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Two New Poems

anarchist_3508 [1]204 words

Agent Provocateur

Courage? Beware of those who show no fear,
Those who do not grow pale as dangers near,
Those seemingly valiant folk who do
Not share in anxious concerns with you:
There is something wrong with them. They appear
Unconquerable, yes, but to be here
At this time and not be scared? That’s not true
Courage. Beware. 
Be alert. Brave people know fear. Sincere
People have doubts. Let us be very clear
About those who say there is nothing to
Be frightened of — there are reasons those who
Don’t seem afraid will never question their
Courage. Beware.
Dolchstoßlegende Moderne

Make believe that some things matter less to
You than they do. Make sure that you appear
Genuine and interested in those who
Are in position to reengineer
Just about everything about your past
And your future. Make nice with the ruling
Faction of world monoculture and you’ll last,
Even prosper — resistance is grueling
And it doesn’t pay at all. Start recanting
Everything, telling yourself it’s for your
Children: they’ll have to grow up on one wing
Or the other of the new world order,
So, claim the Right is wrong. You might as well.
There never was a snowball’s chance in hell . . .