“No Apologies”: A Response

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NoApologies [1]Recently, Counter-Currents posted a video produced by Oscar Turner entitled “No Apologies.” While the video itself is a quite powerful wake-up call for white people, it made some points which I believe need to be addressed further. 

Mr. Turner is absolutely correct in his assertion that whites should not apologize for things their ancestors did in the past. As he points out, some of these things (colonialism, imperialism, Apartheid) were not as evil as the mainstream narratives paint them to be, and indeed were often justified or had beneficial effects. In addition, other past sins today’s whites are being held accountable for (the Crusades, slavery, the Holocaust) were nothing that nonwhites weren’t also guilty of and to a greater extent.

This is all true, and Mr. Turner deserves credit for helping to give a shot in the arm to whites, who, for the past several generations, have been perplexed and paralyzed with unjustified feelings of guilt over historical events that they, personally, had nothing to do with. Nonwhites have been using this guilt to manipulate us into giving away much of our wealth and power to them and to slowly cede our very homelands to imvaders (to coin a term) who at best wish to supplant us demographically and at worst wish to kill or enslave us.

This tide must be turned now, and “No Apologies” is as good a mantra as any to rally whites to man the barricades in the existential culture war we are presently waging.

I do have several quibbles with the video, some more picayune than others. For example, in the section about not apologizing for slavery, Mr. Turner states that “More whites were abducted and enslaved by Muslims than the number of blacks enslaved by whites.” Technically, this is true. However, someone who may appreciate this message but knows a little history may brush off such a claim depending on how loosely they interpret the word “enslaved.”

According to The Mainstream of Civilization, Fifth Edition, a textbook published in 1989 by Harcourt Brace, around 11.7 million Africans were sent to the New World as slaves, with approximately 1.9 million of them dying along the way. This roughly correlates with Philip Curtin’s estimate of 9.3 million Africans being transported along the Atlantic slave trade. Of these, just under 400,000 came to British North America or the United States. By 1860, mostly due to white slave-owners’ benevolent practice of allowing slaves to marry and have children, not working them to death, and occasionally freeing them, this number had increased tenfold.

On the other hand, Robert Davis estimates that from 1500-1800, Muslim barbary pirates enslaved between 1 and 1.25 million white Christians along the coasts of the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic. Furthermore, M. A. Kahn, a former Muslim, lists sources which estimate that the Ottoman Empire and other Muslim Tatars in the east had enslaved around 2.5 million Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Circassians, Armenians, Bulgarians, and other white Slavs around the same time period.

So, clearly more blacks were held as slaves by whites than whites by Muslims. But, according to Webster’s, holding someone as a slave is not the same as enslaving them, which means, in effect, making them into a slave when before they weren’t one. Whites actually “enslaved” far fewer blacks than the 11-odd million they picked up on the east coast of Africa during the time of the Atlantic slave trade. This was because at that point most of these blacks were already slaves and needed only to be bought and paid for. The whites, owing to their susceptibility to exotic diseases, couldn’t go into the African interior and abduct the slaves themselves. In any case, other blacks had already done that dirty job for them for the handfuls of ivory, silver, or whatever it was they thought their own kind was worth back then.

So, while being correct in a lawyerly kind of way, Mr. Turner’s statement may not be terribly persuasive if someone is not immediately ready to differentiate between owning slaves and enslaving slaves. I think we need to be more careful in the future.

On the other hand, if Mr. Turner had said, “More blacks were abducted and enslaved by Muslims than the number of blacks enslaved by whites,” he would have been absolutely correct and still have maintained his original point. According to Stephan Molyneux, in the fourteen centuries of Islam, Muslims enslaved approximately 200 million people (150 million of whom were black Africans), with an estimated death toll of 112 million. So, sure, why should whites be henpecked into apologizing for slavery when Muslims have far more blood on their hands?

