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The Caste System of the Alt Right

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Over the last few months there has been quite a bit of hubbub within the Alt Right movement over who exactly can be counted among our ranks and who can credibly be representing us to the public. This discussion has become particularly prominent in our circles since Hillary gave her lackluster speech on our movement and warned everyone about the dangers of our cartoon frog. It has also been understandably alarming to some that the media seems to be painting the gay Jew Milo Yiannopolous as one of our spokesmen.

Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents has asserted that the Alt Right is “a broad umbrella term for ideological tendencies that reject mainstream American conservatism.” He contends, however, that White Nationalists need to give it a more concrete identity by making it our movement: “the Alternative Right means White Nationalism — or it means nothing at all [2] . . . go forth into battle and make this concept of the Alternative Right the dominant one.”

Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer fame agrees in his article “A Normie’s Guide to the Alt Right [3]“: “The short story is that although the term could refer to a lot of different people saying a lot of different things, the people that it is being used to refer to by the media — Trump-supporting white racial advocates who engage in trolling and other activism on the internet — are the core of the movement, with any other groups and figures being peripheral.” As far as fulfilling Greg Johnson’s objective, Anglin argues that we are already on the verge of reaching that consensus.

Even from a non-White Nationalist corner of the Alt Right, it is agreed that the Alt Right is a broad ideological gathering but that the core is white Identity. Vox Day stated in an interview with Stefan Molyneux [4] that “. . . what the Alt Right is at its core is we are the descendants of those who were read out of the conservative movement . . . mostly due to an unwillingness to defer to the conservative movement’s attempt to ingratiate itself with the industrial mil complex, and the neoconservatives, and the Bush administration.” He states that our ideological ancestors are “the John Birch Society, of Sam Francis, of Pat Buchanan . . . of everyone from John Derbyshire to Ann Coulter.” He leaves out some very important thinkers, but still ultimately concludes that “The Alt Right takes an Identity approach to the world . . . which 95% of the world takes. . . . White Americans are beginning to learn that they have to play the game (of identity politics) just like everybody else.” Vox is not even white, yet he understands our plight and appears to sympathize with our cause while he himself focuses on combating social justice warrior agendas.

Taking these viewpoints into consideration, my own view is this:

  1. The Alt Right is a movement consisting of many different viewpoints, all of which agree that the mainstream conservative doctrines of free trade, open-door immigration, multiculturalism, and interventionist wars in the Middle East are net negatives.
  2. The Alt Right traces its ideological origins back to the more nationalistic conservative ideologues who were purged from the mainstream conservative movement by Will Buckley, as well as to men like Kevin MacDonald, William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Jared Taylor, and other old-school White Nationalists. I would even argue that Adolf Hitler deserves to be on this list, which I’m sure will make some of the “Alt Lite” folks cringe. One also cannot discount philosophers like Julius Evola, Oswald Spengler, and Francis Parker Yockey.
  3. The Alt Right needs to be turned 100% into a vehicle for our message. Lawrence Murray did a good job of outlining this message in his article “The Fight for the Alt Right: The Rising Tide of Ideological Autism Against Big Tent-Supremacy [5].” To summarize: Human equality is a myth; our world is tribal; the white tribe is being suppressed in its own nations; men and women are different; freedom is a responsibility and not a right; democracy ought to be of limited form or replaced entirely; and the Jews exercise a negative influence on our societies, which they do out of some biological impulse. To this I would add Andrew Anglin’s “Cultural Normalization, Common-Sense Economics, and White Countries for White People.”
  4. While we pursue our goal of fully occupying the helm of the Alt Right, we must recognize that those who are not fully on board with all of our principles can nonetheless be considered a part of the Alt Right provided they aid us in our efforts and do not work to contradict us. Many of these types can eventually be turned into full White Nationalists anyway, as their views are only a few inches away from ours. To quote Lawrence Murray, “The big tent is worth preserving to persevere against our common enemies, for our struggle is revolutionary.”

The fourth point leads us into the main purpose of my article. To quote Anglin again: “The Alt Right is a ‘mass movement’ in the truest possible sense of the term, a type of mass-movement that could only exist on the internet, where everyone’s voice is as loud as they are able to make it. In the world of the internet, top-down hierarchy can only be based on the value, or perceived value, of someone’s ideas.”

