utterly betrayed and stabbed in the back by successive Labour governments, has already dissipated leaving only behind deluded Corbynistas and a hardcore of self-hating, neurotic Trotskyites. This was made explicit recently with the promotion of Diane Abbott, a negress who openly promises on billboards to “put Black and ethnic families first” to Shadow Home Secretary (a top position in the opposition administration) by Corbyn. Earlier this year it was revealed that Corbyn in 1979 “showed off a naked Diane Abbott,” at the time his girlfriend, “to impress his Left-wing friends.” Labour’s fortunes going forward will be a measure of how “ethnic” Britain is becoming, and their positioning shows they have decided that they have decided they no longer care about the white majority vote.

This is an evolution of the British Left featuring characters that have persisted and been alternately part of the background or driving force of the British Left for a very long time. It is not a revolutionary turnabout or replacement of leadership. It is instead the British Left reaching its political maturity and endpoint of its ideas and bringing to the forefront currents which it has always contained, but simply moderated for political expediency — Tony Blair only attained power by being a “Tory in a red coat” in staunchly conservative Southern England. These trends are almost certain to be replicated in America whichever way the Presidency falls, the “post-racial” Barack will inevitably give way to explicitly racial Black Power candidates of color. American Leftists will have to decide between racial solidarity or supporting a party that already flirts openly with racially motivated terrorism against them.

The consequences of this are to leave a large Left-wing segment of the white population without a political identity that shores up their self-esteem. The tide of the Left is going out and leaving only the hardcore radicals stuck in the mud. The good fight, as it turns out, was a sham all along (as was obvious from the beginning, but let’s not get too jaded). It is in this abandonment by the Left that no longer considers them useful in their own dispossession that there will be plenty of high-agency, politically and socially connected whites having to essentially sink Homer-style backwards into the bush and re-emerge wearing MAGA hats, in order to preserve their autonomy as a political force and resist being subsumed into what we told them the Left was from the start — a force for their dissolution into a shitpile of subhumanity. The bottom line is that the accusations of racism are now flying not from other whites, but from colonizing ethnics, or baby boomers wheeled out the nursing home.

This is a promising trend and one we should be glad to embrace. We want the people calling us “racist” to be non-white and foreign. It is absolutely in our interest that the shrill cries of “racism” are from outsiders trying to get into power rather.

It is in this that Counter-Currents and other efforts to present an erudite, measured, and definite response to the Left are so vitally important. The thing that is most repellent to someone who feels himself wounded or possibly ostracized by his group is to then don the clothing, costume, and perspective of the outsider, to start listening to Graveland and buying swastika flags. To do so is to admit defeat and in his own mind, relinquish his place amongst his own. Most likely he will instead double down on his efforts to prove himself “not racist.”

Thus our message should be that racism, like a lot of other things in moderation, is fine. That there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a desire to live amongst one’s own, and that there is nothing furtive, shameful, or nasty about it; nothing queer or quasi-genocidal or even faintly ridiculous and cartoonish.

At a very basic level, anti-racism should be identified with profiteering and predation. Adverts stuffed full of moralcringe diversity and aggrieved negroes should be recognized as disgusting, not just because African faces shoved inches from the camera are unappealing in any case, but because they are expressions of a naked racial hatred against us. It is absolutely and perfectly fine to find this sort of thing distasteful and repulsive — because it is. It doesn’t belong in our white society, and it doesn’t belong in your living room. It is the essence of health and normality to not want millions of aggressive, psychotic foreigners of questionable value trampling border fences and washing ashore in overloaded inflatables, and then being privileged over you in every sector of society. To recognize this as a problem indicates only that you are still quite sane. To say that we need to start deporting Africans is an act of internal strength.

Pepe has been a massive success in breaking out the gas chamber fetishist box, but we need to keep on the pressure and not let ourselves be reduced to a cartoon. We should remind and keep on reminding people that if they become racist, they do not die, and they are not sent to prison, and they are not going to lose any friends who matter in the long run. They can carry on going to yoga classes and reading about gardening. The only difference is that they will be conscious of the need to defend these things from races that don’t care for them. When the ethnic Left turns on the SWPLs, we will be there, and we can trade smoothie recipes. Donate today, and we’ll be your voice.