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Happy Birthday to Us!

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It was six years ago today that the Counter-Currents Publishing/North American New Right website went online.

In Year Six, we published online 945 articles and reviews and more than 10,000 comments.

In Year Six, Our web traffic was higher than ever, averaging more than 100,000 unique visitors per month. 

Our webzine rapidly became our most important activity and my primary occupation. Nevertheless, in Year Six, Counter-Currents published six books: Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun [2], James J. O’Meara’s End of an Era [3] and Green Nazis in Space! [4], Jef Costello’s Heidegger in Chicago [5], Greg Johnson’s Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country [6], and Gregory Hood’s Waking Up from the American Dream [7].

In Year Six, I helped organize and/or spoke at 21 events in New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Budapest, Berlin, London, and Stockholm. One of these meetings was the launch of the New York Forum [8].

In Year Six, we put 33 podcasts online, including interviews, lectures, and audio documents from Savitri Devi. I was also a guest or panelist on podcasts of The Daily Shoah, Red Ice Radio, Millennial Woes, and Fash the Nation.

In Year Six, we gave our second H. P. Lovecraft Prize for Literature to poet Leo Yankevich.

I want to thank our writers, readers, subscribers, and generous financial donors for making all this possible.

Here is what to expect from Counter-Currents in Year Seven:

  1. As far as our online and print publishing are concerned, we will of course strive to improve matters of execution, but realistically the quantity of our output will remain the same. The reason is simple: Counter-Currents is a one-man operation, and I am working at full capacity. I could do more, if I could hire others. But I do not have the capital to do so.
  2. I will continue to do at least one speaking and networking event per month in the United States and Europe. Eventually, I hope to make it to Australia and New Zealand as well.

Like metapolitical publishers and periodicals on the Left, Counter-Currents/North American New Right simply cannot function without donations from our supporters. Thus each year on our anniversary, Counter-Currents kicks off our annual Summer Fundraiser campaign, which ends on October 31.

Since the beginning of the migrant crisis last year, Counter-Currents’ traffic has increased enormously. More of our people are listening than ever before. So we have to get our message to them. I have to get more articles, more podcasts, more videos, more translations, and more books out there. I need to travel more, network more, and bring more people together. But I can’t do it without your help.

2016 is off to a strong start, but we need your help to maintain momentum. Counter-Currents reached 1,244,485 unique visitors in 2015, but we had only 331 unique donors keeping the whole thing afloat. Yes, I know, the great thing about the internet is all the free content. But consuming free content means being a free rider on other people’s generosity. This year, one of my resolutions is to convert more free riders to donors and book buyers.

If you want Counter-Currents to thrive, make a donation today.

If you want to send a non-tax deductible donation to Counter-Currents Publishing, you can make two different types of donations:

Recurring donations are particularly helpful, since they allow us better to predict and plan for the future. We have several levels for recurring donations. Please visit our Donations [9] page for more information.

We can also customize the amount of a monthly donation.

There are several ways to make one-time donations:

Also, as we first announced in October of 2015, you now have two possible destinations for your donations: Counter-Currents Publishing and the Counter-Currents Foundation. The Counter-Currents Foundation is a US 501c3 educational corporation. Donations to it are deductible from US federal income taxes. The purpose of the Counter-Currents Foundation is specifically to promote scholarship and translations connected to the European New Right and allied movements. If you wish to earmark a donation to the Counter-Currents Foundation, or to discuss a particular project you would like to support, please contact me in advance at [email protected] [12].Please give generously!

Remember: those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today. Thank you for your loyalty and support.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd.
& North American New Right