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Introduction to The Sixty Million

Barack Obama kneels reverently under the watchful eye of Benjamin Netanyahu at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial [1]

Barack Obama kneels reverently at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial under the watchful eye of Benjamin Netanyahu

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Editor’s Note:

Dara Halley-James is the pseudonym of an author who has published well-received “mainstream” books under her real name. The following is the fourth in an extended series of excerpts from the penultimate draft of the forthcoming book The Sixty Million: How Leading Jewish Communists, Zionists, and Neocons Brought on a Dozen Holocausts

The main intention of this book is to defend White interests against Jewish power. A subsidiary intention, though, could be construed as trying to save Jews from themselves. 

When I look at the disproportionate overall contribution of American Jews to the culture of America and to its economy, I am impressed. But when I focus instead on the knee-jerk parroting of Israeli views and policies by most of America’s leading Jews, I am alarmed. I am certainly not impressed by Israel’s trajectory. This wouldn’t matter so much if diaspora Jews were content to distance themselves from the Jewish state and to concern themselves almost solely with their own countries. After all, most Jews choose to live elsewhere than Israel, and for very good reasons.

Unfortunately, diaspora Jews seem to have taken Israel, intertwined with Holocaust commemoration (what I prefer to call ‘Jewish Tragedy’ commemoration) and anti-anti-Semitism, as the composite totem of Jewishness most deserving of their deepest loyalty. In my view, though, Israel plays ventriloquist to the Israel lobby dummies of America, the U.K., France etc., dummies deluded into believing that they are speaking with their own voice. These dummies have become increasingly active in shaping their governments’ Middle-East agenda in a decidedly pro-Israel/anti-Arab direction.

The resulting policies tend to be contrary not only to the national interest of the U.S., but to Israel’s national interest as well. Israel has thrown its weight around the Middle East to an extent that would have been impossible without the tremendous service rendered by America to the Jewish state. Only America’s benevolence toward Israel and Israel’s manipulation of that benevolence have allowed Israel to pursue the regionally-destructive and eventually self-destructive agenda of a Greater Israel.

Assuming the necessity of Israel—hardly a given, as we shall see—it would have been much better for everyone if Israel had been obliged from the outset to accept a more circumscribed Jewish state, one content to become a powerhouse of enterprise in the region. It would have forsworn the role of military bully. It would not today be wreaking havoc and mayhem, effectively degrading most of the Middle East to prevent military challenges to its dominance.

Israel’s destiny might have been to serve as stimulus for economic and cultural renaissance in the region. Instead it has become the engine of the Middle East’s destruction. And because of the strategic importance to the West of the Middle East, that destruction is likely to redound to the detriment of Western interests—including that of diaspora Jews. It already has in the 21st century: witness 9/11 and the Iraq catastrophe. Israel and its backers were heavily involved in the causation of both. Should Israel’s ability to manipulate the U.S. prevail, Iran might yet be the site of the next major Middle-East conflagration, with ripple effects practically everywhere.

Zionist leaders appear determined to deploy diaspora Jewry to create a Greater Israel that militarily dominates the entire region, a region where Jews barely existed at the dawn of Zionism. Instead of having chosen to make itself an engine of regional prosperity, Israel has chosen rather to dismember neighboring nations, thereby ensuring a cut-off of funding for foes of its half-century military occupation of and encroachment upon the West Bank, and its deployment of Gaza as a vast outdoor prison camp. To effect this dismembering, Israel has had to corrupt the politics and culture of the very fount of financial and political aid to itself—its American benefactor.

Communism proved itself a chimera by way of a salvation for Jews, and in fact became a disaster for both Jews and the rest of the world. The recovery of both parties is still incomplete. Now Zionism’s contradictions—to revive a dilapidated Marxist term—are set to bring more misery to both Jews and non-Jews alike. In fact, a conflation/descendant of Communism and Zionism—neo-conservatism—is determined to push events toward a possibly apocalyptic outcome. The neocons combine the ferocity of Trotskyite (Communist) argumentation with the ethno-religious goals of Zionism, while advancing the absurdity that what is good for Israel is automatically good for America. The upshot of neocon dominance of America’s Middle-East foreign policy apparatus is a trail of destruction there and the decline of American power, as the U.S. squanders its assets on the supposed needs of Israel which in fact disguise the wants of Greater Israel.

