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That’s President Troll to You

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10-donald-trump-debate.w529.h352 [1]On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Wikileaks published Democratic party emails revealing levels of cheating, corruption, and clown-car incompetence that shocked even the most jaded cynics. The Democrats responded like a naughty six-year-old caught red-handed. They simply tried to change the subject. The emails, they said, were hacked by the evil Russians. So I guess we are supposed to disregard their contents. 

As someone on Twitter remarked, the Democrats would rather further sour our relationship with the world’s second most powerful country than take responsibility for fixing primaries, colluding with corrupt journalists, and selling offices. Libya and Syria are in ruins, and Europe is flooded with rapists, jihadis, and welfare parasites, all because of Hillary Clinton’s ambitions. But these are small prices to pay compared to increasing the threat of nuclear war. Imagine what she would be capable of if she actually became president. There’s a word for people who are willing to destroy other people’s lives just to feel good about themselves: evil.

In his press conference [2] on Wednesday, July 27, Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens.” Trump is referring to the 30,000+ government emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her private server when she was Secretary of State, probably to cover up her gross negligence in handling classified information. People who are not named Clinton have gone to jail for much smaller indiscretions.

So, if the Russians were behind the DNC hack — and there is no evidence that they are — maybe they can provide us with the missing emails. Trump was mocking the childish evasions of the Democrats and underscoring the shameful state to which they have brought this country. In truth, anybody could have hacked Hillary’s and the Party’s emails. China deploys its A-team to hack Russian targets, which have the best cyber-security in the world. The US, however, is a soft target that barely merits the Chinese B-team.

I found Trump’s jab downright hilarious, but it was also a troll of genius, for within minutes, the lying press had twisted this into an invitation for the Russians to engage in espionage. And naturally the Clinton camp rushed to jump on the bandwagon:

Screenshot (127) [3]

Of course, up to this point, the Clinton campaign had maintained that the missing emails were not matters of national security. Now they have admitted that this was a lie. This is a devastating blunder, and it proves that Trump is a master troll.

DonaldTrumpGOPdebate [4]

Trump’s timing, moreover, was impeccable, because he has dominated the news and returned the email scandal to the public consciousness on the day Hillary received the Democratic nomination. It was supposed to be Hillary’s day, but Trump stole the show and will cast a long shadow over Thursday’s acceptance speech, as the Democrats’ chaotic and scandal-ridden freak-show of a convention finally shudders to a halt.

Donald Trump once again has shown that he is the only real agent in this election. Everybody else is just reacting to him. But doesn’t that just prove that he is the best man for the job?

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