The Dallas Massacre, the Tyranny of Bullshit, & the Pseudo Alt-Right

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“Black lives matter, Blue Lives Matter, All lives matter” — Bang! Bang! Bang! Splatter splatter splatter!”

Right now, the media — both the old desiccated mainstream version and the snarky shitposty memey new version, powered by the autistic and lonely — has a glint in its eye, a bounce in its step, and a tremulous quaver in its voice. In other words it has something to bang on about — a bit like the sniper(s) and other assorted thugs in Dallas, responsible for the deaths of five police officers and the wounding of seven.

But there is an iron law at work here: the more reason the media has to be going into overdrive, the less it can be relied on to say anything of sense and worth. This is because it is being driven by emotions, and emotions are stupid, and being stupid they simply swirl around and reinforce the pre-agreed stupidities that our modern multiculturalist materialist society is based upon.

Events like Dallas simply provoke an upwelling of emotion and hot air that bring the smell of the bullshit our society is cemented with so pungently into our nostrils.

For those of us on the Alt-Right this is particularly noticeable in the outpourings of the much-better-funded pseudo Alt-Right — sites like Infowars, Takimag, Stefan Molyneux, and Breitbart — where we see a tendency to paper over the cracks and revert to the kind of lazy universalist thinking and value systems that are the foundation of cuckoldry (i.e. giving up your own group preference while merely hoping that others will do it).

On a cold clear day — one without steaming “pigs in blankets” — the pseudo Alt-Right is capable of sidling up to issues of race realism, racial asymmetry, and the incompatibility of certain groups living together in society. But on a day like today and those that will follow in the wake of Dallas, the pseudo Alt-Right can be expected to signal very hard towards the default cuckservative position that “all lives matter” (emotionally trembling voice).

Here’s my fellow Scotsman Gavin McInnes on the Dallas shooting: “Oops, We Started a Race War! [2]

After knocking off a bit of low-hanging fruit like he usually does — i.e. the schoolmarmy nature of the mass media and the bugbear of cultural Marxism (a conveniently nebulous and multi-applicable term that right-wing commentators invoke when they want to empower feels) — Gavin reminds his readership of what they already knew, namely that Dindu-slaughtering racist cops are statistically irrelevant. He mentions spiders. In other words, “Black man, why you so mad?”

Here we see McInnes blatantly applying the universal standards of conservatism and expecting Black people, whom HBD destiny has condemned to being 20 IQ points down on the wrong side of racial asymmetry, to think and act like White people.

McInnes’ solution is to fall back on — and double down on — the implicit Whiteness of small government libertarian capitalism, as if that’s going to make everything all right. Any sensible person can see this for what it really is — a pathetic right-wing version of moral signalling, i.e. saying something ostensibly fair-minded but with zero chance of emerging in the real world.

McInnes then rounds of his article by picking up some more low-hanging fruit, reminding us that Marx and the people who love him are a bit shitty — I think that nail’s already in. In a nutshell McInnes’ response to Dallas is “All lives matter and muh freedoms.” Nice way to keep the race war simmering!

He also links to my fellow Brit, Paul Joseph Watson [3] of Infowars, who makes the same rationalist case that Black people are not being oppressed and how wonderful that is. He does this largely by pointing out how violent and criminal Blacks are, which, amusingly, kind of undercuts his point about how not oppressing Blacks is a good thing. But apparently the thuggishness is all down to something called “gangsta kulture,” which involves setting your baseball cap at a jaunty angle and not wearing Thomas Sowell’s woolly pullovers.

The video then gets really crappy by including a snatch of Martin Luther King, whom Watson obviously looks up to — or pretends to look up to — as a great man who achieved racial equality.

What people like McInnes and Watson fail to realize — or actively ignore (hence the better funding) — is that there is no such thing as racial equality, and setting that up as a value that can supposedly unite a racially asymmetric country like America simply stokes the conflict.

When MLK dispensed his communist-inspired Pollyanna back in the 1950s and ’60s, the underlying premise was that Blacks had simply been held back in the same way that Russian serfs, Irish potato farmers, and Sicilian peasants had been held back, namely by an unjust social system that did not reflect differences but rather created them.

While in the case of historically oppressed White groups this was largely true and we have plenty of evidence to show that, in the case of Black Americans it clearly was not. Leftists, Liberals, and Cuckservatives simply got things the wrong way round.  The supposedly unjust social system of segregation did not create the racial differences, it merely reflected them, contained them, and actually ameliorated them.

Indeed, it was so successful in doing this that it allowed Leftists to create the illusion that Blacks weren’t so different after all, and that a few years of education, improved job opportunities, and shared drinking fountains would allow them to slot neatly into American society with the ease of any white immigrant groups.

Since then nothing that has happened in America has even remotely indicated that this thesis was even partly correct. Indeed, ironically one of the main proofs that this thesis was deeply flawed is the very fact that Black people themselves, as a group, are entirely incapable of perceiving how wrong that thesis was, a fact that continues to generate alienation, paranoia, anti-White racism, and violence.

These are all tendencies and emotions in the Black community that can only be stifled by oppression, whereas, in fact, since the election of Obama they have only been green-lighted. The shooting of the officers in Dallas is the logical outcome of this situation and is proof — yet again — of the incompatibility of Blacks and Whites in the same society on the basis of equality. None of this is very new. Let me end with Abraham Lincoln’s most cutting, true, and uncompromising quote. Although note here too the note of cuckoldry at the end:

There is a physical difference between the white and black races, which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.