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100+ Reasons to Cease & Desist from Any Further Holocaust Commemoration

Nikolai Getman, Gulag Prisoners [1]

Nikolai Getman, Gulag Prisoners

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Editor’s Note:

Dara Halley-James is the pseudonym of an author who has published well-received “mainstream” books under her real name. The following is the first in an extended series of excerpts from the penultimate draft of the forthcoming book The Sixty Million: How Leading Jewish Communists, Zionists and Neocons Brought on a Dozen Holocausts.

1. The ‘vale of tears’ fabrication that implies that average Jews have had it much worse over the past millennium than have average Gentiles, when in fact Jewish evolutionary strategy has been to ally Jewish communities with the higher ranks of the Gentile ‘powers that be’, which invariably entailed the protection of the Jewish community by those ‘powers that be’ in return for rendering the economic service of optimally exploiting the peasantry—that protection and economic role constituting a highly-desirable combination that would have been the envy of Gentile commoners.

2. The odes to genocide in the ‘Old Testament’, which sanctified a sub-human practice that would have been decried by any non-tribal non-sadistic God.

3. The Bolshevik ‘revolution’ was a de-facto counter-revolution, whose conception, execution, defense, consolidation and extension would have been utterly impossible absent Jewish leadership. Thereby destroyed were the democratic achievements of the real Russian-made revolutions of 1905 and February 1917.

4. The Red Terror of 1918 constituted a ruthless decimation of Russian society undertaken by a predominantly-Jewish Bolshevik government deploying a predominantly Jewish-led Cheka (secret police force) in response to the shootings of Lenin and another high-ranking official. The Red Terror led inexorably to civil war, a war against the nations (i.e., Ukraine, Poland), the suppression of a genuine revolution of the peasantry, the devastating famine of the early 1920s that killed several millions, the extermination or exile of the more successful farmers (the so-called ‘kulaks’), the devastation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the formation of a dictatorial police state, the ordeal and grand failure of forced collectivization of agriculture, the agony of slavery-assisted forced breakneck-speed industrialization to try to make up for a lost decade, a deliberately-engineered famine that starved to death more than six million agricultural workers and nomads, the quasi-genocide/mass exile of Soviet Poles during the Great Terror, the horrors of the Gulag’s vast network of concentration camps, and decades of totalitarian Stalinist despotism — the foregoing entailing the often-excruciating deaths of 20 million Soviet citizens. Even worse, all this conjured up — and for good reason — Communism’s nemesis: Adolf Hitler, whose invasion of the USSR would kill a mind-boggling additional 27 million Soviet citizens. The Bolshevik coup and ‘the most Jewish government since the Second Temple’, anchored by an intelligentsia, bureaucracy, secret police and military intelligence that each had a Jewish backbone, cost a mere 47 million lives. What is the Jewish Holocaust compared to that?

5. So as to pre-pay the British for committing to the upcoming Balfour Declaration, President Woodrow Wilson’s circle of Jewish advisers persuaded the president to go back on his very-recent election pledge and take the U.S. into World War I, which would ensure Palestine’s takeover as a mandate by Britain once the U.S. had won the war, that result in turn ensuring implementation of the Balfour Declaration’s provisions. U.S. intervention would lead to Germany’s complete defeat and utter humiliation, rather than to an otherwise-likely saw-off with Britain and France and large territorial gains at Bolshevik Russia’s expense. The unjustifiably vindictive Treaty of Versailles that ensued conjured up the danger that an irredentist nationalist leader like Hitler would arise in response and develop a substantial following. Thus did tribe-centric pressures exerted by leading Jews upon on the British and then the American government alter the course of history for the worse, for everybody, not just for the Jews of Europe.

6. Via Wilson’s switch from isolationist to ‘total war’ warrior, the transformation of a local outbreak of influenza in a single American town into a raging worldwide epidemic of ‘Spanish Flu’ (obviously mislabelled) that killed about 75 million people, mostly teens and twenty-somethings, including more U.S. soldiers than died in battle during World War I.

7. The genuine terrifying of Europe by several certifiably Jewish-led Communist revolutions of the post-World War I era, some of them successful if only in the short-term.