What has happened is that gradually, almost imperceptibly over a span of several decades, Israel has turned North American and other Western Jewries into unwitting pawns of its own selfish designs. Because Israel decided from the outset that it would settle for nothing less than Greater Israel status and territory, it needed a fifth column particularly in America to ensure that Israel’s expansionist regionally-hegemonic agenda would prevail where numbers were not on Israel’s side. However, Israel’s agenda is blatantly opposed to America’s self-interest. Here we have a now economically-wounded giant way overstretching its present capabilities for the sake of a small country that should be of little or no concern to it. Israel is helping to destroy the power upon which it has long depended, and American Jews are being manipulated by Zionists for Zionist ends that are just as inimical to the long-term interests of American Jews as they are to those of Americans in general. Israel is not just biting the hand that feeds it, it is gnawing off that hand to the ultimate detriment of non-Jewish America, Jewish America, the West in general and even Israel itself.

The 1930s were a thriving period or even a golden age for Soviet Jews, in sharp contrast to most Soviet citizens. British writer Martin Amis recalls that in the USSR in 1934, just after “the culmination of the most precipitous peacetime decline in living standards known in recorded history,” and a year after the Terror Famine (the real Holocaust), Stalin took the podium at a ‘Congress’ to a standing ovation—of which, said Pravda, “it seemed there would be no end.” No audience member wanted to be noticed by the secret police as the first person to stop applauding. Indeed, “The first man to stop clapping (a local factory manager) was arrested the next day and given ten years on another charge.”

Gramophone records of Stalin speeches had an eighth side devoted to nothing but applause. In 2011, the year that America would seemingly more-or-less extract itself from the Iraq quagmire into which the Israel lobby had pushed it eight years and trillions of dollars of debt earlier, Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress. America’s elected representatives, trained seals all (or nearly all), not daring to appear less than wholeheartedly enthusiastic lest Jewish financing for their next electoral campaign be withdrawn and bestowed upon a more Israel-friendly rival, leapt to their feet and brought their flippers together to award Israel’s leader 29 standing ovations. Yes, 29 standing ovations. 29! A ‘resurrected-Elvis’ tour might have elicited fewer. Neocon pundits would have us believe that this was an expression of genuine enthusiasm and merely reflected the confluence of American and Israeli interests and ideals. Sure, much as Stalin’s audience identified with Stalin’s goals—for the sake of preserving their hides.

So, this is what it’s like now when a prime minister of Israel addresses the American Congress, even when what they applaud is clearly contrary to American interests. The majority of Congresspersons know full well how dependent was their election and will be their future elections on ‘America/Israel Political Action Committee’ (AIPAC)-arranged contributions and on favorable public relations directed toward themselves combined with unfavorable PR directed against their less Israel-obeisant opponents. A substantial majority of Congresspersons, almost unbelievably, have become toadies of Israeli power, willing dupes of a nation that often acts more as a bona fide enemy than as the official ally it pretends to be.

With enemies as feeble and divided as the Arab states, Israel barely needs friends like the U.S. That’s partly why Israel can afford to abuse America’s good nature, so to speak. And with friends like Israel, America needn’t bother with cultivating enemies. In return for Israel’s insistence upon the dream of Greater Israel, for both demographic and biblical reasons, America got stuck with pushing bogus peace proposals negotiated in bad faith that of course reached dead-ends and have merely exacerbated the anti-American hostility of Arab states. Since 9/11 America has gone into overall decline, with Israel in the driver’s seat.

As the damage spreads and becomes more blatant, anti-Jewish feeling could very well erupt once again. Jews will have only their Israeli and Israel lobby brethren to blame. Or rather, they will have their own leadership to blame, a leadership whose judgment, historically, has proved for the most part to be staggeringly bad.

The ultimate excuse for nasty behavior on Israel’s part is—the Jewish Tragedy. Five million men, women, and children shot, gassed, worked, or starved to death solely because they were Jews, a race that Hitler marked for extermination. A third of the Jews on earth in 1933: gone, murdered wantonly. We are told that nothing the Jews of Europe or the USSR did or did not do had any bearing on Hitler’s mania. “What part of the word ‘genocide’ do you not understand?” patronizes the bold print at a Jewish website.

The supposedly unprecedented mind-boggling horror of the Holocaust was such that any and all means may appear justified to keep world Jewry off the slippery slope toward a second Jewish Tragedy. If you object that Israelis are slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere, the retort will be that it boils down to self-defence, and if you can’t appreciate that, it’s because you haven’t been through what Jews went through in World War II. If you had been and somehow managed to survive, you’d be equally paranoid, and most deservedly so. Cut the Jews a long length of slack because mercifully you have not gone where they were once dragged.

