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Vetoing the Dream
In Support of Brexit

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Being a White Nationalist, I of course hope that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. It may or may not be good for Britain to leave the EU. That outcome depends entirely on how the British use their restored national sovereignty. But that’s really the whole point, isn’t it? Namely, that Britain’s destiny should be controlled for better or worse by its own people, through its own political institutions, not by the EU leadership. 

Given Britain’s present leadership and course, the future looks grim no matter what the outcome of the Brexit referendum. But British nationalism could rise again and set things right. However, the purpose of the EU is to stifle nationalism. Jean-Claude Juncker, the unelected president of the European Commission, has vowed to use “far-reaching sanctions [3]” to block nationalist-populist parties from coming to power. Thus if nationalism is ever to rise in Britain — or among the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Ulstermen — it is better to have Brussels out of the picture.

Regardless of what the British do with their restored sovereignty — and again, the whole point of sovereignty is to make it their business, not mine or the EU’s — Brexit will definitely be bad for the European Union. Greenland, which had no business being in the EU anyway, left in 1982, but Brexit would be the first significant defection, the first major setback, a triumph of disunity over unity, a blow to the prestige and morale of the European project. And that is a good thing for European nationalism. Thus the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, has drawn the obvious conclusion that Brexit would empower separatist and nationalist forces all over Europe [4].

Nationalists believe that racial and cultural identity are the highest political values, which is why some of us call ourselves identitarians. Whenever identity conflicts with commerce, individual self-expression, the interests of factions and classes, or civic patriotism in multicultural states, identity must always win out. In any conflict, the common good of the people must trump individual interests, and the common good of the race must trump individual nations.

Racial and cultural identities are by nature plural. Identity implies difference. Nationalists believe that racial and cultural diversity are good things, which need to be protected by creating, wherever possible, sovereign racially and culturally homogeneous homelands, which we call ethnostates. (White ethnostates should always be spoken of in the plural, because there are many different white nations.)

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Multicultural states, by contrast, are bad for racial and cultural diversity. Different peoples living in the same system inevitably experience tensions and conflicts. This friction can have three possible outcomes. First, the different parties can see reason and separate amicably, as in the Czech and Slovak “velvet divorce.” Second, ethnic frictions can flare up into violence and bloodshed, which can lead to ethnic cleansing and the establishment of ethnostates, which is what happened in the former Yugoslavia. Third, if ethnic tensions are prevented from flaring into violence by hard tyranny or soft commerce, all distinctions will be erased by racial and cultural amalgamation, like rocks tumbling in a polisher until their sharp corners and rough edges are completely worn away.

The European Union, by suppressing conflict and promoting the free movement of goods and peoples, will eventually lead to the destruction of distinct European identities and the emergence of a monstrous, deracinated “homogeneous European man,” i.e., the ugly Americanization of Europe. And that’s the best case scenario, since it presupposes a European Union committed to keeping Europe European and defending Europe’s borders against the burgeoning populations of Africa and the Muslim world.

But the European Union is doing precisely the opposite. It is preventing member states from defending their borders against armies of migrants and pressuring member states to accept migrants as “refugees.” The EU wants to bring in Turkey, a nation of nearly 80 million Muslims with porous Eastern borders, which would open the floodgates wider. And it is trying to thwart Central and Eastern European nations what wish to preserve themselves from the alarming demographic trends in the West. If the EU continues on its present course, the white race will become extinct in its homeland. Thus the EU must be destroyed, and nationalists should take every opportunity to bleed and beat this beast. Brexit is a golden opportunity to do just that.

Of course if the EU were dissolved tomorrow, that alone would not save Europe. The EU elites who are promoting white genocide would simply carry on their work in their native countries. The same policies, moreover, are being pushed in non-EU countries by their native elites. Indeed, it might be impossible to save Germany, Belgium, France, or Sweden. But the enemy would be humiliated, demoralized, and deprived of their chief means to destroy the Central and Eastern European countries that have the will and the leadership to survive.

What about the main rationale for the European Union, namely preventing another European “brothers’ war”? First, the EU is not the only way to prevent another European war. Surely we can find a better way to harmonize particular national interests with the larger good of the race, but not before the present monstrosity is dynamited and cleared away. Second, the EU is actually creating the conditions for a Europe-wide conflagration, for millions of non-white, mostly Muslim immigrants will make war and ethnic cleansing inevitable. The only question is whether Europeans will win or lose. Third, even if the EU were Europe’s only chance to prevent another war, it still needs to be destroyed. Europe, after all, recovered from the World Wars. But it will not recover from genocide by ethnic replacement. I would rather risk another World War than acquiesce to the inevitable extinction of my race on its native soil.

One way that the EU promotes ugly Americanization is by making it easy for people to leave their homelands to chase money or flee troubles. Thus Brexit would not just help Europe as a whole by harming the EU, it would also benefit the former Soviet bloc states in particular. Because of the EU, many thousands of Eastern Europeans are living and working in the UK in search of better wages. Indeed, until the current migrant crisis, most of these nations had no immigration problems at all. They had emigration problems, primarily the emigration of young people, the people who are most crucial for ensuring the futures of their nations. If Britain leaves the EU, let’s hope these people will return home, start families, and help Make Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, etc. Great Again. Or, rather, keep them great.

While the EU has allowed many thousands of Eastern Europeans to move to the UK, it has also allowed many thousands of Britons to free their troubles by moving to other EU countries. Now that Germany is being flooded by Muslims, Germans are fleeing to Hungary. It is perfectly natural for people to leave their homelands to pursue money and avoid conflict. But their motives — greed, cowardice, and rootlessness — are not admirable and should not be encouraged or accommodated. Brexit would close that door. It would force the British to face their problems rather than flee them, which is the only way Britain will be saved.

The same is true of Germany. Individual Hungarians are probably delighted with the money that Germans are bringing, but Hungary’s leadership should regard them as plague rats, in the same way as Oregonians and Washingtonians regard the Californians who are fleeing the mess they made of America’s greatest state and then demanding the same failed policies be replicated. Those Germans who think that Merkel is destroying their homeland should go back and fight to stop her.

There is a great deal of discussion in the UK about the economic consequences of Brexit. I have two things to say to that. First, businessmen, politicians, and economists always lie about numbers. So you simply can’t base a rational decision on anything they say. Second, even if the worst case scenarios are true, countless men laid down their lives to defend British sovereignty. If you can’t even risk a bit of dosh for your country’s freedom, then you are an unworthy descendant of greater men.

Brexit, then Make Britain Great Again.