I have taken it upon myself to delineate this hierarchy, as I have always had a predisposition toward putting things into categories since I was barely able to speak. I shall call it . . . the Caste System of Alt Righteousness. Our race has a history of creating caste-based societies, after all (though on a much grander scale).

This caste system is based on the idea that full-on White Nationalists who embrace all of Murray’s and Anglin’s principles represent the highest peak, which descends downward into castes of people who embrace less radical narratives. However, like an initiatic society, the system is meritocratic; one can ascend to the heights as they begin to embrace more principles of our worldview.


White Nationalists must occupy the helm of this pyramid, as we deal in the ultimate truths when it comes to race, politics, economics, and culture. We tackle the “meta” stuff whereas the lesser Alt Rightists go after the more immediate things. In the same light, the higher priestly castes of ancient societies tackled the meta-physical questions while the other castes dealt primarily with the physical.

The very existence of Western civilization, which most of the Alt Right purports to champion, hinges on the biologically-distinct white race that created it as a natural consequence of its unique mental and spiritual impulses. The deep, dark level of decadence the West has descended to is largely because of the influence of Jews, who have created their various movements and causes to undermine our foundations as a result of their own unique mental and spiritual characteristics. Since the Alt Right wishes to remedy the modern-day symptoms of the Jewish disease within White societies to save them, it only follows that those groups who promote White advocacy and discuss the Jewish question are fit to lead the movement.

The Top Tier

In this top-tier, Brahmin level of Alt Righteousness, I would include the following groups, websites, and individuals. Forgive me if I have left any big players out:

Counter-Currents, The Right Stuff, The Daily Stormer, David Duke (who probably uses the word “Jews” more than he uses the word “the”), Kevin MacDonald, weev, Millenial Woes, Red Ice Radio, Evalion (who focused more on naming the Jew than White Nationalism, and who is apparently part Amerindian), Murdoch Murdoch, the Occidental Observer, Uncuck the Right (now known as Walt Bismarck), and older-school websites like National Vanguard and Stormfront. All of them — whether in the form of print, videos, or even music — argue that Whites are a distinct socio-biological entity that has a right to its own exclusive set of homelands and cultures, and that Jews are a distinctly different group that works to undermine our very existence.

Second Tier

Below this rank of ultimate bro-tier, I would place all of those groups and individuals who address racial realism and promote white advocacy, but who for whatever reason choose not to cover the Jews or who adopt a soft position on them. These are the guys who you respect and love (at least I do), but to whom you say “Bro . . . c’mon . . . are you serious?” It’s like when your brother is a good-looking dude but chooses to date an ugly chick way below his league. You simply don’t understand it, and you feel disdainful towards him, but you still love and respect him because he is your brother and you’ve shared so much of your life together.

In this rank I would include the following: Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, Richard Spencer and Radix Journal, and Vdare.

Guys, c’mon now. The anti-white narrative comes from Cultural Marxism, which comes from the schools of Critical Theory and Cultural Anthropology; the latter comes from the Jewish intellectuals Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer, etc., and the former comes from the Jew Franz Boas. Their theories and books were disseminated by other Jews in academia, and their educational programs were funded by Jewish money. The Jewish intellectuals of Critical Theory were influenced by the coked-out pervert Jew Sigmund Freud and the out-of-touch-with-reality Jew Karl Marx. Karl Marx was largely influenced by the teachings of the Jew Moses Hess. The Jews at large have developed an evolutionary mechanism wherein they seek to undermine the cohesion of other ethnicities and societies for their own benefit, and many times they do this without even realizing what they are doing. I know that post hoc ergo proctor hoc is a logical fallacy . . . but guys . . . c’mon now. To quote a scene from Family Guy where Lois attends a skinhead meeting: “No but seriously, the Jews are bad.”

Third Tier

Third from the top, I would place those Alt Righters who acknowledge the greatness of Western Civilization without being overtly pro-white, and who address the dangers of non-white immigration without being overtly anti-white. These are the ones who will openly condemn non-Western cultures as being backward or deficient, or who stress the impracticality of Third-World immigration into the West, but who don’t walk the next 5 inches into discussing race. Of course, they will on occasion acknowledge that whites built Western Civilization and America and that “white privilege” is a false concept. They are the civic nationalists, paleocons, and even libertarians. I feel that they aren’t totally outside the spectrum of the Alt Right because they argue against many of the Left’s most sacred cows and earn its revulsion as a result. They also serve as a possible entry point into the Alt Right. A member of my own family has stepped through the gateway of places like TakiMag only to end up at the beautiful floating city of White Nationalism. He now listens to Red Ice Radio and The Daily Shoah and reads Vdare, and mind you, this was a man who used to tell me to calm down at age 14 because my views were too “virulent.”

