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What Would Trump Do?
The Donald as Role Model

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“I write the best articles. No, really: My articles are the best.”

This is the sort of thing that I would write, if I were Donald Trump. It’s definitely the sort of thing I think, but my internal censor would stop it from achieving corporeal shape. Donald Trump is not similarly inhibited, and this is why I have resolved that I must be more like him. In fact, I believe that this is the secret to his popularity.

Trump has been called an egomaniac, but actually he is something quite different. “I’m really, really rich,” he often says. And when he says it the odd thing is that it sounds like nothing other than refreshing honesty. He is really, really rich and to state it is to state plain facts. No, he is not a simple man saying simple truths. He is like Zeus come among us saying “I’m a god, okay? I’m really, really divine.” Not as a prelude to hurling a thunderbolt, just as a warm and friendly conversation starter when approaching mortals.

Asked by a reporter how it felt to be rejected by the Republican “elite” Trump responded, “I went to better schools than they did, I’m smarter than they are, and I have more money than they do. I am the Republican elite.” And he is right. It is the man’s honest, forthright frankness in the face of his own yuge awesomeness that makes him lovable. And trustworthy. Here is a man that we know will not deceive us, because he doesn’t give a shit about what we think. Here is a man who feels no need to hide, no need (putting it mildly) to engage in false modesty.

Now that I have turned 50, I think it is high time that I decide what sort of person I want to be. And the answer is on everyone’s lips: Trump. Of course, the first stumbling block here is that Trump never seems to have needed to decide what sort of person he is, or would like to be. By his own account, at least, he was building skyscrapers out of blocks when he was a child. I did the same thing, but it didn’t take. Trump is one of those men who seems to have set very specific goals for himself early on, and then rocketed towards them at full speed without a hint of hesitation, self-doubt, or even basic introspection. Why couldn’t I have been like this? Surely my parents are to blame.

In truth, however, none of this need hinder me. I will simply follow the time-honored, ancient practice of imitating my role model until, after a time, this behavior becomes second nature, rather than a put on. When that day comes, I will be Donald Trump. Only without the money (something I don’t really care about anyway). If this seems foolish to you, it is only because you are not THINKING BIG. Here I am being serious, for what could be more un-Trumplike than shuffling about, head down, whining “Aw shucks, I don’t have it in me.” The very first step in becoming Trump is thus a major step forward: believing, really believing, the idea that I can become like this man. Without a hint of hesitation, self-doubt, or even basic introspection.

I feel encouraged by the fact that Trump himself seems to have had a role model: his own father. By most accounts, Donald learned it all at his father’s knee. Fred Trump was the sort of man who told people what they would be ordering when they went out to dinner. He did this to Ivana when she and Donald were dating in the ’70s. Having told a waiter at Tavern on the Green that she’d like the fish, Fred interjected. “No, she’s not having the fish. She’ll have the steak. We’ll all have the steak.” I want to be able to do the same thing, only on a budget: “No, you’re not having the coconut shrimp. You’re having the Bloomin’ Onion. We’ll all have the Bloomin’ Onion.”

I also look forward to informing women that they are fat and unattractive. “You like your candy, don’t you?” Trump supposedly said to a plump, senior-level employee who carried this horrible slight with her for years until recently unburdening herself to the New York Times. Receiving the same treatment, another Trump girl saw it as friendly encouragement: “He thought I looked much better thin. . . He would remind me of how beautiful I was.” And this account rings true. It is a genuine act of kindness to tell people that they are fat. Donald Trump is a kind man. And I look forward to being this kind to a lot of people.

The Times has also reported that Mr. Trump sought the opinions of others on the subject of his daughter’s attractiveness, when she was but a teenager. “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” he asked one astonished supermodel. But again, I find this perfectly charming. Trump is just a proud papa who says openly (and very frankly) what fathers often think. Unless they are fully aware that their daughters are fat pigs and slobs like Rosie O’Donnell.