8. In Russia, the predominantly-Jewish Bolshevik installation of a dictatorial party-state that always ran the risk of degenerating into a bona fide despotism, as it eventually did under Stalin for decades.

9. The transformation of Russia’s Imperial army into Trotsky’s Red Army, an institution as inhumane to its own soldiers as the most brutal army to its foes.

10. For attributing strictly-anti-Semitic motives to Simon Petliura’s Ukrainian nationalists, post-revolution, when in fact Jews were perceived, largely correctly, as favoring Communist conquest of Ukraine by Russia in lieu of Ukraine’s recently-established independence, that feared conquest soon occurring, with the result that nine million + Ukrainians would perish under Stalin whose régime’s core intelligentsia, bureaucracy, military intelligence and (until 1939) secret police were Jewish.

11. In conjunction with the heavily-Jewish German Communist Party, the largely-Jewish-directed Comintern’s bizarre facilitating of Hitler’s rise to power.

12. Via a Stalinist régime whose core intelligentsia, bureaucracy, secret police and military intelligence were Jewish and which was co-directed by Jewish politburo-heavyweight Lazar Kaganovich, the mass murder via the torture of starvation of 6.3 million Ukrainians, Russians and Kazaks during the ‘Terror Famine’ of 1932-33, a decade prior to ‘The’ Holocaust.

13. The Jewish-owned New York Times’ innovation of Holocaust-denial, as applied to the Terror-Famine, netting the paper’s correspondent in the Soviet Union a Pulitzer Prize, never withdrawn despite the stupendous lies in his dispatches.

14. The propping up of Hitler in power via Zionist sabotage of what I call ‘the Great Boycott’ (see forthcoming excerpts) and via the boycott’s replacement by the Zionist/Nazi-made Transfer Agreement. (White Nationalists who approve of Hitler as a German nationalist and as a scourge of Stalinist Communism can still agree that Jews were unwittingly engineering their own downfall by dramatically supporting Hitler in the early going and then dramatically turning against him after Kristallnacht, thereby tragically diverting him westward on what would otherwise have been a virtually-uninterrupted march on Moscow.)

15. During the 1930s, usually under close Jewish supervision, the development of the Gulag archipelago where 18 million citizens would be incarcerated at one time or another in the Communist equivalent of Nazi-concentration camps, more than two million dying miserably therein, including tens of thousands worked to death on ill-planned mega-projects such as canals and railways destined to be under-used, totally useless or even abandoned before completion.

16. Jewish pressures on FDR to oblige Britain to abandon appeasement on Poland’s doorstep, possibly the greatest diplomatic blunder in history.

17. In cooperation with Hitler, the culturally-genocidal decapitation of Polish society by ‘the most Jewish government since the Second Temple’.

18. The false claim of Jews to being the first group-victim of Hitler’s penchant for mass-murder, when in that respect Hitler prioritized both Poland’s Catholic intelligentsia and the physically/mentally handicapped well ahead of the Jews.

19. The decapitation of Byelorussia’s intelligentsia by the Stalinist régime, the core of whose intelligentsia, bureaucracy and military intelligence were Jewish. The NKVD doing the killing was no longer Jewish-dominated at this point, but its continuing ethos had been shaped largely by Jewish NKVD generals for two decades

20. All the cruel Stalinist deportations of entire ethnic communities, including the Volga Germans, to Siberia or the like, deportations abetted by a bureaucracy whose core was Jewish.

21. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are taught not to risk their own lives to save the life of a Gentile. Had Catholic Poles been even more persecuted and Polish Jews not at all during World War II, there would have been few if any ‘righteous Jews’ saving Catholic Poles.

22. Browbeaten by his Jewish circle of advisers, FDR’s bending of the U.S. Lend-Lease policy so generously toward the USSR that not only did Hitler not conquer the Stalinist USSR, Stalin soon became the most powerful man on earth for the U.S.-equivalent of another two presidential terms, disastrous terms that saw the spread of Communism to Eastern Europe, China and North Korea, the latter two régimes still in power today.