While it may seem counterintuitive to place the God Emperor in a spot underneath the apex caste, Donald Trump must go here. Let’s be honest guys, he’s a civic nationalist who means well, and who has been instrumental in the ascension of our movement to mainstream recognition, but he is no White Nationalist. Alongside him would be his priestess Ann Coulter, the former libertarian Stefan Molyneux, Pat Buchanan, TakiMag, Gavin McInnes, and RamzPaul.

RamzPaul has explicitly stated that he is not a White Nationalist, and he often mocks us for the amount of time we spend discussing the Jews and derides us as “1488ers.” I suspect this is just because of some chip he has on his shoulder, or some desire to set himself apart from the larger group to feel cool. I cannot be sure. What I do know however, is that his videos are incredibly pro-white and anti-multiculturalism, he loves Europe, he argues that every people has a right to a homeland, he mocks Jews on occasion (“Let’s call them Finns”), and he looks like British comedian Stephen Merchant (irrelevant, but I felt someone needed to bring it up). I love his videos, but because of his attitude, he gets the third caste.

Black Pidgeon Speaks [6]is another excellent YouTuber who belongs in this caste, though he is borderline White Nationalist. His videos are very well-produced and accessible, covering topics such as gender differences, race, IQ, immigration, George Soros, globalism, and economics from a pro-Western perspective. I suspect that in his heart he actually belongs at the top, but for now he goes here. He has not overtly labeled himself as a White Nationalist or said anything against the Jews as a group.

Fourth Tier

Beneath this caste I would place the people who work to combat the professional and intellectual thuggery of the Social Justice Warriors and very particular Leftist narratives, but who don’t have any kind of overarching pro-White, pro-Western, or anti-Semitic ideology driving it.

Author and video-game designer Vox Day goes here. In fact, I would elect him the leader of this caste if such a thing existed. He was an outspoken supporter of Gamergate and organized the Rabid Puppies movement, which at its core sought to diminish the influence of Left-minded authors like George R. R. Martin over the science-fiction Hugo Awards. Rather than giving awards to books about transexual vampires fighting against homophobic dragons, Day and his followers felt that the science fiction community should once again seek to emulate luminaries like J. R. R. Tolkien and Frank Herbert, who were essentially pro-Western and Right-wing in their thought. His book SJWs Always Lie [7]is a must read for every member of the Alt Right. Of course, he is only part-white and does not explicitly push a pro-white or pro-Western agenda (though he comes close.)

This caste is also home to the Manosphere crowd. While many of them are outright degenerates who encourage nihilistic bed-hopping among white men who should be focusing their energies elsewhere, they still do a good job of dismantling the feminist narrative with their discussions of female psychology and other related topics. Encouraging men to take greater control over their lives and improving their minds and bodies is also commendable. I’m sure that some among them are actual White Nationalists, but the overarching Manosphere as a whole is not. It does become a problem though when some of them promote genocidal lifestyles like miscegenation on the one hand and completely disengaging from relationships with all women on the other. They should be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

It is within this caste that I would also place the Gamergate movement, for which I happen to have a lot of respect and appreciation. In my opinion, Gamergate was to the Alt Right what the Spanish Civil War was to World War 2. It was the rehearsal for the much larger war to come. During the conflict between the Axis-backed Francoists and the Soviet-backed Republicans, the armies of Germany and the Soviet Union tested out their new arsenals and military capabilities to see how well they would fare in the coming conflict. The forces of the Right under Francisco Franco, with support from the Axis powers, managed to crush the Leftists and shield Spain from Leftist corruption for many years. Unlike the Axis Powers though, I believe Kek has ordained that we will win the coming war.