You see, this is just another example of the man’s fealty to truth. (His daughter Ivanka is, in fact, hot.) Trump is no egomaniac, he is no braggart. He is an innocent of sorts, almost a kind of Siegfried figure. His mouth (Mund) is the clearing (Lichtung) in which Being (das Sein) reveals itself. Heidegger said that “language is the house of Being.” If Trump finds this out he will buy that house and put his name on it. But whether or not he acquires the actual deed, language truly is now the house of Trump. Trump, as I’ve said, is on everyone’s lips. And he has masterfully used language to knock his rivals out of the way and rise to the top of the pack — something which, a little less than a year ago, the pundits declared impossible.

Trump has knocked his rivals out of the way by speaking the truth about them. “We don’t need a weak person as President,” Trump said to Jeb Bush. This was a truly startling moment. Presidential candidates have never been that personal in attacking each other’s character. Especially not when the other guy is standing two feet away. (Another example: “Oh, you’re real tough Jeb.”) But Trump spoke the truth: Bush is weak, and he betrayed that in the way he was so palpably flustered by a man dismissed by some as a mere “celebrity,” and “reality TV host.” Jeb as world leader? Not a chance.

Language is the house of Trump because he wins by using it honestly and forthrightly. And this means that Trump is the house of Being. (No, I am really serious about this, folks.) Trump’s language reveals Being — unlike other politicians who use language to obscure Being (e.g., the woman Trump has branded as “Crooked Hillary,” who will say anything to get elected). From Trump’s mouth has come not just the truth about his pathetic rivals (I am still in pain from laughing at Marco Rubio) but the uncomfortable truths that no one else in politics will say: the truths about immigration and globalism and Muslims. Has Trump come out and spoken the truth about multiculturalism, a truth we all know that he knows? No. But here too he is a kind man. To reveal all the truth at once would fry the tiny walnut-sized brains of the American herd. Zeus only revealed himself in his full majesty to Hera, lest the little nymphs he dallied with might be burned to a crisp.

When I think about how best to get in touch with my inner Trump, it is this use of language — this loyalty to truth — that must be the key. All else is external and inessential. For example, I don’t have any property to slap “COSTELLO” onto. (Well, there is my first book.) I don’t own a helicopter or a jet. I could give children rides in my Honda, but I’d probably be arrested. And I am not a big beef eater. What I can do is to speak the truth forthrightly, including the truth about myself and what I believe.

Yes, I will admit, the whole thing is truly disorienting. I never thought I would live to see the ascendency of a politician I actually admire, and would emulate. I certainly never thought I would find vast numbers of Americans agreeing with me. And, of all people . . . Donald Trump? A man who only a few short years ago I dismissed as a self-promoting, nouveau riche vulgarian? A man the herd seemed to admire purely because he is really, really rich? But that’s not true — not anymore at least. They admire him for the same reasons I do: because he is really, really honest and courageous. And, yes, he is lovable. I, like so many others, am smitten with Trump. Never have I felt so close to the herd (well, the white ones anyway).

I know I am setting myself up for what might be terrific disappointment in November. But Trump fills me with the kind of confidence I remember feeling about my parents when I was a child: he can do anything. And even if he loses, the terrific anger and disappointment that white Americans will feel can only help us. But you’ve heard that argument before.

I will stop at this point, as my role model is not verbose. He knows not to oversell. But you will now have to agree that I write the best articles. No, really: My articles are the best. And they are only available at Counter-Currents.

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  1. Susan Fowler
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 4:29 am | Permalink

    Both droll and heartfelt. I think you nailed it. Trump makes his people – our people – feel strong, confident, and capable. He makes us feel loved. We feel smarter, better looking, healthier, and upright. He gives men backbone and women modesty. He is honest about what needs to be done and looks to us to help him do it. It is almost too good to be true so we hedge our bets with a little self-deprecating humor.

  2. The Leveller
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    I know, I know..I can imagine a scene like this back in 1986:

    “Hey, kid. When you are older your gonna vote for Donald Trump for President in the year 2016.”

    “What? That’s crazy!?”

    “Crazy? Let me tell you a few more things you will believe by then…”

  3. Dr. Krieger
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 9:36 am | Permalink

    That was 180 proof, pure, triple-distilled Trumpentruth. Goes down smoothly too.

  4. Samuel Nock
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 11:37 am | Permalink

    Norman Vincent Peale, best known as the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”, was also a minister. Guess who attended his church as a child?