23. The Jewish/Soviet propaganda-abetted brutal gang rapes and often murders of two million (!) German women and young girls by the Red Army in the closing months of the war.

24. The fabrication that the famously-photographed emaciated survivors of Nazi concentration camps in Germany were nearly all Jewish, when in fact the bulk were non-Jewish, starving not due to Nazi sadism but due to the Allies’ food blockade.

25. The invariably-bloody deaths of as many U.S., U.K., Commonwealth and West European troops as Jews gassed during the war, although few know this owing to relentless propagandizing of the Holocaust-centric view of World War II.

26. One part of the Holocaust total of 5 million (which I accept mostly for the sake of argument) is the 700,000+ Soviet Jews killed mainly by the Nazis’ Einsatzgruppen via mass-shootings. However, a problem with mourning these victims indefinitely is that Soviet Jews made up at least half the elite of the Soviet intelligentsia, and the Nazis killing off Soviet Jews in great numbers was not much different than what the Soviets and Nazis together did to the Polish intelligentsia 1939-1941. Moreover, had the Soviet Jewish victims been spared, their highly-educated expertise (and that of the next generation) would surely have rendered the USSR an even more formidable foe of the West than it did become. So on these Soviet Jews’ behalf, the international Jewish community should never have been able to wring out of Western Gentiles anything more than crocodile tears. (Churchill’s systematic terror-bombing of civilian targets in Germany, to which Hitler eventually retaliated in kind, also killed 700,000, including a few hundred thousand German children.)

27. Another part of the Holocaust total is about a million West European Jews, but these were precisely the kind of over-achieving social-domination-driven Jews that both anti-Semites and Zionists agreed were eroding traditional German and other European cultures and would be much better off removed to Palestine. If Zionists had gotten their way, all European Jews would have emigrated to Jewish Palestine, immersed themselves in its culture and evolved into card-carrying Gentile-spurners. So why should Gentiles — especially 70 years later — be genuflecting to today’s Zionists (that is, nearly all living Jews) by mourning these people? Enough already.

28. For the false claim spread everywhere throughout the world for half a century that of any ethno-religious groups killed by dictatorship in the 1930s and 1940s, Jews were by far the hardest-hit group, when in fact the number of Ukrainians killed in that era exceeds the Jewish death toll by more than four million.

29. That the most sadistic concentration camp commandant of World War II, in Soviet-conquered Eastern Europe 1944-45, was a Jew: Shlomo Morel, whose main victims, typically tortured to death, were non-Nazi ethnic Germans and nationalist Poles. The repellent Morel lived out his post-war days contentedly in Israel, which naturally refused to extradite him to Poland for trial.

30. For the millions of German civilians and conscripts who ended up dying because Jewish Communists assisted Hitler’s rise to power and because Jewish Zionists propped him up in power at a time (1933-34) when delivering a coup-de-grace to Hitler via ‘The Great Boycott’ was the eminently-do-able alternative.

31. That the true statement: ‘far more Germans than Jews died in World War II’, would surprise the vast majority of the public worldwide, even the German public.

32. For the lack of acknowledgement in Jewish writing that for more than a decade and a half after the war, there was absolutely no conception of ‘The Holocaust’ as separated out from the tens of millions of non-Jews killed in the war.

33. For the key Jewish contribution to the establishment of suffocatingly-oppressive Communist regimes in Eastern Europe after the war (ie. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania), régimes that endured for generations, inflicting untold misery on tens of millions of inhabitants.

34. For the decades-long infestation of Western European parliaments with Communists thanks to the inspiring victory of Stalin’s Communist régime in ‘the Great Patriotic War’, Hitler’s ascent to power having been made possible by a Jewish-dominated Comintern/German Communist party/Zionist leadership, and indispensable contributions to his annihilation having been made by Soviet Jews.

35. For Menachem Begin’s having invented Middle-Eastern terror and for having even boasted on American television of having invented not just Middle-Eastern terror but ‘world terror’.