Have Jews been ‘sinned against more than sinning’, a thousand times more? This book argues for an entirely different viewpoint. It argues that Jews have often been the authors of their own misfortunes. (In this text, the use of the designation ‘Jews’ in such statements is shorthand for ‘Jewish leadership and the bulk of its following in large sectors of world Jewry’.) And it argues that Jewish actions have been absolutely central in the unfolding of the bloodiest century since that of Genghis Khan. In fact, Jews may have sinned more than they were sinned against in the past hundred years, perhaps far more, despite the World War II Jewish death toll of several million, and here we must go off on something of a tangent, briefly.

Most World War II death tolls for various populations can be disputed, and are. Vigorously. Especially in the USSR. There are different rules for Jewish Tragedy estimates. In several European nations as of the 1990s, to publish an opinion that fewer than 4.5 million Jews died in the Jewish Tragedy can land you in jail. And yet, the likes of respected Jewish historian Howard Morley Sachar wrote in the 1977 edition of his The Course of Modern Jewish History that as few as 4.2 million had been killed. Not until 1990 did he raise his minimum estimate to 5.5 million, and that was only because he had recently come to mistakenly accept a figure of 2 million Jewish deaths at Auschwitz, that toll soon to be scaled back by researchers to 700,000 to 1 million. Thus the revision of Sachar’s revised number returns his overall Holocaust death count to ‘as low as 4.2 million’. And this from a Jewish historian in 1990—45 years after the war.

The most respected Holocaust historian among traditionalists, Raul Hilberg, published three editions of his The Destruction of the European Jews—in 1961, 1985 and 2005—and never changed his overall estimate of 5.1 million Jewish-Tragedy deaths, despite the opening up in the 1990s of Soviet archives. Unsealed war-era documents might have been expected to compel a re-estimate of the number of Soviet Jews killed. Evidently the inspected documents did no such thing.

Still, the themes of this book do not depend on whether the Nazis killed a million or ten million Jews. So ‘I am not going there’. This book will be tendentious enough as it is without wading into the debate between Jewish Tragedy traditionalists and revisionists, who seem to talk past each other more than to each other. I thereby provisionally accept the 5 million figure, partly ‘for the sake of argument’ and partly because I am unwilling to spend the years required to sift through the mountain of material pertaining to this arcane subject–in search of a number whose presumed greater accuracy would not alter the argument of this book one iota. Enough said.

Most Jewish and even non-Jewish academics dismiss any attempt to associate Communism with Jews. At the other end of the spectrum, Hitler identified Communism almost exclusively with Jews. Both extremes are equally wrongheaded. The truth lies midway between. But even a ‘midway-between’ analysis exposes a degree of responsibility for death on a massive scale that Jews have never acknowledged. In fact, Russian Jews were so heavily involved in Communism that some significant portion of its crimes against humanity must be laid at their doorstep. And Communism is less than half the story.

Zionism originated at about the same time that Communist ideas began to infiltrate the Russian milieu, in the late 1890s. Zionism fermented within the unhappiness of many Jews and of many Gentile Europeans vis-à-vis the problems of Jewish assimilation that followed in the wake of the Jews’ emancipation from the ghettos. Communism materialized in Russia due to the Czarist government’s placing of so many obstacles in the path of assimilation by the Jews of the Russian Pale that revolutionary upheaval seemed the only alternative to further stagnation. Ironically, the two great initial milestones of Zionism and Communism—that is, the Balfour Declaration and the Bolshevik coup respectively—were reported on the front page of the Times of London on the same November 1917 day. Europe’s so-called Great War thereafter transmogrified — via largely-Jewish causation — into a global catastrophe.

Indeed, these two seemingly-opposed revolutionary philosophies would turn the world upside down in the 20th century. Inadvertently, Zionism led to triumphalist Communism by mid-century. In turn, Communism would inadvertently aid and abet the triumph of Zionism. The Cold War between the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist United States came close on at least one occasion to igniting a nuclear war. Eventually the U.S. prevailed as the Soviet Union gradually deteriorated until it collapsed from within.

The more recent danger is that Israel has come to so dominate U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that it can push the U.S. into further wars against Israel’s perceived enemies even when such wars are antithetical to overall American interests. Ultimately such wars are justified by invoking the Jewish Tragedy: Israel’s survival is at stake, so America as Israel’s guarantor must see to it that the shadow of the Jewish Tragedy will never again darken world Jewry’s door, Israel being the doorstep in the metaphor. And doing so will ensure that Israel’s enemies will never be strong enough to again strike at America as on 9/11.

