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Teaching White Nationalism in a Chinese University

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My name is F. C. and I am a man of East Asian extraction currently living and working in the neo-imperialist China, a land of unabashed and unapologetic racial bias and ethnocentrism. I speak and write Japanese, English, and Chinese fluently. I am also a fan, supporter, and contributor of Counter-Currents and have always deeply appreciated the hard, ingenious, and extremely significant work of Greg Johnson and others here at this greatly important, indispensable, and irreplaceable site.

I’d like to share with you some personal experiences of mine drawn from my teaching job here in China which I believe will give my White Nationalist comrades in the West some food for thought. I believe that you will be surprised by how my Chinese undergraduate students perceive historical and current affairs related to politics, history, culture, and race in the Western world.

I am employed as a language and history teacher (I have my Master’s degree in English and my Ph.D. in Japanese History) at a major public university in China. I was assigned to teach a number of courses, including English, to undergraduate students and graduate students alike, and Japanese contemporary history and German contemporary and modern history to undergraduate students. What is noteworthy and relevant to this article is a special English intensive reading course I gave to a special elite class of second year undergraduate students, which I meticulously designed and prepared and gave a quite distinctive name: A Guided Reading of Advanced and Selected English Essays.

As I am an absolutely staunch and unswerving National Socialist, an advocate of White Nationalism and racialism, and a man totally awakened to and aware of the “Jewish Question,” I had been ready and eager to select some high quality, provocative, dynamite reading materials for my Chinese students and give them heavy doses of a sound National Socialist worldview, traditional Western political philosophies, and an overview of Western history and politics to shatter their supposedly mass media-influenced, naïve, and starry-eyed views and reshape them when given the task of teaching this particular course.

The outline of my course, which has just concluded for this semester with an open-book final examination, is as follows: Out of hundreds of fine articles I have read here at Counter-Currents and other similar White Nationalist sites, I selected the following seven , taking into account factors including the content, the length, and the interest of modern Chinese college students. I then guided the students through reading them, instructing and explaining not only historical, political, philosophical, and cultural facts and ideas, but also English grammar, idioms, vocabulary, and sentence patterns.

  1. Pat Buchanan, “Yankee Utopians in a Chinese Century” (on economic nationalism and anti-globalism)
  2. Bain Dewitt, “Paris: Over the Line of Tolerance [2]” (on Islamic terrorism and the moral and ideological deficiency of the Western establishment in coping with such a menace)
  3. William L. Pierce, “The Measure of Greatness [3]” (on the greatness and legacy of Adolf Hitler)
  4. James Miller, “What Is Fascism” & Kevin Alfred Strom, “Everybody’s Fascist Now” (two articles on the right understanding of the ideology of Fascism)
  5. Andrew Anglin, “Pop Music As Mind-Weapon” (on various corruptive and erosive effects of modern American music industry controlled by Jews)
  6. J. A. Sexton, “A Book Review of Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947 [4]” (on the unjust and horrific treatment of German people at the hands of the colluding Soviet Union and Western allies)
  7. Greg Johnson, “Vetoing the Dream: In Support of Brexit [5]” (on the significance and necessity of the Brexit movement)

My young Chinese students read earnestly and avariciously tried to perceive the essences of these articles under my guidance and instruction. Quite a few of them told me that their worldview and views on history and the present-day world have been changed completely or to a very large degree.

After a whole semester’s exhaustive study of the 7 articles with my constant input on related points, I designed an open-book final exam on the following questions to be completed independently by the students with a free access to all reference resources including those on the Internet.

  1. Write an essay with at least 300 English words about your feelings and/or thoughts on any one of the 7 texts studied on the class. (30 points)
  2. Write an essay with at least 300 English words about your feeling and/or thoughts on the following two articles. (30 points)

And the third question of the exam was translation exercise, which included four short paragraphs for translation, two from Chinese to English, the other two from English to Chinese, altogether counting for 40 points, in an attempt to test both the students’ language ability and their comprehension of political, economic, cultural, and ideological ideas describing and deploring the rapid decline and woeful realities of the West today, exposing and debunking the lies, distortions, and wicked and vicious agenda of globalism and the world domination agenda of Jewry and its cohorts, averring historical truths and rectifying wrongs, or defending the just cause of White Nationalism and National Socialism.