36. For the ethnic cleansing of Palestine under the cover of ‘a war of independence’ and then misrepresenting that repellent operation (featuring one massacre after another) for the next half-century, as well as for suppressing any public memorialization of the Nakba (catastrophe) by Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

37. In the first decades of Israel’s existence, Israelis totally disdained the Holocaust (not yet conceived and labelled as such) and its survivors, and were repelled by the mentality of Israel’s Orthodox or Hasidic immigrants, whose kin constituted 60 percent of the Holocaust death toll and whom Gentiles, in contradistinction, are being continually browbeaten into commemorating presumably until the end of time.

38. For the Korean war: as enabled by the largely-Jewish spying on the Manhattan Project, in turn enabling the Soviets to explode their own duplicate atomic bomb by 1949, which in turn emboldened Stalin to approve the North’s invasion of the South.

39. McCarthyism: a botch-up, but provoked by all-too-real Soviet spying and infiltration of the U.S. government as orchestrated in the main by Soviet Jews and carried out by members of the American Communist Party, the latter so Jewish an institution as to elicit the inside joke that its meetings could have been conducted in Yiddish.

40. The unjustified invasion of Egypt in 1956 by Israel along with France and Britain, soon nullified by an irate President Eisenhower whom Israel et al. had not even bothered to inform in advance.

41. For inventing the third worst idea of the 19th century — Freudianism — and even conflating it with Communism whenever such obfuscation seemed to shore up Marxist beliefs and undermine traditional Western values, not to mention giving pseudo-scientific credence to the entirely-bogus notion of an ‘anti-Semitic psychosis’ — deployed to smear alleged enemies of Jewry/Israel.

42. The bestowal upon Muslim and Christian Palestinians of a variant of 1930s American deep-south segregation and its second-class citizenship for blacks. Israeli ethnic hatred for Israeli Palestinians as well as West Bank and Gaza Palestinians is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

43. For the hate crime of portraying Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic anti-Jewish feeling and actions as emanating from some sort of causeless psychosis when in fact there were very concrete, very obvious causes for such inter-ethnic animosity, some rooted in history, some in more contemporary events.

44. For ‘triumphant Communism’, Jews having proven as indispensable thereto as to every other stage of Communism’s growth. The worthy motive of countering triumphant Communism would draw the U.S. into a catastrophic Vietnam war that would kill 58,000 American soldiers, and more than a million Vietnamese. The conflict between pro-war and anti-war factions within the U.S. generated a cultural divide that never closed and may have even widened over time.

45. For the soul-stultifying and mass-death-inducing catastrophes of Communist rule in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and North Korea, unimaginable absent absolutely-essential Jewish contributions to Marxist ideology and Communism that culminated in the Soviet Union’s complete victory in World War II, with its political system subsequently held up a model to be emulated in the East.

46. For the Jewish-Democrats’ imposition of LBJ as vice-presidential candidate upon the LBJ-despising JFK, an unmitigated disaster once JFK was assassinated by a die-hard Communist and LBJ took over the Vietnam portfolio as a foreign-policy naïf.

47. Without three decades of absolutely indispensable Jewish contributions, there would have been no ideologically-driven USSR in existence to forge a Cold War with the West, a Cold War that almost went nuclear 1962.

48. For turning the Middle-East into a nexus for Cold War confrontation by obliging Egypt and other Arab nations to seek arms from the Soviets that they could not get from the U.S. owing to Israel lobby pressures, thereby creating Soviet client states where the U.S. could least tolerate them given the U.S. economy’s dependence on cheap Middle-Eastern oil.

49. For the ‘Six-day War’ of 1967 — a long-anticipated pre-calculated war of conquest, never the war of survival or defense as per the fabrications of Israel and its lobby then and ever since.

50. The deliberate, unprovoked, and appallingly-vicious attack by the IOF (Israeli Offense Forces) on the unmistakably-American spy-ship USS Liberty at the tail-end of the Six-Day War, intended to sink the vessel and kill its entire 294-member crew, not just the 34 men it did kill (while wounding 171), foiled only by the ineptitude of Israel’s navy and by the Liberty’s whip-smart/heroic radio-man (responsible for saving both the ship and hundreds of lives). Then there was Israel and its lobby blatantly lying about the attack on the Liberty ever since, perhaps terminally corrupting the U.S. government via their collaborative cover-up over the next the next half-century. (Where is the movie focusing on the Liberty’s heroic radio-operator? Thanks to Jewish domination of Hollywood, this would-be American classic will never be made.)