The thesis of this book is that the deleterious impact of many leading Jews and their active supporters on world history over the past century outweighs whatever sympathy Jews are allegedly owed by non-Jews on account of the Jewish Tragedy. This is not to diminish the import of what 5 million Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis. It was indeed a low point for humanity. The problem is: in that era it was ‘par for the course’, no worse than many other horrors of the past century.

One must view the Jewish Tragedy in the context of a whole era of mass slaughter, brought about by Jews as much as by any other group including the Germans. Since World War I, the conscious actions of leading Jews have been co-responsible for generating circumstances that resulted in about 160 million mostly-horrible deaths and more human misery than has ever been experienced in any prior century. And as we shall see, sadly, to a great extent Jews themselves brought their fate in Europe down on their own heads.

One implication of this analysis is that non-Jews, including modern-era Germans, need not feel obliged to continue ‘beating themselves up’ over the Jewish Tragedy. The defeat of Nazi Germany by the overwhelmingly-Gentile Allies spared the surviving millions of European and Soviet Jews the fate that a victorious Hitler may very well have imposed. So-called righteous Gentiles by the thousands sheltered Jews or otherwise acted to save them despite the ever-present danger of lethal Nazi reprisals, often despite no great affection for Jews or Jewish culture. Have we seen any evidence that many or even any Jews would have acted as nobly had the positions of Jew and Gentile been reversed? The Talmud, an elaboration upon the ‘Old Testament’ by way of Rabbinic commentaries, even specifies that Jews should not risk their lives to save non-Jewish lives. This is as non-universalistic and un-Christian (and unheroic) a moral perspective as one can imagine. It is strictly nationalistic and particularistic. Sixty percent of the Jewish Tragedy death toll consisted of traditionally-religious Polish Jews who would have scorned the notion of risking oneself and one’s family to save non-Jews in peril.

Secular Jews might indeed have acted more heroically in such circumstances, but only because of humanistic principles that more liberal strains of Judaism have absorbed since the Enlightenment from non-Jewish religious and philosophic sources. The more essentially, traditionally and exclusively Jewish one is, the less likely one’s name would ever grace any list of righteous Jews who rescued Gentiles. Moreover, what if Jews in fact brought about more Gentile deaths than Gentiles brought about Jewish deaths in the past hundred years? Why then would Gentiles three-quarters of a century after the event feel beholden to continue to especially remember and honor ‘the six million’ amongst the many tens of millions of the century’s victims, a large percentage of whom died due to Communism, Zionism, and neo-conservatism—all movements not just permeated but saturated with Jewish input.

The aim here is not to go around blaming every massive loss of life in the past century on ‘the Jews’ but rather to counter the conventional wisdom that Jews have been victims and only victims, and that they have been innocently sucked up into the vortex of Gentile wars, and even selected out for sadistic treatment, through absolutely no fault of their own. I reject that null hypothesis in favor of the diametrically-opposed thesis that Jews have typically been extremely proactive and often at the very center of world-shaking events.

This book will render the following mental exercise valid: imagine that the Nazis of late 1930s discovered a crystal ball that allowed them to foresee the future of Jewish Palestine from 1948 to the present. Would the Nazis not have regarded Israel’s brutal oppression of the West Bank and Gaza over the course of a half-century and its multiple demolitions of Lebanon as provocation for oppressing Jews in the 1930s? After all, there was no reason why Palestinians (or Lebanese) should be made to pay for the crimes of the Nazis; that was a moral non-sequitur. And if the crystal ball also foretold correctly that Stalin’s Soviet Union—an already-certified mass-murdering monster brought into being and consolidated in power with the indispensable guidance of a Jewish Soviet elite—would oppress and stultify Eastern Europe for 45 years starting in 1945, might not the Nazis have felt justified in their anti-Jewish policies and believed that they were doing Europe a great favor in pressuring Jews to emigrate by an escalating deprivation of their rights?

Far better for everyone, especially the Germans, had the Nazis never come to power in the first place. Hitler’s recklessness and bad judgment destroyed Germany and by the end he whinged that Germans got no more by way of punishment than their weak-willed nature had invited. Any alternative scenario for Germans between 1932 and 1945 would have been a comparative paradise. No sane person would want to go back in time and not intervene in Hitler’s rise. We shall soon see, though, that Hitler’s rise and his eventual mastery of Europe could not have happened absent assistance from a substantially-Jewish Communism and absent the greatest blunder of leadership in the 20th century: international Jewry’s surrender to Zionism and the Zionists’ subsequent appeasement and even propping-up of Hitler during his wobbly early years as Germany’s dictator.

