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The Happening

BlackSwan [1]1,788 words

For years I’ve been predicting it. With absolute confidence, I’ve been claiming that its arrival is a certainty. So why do I feel so surprised, and a trifle disoriented that it is now happening? What is “it”? It’s The Happening. I didn’t invent this expression. I heard a couple of people use it at the recent New York Forum. Perhaps “The Convergence” would be more appropriate. Perhaps I could even give in to my Heideggerian vice [2] and call it The Event (Das Ereignis). But I like The Happening.

I think you already know what I mean, but let’s make it explicit. For years I have been maintaining, along with others, that the truth cannot be suppressed forever, that the whole edifice of lies would eventually crack and the Establishment crumble, that our people would rise up, etc. I predicted that at a certain point we would see things begin to “tip” as more and more individuals spoke forbidden truths. This is now happening. The Washington Post recently published a breathless article (by a non-White reporter) about how the Brexit vote has “normalized racism,” by making the British more open — horrors! — about expressing their desire to “get their country back [3].”

Then there was the remarkable incident on CNN when a panelist dared to bring up cold, hard facts about Black crime [4]. Predictably, pandemonium ensued. Yet after a brief Google search I cannot find any mention of the speaker, Harry Houck, having been fired or having apologized. Let us pause to savor this fact, for it is remarkable.

Still more remarkable, however, was the incident that occurred less than a week ago on MSNBC when Iowa Congressman Steve King actually defended white people [5]: “This ‘old, white people’ business does get a little tired,” King said. “I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about — where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

Admittedly, King watered things down by saying that he was speaking of “Western civilization.” But everyone knows exactly what he meant. Again, there was a hue and cry — though strangely more muted than it might have been only a year ago. And King has not backed down, going so far as to say in a subsequent interview “The idea of multiculturalism, that every culture is equal — that’s not objectively true [6].”

So why exactly is The Happening happening? Note that I have so far not mentioned Donald Trump. Thursday night I watched his speech at the Republican convention. I have no idea how long it lasted, though pundits later described it as longish. For me, time stopped. I sat there transfixed, hanging on his every word, utterly delighted that Trump had not backed down one bit. In fact, he had doubled down. The speech was brilliantly crafted and hard hitting, and Trump is a masterful orator. Even his adlibs were deft and amusing, and though I was aware that he was departing from a prepared text, Trump managed to deliver the speech with such skill it did not seem as if he was reading. My thoughts occasionally turned to Hillary, who I know must have been watching — and who ought to be nervous as all hell, for she’s a terrible speaker. But mostly I felt a rising sense of euphoria — which has lasted into the next day — and also the same sense of disorientation I mentioned earlier. Can this really be happening?

It’s clear that Trump is emboldening people to speak their minds, as in the cases I cited earlier. But Trump is not the explanation. The Happening is not just happening in the U.S., after all. There is Brexit. And Brexit will not do as an explanation of the tide turning for Britain. Whence comes Brexit? Whence comes Trump? We can, of course, point to a number of factors that seem to have converged. There is, first and foremost, the accelerating madness of political correctness, which now demands that white people commit physical and cultural suicide in the name of “diversity.”

For years it was possible for white Americans to insulate themselves from Mexicans and to explain away crimes committed by illegals as the work of a few inevitable “bad apples.” This isn’t possible with radical Muslims — who increasingly look like the only Muslims there are. Surely, I thought, liberals will have to recognize the grave danger posed by admitting these people. Surely feminists will rise up to denounce the epidemic of rapes in Germany, Sweden (now the rape capital of Europe, thanks to Islam), and elsewhere. Surely feminists will denounce the barbaric treatment of women throughout the Muslim world. Surely liberals will be a trifle . . . uh . . . disturbed by the recent poll showing that 52% of Muslims in Britain would like to criminalize homosexuality [7] (which had been decriminalized in Britain in 1967).

But no. And this has exposed two facts with such complete clarity that even honest but dimwitted people can see them: (1) The priority for white liberals is the destruction of whites and white liberal society; (2) white liberals are stark raving mad. This last point is not a joke and must be taken very seriously. I have several friends, none of them particularly “right wing,” who have told me they regard Angela Merkel as a literal madwoman. (Why are whites peculiarly susceptible to the suicidal fanaticism of the Left? A good answer — or at least a good place to start — is to be found here [8].)

