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The Inaugural Meeting of the New York Forum

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It was 88 degrees in Manhattan on Saturday, May 28, 2016, when Counter-Currents launched a new venture, The New York Forum. The New York Forum is modeled on the London Forum, which is the now the most important organization in the British Nationalist scene after the collapse of the British National Party and the subsequent wave of party fatigue. 

Like the London Forum, the New York Forum is a private, invitation-only gathering. Although the speakers and their talks will be made public after the events, who is in the audience and they say are private and off the record.

The purpose of the New York Forum is metapolitics: speading ideas and building community. There are speakers, opportunities for socializing and networking, and tables with books and other literature and merchandise.

Why a forum in New York City? First, New York is our top city in terms of readership, which makes perfect sense. The primary cause of white awareness of race differences, the Jewish question, and the negative consequences of multiculturalism is direct experience, and New York offers such experiences in abundance. Second, there are millions of people — and thus large numbers of racially aware whites — within a 3-hour commute of New York City. Finally, New York is a transportation hub, so many of our people pass through here.

At the first meeting of the New York Forum, we had four speakers: Greg Johnson, F. Roger Devlin, Gregory Hood, and Adrian Davies. More than 4o people were in attendance, which Adrian Davies assured us was a very auspicious start. Five authors of Counter-Currents books were present and signed their books: Collin Cleary, James O’Meara, and Michael Polignano, as well as Greg Johnson and F. Roger Devlin. After the event, more than half those present went out to dinner. In subsequent days, I have heard reports of connections made and friendships and collaborations born. All told, the meeting was a resounding success.

We plan to hold four New York Forum meets per year. The next ones will take place in July September, and next January. Plans are already afoot to set up a Washington, D.C. Forum as well. Eventually, I hope there are similar events every month in every major metropolitan area in North America.

I want to thank our speakers, the New York Forum team, and everybody who attended. Special thanks are due Jez Turner and the rest of team from the London Forum, who continue to set a standard worth emulating.

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Greg Johnson