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The Sixty-Million, Part 2

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Netaniahu [1]Part 2 of 2

In the yishuv (Jewish Palestine), various terrorist groups led by the likes of future Israeli prime ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir established terror as an essential tactic in the Middle East for attacking and gaining concessions from more powerful far-better-armed governments. Long before Britain exited its Palestinian mandate, yishuv soldiers and terrorist gangs began to clear out Palestine of its Muslim and Christian residents, sometimes conducting massacres that would terrify Palestinians into fleeing their homes before the arrival of the Haganah (the yishuv’s army). By the date the U.N. had unsuccessfully designated for the partitioning of Palestine, never legalized because the Palestinian ‘Arab’ majority was not about to accept its disproportionately-small allotment of land, yishuv Jews had already conquered much of Palestine.

Basically, the so-called war of independence was an ethnic cleansing, executed by the likes of another future prime minister — Yitzhak Rabin. It expelled three quarters of a million Palestinians from their ancestral homes and from their lush orchards into the forbidding deserts of the Transjordan, punctuated by the occasional dust-up between rag-tag Arab forces and a far-better-trained and far-more-numerous Haganah-backed by terrorists. A few hundred thousand Palestinians would remain in what became Israel, as second-class citizens with the wrong religion (Islam or Christianity) and wrong ethnicity (non-Jewish), useful to the majority largely for low-level work scorned by Jewish Israelis.

israel-palestine_map_19225_2469 [2]

Thus began the actual fulfillment of the other ‘worst idea’ of the 19th century: the planting of a Jewish state amidst a whole bunch of Arab states, many among them ‘oil states’, with the potential to turn Arab-Israeli disputes into Arab-U.S. disputes. The American State Department fought this development tooth and nail. However, President Harry Truman was not only surrounded by Jewish advisors, he was desperate for Jewish support to win re-election. Given the huge amount of military support extended by the Soviet Union and by its largely-Jewish-led Eastern-European puppet-states to ‘Israel’, the leading Communist state was first to recognize Israel as a legitimate nation. Truman reluctantly followed suit, ‘reluctantly’ because the existence of a Jewish state in the heart of oil-rich Arabia was manifestly not in America’s interest. At the new United Nations, Jewish officials wielded threats to bully the representatives of various nations into voting for recognition. Thus in its very debut was the U.N. uglified and corrupted.

In the late 1940s Orient, despite the seeming incompatibility of Communism with either Confucianism or Buddhism, the example of Stalin’s annihilation of the Nazis stirred Chinese hearts and minds. Marx/Lenin/Trotsky/Stalin/Mao: there was no Chinese Communism absent its founding forerunners, 3/4s Jewish until the advent of Stalin, whose régime was undergirded by an ideology-manufacturing Communist intelligentsia with a Jewish core, a gargantuan bureaucracy with a Jewish core, a ubiquitous secret police whose core had been Jewish for the USSR’s founding first-two decades, and a military intelligence also with a Jewish core.

Communism was such a rip in the fabric of history that with the concatenation of events leading to Stalin’s victory in ‘The Great Patriotic War’, the original big-mistake would be recapitulated in country after country including China, North Korea, Cuba, North Vietnam and Cambodia. China had already lost 20 million people fighting off Japan in the 1930s; Mao’s demented Communist policies would generate horrendous famines and economic regression, needlessly causing the deaths of another 25 million Chinese. In effect, it was a war on his own people, a recapitulation of the Soviet Union’s internal war. The purest form of Communism would turn up in Cambodia, a certifiably-insane experiment in tabula rasa communism whereby two million souls perished — in utter misery at best, in sheer agony at worst.

Communism, and America’s sometimes-misguided reaction to Communism, would continue to wreak havoc. In 1962, the Soviet Union’s partial installation of nuclear missiles in Cuba caused a stand-off between the U.S. and USSR that could easily have escalated into a nuclear war. Absent the indispensable Jewish contributions to Soviet Communism in its first three decades, there would only have been a non-ideological Russian state, doubtless a U.S.-friendly one, with no reason to war, let alone to risk the destruction of much of civilization.