Here are some excerpts of the writings of my students on question I and/or II:

JM, a male student:

The establishment’s generosity in welcoming “refugees” to Germany, in a sense, is a betrayal of its own people, a kind of horrific humanitarian blackmail which may ruin the future of the country. . . . Even from my perspective as an onlooker, the German government’s political decisions, which declare that there will be no limit to the number of migrants Germany will accept, are quite irresponsible. . . . In other words, these European politicians are playing a mindless and destructive game, on which they have bet the destinies of their nations.

ZYY, a female student:

Germans today are convinced that it is their responsibility to make up for their forefathers’ “unforgivable offense” and to make the world a beautiful place, even in a way that lacks self-respect and is full of self-flagellation. . . . As far as I am concerned, both the German guilt complex and Lutheranism as a result of WWII history and the Reformation, can be related to the Germans’ self-immolation, self-criticism, and self-abandonment today.

CXH, a female student:

Even if Nazi Germany had started the war and invaded other countries, does it deserve the cost of national subjugation and genocide? All those grave disasters inflicted on German people were much more cruel and bloody. Winner can write the history, of course, I have to admit this reality, but the reality is not the equivalent of the truth, and evil things can never turned into justice just by virtue of the victory.

The immigrants from other countries hidden themselves under the disguise of “the weak,” “desperate refugees,” “barely escape” with mainstream medias’ exaggeration and rendering, , which gives them the most impenetrable corselet nobody dares to break in “Democracy.” Some people, just like the women in the first article, were brainwashed and opened their doors for those strong and healthy refugees who have an excess of energy but nowhere to drain. What about the results? Please imagine the scene — a herd of starving wolves breaking into the sheepfold, and you will know.

CXY, a female student:

After reading the “German Left-Wing Politician Gang-Raped by Immigrants Is ‘Unbelievably Sorry’ for Being Raped and for ‘Racist Society,'” I was shocked, and I just said to my roommates what the fucking woman she is? What can I say to her? OK, I was raped, but I should apologize to the man who raped me because they are “Grueling escape.” Can I kill someone with this reason and can you forgive me? Maybe the German society is the most “altruistic society” I have ever known, and I have no doubt that woman is the most “altruistic” people in the world.

In my view, I do not think it is excusable to let people into our continent when we know, based on past experience (or common sense), that it is going to lead to crime, sexual assault and terrorism. But, for German, they do believe it is worth it, they consider it some kind of “trade off,” they think stuff like “OK so the 10 year old native Austrian boy was raped by an Iraqi but that’s OK because lots of refugee children were otherwise saved by moving to Europe.” It’s crazy, it’s absolutely not right, and I don’t think it’s something about moral, but why lots of Germans accept this ?

Then I read “The Roots of German Self-Immolation” all the things seems to be tell me that they have too much maudlin sensibilities? And this drive them crazy, so even you were raped, you need to care the world. Germans are sadly the biggest victims of their own sensibilities, they are very strict when it comes to following laws and procedures but have an extremely soft emotional underbelly and you can sell them basically anything as long as you appeal to their emotional side which is very underdeveloped and fragile.

Maybe it’s extremely easy to “guilt trip” a German, and you don’t even need to mention War or the Nazis. Maybe that’s why Germans are the way they are, lacking EQ (Emotional IQ) they try to make it up with blind empathy they don’t really understand.

GJY, a male student:

The world is not that simple as we thought it was. Because certain people are addicted to manipulating the others for their own benefits. We are not able to ignore that Jewish elite has become a force in American politics. They want to control the world. But how can they make it easily and quickly? They are so smart that they know the importance of controlling people’s minds. We would not fight back after we believe what they’re doing is great and noble, we would not even possibly be aware of what they are actually doing. That is most horrible thing.

I was totally shocked when I read the first article with the young German lady’s Facebook posting. I can’t believe people could actually do such irrational and irresponsible thing! Raping is a very serious crime and nobody can change this fact. The lady who was raped should feel sorry for herself and ask for justice, ask for not letting the rapists get away with the offense. And why did she do the opposite? Why did she apologize to the rapists? Because they are refugees, they are immigrants, and because she thought they Germans once hurt too many people. How stupid!