Each week seems now to bring news of another attack in Europe — the latest a jihadist shooting spree at a Munich shopping mall. It’s now impossible to watch reports of these events and think “well, that’s over there.” Americans seemed to think for a while that 9/11 would be an isolated case. Then came San Bernardino and Orlando. (And much in between — for a relatively complete list of Muslim terror attacks in the U.S. see here [9].) It’s impossible not to connect the dots between these events and our immigration policies, and not see ourselves headed toward disaster. Impossible, that is, for honest folk. And those same folk are now recognizing the stark contrast between their fears and the insane denial of the Leftists.

These acts of Muslim terrorism against our people are horrific and deplorable — but they are also manna from heaven for our cause. So is Black Lives Matter. As the aforementioned remarks of Mr. Houck indicate, we have reached a tipping point in our national “conversation about race.” The more our nappy-headed malcontents continue to block roads and bridges, voicing their dissatisfaction at enjoying a higher standard of living than they would anywhere else in the world, and the more cops they shoot, the less polite white Americans are going to become.

Openly discussing crime statistics is just the beginning. Americans are tired of pretending that black problems are due to something other than black inferiority. They have reached, in fact, the breaking point. Having already consented to give preferential treatment to other people’s children (something absolutely unprecedented in the history of the universe) they are now rather perturbed that they continue to be blamed for everyone else’s problems.

And the transgender madness is just the cherry on top.

I could go on, of course, listing all the ways in which the Left has pushed things too far, all the elements that have come together to create the “perfect storm” that is The Happening. And I’m sure we could argue over this endlessly. Ultimately, there is no way to explain exactly why The Happening is happening. Incidentally, I believe that the use of the term “happening” as a noun originated in the 1960s, where it was associated with hippie counterculture. A happening was an event in which people spontaneously got together, and the right mixture of personalities, music, location, and drugs (one assumes) produced a kind of special, unrepeatable moment. (I gave a pretty good description of my own involvement with such hippie happenings here [10].)

I remember countless occasions in years past when my right wing friends and I would get together after some event and say to each other “This is it. This time people are going to wake up! This is the turning point! It’s happening!” But it didn’t. Doubtless these events planted seeds, but there was not the shift that seems to be occurring now — not the unmistakable feeling that there’s something in the air; that feeling that makes us rejoice and makes the Left truly frightened (as witness the unguarded, over-the-top hysteria of their attacks on Trump). Why now? There is no definitive answer to this.

So let us set the question aside and savor the fact that, whatever the reasons, it is undeniably happening.

To go back to the question I posed much earlier, why am I so surprised that things are going pretty much exactly as I predicted? For one thing I’m surprised that it’s happening now, or so soon. I had almost given up any hope of seeing progress within my lifetime. But the deeper reason for my surprise is that I doubted myself. I harbored a secret fear that I might be wrong, and that there might be no hope for us at all — ever. I know this admission will strike a chord with many of my readers. And I’m sure there will be those — the naysayers among us — who will post comments saying that I’d better not count my chickens, or worse yet some conspiratorial nonsense about Trump, or Brexit, or whatever. (Please don’t bother: I won’t respond to you.)

One of the major things I’ve been attempting to do in these essays for the past five years is to buck up my readers: to argue that we must have hope, for a defeatist attitude will accomplish nothing. (Good examples of this are here [11] and here [12].) If you had the impression that I was trying to convince myself as much as I was trying to convince you, that’s right. But now there is abundant evidence that all that positive thinking has actually paid off.

Don’t misunderstand me: we’re a long, long way from victory. And the “perfect storm” really isn’t a storm yet: but there are ominous black clouds, and definite rumblings. Still, now we have some evidence that history is going our way. Let’s keep doing what we are doing, because it’s paying off. And if you can do nothing else, then donate to those who are working full time for our cause [13].

Let’s also pause to rejoice. There is a God after all — for God is Truth, the philosophers tell us, and the truth is winning. Shame on us for having ever doubted it. Well, shame on me.