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The Insider Threat, from an Alt-Right Viewpoint

MAJOR JIHAD3,887 words

Once I listened to a counter-intelligence agent from the US government give a lecture. He was discussing internal threats, that is to say people who are somehow in the service of the US government who betray secrets or go on to engage in terrorism or other acts of treason. Obviously, a great many are not white, and this is not a surprise to anyone on the Alt Right. 

Orientals and those with Islamic backgrounds are prominent in such treason. One insider threat includes a Korean who was adopted and raised by a white American family.[1] The counter-intel man spoke over and over again about Major Nidal Malik Hasan,[2] the Mohammedan who killed 13 and wounded many others at Fort Hood in 2009. He spoke of the situation in the same way that a parent speaks of a dead child. The agony was apparent. What, if anything, could have been done differently?

You might not realize it yet, but those on the Alt Right are no longer a tiny band of dissidents who are saying politically incorrect things from the dark recesses of the internet. On August 25, 2016, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton ratified the movement when she denounced it in a speech delivered in a hoarse voice in the timbre of extreme mental fatigue. Acknowledging, even to condemn, an intellectual movement is an enormous thing. Additionally, her condemnation will bring more light upon the alt-right movement and the movement is exceptionally logical and reasoned. Indeed, the alt-right is an intellectual movement that is barely beginning to enter into full flower. With Clinton’s condemnation she showed just how much it influenced the GOP’s 2016 primary.

It is also appealing to young, civically virtuous men. That demographic tends to join organizations such as the military. Our young readers, who are now Patrol Leaders in the Boy Scouts at 15 will very quickly become Corporals at 19 — and if they attend college, Second Lieutenants at the age of 21. From those positions they will advance into leadership positions in society, no matter how long or short a military career turns out. Once a person has done a leadership role, one doesn’t get away from it. The situation calls for thinking about the responsibilities of governing.

One of the responsibilities of governing is making sure that your government’s secrets, people, and infrastructure are secure. Those on the Alt Right have much to contribute to the conversation to carry out this important work.

Our Relationship with Government

There are a number of people on the Alt Right that have approached the movement from the anti-government point of view. Many believe that things will be put right when the government “collapses,” and there will be some sort of rebirth. These people are wrong. Indeed, most anti-government attitudes on the part of whites is a fig leaf for concern over Civil Rights legislation. Nice white people can’t really say they don’t like the government policy of Negroes being bussed into their schools or the government policy of Third World Immigration, so instead they’ve created an anti-government fantasy ideology where people would be angels as long as pesky bureaucrats are kept away. The phrase “Keep your government hands off my Medicare” reflects this situation. The central dilemma of the Obamacare fight was whites not wishing to pay for the health care of non-whites, however there was no language in 2008 which to express this rational concern other than that of “anti-government” ideology.

Additionally, no Anglo-Saxon government has also never collapsed such as the governments of Haiti and Somalia. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is an uninterrupted government record that goes back to the departure of the Romans from Britain. Even when William of Normandy conquered England, the English government stayed intact, and William became the government’s head. It is highly likely that the US Government will continue to exist no matter the scope of the next social revolution. We might as well learn to deal with it. Support and study of government could be in our best interest, for one of the North’s advantages during the Civil War was that the Northern unionist political faction controlled the US Federal Government. This gave the North the accumulated wealth of the treasury, the archives, the courts, and the various departments. It also gave the North the legitimate connections through the established embassies with Europe and the rest of the world.

The US Government is set up by whites for whites, as black activists stomping on the US Flag well know, any policy that presumes otherwise, such as busing, or Civil Rights is an expensive and ultimately half-hearted effort. Frederick Douglass referred to this when he called blacks only Lincoln’s stepchildren at best.[3] American alt-rightist raging against “the government” are thus wasting effort. Connecting the civic virtue of the Alt Right to the levers of government power is a far better idea.

The Nature of the Insider Threat and the Metapolitics of Civil Rights

The insider threat has several facets. The first is the very basic, although somewhat rare threat of murder/terrorism. Major Hassan is the worst example, but black soldiers have done sudden attacks throughout American history. The next facet is the threat of espionage. This threat is constant, and currently much government effort is directed towards ferreting out such a thing.