Based on its military success in repelling the North Korean invasion and thereby preventing Communization of the south, America invaded Vietnam to likewise stop a Communist takeover of the South by the North. But jungle warfare would not be an American forte. In large measure because of Jewish-led protest of the war, the public at large began to turn against it by late 1968, just as President Johnson was on the verge of a peace agreement. Enter replacements Nixon and Kissinger, and a war that should never have begun would sidestep peace, escalate, expand and then end as badly as could be imagined, tearing a fissure in American culture that endures to this very day.

Meanwhile, the Israelis invented all manner of pretexts for invading Egypt and its allies in 1967, and then demolished Nasser and Co. in six days, as expected. Spoils included the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip—territory Israel regretted not having captured and kept during the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1947-48 or the 1956 invasion of the Suez. (Almost unbelievably, a half-century later the West Bank and Gaza would still be suffering under a brutal Israeli occupation, with enclaves of Israeli settlement carving away half of the former and regular Israeli invasions devastating the latter.)

At the tail-end of the conflict Israel forces ‘took out’ an American spy vessel named the USS Liberty that seemed poised to intercept news of impending Israeli military operations that Israel had promised President Johnson would not occur, but did. LBJ knew that the strafing, napalming and torpedoing of the Liberty–intended to sink the ship and kill its entire 294-member crew–was not at all the ‘fog of war’ accident that the Israelis claimed. Nonetheless, on account of the growing power of the Israel lobby in the United States, only farcical inquiries into the matter were held, and the appalling incident was officially swept under the carpet. The lesson for Israel and its lobby was that if Israel, despite being a small client state, could get away with deliberately inflicting mass-murder (34 dead) and mayhem on the navy of its main benefactor, it could get away with anything. Indeed, a half-century of Israeli chutzpah at America’s expense would follow.

For the next six years Israel squandered opportunity after opportunity to forge a comprehensive peace agreement with its Arab neighbors or to even arrange a separate peace with Egypt. Finally in 1973 Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger concocted a plan for an Egyptian attack that might scare Israel into negotiating. Instead it led to a highest-level nuclear alert as Russia appeared ready to intervene militarily. Israel had turned the tide with Kissinger airlifting American military hardware galore directly to Israel’s front lines.

The Arab states reacted angrily to this blatant American favoring of Israel. The oil-producing nations of the Mid-East cut back on production so as to punish America with oil shortages and sky-rocketing gas prices. It was the beginning of an entire decade of ‘stagflation’ and eventually a worldwide recession some economists labelled as a depression that did not lift until 1983, dragging inflation-adjusted stock prices down toward Great Depression lows. Thanks to Israeli intransigence, the post-war economic boom in the West came to crashing halt for an entire decade. On this count alone, the State Department was vindicated in its arguing forcefully in 1947 that the establishment of a state of Israel was contrary to American interests.

All the ‘terrorism’ on the Palestinians’ side, that began occurring by the 1960s, was a matter of an illegally-dispossessed and brutalized people fighting back, using the only tools available, with Israeli terrorists, massacre perpetrators and cleansers of the 1930s and 1940s providing the model. The escalation of violence in the 1970s occurred only because the Israelis merely pretended to negotiate peace. In fact, the last thing that Israel wanted was a flexible serious negotiating partner. That would clash with plans for a Greater Israel based on military conquest.

The agreement with Egypt that Israel could have forged in 1971 did not materialize until 1979, after the needless Yom Kippur war, the needless oil crisis and several years of needless Middle-East terrorism. Sadat got the Sinai back, along with an annual billion-dollar bribe (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers) to stay out of any future Arab-Israel conflicts. Israel got an Egyptian withdrawal from Palestinian matters and a concomitant green light to invade the crumbling nation of Lebanon in order to eliminate the Palestinian Liberation Organization (the PLO: Yasser Arafat’s resistance forces).