LBS, a male student:

In the first article, it is noticeable that the woman was the victim. However, she surprisingly apologized to not only the refugee who had raped her, but also racism, sexual discrimination and orderless behaviors, which are all groundless. She was totally on the side of the abuser, pleading for a more open Europe to absolve him from his act. Indeed, such a mindset is insane. We are well aware of the vital importance of blood purity to a nation state. Multiculturalism and interracial marriage, as the ramifications of the prevailing pluralism, are disastrous to the peace and stability of human society. Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, has been dubbed as the second Mother Teresa for her decision to accept the so-called refugees, which, as far as I am concerned, is de facto a big satire, because all the wise know that Europe is going through a havoc under the impacts of the refugee crisis. Many refugees, who are actually strong young individuals, have committed serious crimes in the region. . . . Worse still, some refugees think that because Germany committed crimes during the Second World War and its people are the offspring of Nazis, they are obliged to atone for the sins of their forefathers. Indeed, most German people had such a feeling of guilt deep in their heart after the War and passed it on generation after generation. However, if we think carefully enough, we will find that on one hand, those refugees are thinking in a morally hijacking way, and on the other hand, those German people who feel guilty are ignorant, influenced by the mainstream self-destructive belief. Germans need get united to defend against the invasion of the so-called refugees.

LLY, a female student:

The fact that the German nation was the first on earth to recognize the Jewish danger and expel it from its organism is proof of its healthy instincts. It therefore became the leader of a world struggle whose results will determine of fate and the future of International Jewry. And based on this, it is obvious to see that the meaning of “Fascism” is defamed in the post-war world so that children or any educational organization cannot get the core and true connotation of it.

After read the two articles, the strongest emotion in my heart is shock and sympathy. Why should the descendants bear the sins committed by the predecessors? Europeans regard the racism as a huge mistake which cannot be forgiven, moreover, the definition of the racist is exaggerated by the whole society. Nowadays, the crimes like rape, robbery and theft committed by refugees are thought not as crimes but the reasonable behaviors out of liberal and human rights. That’s so ridiculous! If the European society and the whole world takes it for granted, how a terrible thing will happen and what a horrible world our children will live in? It is hard to imagine. Unfortunately, look around the today’s Germany, there are too many people being invaded by the immigrants, our children and the women are raped and our lebensraum is occupied, yet the Europeans still choose to tolerate even prettify all of the crimes committed by refugees and to ignore the pains their children have suffered. The refugees who did such crimes were not punished by the laws and rules, which may “encourage” them to take more and more wicked actions regardless of the laws or the code of ethics. Secondly, this kind of indulgence can lead a trend which declares that everything can be forgiven no matter what it is, rape, robbery, theft or whatever, all criminals will not be criminals any more.

RZC, a female student:

The western media and music industry is controlled by the Jews. They devote themselves to mold popular behavior patterns. As the result, male sex appeal is not based on power now as that in tradition but becoming more and more pretty. Girls love Justin Bieber, and it cannot be denied that there are so many female features on him. Also, those manipulators are trying to remove the social negativity associated with sluttiness, which badly influence girls and build terrible examples for them. . . . I reckon that popular singers are supposed to be real role models, but not the famous stars now, who are figureheads of the industrially-produced song-products. We are supposed to be interested in preserving and creating the pinnacles of human achievement, instead of consumer society and mediocrity of production. As far as I am concerned, it is the highest and greatest artistic, scientific, and exploratory endeavors that can best represent our society. All this will lead up to a time at which we should come sober and rebel against the domination of the Jews, and then rebuild a healthy popular music culture and do real good to the society.

Both of the articles reveal the prevalent, absurd, self-hating, and self-destructive mainstream views toward race and history in today’s Germany and present the authors’ criticism and dissection of them from a nationalist perspective. And in my opinion, this kind of culture is really harmful to Germans themselves and the multiculturalism reflected by the phenomenon in the two articles is really terrible.

Firstly, hierarchy cannot be erased from fundamental human nature, and so we wish to institute an explicit hierarchy. Secondly, the West are not supposed to be responsible for the ills of the rest of the world and the moral self-flagellation of the Germans is an unhealthy excess of a virtue, just like the second article told us. And I wish for a society to be built on hierarchies that are accessible, understandable, meaningful, and based on objective responsibilities and accountability. That is why we should argue against Multiculturalism.