51. The deliberate cultivating via Jewish power within media and academe of the now-deeply-embedded-but-utterly-false notion that Hitler intended the genocide of European Jewry from ‘day one’, when in fact only after longer than the equivalent of two U.S. presidential terms did Hitler change his longstanding policy of prodding Jews to emigrate, to mass-killing them. The latter was an improvisation based on the facts that i) Hitler had nowhere he could send his millions of unwanted Jewish captives to, those captives being well-motivated to take reprisals on the Nazis, ii) Hitler had no way to feed them adequately, given severe food shortages both within Germany and on the Eastern front iii) Germany’s very survival would be jeopardized should the Wehrmacht continue to fail to prevail against Russia, with Jewish partisans and backing for partisans soon to become a significant contributor to that failure. The instigators of the Soviet Terror-Famine had nothing even remotely similar by way of plausible excuses.

52. For the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by a Palestinian understandably enraged by RFK’s ultra-pro-Israeli foreign policy despite Israel’s recent aggressive war of conquest.

53. For Israel’s subterfuge and fabrications and hypocrisy regarding the development of its huge nuclear arsenal and for the subsequent impossibility of making the Middle East a nuclear-weapons-free zone.

54. For causing the oil crisis that began in 1973, which need never have happened had Israel responded to any of Egypt’s multiple peace proposals following the 1967 war, proposals not essentially different from the Camp David Accord signed in 1979. Production cutbacks and consequent skyrocketing oil prices were the oil sheiks’ response to the immediacy and extent of military re-provisioning for Israel as overseen by Henry Kissinger during the Yom Kippur war, that war a direct result of Israel’s half-decade of intransigence. The upshot in the West was stagflation in the mid-to-late 1970s and a deep recession in the early 1980s, overall an economic calamity that brought the post-war boom to a grinding halt for a full decade. (De-railing modernization in Africa was another unhappy Israel-caused result.)

55. For the moral decline of the U.S. as it scrambled, worldwide, to prop up even the most hideous of régimes as long as they opposed the spread of Communism, a real threat and one that need never have arisen in the first place absent indispensable Jewish contributions to that ideology and its political implementation.

56. For General Ariel Sharon’s pulverizing of one the world’s most beautiful cities, Beirut, Lebanon, while trying to kill future Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat.

57. For General Ariel Sharon’s close supervision of the mass-murder of Palestinians in refugee camps situated right under Sharon’s nose, the operation having been farmed out to Israel’s ‘so-called ‘Christian’ Falangist allies, and then the General’s reinstatement in the cabinet after a token wrist-slap, the Israeli electorate eventually rewarding him with the prime minister-ship.

58. For Jewish-American corruption of the United Nations (on behalf on Israel) right from the get-go and for Israel’s rendering that body fundamentally-dysfunctional in certain crucial respects, such as being unable to censure Israel itself for unacceptable behavior, given that the U.S.’s Israel lobby would see to it that American representatives vetoed any such censure.

59. For the imposition of a Holocaust culture and even Holocaust guilt upon the U.S. despite the entirely-positive role played by the United States vis-à-vis Jewish refugees before and after the war, and despite its key role in defeating Hitler.

60. For the development in the 1980s and 1990s of the deeply insulting, arrogant and utterly false theology of the overall responsibility of Gentile/Christian/Western culture for ‘the Holocaust’, that theology evincing a degree of gratuitous hostility that alone would justify the scrapping of the ‘Holocaust culture’ of North America and Europe.

61. For the stigmatization and even criminalization of questioning the conventional views of ‘The Holocaust’ promulgated by Jewish historians and organizations, and the resulting slide of free speech down the slippery slope toward eventual criminalization of public criticism of Israel one not-so-fine day. (Confident Holocaust traditionalists could have and should have invited critiques of even the most mean-spirited kind, given that their falsity would presumably be exposed as such in the light of uncontroversial evidence and established fact.)