The Nazis were ultimately responsible for the deaths of five million Jews. Given that Germany in that era was a dictatorship and that only a portion of Germans were Nazi party members, and that the majority of German soldiers did not enlist but were conscripted, the Germans as a people cannot be blamed to anywhere near the extent as can the Nazis, particularly the leadership and the members of the Gestapo, SS, Einsatzgruppen, German police, and Wehrmacht assigned to the rounding up and actual mass-killing of Jewish men, women, children, and infants from late 1941 through early 1945.

However, and it’s a big ‘however’, little has been done over the ensuing decades to place that phenomenon in a wider context that considers the role of leading Jews in the partial causation of the circumstances that led not only to the Jewish Tragedy but to a war that killed off several times more Gentiles than Jews. Much of this partial causation equals or surpasses the direct lethality of the Nazis. And much of it implicates Jewish leaders and those who followed them to a far greater extent than the German citizenry was responsible for the demise of 2/3rds of European Jewry. And most Jews attribute a huge degree of guilt to that citizenry.

As for ‘punishment’ for Nazi mass-murder, in terms of absolute numbers rather than proportionality, at least seven million Germans and ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe died thanks to Hitlerian militarism, once again a substantially greater number than the death toll for the Jewish Tragedy. Moreover, most of Germany’s cities were pulverized by bombing and the nation lost about a third of its territory and population to stultifying Soviet domination that lasted for nearly a half-century. In addition, since 1953, Germany has paid $60 billion in reparations to Israeli Jewry.

In contrast, Jews have accepted zero responsibility for any of the catastrophic developments of the past hundred years in which leading Jews have played an indispensable and sometimes a pivotal role. Once this case is established then one must consider whether it is incumbent on Gentiles to continue to participate in the remembrance and honoring of the Jewish-Tragedy dead. If Jews or at least the leading Jews of an earlier era were highly implicated in huge losses of life, with no acknowledgement of such, and their Israeli and Israel-supporting descendants have become the gravest danger to world peace, as this book will argue, then it becomes mandatory to dismantle what has become a virtual Jewish-Tragedy industry that churns out excuses for the most abominable behavior of those descendants.

In other words, it is perhaps time that the 99.8 percent of the world population consisting of Gentiles began to reflect on whether the cynical exploitation by Israel of the Jewish Tragedy’s heritage now outweighs the value of whatever legitimate cautionary lessons that tragedy supposedly teaches. Once a manipulated ‘Holocaust remembrance’ becomes a deadly threat to the national interests and security of the West, as it has become, that remembrance should be put on ice. Doing so would nullify its catering to the interests of one tiny but spectacularly influential ethno-religious minority at the expense of everyone else.

This book is about: a) how leading Jews of three movements brought about the deaths of 60 million non-Jews; b) why Jews themselves bear a huge degree of responsibility for the events of the Jewish Tragedy; c) why the vast majority of Jews killed in the Jewish Tragedy do not appear to be worth anyone’s special mourning or commemorating several decades after their deaths; d) why, if there were ever a felt obligation on the part of Gentiles to commemorate the Jewish Tragedy, our knowledge of the actions of the leading Jews of the USSR and of Israel and of the West’s powerful Israel lobbies has long since relieved Gentiles of that felt obligation.

Despite superficial appearances to the contrary, I contend that this is a pro-Jewish book, albeit one with a tough-love, un-patronizing, non-indulgent stance. Surely it constitutes an embarrassing indignity for most Jews that a cynically-manipulative ‘Holocaust culture’ is being force-fed in their name to the wider populace. Socioeconomically, Jews in the West could scarcely be doing better than they have been over the past half century. They don’t need this heavy propagandizing that has all the subtlety of an endless stream of 1960s Pravda editorials. Both Israeli and diaspora Jews will benefit from a defusing of the ‘Holocaust bomb’.

Sooner or later, a book like this was going to be written and published, a book pointing out that yes, the Jewish Tragedy was terrible, but so what? What if Jews themselves were not only capable of worse, but had actually done worse, arguably by a factor of 12? Far better for Jews to have ceased flogging that Holocaust horse than for its whinnying to have awakened so many sleeping dogs. But awakened they are.

Jewish-Gentile relations can only be poisoned by a continued undermining of the American political process by the Israel lobby and by the world-shaking disasters that result, such as 9/11 and Iraq. Jewish-Gentile relations everywhere can only be improved by reversing this destructive course. Then the sixty million of this book need never morph into a 600-million Armageddon that could destroy Western civilization.