Gamergate began in 2013 when it became evident to members of the video gaming community that certain types of video games — that is, games that pushed forth some kind of social justice narrative — were being promoted by gaming journalists, largely as a result of sexual favors and other forms of nepotism between certain developers and journalists. What ensued was a mostly online struggle between the gaming community and its allies: Vox Day, Milo Yiannopolous, some YouTube personalities like Internet Aristocrat (now known as Mister Metokur) and Thunderfoot, Adam Baldwin from Firefly, some non-Leftist game developers, Christina Hoff Sommers, the porn star Mercedes Carrera, and a legion of angry Chaners; and the Leftist game journalists and their allies: the cucky white knight NFL player Chris Kluwe, Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency and her cucky boyfriend Jon McIntosh, the feminist tranny Brianna Wu, the treacherous Moot of 4Chan, and the writers of Law and Order: SVU. Thousands of tweets were unleashed by both sides, several doxings occurred, threatening phone calls were issued, a bomb threat was made against a SXSW convention, and most importantly, some of the earliest precursors of meme magic issued forth from the keyboards of righteous Gamergaters.

By the time it was all over the forces of the Left had a few black eyes. The journalists were revealed to be nepotistic, corrupt liars who put ideology and personal connections above the community they were supposed to represent. One could argue that the same thing is happening to the mainstream media right now thanks to Donald Trump and the Alt Right’s memes. In the grander scheme of things, the Left itself was revealed to be an authoritarian enemy of fun, which up until then had been the average gamer’s view of the Right.

In summation, Gamergate was not a right-wing Identitarian movement by any stretch, though many future Alt Righters probably took part in it. It was, however, a major victory of a hitherto apolitical subculture against a Left-wing attempt at subverting it. These tactics would later prove useful in the memetic war against cuckservatives, liberal and Jewish journalists, and others who work to undermine white collective interests.

I would staff this caste further with anti-SJW Youtube personalities, a shining example of which is Mister Metokur. He has made a number of hilarious podcasts and videos where he mocks the hell out of Black supremacists, Otherkin, feminists, social networking websites, and other generic SJWs. His more serious work has covered the Michelle Fields hoax, San Bernardino, and Gamergate. He is not explictly pro-White, though he has appeared on Millenial Woes and, as I see it, deserves a place under the Alt Right tent. For Alt Rightists who happen to also be into the gaming subculture, I highly recommend his video “InternetAristocrat’s #gamergate series.”

To be sure, there are other similar YouTube figures that I’ve probably left out . . . and no, I’m not including the “classic liberal” partial-Negro Sargon of Akkad, who feels entirely too cool to accept any ideology that espouses racial collectivism. To his credit though, he has given White Nationalists platforms on which to speak and has also appeared on Millenial Woes a few times.

Alex Jones’s associate Paul Joseph Watson also belongs in this caste. I strongly abhor him for arguing that Jews have nothing to do with the decline of the West, and that people who argue such never provide any evidence to support their claims. This was an outright lie, and he had to know it was. However, his other YouTube videos are explicitly pro-Western, anti-SJW, anti-Left, anti-BLM, and anti-Hillary Clinton, among other good things. Apart from being informative, his videos are often funny as well.

This is probably a good place to stick the Historical Revisionists. They are not openly White Nationalist or pro-Western per se, but the information they disseminate helps to debunk the narrative about the Jews and their perpetual victimhood. Some individual revisionists are, of course, White Nationalists.

Million Dollar Extreme (MDE) belongs here as well. Much of their comedy is absurd and surreal, but a lot of it also mocks the main pillars of the establishment. On their Cartoon Network show World Peace and in some of Sam Hyde’s stand-up routines, ridicule and mockery are heaped upon the idea of white privilege, the myth of systemic racism, anti-bullying programs, the Jews, and race-mixing, among various other tropes. Unless I am totally missing the mark, I’d say MDE even gives some nods to the Alt Right movement on their show:

Sam Hyde: “Your new nickname is Moonman . . . Your secret name, which neither myself nor Nitrodubs will call you, will be. . . David Duke. (Sam then smirks at the screen.)

The whiny Jew Joe Bernstein of Buzzfeed sure seems to think that Sam is guilty of wrong-think.

To summarize:

1) The Helm — Anti-Semitic White Nationalists

2) Non-anti-Semitic White Nationalists

3) Western Chauvinists and Civic Nationalists

4) Anti-SJWs and opponents of the Leftist narrative

Some may argue that I spend entirely too much time discussing lower-caste phenomena. This is because I feel that most of my readers already know what they need to about the players in the upper castes.


There are some who vocally oppose White Nationalism and anti-Semitism and support liberal democracy, but who nonetheless manage to do some good works that inadvertently red-pill people into our Cause. They cannot be considered part of the Alt Right because their efforts would likely cause us harm in the long run. However, their roles as entry-points into more radical ways of thinking makes them worthy of note. Among them are Alex Jones, Steven Crowder, and Sargon of Akkad.