Why should Germany keep out highly skilled first-world Western immigrants, but let legions of unskilled third-world non-Western immigrants in? The Multiculturalism indicated by the acceptance of immigration is to get rid of Whites, isn’t it? My western friend has told me that if you say something’s “too Black,” “too Asian,” “too Muslim,” or “too Mexican,” you’re an evil, racist, Hitler-loving clansman, but If you say something’s “too White,” you’re a brave and heroic progressive with an open mind. How absurd!

WH, a female student:

I wonder why, the evolution of Germany and Europe may give me some explanations, from 16th century, when Martin Luther emphasized there was a sinful unavoidable nature of man, to after the two world wars, Germans have had their identity entirely constructed on guilt. In today’s Europe, humanity has become the overriding value, which drive them Europeans to accept immigrants, but I think it is naive. European ought to know diversity will never be a good thing and Muslim can never integrate with them because of their innate differences.

Germans have been immersed in the self-destructive, self-critical, self -loathing mire, to which I totally disagree. If Austrian Prime Minister Metternich or German Chancellor Bismarck were in the face of today’s crisis, they would without hesitation iron out the ‘refugees.’ It is urgent for the entire Europe to realize that they are incapable of handling refugee problems. In addition, it is high time for Germans to take the mental burden off, no need to repent, please shake it off.

WYH, a female student:

What does it mean to be truly great? Is greatness in all of us, or just the “chosen few”? What does greatness have to do — if anything — with fame, fortune and popularity? Absolutely, the answer is no. So, what is the measure of greatness in a man? Taking all the factor into consideration, from my standpoint, first and foremost, greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals. And what’s more, on the political front, the ultimate standard of a great leader is to make the country prosperous. Given these two aspects, Hitler really can be called a great man.

After reading the first article that the German Left-Wing Politician Gang-Raped by Immigrants is “Unbelievably Sorry” for Being Raped and for “Racist Society,” I felt shocked by such thing and sympathetic for Germany, the country used to be proud, and now, so pathetic in emotion. Especially when I read the sentence like “But what I really feel sorry about is the case I suffered will lead to you being exposed to more and increasingly aggressive racism.” I just can’t help thinking how such a mind, which is warped, morbid, absurd, and strongly brainwashed, could be the mind of a rational person, not to mention a politician.

And this motivates me to search for the deeper causes of German guilt complex going back for generations or even centuries. And then I find the answer in the second article which presenting the idea that the deeper sources of German masochism is the success of Martin Luther and the spread of the doctrine of grace in the 16th century. From my own perspective, I think, such kind of moral self-flagellation, is an unhealthy excess of a virtue, which inevitably lead to the mainstream views that the German is just supposed to keep repenting and keep being told to go to hell. It seems that Germany is an especially easy target for the sort of emotional and moral blackmail owing to the historical reasons. In other words, Germans are the biggest victims of their own emotions. Admittedly, self-criticism has its merits which brought about the development of technology and civilization to some extent just as the teacher mentioned in the class. Nonetheless, too much self-criticism and lack of “tribal instinct” is increasingly looking like a suicidal impulse in today’s Germany.

YYQ, a female student:

As is known to us, culture is important to a nation, which can not only reflect the situation of economy and politics of the nation, but also can exert an underlying influence on a single person and the whole nation. It can be used as the mind-weapon to protect or destroy a person, even the country.

I am totally shocked by what the writer said which reveals to me the crucial truth about the western pop music and inspires me to think about what I have never paid attention to before. Although personally I think some words of this article are a little bit exaggerated and some examples he quotes are not so appropriate, the problems the author has revealed still sound the alarm for us.

The western culture, once admirable worldwide for its liberty, openness, justice, compatibility and Innovation, now is degenerating, to some degree, with the ‘efforts’ of Jews. As the article suggests, some unbelievable things like promoting blacks, male faggotry, whorishness and fatness is currently popular in the west, which are gradually degrading western people as well as their culture.

As for blacks, I do not discriminate against them at all and I believe all the races are equal. But the intentional promotion of blacks by Jews using music or film seems to push us to admit the black is superior to our other races, which is utterly unacceptable.