62. For two-thirds of a century, Israel’s collaboration with Turkey in denying the official label of genocide to Turkey’s mass-murder of 1.5 million Armenians in the World War I era.

63. For the hate-crime of foisting upon later generations of Germans a continuation of the wartime guilt previously assigned to the 1930s/40s generation.

64. For the public funding of and school field trips to Holocaust Museum hate-centers that dispense hostility-fuelled ethnocentric propaganda that knowingly ignores active Jewish complicity in far-greater 20th-century crimes such as the Terror-Famine of 1932-33.

65. For inflicting upon tens of thousands of Palestinian males systematic torture (that most of us would rather die to avoid) for the kinds of acts of resistance that one would expect any self-respecting people to engage in given similar conditions of oppressive unending military occupation.

66. For the disgrace that one of the worst mass-murderers of the 20th century— — Lazar Kaganovich, a Jew and the USSR’s equivalent of Himmler — died peacefully in 1991 at age 98, without a peep ever heard from any Jewish group regarding any possible indictment for his prominent role in the Terror-Famine. Meanwhile every surviving non-Jew who assisted a concentration or death camp, simply to avoid death by starvation, is hounded to death by the Israeli ‘justice’ system, while their Jewish analogues are honored as noble Holocaust survivors.

67. For the failure of Jews anywhere to insist upon bringing to justice any of the Jewish leaders of a Cheka/GPU/NKVD that, in conjunction with Trotsky’s Red Army, was collectively-responsible for killing far more non-Jewish Soviet citizens 1917-1939 than Hitler’s Nazis killed Jews 1941-1945.

68. For the Soviets’ 70-year obliteration of Ukraine as a nation.

69. For the trillion-dollar looting of Russia in the 1990s mostly by a number of Russian Jews, for the subsequent economic collapse of Russia and for the rise of an extraordinarily-powerful oligarchy utterly-dominated by Jewish multi-billionaire KGBers-turned-gangster-businessmen, some with Russian/Israeli dual citizenship, ironically a complete turning-inside-out of the Russian ‘revolution’ of October 1917 that tossed out the Christian Orthodox Russian oligarchs. One could regard the whole 73-year Soviet interlude, in large part, as a series of massive transfers of wealth from Christian Russians to the Russian/Israeli/American Jewish communities.

70. For the October 1917-1990 crushing of the Russian soul, from which Russia has yet to recover. One key component of this was the near-extirpation of the Russian Orthodox Church by the atheistic Bolshevik regime during the 1930s, a regime which, curiously enough, donned kid gloves when giving the USSR’s synagogues a hard time.

71. For the spying on America by Soviet Jews and by their American Communist Party Jewish counterparts that evolved into spying on America by Israel, its lobby and its sayanim (the thousands of spy-assisting Jewish-American citizens prepared to betray American to Israeli interests).

72. For Jewish scholars’ wild exaggeration of the numbers of Jews killed in massacres by Bogdan Chmielnicki in Poland in the mid-1600s, and for their framing of Czarist régimes for supposedly having officially instigated the anti-Jewish pogroms of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Propagandists intent on tarring Gentile Ukrainians and the Czarist Russian élite to the utmost with charges of anti-Semitism have dined out endlessly on these debunked myths.

73. For the general pro-Israel skewing of American foreign policy given that the federal government and whatever administration is in power are typically permeated by Zionists, a replay of the pro-USSR skewing of FDR’s foreign policy due to the permeation of his administration by Communist spies, fellow travellers and sympathizers

74. For the anomalous shut-down of debate in Congress when it comes to Israel-related issues — now a longstanding anti-democratic tradition with sinister implications.

75. For the corruption of the fourth estate (the media) in the service of Jewish interests in general and Israeli interests in particular via overwhelmingly-Jewish ownership and managerial control. Jewish domination of the American mainstream media and ‘entertainment’ industries is blatant. In fact, Jewish dominance today extends over nearly the entire spectrum of American culture including Wall Street and especially the Federal Reserve Bank, far exceeding the spectacular extent of Jewish domination of Germany’s Weimar culture in the 1920s and early 1930s.