How could I leave out the man whom the media alleges to be our leader?

Milo Yiannopolous is an open race-mixing homosexual and self-avowed Jew. He has tried to argue that our movement is not serious in its racialism or anti-Semitism, and that all we seek to do is troll people for the LoLz. He may have stolen money from a college fund he organized to help young White males. He is also pro-Israel. On the other hand, he has done quite a bit of good. His appearances on college campuses and televised interviews are legendary, often leaving his SJW opponents apoplectic with rage and incoherence; in one instance he even said that white people “invented all the good shit.” During the Gamergate controversy he supplied the pro-gamers with evidence that the Leftist gaming journalists were conspiring as a whole to promote a certain narrative. The troll barrage that he incited against the allegedly-funny Leslie Jones will not be forgotten. On the Dave Rubin Show he unflinchingly admitted that Jews control Hollywood and the media. Many red pills have likely been issued upon white youth from Milo’s hands. However, his personal identity, his attempt to distort what the Alt Right is about, and his overall aura of untrustworthiness relegate him to the outside of our movement. It honestly stings me a little to do this, as I find him immensely entertaining and appreciate the good things he has done. But I must consider the greater good, and he is entirely too risky of a figure to be representing us.

Radical Traditionalism as a school of thought needs to be addressed. One cannot delve into a hierarchy of right-wing thinking without giving some coverage to this philosophy. To summarize, Radical Traditionalism holds the following views:

  1. History is cyclical, and civilizations progress from a Golden Age of development and prosperity into a Dark Age of decadence and collapse.
  2. Western Civilization is currently nearing the end of the Dark Age.
  3. There is an ultimate metaphysical Reality which supersedes and makes possible the physical universe.
  4. All major world religions offer a path to experiencing the ultimate Reality.
  5. Ancient civilizations centered their cultures around metaphysical Truths and principles. As they strayed from their original doctrines, they began to slowly decay until finally collapsing.
  6. Race is a tripartite concept: it is physical, mental, and spiritual.
  7. Different kinds of races create different kinds of civilizations. If a civilization has a multiplicity of physical, mental, and spiritual types, it suffers an inner tension until one type prevails, or the collapse is hastened.
  8. Individual races and civilizations are internally hierarchical: some individuals are meant to be priests and thinkers, others to be leaders and warriors, others to be merchants and tradesmen, and others to be laborers. This is organized via caste systems.
  9. Men and women are physical manifestations of different cosmic principles that complement one another.

The philosophy is anti-democratic and anti-egalitarian, it argues that racial pluralism causes internal strife, and it holds that Indo-European religions offer an excellent pathway to higher enlightenment and overall balance in life. But the philosophy is not exclusively pro-white, pro-Western, or anti-Semitic, because people from every race can essentially follow it. You can be a Radical Traditionalist if you are a Germanic neo-pagan, an Italian Catholic monk, an Arab Sufi Muslim, a Lebanese Druze, a Tibetan Buddhist, an Indian Hindu, or even a Jew who studies Kabbalah.

As such, I opted not to include Radical Traditionalism in the Caste System of Alt Righteousness, even though I would say that I myself essentially subscribe to it as do many White Nationalists. It functions more like a world-historical outlook that can be complementary to the Alt Right while at the same time syncing up with the agendas of entirely different movements. There can be Radical Traditionalists who are ardent White Nationalists, just as there can be Muslim Radical Traditionalists who seek to destroy Western Civilization for the supremacy of their civilization. A member of the Sons of Odin who practices Asatru rituals and is willing to charge into a fray of Muslim rapists is a Radical Traditionalist, as is a devout member of Hezbollah who is willing to blow himself up to force Israeli soldiers into a retreat.

I would encourage Alt Rightists to read Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola. Some notable Radical Traditionalist figures with a pro-white and pro-Western bent are Varg Vikernes and Troy Southgate; an excellent source of Radical Traditionalist literature is Arktos Media.

Final Words

My caste system is mostly intended as food for thought. I leave it to you to decide upon its usefulness. My main argument can be summarized thusly: The Alt Right should be made into a vehicle for White Nationalism, but should include those Right-wing and anti-Left thinkers and agitators who help us in combating our enemies and spreading the core concepts of our worldview, provided they do not work to undermine us. The caste system illustrates who is closest to fully promoting this worldview. When and if we all reach a consensus, there will no longer be a need for this system.