In Lebanon, Israeli General Ariel Sharon practically destroyed Beirut, one of the most beautiful cities on earth, trying to kill Arafat. To curb mounting anti-American hostility throughout the region, the U.S. intervened and facilitated the safe exit of Arafat and Co. For its pains, the U.S. had a marine barracks in Lebanon blown up by a truck bomb. The Mossad had intercepted a forewarning, but made itself an accomplice to the bombing by contriving not to inform the U.S. until it was too late, resulting in 299 dead American and French servicemen.

For decades the Israel/Palestine impasse continued, until finally it dawned on Palestinians that Israel had no interest in making any concessions for peace whatsoever, and was content with building in the West Bank a plethora of Israeli settlements that could be connected to Israel and disconnected from Palestinian populations. Israel dominated the consciousness of Palestinians, whereas occupied Palestine barely registered any longer in the Israeli consciousness. At some propitious moment in the longer-term, perhaps in the midst of a war with Iran, Israel would surely oust its Palestinians citizens, a likely prelude to ousting the whole Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza.

It was the endless humiliation and suffering of the Palestinians that provided the basic motivation for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed/bin Laden’s attacks on September 11, 2001, assuming that one or the other was highly-involved (the latter eventually assassinated rather than tried and convicted, and the former’s confession extracted by torture, and thus worthless). Destroyed were nearly 3,000 lives, four airliners, every molecule of New York City’s gigantic World Trade Center including its famous twin towers, and a section of the Pentagon in Washington, DC. All this and what followed should be laid at the feet of Israel and the Israel lobby. It was their manipulation of successive American governments into complicity with Tel Aviv in oppressing the Palestinians, that fueled the 9/11 terrorists’ desire to punish America. There is even evidence, never properly followed up on, that Mossad had foreknowledge of the impending attacks, did nothing to warn American authorities and may even have assisted the hijackers in the lead-up to September 11th. With so many Jews in high places, the federal investigation of the Israeli angle simply evaporated without explanation.

Soon America was going after bin Laden in Afghanistan, after refusing to negotiate any agreement with the Taliban government short of simply obliging it to hand him over without any assurance of a fair trial. However, the American military pretty well left it to a bunch of corrupt ‘Northern Alliance’ warlords (who had buttressed Afghanistan’s Communist puppet-government of the early-to-mid 1980s) to track down bin Laden. Not surprisingly, he escaped. It was exactly what George W. Bush’s administration, dotted with domineering Jewish neo-cons, in fact wanted. This way the public’s media-stoked thirst for revenge, still unsated, could be re-directed toward Saddam Hussein and Iraq, Israel’s #2 enemy after Iran.

The administration’s predominantly-Jewish neo-cons contrived bogus evidence of a concealed Iraqi nuclear-weapons program and of connections with bin Laden, both designed to induce public fear of Saddam somehow delivering nukes to America and detonating them. These neo-cons connived with the predominantly-Jewish-owned media and the Israel lobby to push America into war with Iraq, despite opposition within the U.S. military and despite enormous anti-war demonstrations throughout the country.

The invasion of Iraq wound up disempowering the Sunni faction that had ruled via Saddam and empowering the Shiite majority, but that merely attuned Iraq to Shiite Iran, thereby increasing Iran’s influence on Iraq. A dozen years on, after civil war and rule by warlords, Iraq is a failed state with a puppet government directed from the American Green zone in Bagdad. American oil companies didn’t even secure any business in Iraq, a confirmation of their disinclination to intervene in the first place. Oil companies seek stability, not failed-state chaos. Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, the agreed-upon pretext for the invasion, were never found because they had never existed. That’s why heavily-Jewish-influenced Vice President Dick Cheney had predicted “a cakewalk.”

More than a million Iraqis died in the invasion or in its endless aftermath of terror. Some ten thousand U.S. and U.K. troops and mercenaries died either in Iraq, or after returning home via suicide. No American or British officials ever apologized to the Iraqi people. But even Republicans by 2015 were acknowledging the invasion as ‘a mistake’. Because of the diversion of American military attention from Afghanistan to Iraq, the war in Afghanistan was also lost, the country descending to the status of a failed warlord-run narco-state. Together, these pointless lost wars will wind up costing American taxpayers upwards of $3 trillion, a huge drag on a sputtering American economy that might otherwise have used the ‘cash’ for domestic relief rather than for Israel’s benefit. A planned NASA Mars mission, sure to be the most inspirational project in human history, was no longer affordable as the U.S. treasury was drained so that Uncle Sam could run military errands for Israel and its Greater Israel aspirations. From essentially-Jewish Hollywood we got instead a movie about a Mars mission, an ersatz substitute for the real thing.