76. For the entirely-unnecessary stirring-up of anti-American hatred and terrorism in the Middle East.

77. Israel’s endless oppression of the Palestinians, providing motive enough for either bin Laden or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks (if either or both indeed did so).

78. For the possible aiding and abetting of the 9/11 hijackers by Mossad, never properly investigated due to the placement of so many Zionist Jews in the higher reaches of the federal government including the departments of justice and homeland security.

79. In the wake of a basically Israel-caused 9/11, the diminishing or outright extirpation of many freedoms once taken for granted by Americans, and their replacement by police-state laws designed mainly to further the scourging of Israel’s rather than America’s enemies.

80. For the crushing to death of heroic American activist Rachel Corrie by an Israeli bulldozer in March 2003, and for the mostly-successful efforts of the Israel lobby to suppress a theatrical production about her life and her murder by the Israeli government.

81. For the likely Israeli murder of Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat and its cover-up.

82. For all the U.S. government’s totally-squandered time and effort over the decades misdirected toward peace negotiations that Israel never had any intention of allowing to come to fruition, and for the consequent distraction from otherwise-resolvable problems elsewhere.

83. For 2003’s unprovoked unjustifiable downright-evil Jewish-neo-con-instigated attack by the U.S. and Britain on Iraq that left several thousand American and British soldiers dead, more than a million Iraqis dead including hundreds of thousands of children, and an American-supervised failed-state whose ‘creation’ will wind up costing the American public $2-3 trillion, all so as to eliminate Israel’s #2 enemy at the price of empowering its #1 enemy, Iran.

84. For the post-9/11 assassination of scores of Iranian scientists and engineers by Mossad, an echo of the NKVD dispatching tens of thousands of members of the Polish intelligentsia to their deaths.

85. For the infamous Israeli IOF massacre in 2010 of ten humanitarian-aid-activists aboard the Mavi Marmara, with dozens more wounded, despite the fact that the vessel was in international waters, had already aborted its Gaza-relief mission out of fear of an impending Israeli attack, and was heading away from Gaza.

86. For the corruption of the U.S. Congress on behalf of a hostile foreign power pretending to be an ally, by a lobby that is the most formidable component of a hostile elite, that is, an elite hostile to what was once dubbed America’s ‘silent majority’.

87. For the sabotage of the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt — now run by the army, which is an extension of the U.S. Army, which is itself an extension of a U.S. government that has made a tradition of deferring to Israel in nearly all Middle-Eastern matters.

88. For the continued immiserating of the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza, akin to and perhaps patterned on Hitler’s systematic ‘pressured emigration’ of Jews via the Nuremberg laws of 1935 and the increasingly-oppressive successors of those laws.

89. For Israel’s periodic ‘mowing the lawn’ invasions of Gaza that kill thousands including hundreds of children, maim even more thousands, and destroy infrastructure that cannot be replaced because of Israeli blockades of needed materials.

90. Even apart from Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza, we have seen the co-destruction by Israel and Western nations with strong Israel lobbies of several Middle-Eastern states including Lebanon (twice), Libya and Syria, the latter two cases constituting not just attempts to impose régime-change by force but the actual annihilation of their statehood altogether.

91. For the continued reflexive activation of the omnipresent potentially career-destroying bogeyman of anti-Semitism, hyper-charged by out-of-context self-exculpating Holocaust propaganda to assure otherwise-undeserved concessions and ‘kid-gloves’ treatment

92. For the serial and almost ritual humiliation of American presidents by Israel, such as George W’s by Sharon and Obama’s by Netanyahu.

93. For the transformation by Jewish (and business) interests of American immigration to ‘doors-wide-open’ replacement levels that will reduce Whites to a minority by mid-century, an induced majority-status suicide likely without precedent, but one openly applauded and cultivated by leading Jews everywhere, backed by their multicultural protégés and politically-correct White subalterns.

94. For the disastrous eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, made possible only by the prior Jewish defeat of efforts to eliminate the antiquated electoral-college system that Jews cherish because it gives them disproportionate if undemocratic electoral clout.

