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The Counter-Currents Meme of the Week Contest

DoTheOpposite [1]250 words

For the week ending June 12th

I can’t keep up with all the great new memes being produced. Even worse, there are so many great memes that if I blink, I lose track of them and then can’t find them again. 

So, to encourage dank meme formation, to encourage people to send them to me (so I don’t have to go looking), and to create a place where they can be saved for future reference, I have decided to create a Counter-Currents Meme of the Week contest.

  1. The contest will run every Monday through Sunday, and on Sunday, I will select the prize-winner.
  2. The prize will go to the person who posts the meme, not necessarily to its creator.
  3. The prize will be a paperback edition of any book published by Counter-Currents and currently in print.
  4. To enter the contest, just go to our Facebook page [2] and post the meme to the comment thread for that week’s contest, which will be pinned to the top of the page. Or you can post a link to the image in the comment thread below.
  5. You can post as many memes as you like, as long as they have not already been posted.
  6. If you post a link below, be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you have the winning meme.
  7. Each week’s winning meme will be posted at the top of the next week’s contest announcement.

Go forth, my children, and gather memes.

Greg Johnson