Much of the insider threat is because not all “Americans” are American. Many of the most serious spies are Jews, they include the Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollard.[4] Pro-Soviet Jewish espionage was a major problem in throughout the Cold War. Today, Israeli spying continues to be a problem.[5] Additionally, Israel can very well pass information along to nations more actively hostile to the United States than the Zionist entity.

Chinese espionage against the United States is also quite extensive. Chinese espionage cases are a politically correct list of “Asian whiz-kid” names: Larry Wu-Tai Chin, Katrina Leung, Gwo-Bao Min, Chi Mak, Amin Yu,[6] and Peter Lee.[7] Recently US Navy Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin was captured by the FBI for espionage.[8][9] In 2008, Lin was the subject of one of those horrid newspaper writeups about a Third World person coming to America and “contributing” with military service. The article quotes Lin as saying, “I always dreamt about coming to America, the ‘promised land’ . . .”[10]

Then there are the problems of what Rudyard Kipling called “Egyptian Night.” That is to say, Third World people continue with their Third World ways even if they’ve had American citizenship dumped on them and are working for the US Government in some way. For example, more than a decade ago this author was involved in investigating a case of a missing radio with sensitive encryption technology. Such a radio was subject to a monthly inventory. The investigation determined that the radio had been missing for months. When I asked to see who had done the monthly inventories between the time the radio was last seen for certain and when it was discovered missing, four Korean names popped up. The Koreans had pencil whipped the inventories, but it could have been more sinister. Koreans have a highly corrupt culture filled with Third World style “Egyptian Night” issues. To this day I wonder what happened to the radio. Was is sold on the black market? Did the four Koreans collude to do so? Or was it usual Korean half-measures in doing things leading to the loss? The Army was unwilling to prosecute the four Koreans because the inevitable racial issues which would arise. I still wonder what damage was done if the missing radio made it to a military lab of a rival nation.

Looking at the clear patterns once can easily conclude that resolving much of the insider threat is to not employ “outsiders,” such as Jews, Orientals, etc. in government service. However, at this time, such an option is cut off due to the metapolitical conditions of “Civil Rights.” This metapolitical engine operates from the assumption that the wartime propaganda of the US Declaration of Independence, where “all men are created equal” exceeds the body of law from US Constitution, where “ourselves and our posterity” are paramount.

Of course, one of your own going rogue is always a risk. American turncoat Benedict Arnold and British traitor Kim Philby were both members of their respective nations’ governing class and sine qua non core ethnic group, but this risk has always been rare. No senior white American officer has done what Benedict Arnold did in more than 200 years.[11] The rest of Philby’s social class in Britain goes about their affairs as valiantly (or eccentrically) as ever.

Civil Rights is central to understanding why the “insider threat” is so much more difficult to resolve. In the case of blacks, Americans know there are problems and make private economic decisions to remove themselves from blacks as much as possible. Thomas Jefferson’s description of blacks in his classic Notes on the State of Virginia[12] is valid today, and yet the Civil Rights narrative continues. If one cannot officially take precautions against a troublesome and dysfunctional nation-within-a-nation even with so much historical experience, one cannot put forward reasonable restrictions on any other type of person.

There is a clear link between the Civil Rights laws and ideas in the 1960s and the Equal Opportunity smokescreen that protected Major Hasan as he radicalized in front of the eyes of his comrades. The terrorist Hasan had a series of poor evaluations and delivered a public, pro-Islamist harangue to Army doctors at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Yet his commander didn’t want to do anything for fear an Equal Opportunity Complaint.[13] The owner of the gun shop where Major Hasan got his firearm was suspicious, but sold the gun anyway. Indeed, the city leaders of Killeen, Texas still haven’t moved to shut down Hasan’s mosque.[14] The US Government’s Equal Opportunity offices were set up in 1965 as a response to the Civil Rights victory.[15] Today, Islamist immigrants whose ancestors were not in the US in 1964 can use EO as a smokescreen for terror.

