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Black Whims Matter

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With Death-By-Shillary occupying the Alt-Right headlines, it’s been difficult to fully reflect on what 2016 has brought us so far. We’ve had highlights including Alex Jones driving a Turk into a histrionic rage, Trump completely wresting control of the GOP using it as a stepping stone to the throne, the vampire Soros having the torch of truth shone upon him, and an increase in tempo of terrorist attacks in France. All very good things and causes for celebration as the Left melts down into nonsense, hysterics, and neo-Marxist incoherence. The surge of energy behind the Right is coming from the fact that non-White on White terrorist attacks are now so frequent and commonplace as to become mundane, and the liberal media apologetics are ever more obvious. I believe that the conflicts between Whites and those nurtured to destroy us is exceeding the media’s ability to prevent people “noticing.” 2016 is the year where the constant violence by underclass Blacks and global underclass refugees has made it clear that Diversity Isn’t Working, and cannot be made to work. The Caucasoid frog is not so much oblivious to rising temperature — as evidenced by the overwhelming support for Trump — but in a state of denial that the eventual and only solution to the terror threat is ethnic balkanization or deportation.

In a way, we were always going to win before it was “too late.” While (((some groups))) practice warfare by deceit, their proxy armies and street soldiers aren’t nearly so considerate and only become useful when agitated in a very extreme and explicit way. I.e. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter has been a godsend for White Nationalists because it brings a political dimension to otherwise shapeless Black riots and crime. BLM is a sort of bizarro world Black nationalism where lacking an authentic leadership cadre, they become the extreme and logical endpoint of liberal thought and tools in the hands of George Soros, who lavishly funds the group and buses them to whichever location they want to “protest” at next. Their existence, activity and message — whilst abhorrent — drives home a message that it is ethnic differences, not just ideological ones, that make coexistence impossible.

Meanwhile in Europe, the conflict between us natives and the invaders is couched in the language of human rights, refugees, Islam, and the phantom of “Islamic Extremism.” Reactionary energy is sucked up and diverted by state assets into handwringing about mythical Moderate Muslims and NAXALT, it’s “just the extremists,” and so on.

Black Lives Matter across the Anglosphere has very helpfully intervened and insisted that this is an ethnic conflict, and that maintaining the multiculture means putting Blacks first, in every scenario and regardless of the cost. BLM are a terrorist organization with the murder and attempted murder of police officers on their hands, as well as civilian beat-downs of Whites in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Putting aside the weekly chimpouts and burning neighborhoods in the US and the sniper rifle bullets through uniforms, one incident in London’s Hyde Park was revealing: A “water fight” with an entirely Black demographic predictably “turned violent.” Crowds chanted “Black Lives Matter!” at police, threw bottles, and stabbed them. The provocation was that an unauthorized sound system was being set up, and the police had stepped in to prevent an impromptu rave. Never mind that in England there are very strict laws on the books to prevent unauthorized public assembly — these legal weapons are only ever levelled against nationalist reactionaries like Britain First and EDL marchers — Blacks are allowed to chimp about as they feel. Needless to say, no widdle Tray-Trays were being gunned down with their hands up, yet White police officers ended up being hospitalized. Black Whims Matter. Yours don’t.

And here’s the fun thing: there is no point at which law and order ceases to be “oppressive,” and no police action against Blacks, however proportionate or well-documented will ever be gentle enough for the fragile ego of the average African-American. Even when civil society in erased and replaced with the law of the jungle, Blacks will not be happy, and their lives will continue to “Matter” more than the lives of Whites, and especially White police. Blacks correctly assess that in the West, they are uprooted, cosmopolitan, and out of control of their racial destiny, and lacking the smarts to compete in a quasi-capitalist marketplace even with constant anti-White discrimination in Affirmative Action and ‘Equality’ statutes, the majority of them will be hung out on welfare and condemned to a life in the ghetto by their own inability. The lashing out and insistence of “safe spaces” — a return to Black autonomy, kept on financial life support by endless gibs and White do-gooders rebuilding their homes and lives after the colored inhabits let them go to ruin — is Blacks realizing that they will never be at home in the West, and cannot meet the standards of White society. No amount of dead police officers will ever be enough to compensate for the humiliation Blacks feel at not being able to assimilate into the White majority or to reign in their high-time preference criminal impulses. They want the gibs without the shame that comes from not being able to make it when a ghey-ass White boy can.

Unlike Unexploded Muslims which can come in any color of convert, how to deal with Black Lives is a racial question. Any Black can be a member of “Black Lives Matter.” They just have to repeat those three magic words that legitimize smashing a White guy in the head for being on the wrong turf. When the White majority decides that White Lives Matter just as much as Black Whims, it won’t be long before Blacks will have to work out how much their lives really matter in Africa, or some other place far away from a White society sick of their dysfunction, ingratitude, and abuse.



  1. matt
    Posted August 19, 2016 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    About 250 cruise ships in the world with an average capacity of 3500 passengers. With 46 million blacks in the US, that would require 52 round trips across the Atlantic. Figure a month for each round trip, and it could all be over and done with in about 4 years.

  2. Hibiscus
    Posted August 20, 2016 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

    I am currently reading Where Black Rules White by Hesketh Prichard, an account of Haiti 95 years after all whites were massacred the day after Independence was declared. Apart from the decay and squalor, the society they formed is fascinating – part nod to French colonisers of the past and part pure West African villager. He notes the fire-scarred buildings and comments that the Haitian always starts a revolution by setting fire to the settlement. When will the old survival call in whites’ blood be roused? Has Christianity completely chucked us?

  3. R_Moreland
    Posted August 21, 2016 at 5:37 am | Permalink

    We have to ask if the BLM movement is not the American version of the Arab Spring revolutions which have swept the Middle East over the last several years. We can see the same players: shadowy networks of “activists;” the denizens of the White House dictating the party line at press conferences; international financiers providing buckets of cash; the mainstream media cheerleading the Beltway narrative; and the mobs in the streets chanting slogans and engaging in general mayhem.

    The ultimate objective is not to push through a radical agenda, pace the laundry list of BLM demands. It’s to keep society in a constant state of chaos. As the article notes, no amount of concessions will integrate the majority of the black demographic into White civilization (owing to whatever genetic-cultural-psychological factors we might name). There will always be something to trigger protests, riots and now acts of terrorism – whether a lack of opportunity for the sector testing a standard deviation below the IQ norm, or a ghetto punk gunned down by a street cop.

    And that’s what makes the system work. It’s a state of Permanent Revolution.

    To paraphrase Orwell, the uprisings are not intended to overthrow the system but to be continuously fought, this time in the streets. Whatever the radical pretensions of BLM, the Arab Springs or the anti-apartheid movement before them, they are part of the system. Hostile elites exploit the disruptions to secure their own power through the various strategies of divide-and-conquer. The White middle class is assaulted and undermined, whether in Ferguson, Milwaukee, Malmo, Calais or London. Cities like Salisbury and now Johannesburg are lost altogether. The demoralization-destruction of the White middle class puts the kibosh on the development of a nationalist-labor movement which might counterbalance globalization. And despite (really because of…) the global “revolution,” the internationalization of finance and the importation of the third world into western Europe and North America continue at breakneck speed.

    Pay attention to that Man Behind the Curtain…

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