In the past decade we have seen in the Middle East the destruction of Gaza (twice), Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Egypt’s new democracy. Israel’s role was never merely peripheral, mainly because its lobbies in Western nations are so powerful. In the wake of these tragic follies along with those of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is almost surreal that Israel came perilously close to convincing America that Iran should undergo attack so as to destroy any infrastructure that could conceivably lead one day to Iran possessing the equivalent of some tiny fraction of the nuclear arsenal Israel has had for a half-century.

Because of a modicum of negative publicity that the overweening ambition of the Israel lobby had risked stirring up, both Israel and the lobby were not entirely unhappy to have had their almost ludicrously-over-reaching maximum demand shot down by President Obama’s agreement with Iran. By any objective standard that agreement represents the complete humiliation of Iran and a spectacular win for Israel. For Israel to have gotten its way on all points in this case would have been such a spectacular display of fifth-column Israel lobby power that even Jewish control of the American media might not have sufficed to prevent an easing of the de facto ban on serious public discussion of the subject. Some sectors of world Jewry are actually breathing easier now that the largely Jewish-controlled media at long last has a story to spin into the Israel lobby’s loss column and a seeming disconfirmation that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion has become modern-day fact.

But obviously, even with Benjamin Netanyahu not getting everything he wanted, the dramatic extent to which for decades the dog’s teeny tail has been wagging the dog—the greatest superpower in history—is completely without precedent in history. And given Israel’s record of initiating war after war after war in its evident determination to become Greater Israel and to dominate the volatile and still strategically-important Middle East, that precedent could hardly present a greater danger to world peace.

Since the emancipation of Jews from their ghettos in the early 1800s, leading Jewish Communists, Zionists and neo-cons have completely transformed Gentile Western civilization–for the worse. Ironically, through their increasingly predominant control of the media, they have managed to convince us that it is they who have been hard done by, at the hands of a Gentile world whose alleged collective anti-Semitic psychosis culminated in the Holocaust, from which Jews are still struggling to recover. This book sets the record straight—that it was leading Jews who brought the Jewish Tragedy down on their own heads via their own misjudgments and disregard for the impact of their actions on anyone but their fellow Jews.

In fact, the impact of leading Jews upon Gentiles over the past century has been stunningly more horrific than Hitler’s impact on the Jews of Europe, a dozen times more horrific as we shall see. In fact, Gentiles have nothing to apologize to the Jews for. Rather, Jews should be apologizing to the Gentile world. Many of their leaders have proven themselves to be far more ‘anti-Gentile’ than the ‘rest of the world’ is ‘anti-Jew’.

In consequence, it is time to dismantle the scores of ‘Holocaust’ museums and ‘Holocaust’ wings of war museums, which in their twisting of history, their exculpation of Jewry and their condemnation of Gentile peoples, function as ‘hate-sites’. It is also time to break up the Jewish domination of the media. If America is fated to multicultural status, whether to a greater or lesser degree, its ethnic minorities (likely including Whites within a few generations) should not be subject to the thought-control imposed by a 2.2-percent-of-the-population seemingly more concerned with the interests of a foreign nation than with the interests of America. The current status of the media is not ‘free’; it is more like Pravda and Izvestia dominating the Soviet media in the 1960s.

Leading Jews invoke the ‘Holocaust’ to weaponize the slur of anti-Semitism to the max. And they invoke the big H so Israel can lay claim to moral high ground to which it is most definitely not entitled. Enough. It is time for America to shrug off the Holocaust culture with which it has been saddled for a half-century. That Holocaust culture has itself become the very evil for which it pretends to be the cure.