The White Savior Narrative Influencing American Leadership Policies

After Major Hasan went on his rampage, the US Army’s Chief of Staff General George Casey stated that “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”[16] Under the Civil Rights narrative, American government officials are put into a position where they must be a “white savior” to the non-whites and keep the regular mission going. The “white savior” is a white person who motivates, saves, improves, etc. some group of non-whites. Due to this sub-function of the Civil Rights environment, no Chief of Staff can possibly say that Islamic soldiers punch above their weight in insider threat behavior. To this day, more Americans have been killed by Muslims in the US Army than Muslims have been killed on the American side in combat. Saying so is admitting failure as a “white savior.” For the same reason, no American official can say that employing Chinese in sensitive technical positions is a bad idea.

It was not always this way. Americans take an ironic pride that what Europeans call the Seven Years War started when a very young Major George Washington delivered a letter to Jacques Le Gardeur, the French commander at Fort Le Boeuf in the disputed Ohio Country.[17] The letter’s contents contained a demand from the governor of Virginia for the French to vacate the area and acknowledge Virginia’s claims to the region. Famously, the French rebuffed the demand, and that spark ignited what became a global conflict.[18]

On his way back to Virginia, Washington’s Indian guide suddenly turned on him. There are several versions of the story, but for certain the Indian took a shot at the young major and then slipped off into the forest.[19] Prior to the Civil Rights revolution in the 1960s, such a thing was not entirely unexpected, and George Washington’s leadership was not called into question for that event.

Today, a non-white can suddenly turn on a white in the same way, but the ramifications are entirely different. For example, in 1981 there was an incident much like what happened to Washington at the Ingman Range at Camp Casey, Korea. Only this time the situation was worse: a black soldier killed four white soldiers and gravely wounded one after suddenly deciding to “start a revolution.”[20] In 2016 there are were several sudden attacks (one by an ex-soldier) due to the Black Lives Matter protest movement, and, of course, there will be more attacks. The Ingman Range incident is important due to the fact that the precedent setting “spin” that downplayed the incident is carefully documented. Aside from how to send a black violence story to the memory-hole, no critical question related to the Civil Rights metapolitical environment was asked.

Another example of the “white savior” in leadership trumping reality is the race riot on the USS Kitty Hawk which occurred in 1972. The riot took the chain of command by surprise and took hours to resolve. Once again sudden treason — just like Washington’s treasonous Indian guide — occurred, but this time the Navy killed the careers of the lead officers involved, even though those officers beat back the mutiny and continued flight operations on schedule.[21] Unlike the case with Washington, if an “Indian” turns on you today, well it’s your lousy leadership that is the cause.

The Law, the US Constitution, & Metapolitical Environment

One somewhat high-ranking government civil servant who was working at a secure facility on a classified project at a base (now closed) for a war (now over) several years ago told me with considerable, bitter frustration how he was detailed to watch a white electrician make repairs at his site. He was pretty high ranking, and the fact he was escorting a repairman shows his project was pretty important. The electrician was wearing a T-shirt that said “These Colors Don’t Run” with the campy American eagle in red, white, and blue. The worker looked like his ancestors had fought British redcoats in 1776. Meanwhile, a Chinaman he’d never seen before wearing a badge indicating he was “secure” was making a great many copies on the Xerox machine in the area. There was literally nothing within regulations or law that the civil servant could do to straighten out the situation.

This government worker was right to be suspicious, as Chinese espionage in the United States is quite a problem.[22] This espionage is facilitated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,[23] which prohibits discrimination based on a number of factors, one being “national origin.” One would think that discriminating based on national origins against people a rival nation is a wise thing to do when it comes to keeping secrets. However, the Civil Rights environment designed to protect blacks gives cover to all other groups as well.

Rethinking the First Amendment

In addition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the US Constitution also needs a look. The Fourteenth Amendment gave blacks citizenship, and it also has given citizenship to people such as the late Islamic terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. However, other writers have more eloquently argued for reforms for the Fourteenth Amendment elsewhere. In this article, I would like to discuss the First Amendment. This isn’t the standard liberal scheme to restrict free speech. Instead, we need to rethink the “free exercise” of religion.