About the male faggotry, firstly, I respect those gays and feel sorry for them if they are not equally treated nowadays. But I really wonder about the reason for the sudden appearance of so many gays in recent years, expecting for people’s increasing kindness and tolerance. And it feels like a fashion, even an honor to be a gay, which greatly encourages the female-style preference. Just as what is mentioned in the article, people are encouraged to mimic the female-style form of sexual attractiveness is which aims to persuade the white males into giving up their masculine figures, muscles and weaken their strength by blurring the line of male and female.

About the woman, Jews try to make them sexually promiscuous and trample down their dignity. Nowadays, our views toward sex are much freer than before. But to some degree, it may cause more venereal diseases and unsettle the society.

Referring to fatness, neither do I appreciate the promotion of the skinny figure which somehow is popular in our modern society, nor support what most feminists promote, such as they think we can eat whatever we like and being overweight is our privilege. In fact, fatness is a serious problem now in many western countries and what Jews is trying to do is to make an excuse for those overweight people to escape from the problem rather than help them build up their confidence.

As a Chinese, nowadays I can easily have an access to the popular western culture through lots of channels, like listening to western pop music or watching western movies. I usually do these things, and accept the western culture without thinking, let alone people in the western world. They may get used to it and agree with it, even stand by it. Thankfully, there are still some people awake. Because of the globalization and the Jews’ ambition to dominate the whole world, people out of the west should also be vigilant all the time. Maybe we should be alert enough and care more about our surroundings. And what is more, learn to think wisely.

There is no doubt that the refugee crisis has totally endangered Germany. In the short term, normal German people will suffer a lot, both physically and financially, because of the continuous crimes committed by immigrants, such as robbery, theft, rape, murder, as well as the best bonus the German government have promised to give to those immigrants by increasing the taxation, creating a heavy burden on German people. In the long run, just as what is mentioned in the article above, German people, just like that female speaker for the German “Left Youth” party, will become irrational and lost in their tendency of self-immolation, making all sacrifice to satisfy those immigrants voluntarily. What’s worse, if there is still no available policy to solve these refugee problems and no stopping of refugee influx, German society will be unsettled, even collapsed because of the block-by-block ethnic conflicts. Germany will not be Germans’ any more. And given the current different attitudes toward dealing with immigrant problems among Europe countries, conflicts between these western countries will also increase. Eventually, when the white become the minority, white genocide will come to reality.

Just as the articles suggest, the reasons for current situation are complex. First, it relates to the widespread humanitarian crisis in Europe, especially in Germany after the process of “denazification.” With the belief that “Human rights above sovereignty,” German people feel empathetic about these refugees’ situation and make it their duty to accept those refugees escaping from war and poverty. Moreover, the mind nursed in most German people’s heart of atoning for their fathers’ crimes also comes from the reformed religion-Christianity, which teaches everyone to repent and make up for the sins he is born with. And even worse, some Jewish conspirators make use of it and turn it into a tool to deepen German people’s tendency of self-destruction by intentional propaganda, such as building memorials and statues to remind them of their lifelong guilt.

It’s time for German, European to wake up to find their dignity back and make their countries great again. First, put limit on the number of refugees entering the Germany and scrutinize refugees’ identity strictly. Second, the establishment should enforce the native language and culture education in immigrant groups and carry out some immigrant policies and laws to manage these refugees effectively. What’s more, white areas should be united and fight together against those Jewish conspirators to protect the security of their own homeland.

Please bear in mind that these are ordinary second-year Chinese college students, albeit somewhat elite students (compared to their peers at the same university) from an above-average university. But they have such views and can write such forthright, poignant, and penetrating essays, of course, under my direction and through my semester-long cultivation.

Nevertheless, I honestly believe they stand head and shoulder above the average college students in the West and deserve a round of warm applause for their outspoken stances and daring thoughts. As for myself, I reckon that it is possible that I am the only teacher in China, and one of a handful few across the world, who dared to design such a class in a public university. For this, I am very proud of myself, while secretly feeling lucky in heart about the much freer and fresher academic atmosphere, in terms of the Jewish question, here in China than in the West, though I know that the Jews are also extending their vile tentacles to East Asia including China and Japan and also working hand-in-glove with the current Chinese regime on the world stage, and in a long run China may also find it difficult to be exempt from the effect of Jewish cultural corruption.