A little more serious is my quibble with how Mr. Turner dealt with the Holocaust. When introducing the topic of “the alleged Holocaust,” he splashes the word “HOAX” on the screen. But nowhere in the text does he deny that the Holocaust occurred. Well, which is it? Did the Holocaust occur or not? I agree with Mr. Turner that whites should not apologize for the Holocaust. I also agree with him about Jewish complicity in the Holodomor and other large-scale Soviet atrocities from the 1920s and 1930s. But the Holocaust being a hoax is something I think the Alt-Right should get its story straight on. If Mr. Turner is saying that the very idea that whites should feel guilty over the Holocaust is a hoax, then I am with him. It’s just that this wasn’t made clear in the video. And for the record, I’m not a Holocaust denier by any means.

Another issue I have with the video is the question of Israel. On one hand, he (rightly) supports the idea of ethno-nationalism among Europeans. On the other, he seems to disapprove of ethno-nationalism among Jews. I believe we all should be consistent about this. After all, if Jews became more ethno-nationalistic, they would be more likely or willing to resettle in Israel. This would decimate the liberal, pro-immigration forces in traditionally white nations (whose leading lights are, more often than not, Jews). As a result, such an exodus would enable racially-conscious whites to better control their destinies. This would include controlling our borders, deporting imvaders, and eventually returning to the 90% to 95% white majorities we had in our homelands prior to the 1960s. If whites play their cards right in the next 40-50 years, they could use Zionism as an important means to this end. We should never forget that, ideally, whites should re-establish their ethnostates as smoothly and as bloodlessly as possible. I believe having Israel around will help them do that since it will give Jews a place to go once whites have their great racial reawakening.

Mr. Turner also seems to blame Israel’s “displacement” of Palestinians for the massive influx of refugees into Europe. “The Zionists drive them out,” he says, “and we have to take them in.” I don’t understand his logic here. If this were true, then why did Muslims wait until the past couple decades to really start flooding into Europe? Israel is 68 years old. That’s a long time for a cause to have an effect. Further, as we all know, many of this current wave of imvaders are Syrians, not Palestinians, and were made homeless by the recent spate of fighting in that area. I don’t see how you can blame Zionism for that since Arabs are not shy about doing beastly things to other Arabs. For example, see how the elder King Assad of Syria levelled the city of Hama in 1982 and murdered 25,000 of its inhabitants. According to David Pryce-Jones, Arabs dug up corpses after the massacre and defiled them. It makes sense that many Arabs would wish to flee the Arab world to escape their own barbarism. Further, many of these imvaders are Egyptians and Moroccans and Pakistanis. How exactly did the Israelis displace these people as well?

Finally, I believe all of us should be consistent with our treatment of Muslims. This is not a knock on Mr. Turner, because it is something he barely touched upon. Rather, it’s something his video made me think about which I would like to share. Of course, as Mr. Turner says, we should not apologize for the Crusades. Those wars were an effort to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims who had stolen it from Christian whites by the sword and who had attempted on several occasions to conquer Europe. So far, so good. Yet when we talk about the formation of Israel, I’ve read how many on the Alt-Right choose to see the Palestinians as innocent victims, as if their “displacement” by the Israelis shouldn’t have happened.

This is not consistent. If you support the Crusades, then you must believe that Muslims do not belong in the Holy Land. So then why is it appropriate for Crusaders to displace Muslims in the Holy Land but not Jews?

In my opinion, we should have very little sympathy for the Muslims, even the ones mistreated by Israelis, since Middle Eastern and African Muslims at the very least behave in such barbaric ways. They are barbaric in their own countries and they are barbaric in ours. Just because some readers of this article may share a resentment of Jews with Muslims does not mean we should make Muslims our allies. Historically, these people have shown as much hostility against whites as they do against Jews. They, as a people, are not trustworthy. I’m sure many of us have very strong – and very negative – opinions of Jews. But we should not let this cloud our eyes to the fact that the greatest enemy of civilization is barbarism: brutish, stupid, violent, barbarism. And the Jews, for all their crimes, are primarily white collar criminals.

Oscar Turner is absolutely right that whites should not apologize for things our ancestors did. “No Apologies” is a great message to race-realist whites everywhere. But making his arguments clearer and more consistent would go a long way to make sure this message goes well beyond the choir.


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