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The Fire Rises

FireRises [1]1,270 words

Many moons ago when Neoreaction was a fighting and fit force in the Twitterati, I would continually criticise NRx’ers for refusing to accept or espouse nationalism — and specifically White Nationalism — as the endpoint and practical upshot of their ideas. Neoreaction eventually disintegrated and became absorbed as part of the Alternative Right coalition because they were disparate collection of individuals with competing theories. Their institutional output is a series of critiques of modernity and comparisons with other social orders, namely monarchism, minarchism, aristocracy, and so on with a focus point of anti-egalitarianism. However, the main currents of Neoreaction never progressed from being against democracy to being for a particular system or style of government, because they defined themselves as organized opposition.

Before one can conquer a state, one has to have a state-in-waiting. The metapolitical critique of electoral politics is that, in the word of Stephen Bannon, “politics is downstream of culture.” To us metapols, ideas must have a hegemony before they can rule securely from the ballot box. When ideas gain enough traction, those with a bias towards action will create political parties, and the parties will look after themselves. Snowflake liberalism has had a hegemony of ideas through the power of centralized mass media and historical forces. Wealth was created by a postwar economic boom, women were already in the workplace from two instigated world wars, and the emergence of a mass production consumer marketplace have drove the near-universal demand for “human rights,” alphabet gender spaghetti rights, and legally protected narcissism. No matter who you voted for, democratic liberalism got in.

Elections have been fought between the “progressive” left and the “conservative” right on the battlegrounds of who can appease the mainstream, and what the mainstream believed in. Politicians made and make entire consultancy careers by guesstimating how much social engineering the people want, and when. At no point has an electoral party effected a sweeping culture upheaval, but follow and bribe mass opinion and opinion formers. In cultural upheaval, opposition parties and individuals — Donald Trump amongst them, have been swept into publicity or power by articulating the cultural change that the establishment either has yet or refuses to acknowledge. The radicals seize power after the destruction of the establishment by being a throwing-forward of majority will. The only power radicals have comes from being the extreme expression of majority will, in a time when the majority finds its condition intolerable. This is why destruction of moderate-led stability and creation of intolerable conditions, Iraq and Syria, creates radicalism and “extremism” as the majority supports their traditional social order being preserved at all costs, and in order to survive it is forced to its most extreme, aggressive and most violent form.

The social order of liberalism, cosmopolitan coffee and trendy race-mixing at the cost of the country, is done. It is disintegrating as the social costs are no longer counted in tax expenditures but in dead bodies. One of the Current Year Tumblr slogans is that “Black Bodies Matter,” because Black Bodies are made to be (((fashionable))) in anti-natal Ghostbusters movies, but white bodies don’t even matter when they’re riddled with bullets and sprawled bleeding over Paris sidewalks. Our majority is likely to turn to extreme and aggressive ethnonationalism as the demographic cooker boils over. The programmed destruction of the white majority is reaching its nadir and our benefactors are determined to ensure its completion, even as the population realizes that all those Cheerios adverts were [2] just a front for the erasure of their homelands and civilization. The decades old question the racial right has been asking itself, ‘When will our people Wake Up(tm)?!” has been answered — in 2016, by Rapefugees, Tranny bathrooms, and BLM.

The soaring popularity of the Alternative Right coalition is the metapolitical success of us a loose collection of individuals in pushing arguments that refute leftist, white-marginalizing dogma. Alt-Right arguments and their evident truthiness have amassed enough of an online following that we can now shove back against the establishment and set the conversation on our terms. Hillary’s acknowledgement of the Alternative Right and our “divisive” nature is proof enough that the establishment is worried that they no longer control the conversation, and that we are having a conversation amongst ourselves about what to do about them. We have reached enough normies that there is a mass of white people equipped with Pepe Frogs, Brexit and Build the Wall imagery too large to condemn as “neo-Nazis.” We have graduated from “First they ignore you…” to “Then they fight you,” as Hillary’s PR team are stocking up on rhetoric about ‘white supremacy’ as well as prop-pillows.

When the Alternative Right Coalition wins, it will be the destruction of the post-1965 boomer order and the throwing out of all their dogmas, foibles and sacred icons. Race mixing will become publicly condemnable. After President Trump, we’re going to disband the BBC. The essential and repressed aspects of White Anglo-Saxon culture will be able to breathe fitfully and without shame if we keep up the fight. Morris Dancers [3] will sleep soundly in their beds that they won’t be banned from parades on spurious grounds, and black metal performers [4] will need not fear “antifa” preventing them playing. Most importantly, whites will no longer fear being doxxed or losing their jobs over non-PC opinions. The democrat will have been de-fanged. The fear conditioned into our own minds of speaking in our own interests will have been vanquished, because enough of a corner will have been turned towards sane policy and advocacy of implicitly pro-white policy.

This is all to come as the establishment is destroyed. However, the Alternative Right will melt away at its moment of victory, as the coalition is one of people who understand enough to be against the establishment, yet may not be explicitly for White Nationalism. They may be hucksters like Milo Yiannopoulos who want to carve out a name for themselves and save their own sorry skin by diverting white energy away from our own interests to Jew-friendly abstracts like “Western Values,” or they may be HBD nerds, neoreactionaries and oddballs who push against the establishment for its failings, but never invest themselves in explicit White Nationalism for a plethora of personal reasons, flaws, and excuses.

The Alternative Right only has relevancy insofar as it pushes back and destroys establishment control. When that battle has been won, it is up to White Nationalists and White Nationalists alone to capture the center ground. No other group has anything to offer except the same mishmash of soft communism, third world colonization, and our racial apocalypse. As Neoreaction was rendered obsolete by the Alternative Right that dared to incorporate ethnic nationalism, White Nationalism dares to make high flying talk a practical reality. Although we embrace intellectual critique, in the end we speak in about objective goals.

It is implicit White Nationalism that drives the success of the Alt Right. When you strip away the civic nationalist shills and controlled opposition, the real Alt Right is a coalition that serves to destroy what prevents White Nationalists from building anew. New states are founded not merely by opposing existing states, but by groups of self-sacrificing radicals who stand on their ruins, striving for a vision that can be built when the previous era has been swept away. Destruction is fun, but creation takes work. For this reason, we White Nationalists must maintain our identities and swell our ranks as the establishment burns. When the establishment goes down, the fire of the Alternative Right will fizzle out, but the fire of White Nationalism will rise, ushering in a new Age of Truth.