To adapt a rhetorical technique used by anti-Second Amendment people, the US Constitution was written in the aftermath of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants.[24] It was discovered (probably by accident) after the Treaty of Westphalia, that one could have religious freedom within a secular nationalist order. The Reformation was an argument between monks that got out of hand. Absent the government’s ability to organize violence on behalf of theological disputes, they are of little political consequence.

Islam, however, is different. It has never been present in the United States until recently, and its only social contribution is a pattern of violent insurgency. There have been two Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center. No body of law such as the US Constitution has arisen in the Islamic Word. Islam has not had an Enlightenment. Islam is the religion of low-IQ people who are not of Europe and can’t integrate with Europe, and the religion’s sacred texts call for violent conversion or killing of infidels.

There is a point where the free exercise of religion interferes with the responsibilities of the state or the rights of another person. Human sacrifice based on one’s religion is not protected by the constitution. And neither should be Islam, given that one of the pillars of that faith is Jihad or holy war. Jihad can be interpreted as a personal journey to better serve God. But it is also, and primarily, the violent subjugation of non-Muslims. Is violent Jihad protected under the US Constitution? A lawsuit by a terror victim against a surviving Islamic terrorist or the Mosque the terrorist is linked to needs to be launched with an eye on a pro-white Supreme Court ruling. Is Jihad is a violation of another person’s Civil Rights? If Jihad is not constitutional, is the rest of Islam protected? If it isn’t constitutional, then we have a great tool to make future “Major Hasans” outsider threats, not insider threats.

Suggestions for Institutional Change

The counter-intelligence agent agonizing over what could have been done to prevent Major Hasan’s vicious attack, argued that proper reporting could have changed the day. But he was wrong. Hasan’s Jihadist philosophy was known and reported to his own chain of command. The problem is that the chain of command has no tools to deal with a radicalizing Third World “citizen” of the United States.

As mentioned above, the Equal Opportunity Office not only covers for black dysfunction, it also covers for all Third World malfeasance. EO complaints go one way — the anti-white way — but this institution is built upon sand. As civilizations clash, the Civil Rights narrative will slowly grind away, and new institutions must arise. The EO bureaucracy needs to be replaced by something else.

First, we must recognize that America has an identity, and that identity is normatively white, regardless of how many non-whites currently reside here. This means that there are insiders and outsiders, friends and enemies, us and them. Second, we must police the outsiders within. When Muslim jihadis, Chinese spies, and black troublemakers pop up, real Americans need to report them, which will only happen if the system rewards and protects such behavior rather than punishes it.

We now live in a situation where conflict no longer takes place between uniformed armies moving across clearly articulated national boundaries. The situation is more fluid, and race, color, religion, and national origin are paramount in this conflict. Major Hasan radicalized in plain sight. Yet a policy which granted such a man an officer’s commission was foolish in the first place, a reflection of institutions based on the Civil Rights narrative. This narrative has proved unworkable. Hasan, however is the tip of the iceberg, and he will ultimately not be the last of his kind. The ongoing 2016 election means that more assertive Alt Right involvement in the civil sphere is in demand. The time for new ideas, and new involvement, is now.


1. Intimate, personal involvement with Third World people usually leads to disappointment and tragedy. I wish to emphasize here that the “whites and Asians” meme is a mirage caused by white misinterpretation of images from the Rodney King riots. Asians didn’t throw their lot in with us, and they aren’t that smart.


3. His exact quote is “You are the children of Abraham Lincoln. We are at best only his stepchildren; children by adoption, children by forces of circumstances and necessity.”