  5. Ralph Raico
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    An excellent article, and funny as well. I’d have liked to see a few sharp jabs at the Times, which is rivaling the Washington Post in its nonstop niggling attacks on Trump. I suspect they’re really worried that a President Trump will unleash the FBI, and their heroine, the Queen of Chaos, will wind up in a prison cell.

  6. Peter Kilbridge
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    We White Americans must feel as the Jews felt in the Babylonian Captivity: a people in exile from their ancient homeland, cut off from their God. What can we do but hope for a Messiah? Politically and socially, the world around us feels cold, dark, and frightening. We see in the future a “soft” genocide, in which we will become a despised minority in our own ancestral homeland, with our proud and worthy culture forgotten or unjustly denigrated by morons and perverts.

    In steps a self-confident billionaire of German and Scots lineage with intelligence, courage and a supermodel trophy wife. He makes fools of the whore journalists and politicians. He speaks openly of “America [not Israel] first”. He dares to offend precious “minorities” and…gasp!…women. Are we dreaming? I, too, am open to the possibility of a very rude awakening. But for now, I’m enjoyin’ the dream…

  7. Tim
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Jef has always made the best articles. Let me tell you something: I have a great relationship with Jef. There’s an understanding between us, we don’t even need to talk, we just understand. That’s the kind of relationship the white nationalist movement needs right now. Less drama, more love. You know people have come out, they’ve said terrible things about me and Jef. They say Jef and I have had zero correspondence, that’s it’s all talk. Look, I’ve read Jef’s articles, and I know the man. He’s laid it all on out the table. I mean, what more do you want? So I had one of these guys call me up to apologize last night–no, really!–and he told me he’s never seen such camaraderie in the WN scene before. It’s amazing. He said, “we need more people like you in the movement,” and I agreed. That’s why I’m self funded, I’ve loaned my own money to myself to be fully independent of Jew lobbyists. And I’m doing very well, and I think perhaps we will make whites great, perhaps greater than ever before. Believe me.

    • jef costello
      Posted May 17, 2016 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

      I have yuge respect for Tim. He writes the best comments. Really, the best. We need more commenters like Tim, and fewer like Little Steven.

      • Marc
        Posted May 19, 2016 at 1:51 am | Permalink

        Jeff and Tim are like, the best people, lovely people. The media are saying horrible, nasty things about these conversations, just disgusting things; but I will tell you, there’s tremendous love here. It’s amazing the response we’re getting from the people showing up, like thousands and thousands coming. They say we’ve got a ceiling of support, but we’re expanding the base, bringing in Democrats and also — by the way — people who’ve never voted. See these hands? Big hands. And I can tell you, there’s no problem down there, with the size of our ideas – to Make America Great Again. Believe me.

  8. WN
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 8:05 pm | Permalink

    Excellent. Good points and very funny too. The “Bloomin’ Onion” line was great.

    • jef costello
      Posted May 17, 2016 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

      Yes, it was great. Thank you.

  9. Steven
    Posted May 17, 2016 at 2:27 am | Permalink

    I agree there is much to admire about Trump but certainly the man has his flaws but he never mentions them or says what they are. He has never, as far as I know, admitted to a mistake. This could be dangerous because what if he makes a costly mistake as president: will he admit it and take responsibility or defend his plunders even against the cries of reason? Certainly it is admirable to stand your ground when you believe you are right but believing that one is greater than one truly is will lead to downfall. There is a reason that pride is considered the deadliest sin.

    Sometimes it is good to slow down, to think and to question your own abilities. Many have been rushed into disaster by not doing so. Has Trump really thought everything through? Does he really know what he’s getting into? Simply believing is not enough otherwise the Third Reich would have lasted a thousand years.

    • jef costello
      Posted May 17, 2016 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

      Trump does not make mistakes. There is nothing to admit to. But you must admit that you envy him because he is so awesome. You probably have many mistakes to admit to. Trump has none. I also have none.

    • Luideraad
      Posted May 18, 2016 at 8:40 am | Permalink

      Suppose he makes a mistake? What good does apologizing do? It doesn’t solve anything. Instead you can propose a solution to the mess you made.

  10. Petronius
    Posted May 17, 2016 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

    Part of the beauty of me is that I write the very best comments.

