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The Counter-Currents 2016 Fundraiser
Stupid Won’t Save Us

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Happy Halloween from Counter-Currents! Since our last update, we have had 24 donations ranging from $5 to $350 dollars, totaling $1,398.88. The remainder of our $10,000 matching grant, $132.35, has been added to that, bringing our total to $41,442.94. Thank you!

This means that we are more than 80% of the way to our goal of $50,000, with ten days to go.

Our fundraiser has been even more of an uphill battle than usual because of the Trump campaign, which has been claiming all of our attention, and a lot of your donations. For instance, of the last 24 gifts to Counter-Currents, only four have come from the United States. We received more donations from Germany, Sweden, and Australia than the US.

This is why this fundraiser ends on November 9th, the day after the US presidential election. Whether out of joy or defiance, I am hoping our American readers will finally put us over the top.

Because no matter who is elected in that race, White Nationalists will have to get up the next morning and keep pushing for our goals. And we need your help to keep you in the fight. Please make your donation today.

* * *

My readers often ask me: Is there still time? Meaning: Is there still time for metapolitics, for changing people’s values and worldviews, for bucking up their moral courage, for a “long march through the institutions”? Or is the problem so urgent that we just have to get out there and “do something”? With “doing something” meaning LARPing as Nazis or Templars or getting a bowlcut.

This is analogous to asking: Isn’t the battle so urgent that we can’t waste time lacing up our boots, checking our ammunition, training to use our weapons, coordinating our activities with comrades, checking the weather forecast, gathering intelligence on the enemy, mapping out the terrain, and putting water in our canteen? Instead, don’t we need to just grab a rifle, rush barefoot from our house, and “do something”?

Unfortunately, if this is how you prepare, whatever you end up doing probably won’t be effective. To be effective in any endeavor, you need to patiently and methodically assemble all the preconditions for successful action. The necessary preconditions of a successful battle, camping trip, or political campaign are all “meta” — “beyond” or “before” — the action you are planning.

So the question really boils down to: Do we have the time to assemble all the necessary conditions of success? My answer to that is: Yes, we have time. Some decades, in fact. When my paternal line arrived at Jamestown in 1612, we were a tiny minority on this continent, but we ended up conquering it. I refuse to believe that hundreds of millions of white people will fail where a relative handful succeeded. We just need to awaken them to the danger our race faces and offer them a solution that seems moral and politically feasible.

But beyond that: We’d better have time to do it right, because doing it wrong won’t save us. We’d better have time to do the smart thing, because being stupid won’t save us.

* * *

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Remember: those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today. Thank you for your loyalty and support. See you on the other side!

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