11. Edward Snowden, as far as I can tell, was a regular white American. He was NOT a senior white official. For those who call the man a “hero” I offer the following rebuttal. Even in a theoretically pure nation-state which perfectly matches the views of the “alt-right” the lion will not lie down with the lamb and we won’t be able to beat our swords into plowshares and turn our spears into pruning hooks. The government will still need to keep secrets. One way to keep secrets is to hire good people and hold them to their word. Snowden violated his oaths to keep secrets and then went to hide away with a rival to his nation. Does he really think the Russians respect him? Snowden should have handled his internal crisis in a way less treasonous. Another white terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, did commit a serious attack, but he is a one-off, and the result of a mini-insurgency in the American heartland surrounding the Branch Davidian fiasco. McVeigh did not create a pattern of white terrorism.

12. Jefferson writes of blacks that, “They are at least as brave, and more adventuresome. But this may perhaps proceed from a want of forethought, which prevents their seeing a danger till it be present. When present, they do not go through it with more coolness or steadiness than the whites. They are more ardent after their female; but love seems with them to be more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation. Their griefs are transient. Those numberless afflictions, which render it doubtful whether heaven has given life to us in mercy or in wrath, are less felt, and sooner forgotten with them. In general, their existence appears to participate more of sensation than reflection. To this must be ascribed their disposition to sleep when abstracted from their diversions, and unemployed in labour. An animal whose body is at rest, and who does not reflect, must be disposed to sleep of course. Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it appears to me that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason much inferior, as I think one could scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid: and that in imagination they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous…”

13.,8599,1937334,00.html I’ve also heard that Major Hasan had submitted two Equal Opportunity Complaints against his superiors. I cannot verify this with any documentation at this time.

14. The layout of Killeen, Texas is perfectly designed for an Islamic terrorist event. One can arrive at the airport from Khartoum, Mecca, or other savage, Islamic city and quickly get a rental car. In three minutes, one can be at the mosque on Fort Hood Street to “get right with Allah,” then one can stock up at Guns Galore just up Fort Hood Street from the mosque. From there a terrorist can then commit a big time shoot up just up the road at Fort Hood, or any other place near the post. The situation is an outrage.




18. Winston Churchill called the French and Indian War “the first world war” in his book The History of the English-Speaking Peoples. For further reading:



21. “Captain Townsend and Commander Cloud believed, with apparent reason, that the mayhem of October 1972 sidetracked their careers. Captain Townsend never received the promotion to Admiral that normally would have followed his prestigious command, and Commander Cloud ended his career onshore, retiring at the rank of captain.”







  1. WN
    Posted September 1, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    Very good and very interesting piece. Never having served in the military (something I have long regretted purely for personal, perhaps spiritual, reasons), I know little of its culture. I am however aware of its historical sociopolitical importance. I think it is something White Nationalists should study and write more about, particularly, as is obviously the case with Mr. Robinson, if they have intimate knowledge of its internal mechanisms, as well as the correct political views and a sense of history that extends beyond the past decade or two.

    I would also add, that it is pieces like these that make Counter-Currents the best White Nationalist website by miles.

  2. R_Moreland
    Posted September 2, 2016 at 4:26 am | Permalink

    What do members of the armed forces think about the situation in America today? The dispossession of White people, the third world mass migration into Europe and North America, the endless wars on the littoral of Eurasia and Eastasia…

    …is there any questioning of the narrative about forced equality, multicultism, and the idiosyncrasies of the Obama era? Can service members openly question the policies without ending their careers? Is there a simmering resentment under the surface? Or do they go with the flow?

    OK, the US armed forces have been apolitical by tradition. Perhaps this was for the best, when the USA was still a White Republic. And attempting to politicize the military can bring into play regulations on subversion with all the implications. Still, there have been military personnel who have stood up and spoken out: General MacArthur versus President Truman, the Revolt of the Admirals during the early Cold War, Edwin Walker, the Military Reform officers following the Vietnam War.

    This is something which bears further discussion…

    • Lyle Bright
      Posted September 2, 2016 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

      If the Constitution is the primary document, and the Constitution is a group of intentions and solidifications of political philosophy and principles, and if we accept that these ideals must rule in the Republic, I think that white nationalism as social movement is confronted with a whole group of difficulties. It seems that one could only hope to build a movement that, constitutionally, attempted to return to those vital junctures when ammendments were added and *reverse* them through democratic vote.

