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((())): A Critique of Jewish Privilege

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In the last few days, there have been no less than 5 major publications posting articles “exposing” the way people are using punctuation to seemingly “track Jewish people” online. Many ideological enforcement organizations were quick to blow the “anti-semitism” war horns, prompting many Jewish media figures on Twitter to quickly begin complaining and engaging in histrionics about “gold stars”, likening the act to the identification of Jews in National Socialist Germany. This punctuation symbol was characterized by Jews & non-Jews as “disgusting”, “horrifying”, “terrifying”, and one user went so far as to say that “the world was made worse just by this existing” (referring to the Coincidence Detector, a Google Chrome extension that highlighted Jewish names).

This reaction was not entirely unexpected; there are entire organizations devoted to hunting down and committing social & economic violence upon those who don’t buy into the religion of Equalitarianism, with anti-semitism falling under this umbrella. These organizations and many Jewish individuals have expanded the definition of anti-semitism to include simply noticing that an individual is Jewish, diluting the power of these charges and normalizing those accusations. These organizations strictly enforce the PC narrative, and attempt to shut down dissenting thought and discussions. As Steve Sailer once said,

Political correctness is a war on noticing.

This was the sin of the ((())) meme and the Coincidence Detector. It allowed thousands of people to notice the disparate impact that Jewish people have on our core industries, particularly in politics, academia, media, finance. It allowed non-Jews to see exactly how under the influence of Jewish thought they were, by highlighting those people who are Jewish. At its core, ((())) and the Coincidence Detector was a tool for highlighting the massively high levels of Jewish Privilege & Power in our society. Once one sees the number of Jewish folks in the media, finance, academia, etc, and once one realizes that the Jewish population in America is only 2%, the scale of this privilege & the disparate impact it has on non-Jewish individuals attempting to enter these markets becomes apparent.

The reaction amongst Jewish individuals to noticing this privilege & power has highlighted the extent of “Jewish fragility”. Any critique (if one can even call noticing a “critique”) must be shut down, shamed, removed from public view and all tools that aid in noticing this power must be prevented from being used. That speaks volumes about what’s being noticed & critiqued. One Twitter user, @ReactionaryTree [2], caught a Facebook ban [3] for the following comment on the Mic article on the topic:

“It seems that merely noticing Jewish power and influence is enough to send Jews into a neurotic conniption fit.”

I reached out to TheRightStuff’s “The Daily Shoah” podcast host Seventh Son, and he had the following to say about the media reaction to these stories and Reactionary Tree’s banning:

“To me, it speaks volumes that this comment warranted removal and what is probably a 7 or 30 day postblock. There is nothing incendiary or even malicious to that comment. The removal and ban proves that it [Reactionary Tree’s comment] is 100% true.”

The editors of the media site “The Right Stuff [4]“, the originator of the meme, responded to the media stories by discussing the echo meme with Slate [5]:

“The inner parenthesis represent the Jews’ subversion of the home [and] destruction of the family through mass-media degeneracy. The next [parenthesis] represents the destruction of the nation through mass immigration, and the outer [parenthesis] represents international Jewry and world Zionism.”

Mike Enoch, also a Daily Shoah host, went on to discuss the meme & the critique behind it on Twitter in a multi-tweet stream, which I’ve reduced to paragraphs here:

“Nobody was being “tracked”, we simply offered a heuristic for identifying bias and calling out privilege #coincidence [6]. Whites are told to check our privilege, calling attention to our race in order to discount what we say, often by Jews. We just applied the same concept.

So you mean to tell me that finding out someone is Jewish changes how you view their political statements? Oy Vey! Can’t have that now. Honestly, when the scope of Jewish hypocrisy dawns on you, it is so stunning and intolerable, you feel you have to speak out on it. This latest incident only underscores this.

What really was done? An app that calls attention to Jewish names. Why is this so frightening? Why is this immediately assumed to be “targeting” or “tracking”? We started this for laughs. I mean, one would almost be lead to conclude that Jews are hysterical, unhinged, paranoid and vindictive. That can’t be it though can it? We know that can’t possibly be the explanation though. It must be something else. I’m sure there is some rational reason.


Are Jewish authors afraid that readers knowing that they are Jewish will cast doubt on what they say? Well, they can check their privilege. Is being able to speak without having their motives questioned a unique privilege that Jews think they alone should enjoy? Apparently so.

It’s obvious that with the media & organizational reaction to the meme, those who use ((())) to highlight Jewish privilege, power, and hypocrisy feel that their opinions on the matter are vindicated.

Goebbels [7]To me, what’s even more ironic about the situation is that while many of these media figures maintain blacklists for their shows, and while these organizations maintain hit lists on people who disagree with them to attempt to hurt their employment (which I categorize as economic/social violence), when others begin to keep lists those same people suddenly think of this practice as barbaric and evil. Somehow, this doesn’t pass the sniff test, and this isn’t the first time this particular hypocrisy has occurred. When Vox Day began to discuss compiling lists of SJW’s [8], and when it actually emerged [9] on the internet, the tears of despicable people who have done the same for years was a delicious treat. While the Coincidence Detector has since been removed from the app store, that doesn’t prevent it’s use, nor does it put the powerful echo meme back into the closet. It has already been let loose into the social media environment, and now that it has received a massive signal boost from the mainstream media, even more people will begin to see what the meme is designed to highlight when Twitter users point out Jewish privilege & hypocrisy.

Source: https://dissidentright.com/2016/06/03/a-critique-of-jewish-privilege/ [10]