  11. Marc
    Posted May 19, 2016 at 1:14 am | Permalink

    Excellent piece! Both light-hearted and indeed thought-provoking: Trump’s use of language as an exemplar of the Clearing of Being — brilliant.

  12. Simon
    Posted June 2, 2016 at 1:22 am | Permalink

    I appreciate his truth-telling but you must understand he wasn’t able to tell as much truth as he does today during the brunt of his pre political life. I think what has helped him his whole life is his confidence, a kind of unrestrained manifest destiny that things are his for the taking, which leads him to give 110% and I think that’s the type of mentality we need to have. We should persuade people that we deserve to win so that if ever it comes down to a tie between us and our opponents then our persuasiveness will enable us to break the tie. Maybe it’s the combination of the truth-telling and confidence that really makes him unique. But honestly even Trump is guarded in what he says sometimes.

  13. Tomoz
    Posted June 5, 2016 at 1:18 am | Permalink

    This was the best article I have read all year…maybe ever. It is all so true and I also laughed so loud and hard that I am afraid I would disturb the neighbors that live below me (it is horribly hot and I have my home office window open).

    Thank “Trump” and “Costello” that somebody understands how horrible false modesty is, and also how essential reality is and speaking of reality with honest language. I once got into a stupid on-line battle (it was stupid because the other guy was stupid, me, I was just wasting my time dealing with such stupid) with somebody who was pearl-clutchingly horrified that I said that narcissism was a good thing, that I am proud of my own narcissism (who could possibly be more beautiful and appealing, not to mentions smart and perceptive and aware) and I try to get other people to be narcissistic, too (if they are worthy of it). He kept trying to tell me that narcissism was a terrible, evil sickness, but I knew better, of course. Poor, sad, shamed liberal, I guess he was stuck in an awareness of his own ugly unworthiness and meaningless, our modern-day version of “Puritans” or whoever they were who get very unhappy when somebody else is having fun, or currently, actually powerful, competent, and sure of themselves, and appreciative of the rightfulness that they are deserving of the rewards that they have received.

    The minute Trump declared he was running for President, I was for him, and that was even in those early days when the media was laughing and saying what a joke it was, that Trump was a buffoon and his candidacy would last about three days. I knew better. I proudly declared that I was for him, and yes, I ended up voting for him in the California primary via ballot-by-mail (the actual “waiting in line” voting that I am smart enough to avoid by voting in the comfort of my own home office is in a few days). And then I will get to vote for him again in the national election.

    When imbeciles say that Trump is a clown, or stupid, I am amused at how stimulus-response wormy those people are, because they’re just saying back what they’ve heard coming from the puckered anal mouths of the media, as no genuine observation of Trump would yield those words as being accurate descriptors. The man made a little bit less than two thirds of a billion dollars last year. He’s way more than just a multi-billionaire, he essentially is EARNING the major portion of a billion dollars every year! How can he be a clown if he can do that? If so, then bring in the clowns and I want to be one, too!

    Yes, so many of us would be horrified and terribly upset if something happens to prevent Trump from becoming the President, but with an evil lying media like we have, and a voting public that seems to be made up of a 67 IQs, plus official corruption all over the nation like the flotsam and jetsam left over after a Katrina-type disaster, it would almost take DIVINE power in order for Trump to actually obtain the office as he should, but even then if Trump doesn’t make it to the Presidency, he will have, at least, shown for good just how corrupt our system really is. It would only be due to a very great wrong that he would not win the Presidency.

    I so much love some of the things you pointed out, such as Trump’s saying to Jeb Bush “We don’t need a weak person as President.” But my favorite line of yours was this one: “To reveal all the truth at once would be to fry the tiny walnut-sized brains of the American herd. Zeus only revealed himself in his full majesty to Hera, lest the little nymphs he dallied with might be burned to a crisp.” (That sentence made me close my office window!) I am in awe of you for having uttered such truly descriptive words such as those. You just absolutely get it.

    By the way, add lots of money to your near-future achievements. In a world so full of stupidity, a smart man like you can surely begin to pick up riches as if they were just mildly-hidden Easter eggs. Just look to see what is hidden in plain sight.

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