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The Counter-Currents 2016 Summer Fundraiser
The Measure of Greatness

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Since our last update, we have had 26 donations ranging from $5 to $500 dollars, totaling $1,594.65. Because of our $10,000 matching grant, that figure has been doubled to $3,189.30. Thank you!

This means our grand total so far is $39,911.71. So we are almost 80% of the way to our goal $50,000, with $132.35 of our matching grant remaining.

Our fundraiser ends on November 9th, because that date has a nice ring to it, and it is also the day after the US presidential election. But no matter who wins that race, White Nationalists will have to get up the next morning and keep pushing for our goals. And we need your help to keep you in the fight. Please make your donation today.

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If you are like me, the last few days have been an emotional roller-coaster. It began with the moral panic and signalling spiral set off by Trump’s lewd “grab them by the pussy” remark from 2005. But although I was disgusted by the demagoguery of the Left and the cowardice of the Republicans, I saw what Hegel called “the cunning of reason” and others call the hand of providence at work.

Trump’s performance in the first debate was very disappointing. I know he had to appeal to muddle-headed, non-committal centrists. But I wanted blood. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and unlikable candidate in my lifetime; her record is catastrophic; and her policies as president would destroy any possibility of restoring America. She cannot be allowed to win. And Trump needs to drive those facts home.

Trump is not the last hope for the white race in North America, but he is the last hope for America as a unitary nation. And to my surprise, I still care about America. I hope she can be made great again. If Hillary wins, she will erase borders, amnesty tens of millions of brown invaders, enable Muslim terrorists and black rioters, and make it impossible for us to even dream of fixing America within the present democratic system. This election is the enemy’s last chance to cede power peacefully and avoid the inevitable multicultural bloodbath their policies are creating. Trump is not our last chance, he is their last chance.

When I heard Trump’s lewd remarks, my immediate reaction was this is a good thing. Now Trump will have to go on the attack. And long ago he signaled that he would mention the fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary is his enabler. When Trump released his brief apology video and mentioned this very fact, I knew that on Sunday’s debate he would be on the attack. And it was brutal. It was beautiful. And he needs to stay on the attack and keep doubling down, all the way to November 8th.

“Pussygate” also revealed the cowardice and treachery of the mainstream Republican leadership. All these people have to go. Nobody who votes for Donald Trump should cast a vote for Paul Ryan or any other backstabbing cuck. These people’s political careers need to end on November 8th [2] or Trump’s victory will be a hollow one. Not only must Trump shake the cucks off his coattails, he needs to completely freeze them out of his administration. And if his resolve to do this ever wavered, it will waver no more.

Donald Trump really is a great man. What makes a man great? A man is not great because he is perfect. Great men often have enormous flaws, make catastrophic mistakes, and face overwhelming obstacles. A man is great if he can overcome his flaws, learn from his mistakes, and surmount obstacles. Within a 48-hour period, Donald Trump faced and overcame a scandal that would have crushed weaklings like Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. Just think of what he can do for America. Yes, he can Make America Great Again.

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