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Creating the Meme Superweapon

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“We are in an information war, and we’re losing that war.” — Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 2011

I had the good fortune to be made aware of this presentation [2] by Dr. Robert Finkelstein, President of Robotic Technology Inc. (RTI). “Military Memetics” is a DARPA-funded, ongoing major project of RTI which is for all intents and purposes part of the privatized arm of the US government. The presentation deals with, in a very stodgy, military sort of way, how and why the military are afraid of cartoon frogs. More usefully it provides their working definition of a meme and how they imagine they might combat them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly their beliefs are deeply similar to ours in regards to the nature of memes, but with a difference of application. Meme theory has followed its own evolution from being originally coined by Richard Dawkins (as analogous to “gene”) in 1976, through to mainstream conceptual development (though not explicit) in the science fiction novel/deep anthropology textbook Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson in 1992, and then blossoming into actuality with the creation of the internet, social networking, and chan culture.

Simply put, a meme is a mind-virus. In Finkelstein’s definition of a meme is information that Propagates, has Impact, and Persists. Finkelstein, given the job, re-uses terminology the military use to describe the effects of chemical and biological weapons. A meme is any unit of info (or any arrangement of material) — knowledge, images, music, catchphrases, visual material, dance moves, ideology, and so on that (in my definition) is propagated through human action, through either cognition (understanding) or disabling and/or replacing cognition. It is information transmission through the cognitive realm that makes a meme a meme, rather than a computer virus, DNA virus, or organism. Finkelstein uses the term “leaping from brain to brain.”

The third slide uses image text “Meme War: The last great battle is fought in the minds of men,”[1] and the presentation defines meme-war as a subset of neuro-cognitive warfare. The Last War against the Last Man is for Europeans, a conflict between “regaining the sense of dynamism we have partly lost”[2] and being subsumed into a shitpile of materialistic subhumanity. The battle to retain biological integrity as a species is essentially a spiritual one, a conflict of Jewish materialistic values and European aesthetic and dynamic ones. It is through this lens that understanding the mechanical aspects of memetics, and how the status quo seeks to weaponize or neutralize our memes, is critically important.

A basic tenet of meme theory is that DNA viruses, computer viruses, and units of information are essentially all alike in being information/arrangements that infect, change the behavior or nature of the host, and propagate geometrically. A Trojan horse virus that compromises a computer, the HIV virus, and Leftist memes are essentially alike in that they are all arrangements of information that the destroy integrity of the host and leave them vulnerable to further infection, but propagate by not having an immediate lethal effect, allowing for their spread. Ebola classically kills faster than it can spread, but HIV is the opposite and therefore has “prevalence,” as do computer viruses and kooky ideas about racial egalitarianism. The DNA shutdown of the immune system and the cognitive refusal of racial instincts have a similar end result — a strong case of being dead, as dippy white hitchhikers are apt to discover. The difference is one of medium. Jews, whilst shady about what goes on in Israeli bio labs, have been openly making memewar on Whites since before the birth of Christ and so have a good understanding of what is going on.

The belief in Leftism, feminism, racism, Communism, and any number of disabling mental states fit Finkelstein’s classification that of being “information pattern(s) that parasitically infect human minds and cause them to propagate the pattern.” So is knowledge of how to make bread, and so is Pepe the Frog.

However, as Finkelstein states, both memes and genes “may have cooperative or adversarial relationships.” Dawkins’ early meme concept is quoted as “altering individual (psychological) and group (sociological) behavior.” Memes change group values, and hence the final, desperate, rearguard action of metapolitics — the defensive posture struck when all material avenues of resistance have been exhausted — is the only one with the means to win, as whites are being dispossessed through a confusion of their group values, and a memetically imposed taboo of advocating our group interests. “A single primary source can originate a meme, (and is usually the case for original memes), and can transmit the meme to hundreds of thousands of recipients,” and “a group can originate a meme, and one or more members of that group can transmit the meme to any number of recipents.”

