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How Trump Should Answer Clinton’s Upcoming Attack on the Alt Right

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VastJust like I suggested the proper way Trump should have responded to the DNC attack by the alien NEC Brown Star family, I now suggest — this time in advance — the proper way for Trump to respond to Hillary Clinton’s scheduled Thursday attack on Trump’s supporters in the Alt-Right. 

Of course, his response should in part depend on what the harridan actually says, but his riposte should include something like this:

The fundamentally dishonest Hillary Clinton is trying to distract the American people from their very real problems by unfairly mischaracterizing a group of people who are among my supporters. Crooked Hillary can smear me and these people all she wants, but the truth is that these folks she attacks are decent Americans — American citizens — deeply worried about the direction of our great country.  And they have a right to be worried, and to be even more worried about what will happen to America if my opponent is elected.

Maybe if Hillary would worry more about the very real worries of honest, law-abiding American citizens, instead of worrying about illegal immigrants, Syrian refugees, and how to cover up her scandals and frauds, she would know why so many Americans are worried — worried AND angry — about the direction America is headed.

Hillary Clinton can say whatever she wishes, but the American people will not be fooled. And even though I do not agree with all my supporters on everything they say or believe, I’m not going to throw my own supporters under the bus. Maybe if the Establishment had done a better job listening to the American people, there wouldn’t be so much anger and division in this country, after eight years of Barack Obama’s failed Presidency.

Etc. Etc. Etc.  Some variation of that would work well — defuse the attack while maintaining the respect of Trump’s core supporters.

Can he do that, instead of ignoring it,  or muttering “disavow, disavow, disavow”?

By the way, the idea that a “pivot” is required is pure stupidity. Trump’s problem has never been his original hard-line on immigration. After all, he was very tough on immigration at the RNC, and came out of that in good shape. His hard-line didn’t hurt him when he was doing better at the polls. No, his decline has more to do with his Twitter buffoonery more than anything else. It’s Trump the man who needs a pivot, not his immigration policies.





  1. James O'Meara
    Posted August 24, 2016 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

    Make sure she has an up to date reading list, Greg!

  2. Frank C
    Posted August 25, 2016 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    The number one point I’d make regarding attacks against the Alt-Right? Simply that if the Founding Fathers were around today, they’d be proud members. The Alt-Right stands for tradition and identity and the Founding Fathers would be standing with us and against those who seek to destroy the people and culture that they represented. (Also standing with us would be Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and virtually every American president before JFK).

  3. Lothar von Trotha
    Posted August 25, 2016 at 2:10 am | Permalink

    Exactly. All he needs to do is say something like “Hillary must be worried about the Clinton Foundation leaks to go back to the old establishment wheelhouse of shouting ‘racism!’ to deflect from her own corruption. Americans are sick of fake solutions and political correctness while things get worse and worse. We have very real challenges in this country; I have the solutions, Hillary has more of the same, and the American people will not be so easily distracted by Hillary trying to divert their attention by talking abuot social media when we have real problems, problems created by the corrupt status quo that Hillary represents.” It wouldn’t alienate any of us, it would desensitize people and get them skeptical about the old “RACISM!” tactic, hopefully he has someone smart telling him this instead this. He needs more of this, and less of this Kellyanne Conway Ted Cruz castoff, who seems to be the one responsible for his disheartening shift toward only deporting illegals with a criminal record, when they should all have criminal records by virtue of simply being in this country.

  4. R_Moreland
    Posted August 25, 2016 at 2:47 am | Permalink

    Greg, if nothing else, H Clinton’s planned speech shows that the Alternative Right has “arrived.”

    In 2016 the Alt Right has become a topic for national debate among conservatives and an item of horror for the liberal-left—as well as having an impact on the presidential election. Perhaps this is the payoff for years of meta-politicking and utilization of the Internet for an online insurgency.

    Regardless, there may be a surge of inquiries re the Alt Right: from reporters, disaffected conservatives, defecting leftists, middle-of-the-roaders who had never heard of the Alt Right before, political kingmakers, and whomever else. Alt Right websites need to be ready for this.

    There ought to be links to articles explaining the Alternative Right, While Nationalism, Archeofuturism, the meaning behind cuckservative, and “why we fight & write.”

    Look at articles which would interest specific demographics: gunowners, immigration restrictionists, H P Lovecraft aficionados, law enforcement officers fed up with BLM, students fighting against PC, working class people dispossessed in the Rustbelt, Randians who want to get some objective analysis about globalism, scientists who want to tell the truth about race & genetics, anyone who wants to fly the Confederate or Gadsden flag, Star Wars/Star Trek fans alienated by the current wave of movies, and many more. The Alt Right has something for just about everyone.

    Aside from articles, there are some very good Alt Right videos online, notably the song parodies coming out of And there are the podcasts which provide lots of information.

    Consider how to respond to requests for interviews from the media, whether mainstream or alternative. Might even have a press release or two handy.

    There also needs to be information for people who want to do something: how to get involved as an activist; which books to buy from CC, Arktos, and other publishers; procedures for people producing their own Alt Right media; and (if all else fails) where to send money.

    There’s the bandwagon effect. People want to be on the winning team. Brexit, the Trump Tide, and the rise of European nationalist parties show the historical trend is turning towards the Alt Right. It’s an opening for White Americans to be part of a bigger struggle, one which finally represents their interests.

    The Alt Right has been handed a real opportunity. Let’s see it exploited.

  5. George Fungas
    Posted August 25, 2016 at 3:16 am | Permalink

    This is not what I had in mind, Trump does not need to cover or make excuses for the Alt-Right. He needs to win. He’s not going to win over actual middle of the road voters by vaguely defending internet Nazis.

    I can take a punch, i can take the heat, Trump is free to disavow me. Can you handle the heat, Ted?

    • Ted
      Posted August 25, 2016 at 4:28 am | Permalink

      “I can take a punch, i can take the heat, Trump is free to disavow me. Can you handle the heat, Ted?”

      Since I do NOT consider myself part of the “Alt-Right” not even a member of the laughable “movement” then the “heat” and “punch” are irrelevant to me. I also can care less what the vulgar buffoon Trump thinks about Ted Sallis.

      ” He needs to win. He’s not going to win over actual middle of the road voters by vaguely defending internet Nazis.”

      Seems to me the more he wildly cucks (and make no mistake, he’s recently been yowling Cuckadoodledoo! with gusto), the more he falls behind in the polls. Reality is that the chance of him winning is low, but it is possible. To do so, throwing his core supporters under the bus to appeal to people who are not going to vote for him no matter what he says is NOT the way to do it.

      Trump imitating McCain or Romney is not the path to victory. Trump sticking to his original views, but doing so with message discipline and professionalism is the narrow path. The current Trump is sounding like Jeb Bush in TV interviews and like Roissy on Twitter. Not a good combination.

      My suggestion here is how to deflect the attack by Clinton while still appealing to his base. Don’t you know by now that the media is going to attack him no matter what he says or does? If he sneezes in public, headlines will be: “Crazy Trump unleashes biological warfare attack.” Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites. If he’s going to be attacked anyway, he may as well not appear weak and apologetic, since his worshipers in Der Movement tell us that Trump’s popularity is due to his “alpha male” characteristics.

      Being an apologetic beta race cuck is not “alpha.”

  6. Proofreader
    Posted September 1, 2016 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    Just like I suggested the proper way Trump should have responded to the DNC attack by the alien NEC Brown Star family, I now suggest — this time in advance — the proper way for Trump to respond to Hillary Clinton’s scheduled Thursday attack on Trump’s supporters in the Alt-Right. [what does “NEC” stand for?]

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