      The Republic has been transformed substantially in 150 years. America defines itself very differently now. True, it is a mixture of intentions and definitions that seem to barely hang together and perhaps this is a large part of the problem: a crisis seems imminent. All sorts of different conflicting forces make themselves felt and heard.

      Since that is more than likely an impossibility (there would not occur a consensus among the present population to turn back the clock to a former time), that Constitutional route may well be closed.

      If this is so, the only hope that I can see, within a Constitutional frame, is a secession of some sort. That is, a division in the nation. This does not seem very likely. Or if it did happen it would be a momentious event. And stranger things have happened in history.

      What occurs to me is that the entire idea of white self-valuation needs to be recovered given that it has been seriously attacked and undermined for half a century. How could this be undertaken and achieved? I am thinking of Bowden’s ‘the European grammar of self-intolerance’ and how this might be turned around. What might occur in a given society when white people were empowered, confident, non-bowed and non-apologetic: and dedicated to self-preservation?

      But all of this has so many complications within a constitutional republic of equal rights for all citizens.

      Most of this — please excuse me — has merely been thinking out loud …

  3. Lyle Bright
    Posted September 2, 2016 at 8:59 am | Permalink

    “The US Government is set up by whites for whites, as black activists stomping on the US Flag well know, any policy that presumes otherwise, such as busing, or Civil Rights is an expensive and ultimately half-hearted effort. Frederick Douglass referred to this when he called blacks only Lincoln’s step children at best.[3] American alt-rightist raging against “the government” are thus wasting effort. Connecting the civic virtue of the Alt Right to the levers of government power is a far better idea.”

    Your piece inspired me to get hold of a copy of ‘Ourselves and Our Posterity: Essays in Constitutional Originalism’. I think that though most people have begun to feel that government has become so penetrated with what might be generally termed ‘cultural Marxist idealism’ that it cannot and does not serve *our* interests, you present a challenge is to revivify the connection of Anglo-Saxon (etc.) people to their own spiritual heritage.

    I was also interested in your notion of the ‘white savior’ which seems to me related to 19th century anthropology: the white project of ‘civilizing’ the dark masses. There is some irony in noting that the classic SJW, unknown to himself, is the heir to the same project in many senses, except that in the present it has been tinged with Marxist ideology and turns against white identity.

    What an interesting — but an involved and demanding — project it shall be to redefine these areas.

    As a military mind-set, among whites and white nationalists, must look to and spiritually link up with a pan-white world-community (America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia), it does seems to me that this mind-set must shift from an exclusive *American* nationalism and that American military nationalism as we know it might be too narrow ideologically, nevertheless that is also an opportunity for expanding awareness and seeking more contact with other *militants* (in the sense of WN activists working in the idea-realm and opening conceptual paths).

  4. Juston
    Posted September 5, 2016 at 2:06 am | Permalink

    I’ve been out of the Marine Corps for a decade now and it still astonishes me how few veterans truly and consciously know the score. The older the vet, the less likely he will ever come around to fully understand our pov and I fear a significant number of otherwise healthy-minded younger White vets will be lost to our enemies’ mind poison as well.

    Basically, the foundation required for such a transition is not fully prepared at this time. I do believe it is possible. Most active White servicemen and veterans have noble intentions and healthy insticts but like the general White population of normies, lack the intellectual curiosity to have arrived at our truths. With more work and more poking, prodding, and propagandizing they will eventually, if only subconsciously, feel safe coming over to our side. The few who have been gifted with the required mental faculties will find us and consciously come to our side.

    I agree with the main premise of the article. The USG will continue to exist in some form for the foreseeable future and we should attempt to co-opt and take ownership of what is rightfully ours. We have nothing left to lose. For the better part of nearly a century the USG has been usurped and used to wage a cold proxy war against us. If they decide to go hot, well then the red stuff is on their hands. Hell, it already is and even so we ought to go about achieving the fourteen words in as peaceful and orderly a manner as possible.

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