Meme quantification, like kilo-tonnage measurements of nuclear warheads, is a function of impact, and like fallout, has persistence. Memewar demands seizing means of communication, and control of the media is essential for propagating memes with negative effects — bad memes — because organic transmission and natural selection filter out carriers of bad memes and ultimately the memes themselves. Their ideas are broadcast at saturation and have been for many, many years, because useful information is adaptive, benign, or beneficial, like bread-baking or Pepe the frog; but to turn a people’s values against themselves requires a central control of discourse.

Unsurprisingly, the US government considers psychological operations, and the subset of Information Propagation, Impact, and Persistence, as something spans peacetime as well as war. Their well documented “Limitations include . . . inability to immediately disseminate sophisticated, commercial quality products targeted against diverse audiences” and “Limited ability to disseminate PSYOP products into denied areas.” In a nutshell: The system hates that it can’t saturate your anime imageboard with its own propaganda. The deep state considers Pepe the frog a massive threat, because Pepe evidences three essentials:

  1. There exists a thriving counter-culture independent of established media channels and markets.
  2. Our culture is fundamentally participation driven, self-created and published.
  3. We are capable of having, and are having, a conversation about the establishment in areas that cannot be controlled by the establishment.

Pepe evidences that there is a culture of meme creation that is autonomous, evolving, and able of effecting large scale social consequences. In the words of Finkelstein, “An active insurgency requires the active support of few and the acquiescence of the many.” The counter-culture insurgency of the 1960s and the march through the institutions was a memewar that relied on the committed and active support of the few (white Leftists, a minority in their own group, and ethnically networking Jews), with the express purpose of bringing about the acquiescence of the many (the white majority) to a program of dispossession and tabooification of their collective identity. Metapolitics expresses, refines, and makes war through memes; and hegemony of racial egalitarianism, Hitler-demonology, and white dispossession is simply yesterday’s memewar.

Finkelstein’s presentation, rather distastefully, devolves for a while into a psychological analysis and critique of the “true believer,” of “the fanatic,” of anyone prepared to die for a cause. This is a reflection on his own inability to perceive that he talks from the meme-standpoint that all cultures are equally valid and (somewhat contradictorily), nothing is really worth dying for except for defending a U.S. culture of self-negation.

Culture is memes, and behavior is driven by memes. The next critical component in defining a meme is that it spreads by orders of magnitude through exposure. Bad memes die out. Leftists die childless, cucked, or with interracial offspring that erase what, if any, genetic disposition made them Leftists to start with. The “racial blindness” meme and “white masochism” meme are propagated primarily through centralized mass media, concentrated in the hands of the insurgent few, broadcasting to audiences orders of magnitude larger than their creators. At the time of peak anti-racism, when it was enough to merely insinuate that something could be construed as racist to shut someone up about it, this was the discourse, the narrative, and defined the ideals that the white majority lived by.

If we take Gary Oldman and Ha’aretz at face value that Jews Run Hollywood,[3] then white moviegoers and the white population at large have been absorbing, learning, analyzing, and re-telling Jewish narratives about their histories and their lives, and essentially, as a species, viewing themselves through the eyes of a different ethnic group. This is not through an inability to think, create, write, and publish dissenting material, but through an inability to broadcast it to audiences orders of magnitude larger than the originator(s) and become “memetic.” Free Speech is fine, but affecting social change requires a critical mass to reach “The Tipping Point,” and critical mass is only achievable through geometric and exponential idea spread, i.e. by being a meme. Without internet culture, social networking and the patterns of behavior that comes with it (checking Facebook, sharing funny pictures, receiving news through shared blog posts, learning and socializing through online peer groups), dissenting memes (not just ours) could not gain traction because:

  1. Propagation was insufficient. Without access to mass media broadcasting, disregarding the Trump card, dissenters could not spread their ideas or material or audiences exponentially larger without getting torpedoed by legislation, public opinion condemnation, and so on.
  2. Impact was not strong enough. Too few receptive members in the general public to become active propagators.
  3. Persistence is erased or drowned out by majority noise extremely quickly, leaving only the original actors and/or their immediate colleagues to perpetuate the ideas through close knit groups.