95. For the Jewish dominance in international publishing that orchestrated the vanishing of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s final book because the Nobel Prize-winning author of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and The Gulag Archipelago is less than flattering in his depiction of Russian Jews and their contribution to Communism in the pages of Two Hundred Years Together.

96. For the millions upon millions upon millions of internal and external Middle-Eastern refugees today, as a result of the Iraq war, instigated by Israel and its lobby, and as a result of the Syrian and Libyan civil wars, abetted by Israel and by its lobbies in meddling states such as the U.S., the U.K. and France, with the further result that hundreds of thousands of these refugees flee to Western Europe and North America, thereby accelerating Whites’ majority-status suicide.

97. For the extraordinary Middle-Eastern ravages of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, a movement that arose almost inevitably from the ashes of an Iraq war instigated by Israel and its U.S. lobby, and for related domestic mass-murders in San Bernadino and Orlando.

98. For 80 years of propaganda disguising the reality of moral equivalence between the ‘Black Nazis’ and the ‘Red Nazis’.

99. For blaming everyone but itself for the tragedy that befell European Jewry mostly on account of Jewish actions, actions that also in fact generated disaster after disaster for the non-Jewish world, for none of which Jewish leaders would ever acknowledge even one iota of responsibility.

100. For Jewry’s flaunting itself as the moral paragon of its new supposedly-ecumenical ‘Holocaustianity’ religion in which we are all to enlist as honorary if subordinate members, this being in fact an essentially-immoral enterprise for 99.8 percent of humanity.

101. For the hundreds upon hundreds of Hollywood/network-television dramas and documentaries depicting Nazi concentration/death camps where Germans and East Europeans were the perpetrators vs the complete absence of Hollywood/network-television dramas and documentaries depicting the even more deadly Red Terror/Soviet Gulag/Terror Famine where Jews were highly-prominent amongst the perpetrators.

102. For falsifying the entire historical narrative of the 20th century, making ‘The Holocaust’ not only the centerpiece of World War II, but the pivot point around which all that came before or after must circle, surely the greatest feat of sheer propaganda ever foisted upon humanity.

103. For the relentless ratcheting back upward toward the six million mark of the estimated Jewish-Holocaust death toll by Holocaust ‘historians’. Everyone seems to have forgotten that ‘four-to-five’ million was the downwardly-revised most-common estimate in the decades immediately following the war. And Raul Hilberg, the so-called dean of Jewish Holocaust-historians, never changed his 5.1 million estimate over the course of his four decades of publishing on the subject. Nonetheless: the tantalizing six-million figure lures the estimates higher, and even when still several hundred thousand bodies short, ‘rounding’ up to six million is seen as legitimate despite the fact that Jews thereby ‘kill off’ far more of their own than did all the pogromists in all of pre-World-War II history. One is tempted to agree, though, that the six million figure is required to constitute a bona fide Holocaust, meaning that the enthusiastically very-much Jewish-assisted Terror Famine of 1932-33 with a death toll of 6.3 million was The Holocaust, and the Jewish Tragedy of 1941-45 with a death toll of 5-5.1 million was not.

104. For the following: As elaborated upon in a forthcoming article/chapter The Sixty-Million), had ‘ethnic justice’ somehow prevailed since 1917, meaning that had the various ethnic groups responsible for bringing about events resulting in huge death tolls been decimated in turn according to their degree of responsibility for those events, 36 million Jews would have perished, that number being double their pre-World-War II world population. Since Jews in fact lost only about 1/7th of the total that such ‘ethnic justice’ would have demanded, why then should the rest of the world mourn those losses at all? Rather mourn instead the vast numbers of dead amongst groups that bore little or no responsibility for bringing about the events mentioned above. Rather mourn instead our own loss of 400,000 American soldiers in World War II. Rather mourn instead of the Jewish ‘Holocaust’, the Ukrainians’ loss of more than 9 million souls 1932-1947, only a very small portion of whom could be construed as perpetrators of the horrendous events that befell either themselves or any other group.