These are all factors not about how good our ideas are, but logistical problems that we are overcoming. Pepe proves that the metapolitical foundations of the globalizing system are dissolving. Everyone’s favorite frog is the token or “hypersigil”[4] of the Alt-Right coalition that is aggressive towards the system, hates what it is doing to the white majority, and is a vehicle for white nationalist ideology — the only ideology capable of saving the founding nation of Real Americans. The Alt Right are master propagators, and our ideas have maximum impact because they are corrosive takedowns of dogmatic ideology. Our ideas persist because they speak to the very deepest and most primal urges buried in every white-collar, low-level, lifelong Republican. In the same way, they are propagated by liberals because they want to signal and cry about how “horrified” they and how their social status is being undermined. In their hearts, they know we’re right [3].

Which leads to the most essential thing that Finkelstein and his DARPA buddies neglect to discuss in their assessment of memes — Truth, or lack of it. Their response to “memes,” or, the ability of whites to talk amongst themselves without Jewish mediation — is to conceptualize a “Meme Control Center” with a Meme and “Counter-Meme Processing Center.” They want and probably already have teams of “cultural anthropologists, linguists, semanticists, psychologists, social network analysts” and so on. They understand well the behavior of information so they can contain it and neutralize it in the same way as a viral biological agent, but are incapacitated at any level beyond that. When our ideas touch their ideas, our ideas win. They have an understanding of how “political disparities” are revealed in fMRI scans, but us White Nationalists are the ones who deal in why sigils, symbols, and ideas take root at a very deep neurochemical level. Ultimately the system believes in nothing except destructive power for its own sake, and this is why its arguments and tactics are so evidentially hollow; its memes and ideals are so tissue-thin that they only persist through constant propagation, and their impact (such as being called “Racist!”) is diminishing daily.

It takes years of indoctrination to learn Leftist nonsense to such a degree that all eventualities can be terminated with goodthink. The lectures needed to reason someone into their own ethnic suicide are many and boring, but an Ultra Rare Pepe is immediate and fun. Objectivism, anti-racism, “Equality and Diversity” are all things that have to be learnt, so much so that one gets accreditations in Equality and Diversity, to prove that one is a “safe” entity and sufficiently trusted not to be an insurgent.

Their solution for MAGA memes and Centipedes is to sit down in a linguistics committee in a top secret facility seven stories below ground and chew pencils until they can figure out what the fuck is so funny about Knife Party and a bellicose billionaire. Memes, information, knowledge, have to have a reason to be transmitted. No one cares about your shitty macaroni picture. Social status, material wealth, and emotional and financial security are no longer intimately tied to the system of mass media, controlled service industries, and the university thought-guilds, and so there is barely any incentive anymore for someone to learn the memes of their own negation. Their bad memes of sickness and death are dying because only pseudo-intellectual tumblristas learn them, as they cannot compete outside of the academic goodthink bubble.

The rest of us are now able to destroy the mental edifice of White self-hatred by attacking it at its weakest points, pointing out its ridiculousness and failure with Counter-Signal Memes for Fashy Goys. Like Hillary Clinton’s collapsing corpus, the cucking industry is only held up by the heavies who take the paychecks. The foundations are gone. The people who have had their brains hijacked with bad memes are on their way to self-extinction, and Kek is laughing as hard as we are. We might not be President now, but soon.


1. The image occurs only one other place on the internet, its original publishing page of “Metameme” ideas. http://rational-buddhism.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/metameme.html [4]

2. Jonathan Bowden, “Western Civilization Bites Back [5].”

3. “Do Jews Run Hollywood?” “You bet they do — and What of It?” Shahar Ilan, Haaretz.com.

4. “When a lot of people pool their united willpower towards a single sigil, its called a Hypersigil, and its exponentially more potent.” https://pepethefrogfaith.wordpress.com/ [6]