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The Battle of Britain:
The Muslim Mass-Rape of British Women & Girls

EasyMeat [1]3,346 words

Peter McLoughlin
Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal [2]
London: New English Review Press, 2016

One of the primary challenges a reviewer faces when reading Peter McLoughlin’s Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal is remaining objective. The sex crimes that Mr. McLoughlin chronicles are so appalling, the perpetrators so unrepentant, and the cover-up so insidious and widespread, that becoming spitting mad while reading this book is a constant temptation.

You know how in professional wrestling the heel will cause the audience to churn with loathing as he distracts the referee and fouls his opponent? That’s what it’s like reading Easy Meat. For at least twenty-five years now, gangs of Muslim men have been preying upon white British schoolgirls while taking full advantage of Britain’s pervasive cult of political correctness to remain undetected or unpunished. They loiter around schools, bus stations, and shopping malls; they entice or abduct girls as young as eleven; they get them hooked on alcohol and drugs; they threaten to murder the girls’ families if they try to escape; and they employ them as sex slaves. It’s a fairly lucrative enterprise, with one girl, properly pimped, netting her owner anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 pounds per year. It is estimated that well over 100,000 British girls have been victimized since the late 1980s.

Meanwhile, people who could have protected these girls, such as teachers and social workers, studiously ignored the problem out of fear of breaking anti-bigotry laws. The police did as little as possible out of fear of Muslim riots. The press looked the other way to keep from running afoul of political correctness. The girls’ parents did what detective work they could but were mostly ignored. The Muslim communities themselves said nothing and did nothing to prevent these crimes. And Leftist and Muslim politicians denounced as racist anyone who would point out the obvious: that gangs of Muslim Pakistani thugs who followed fairly orthodox tenets of Islam deliberately preyed upon white girls as sex slaves and gamed the system to maximum benefit.

It is a loathsome and shameful chapter of human history that should be taught in high schools as cautionary tale number one.

Mr. McLoughlin’s narrative begins in the late 1980s when Britain’s Sikh community began to realize what was going on. They spread the word among themselves and to the authorities and made it abundantly clear who the perps were (Muslim men) and who the victims were (in this case, Sikh schoolgirls). The police, of course did very little, which led the Sikhs to fend for themselves on the streets.

Others began to notice in the 1990s. A charity called The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP) focused on working with the victims and their families. It was CROP which initially produced the oft-quoted figure of 10,000 victims of these heinous crimes. Note that this meant 10,000 at any given time, not 10,000 total. Mr. McLoughlin writes:

In the first edition of Easy Meat, we thought that the idea that CROP could mean that there were 10,000 victims each year was too shocking to be credible. But within 12 months of our book being first published, senior police officers stated their belief that there were ‘tens of thousands’ of victims each year in the UK.

He further points out that “between 1989 and 2003, there was virtually no national media attention concerning these Muslim grooming gangs.” But interviews with people in the know reveal that child-care professionals knew about it. In Bradford in 1995, a charity called Barnardo’s was on task in helping the victims and raising awareness of these grooming gangs. But they were hamstrung by political correctness. The could not (or would not) reveal the race or religion of the perps, opting instead for the anodyne and nigh-euphemistic adjective ‘Asian.’ They were also skittish about revealing that the vast majority of the victims were white.

Following this was a never-published social services report on similar activities in Rotherham. The Sikh Awareness Society gave their frank take, but journalists, academics, and politicians rarely paid much attention to them. The British authorities were simply too intimidated by the stifling political correctness of the time to do anything at all. To be labeled a ‘racist’ would mean the end of careers and loss of social standing for many of these elites. So they bowed their heads and kept quiet while Muslim invaders in nearly every major city of their nation raped their young girls.

There was also cases of torture, murder. Early in Easy Meat, Mr. McLoughlin tells us that he has sworn off sensationalism for this book. But how can that be true when even the driest details will make one livid? These Pakistani Muslim men keep their girls in line by threatening to rape their mothers or firebomb their homes. They tattoo their names on them as a form of branding. They scald them with boiling water. They nail their tongues to tables if they think they are going to tell the police.

Let’s let that one sink in for a moment.

Further, the perps are almost always unrepentant. They truly believe that these girls are subhuman, fit only to be property. They truly believe they have the right to enslave nonbelievers and have their way with them any which way. The Koran certainly gives them license to do this, and with British society being so soft on this kind of crime, they hardly need any encouragement.

The grooming gangs finally made the national news media in 2003 with a Channel 4 expose on them. In it, Labour MP Ann Cryer described what was going on, but still clung to the ‘Asian’ description and naively hoped that the story would “embarrass these young men into more appropriate behavior.” Not once did the story mention that the perps were Muslim and from Pakistan. A Channel 4 documentary called Edge of the City followed which did state the race and religion of the guilty. After pressure from left wing and black activist groups, however, its broadcast was delayed and eventually aired in a late night time slot.

It had almost no effect.

Until 2011, only one journalist was still banging the drum: Julie Bindel. Similar to W. T. Stead who uncovered a child prostitution ring over a century ago in Britain, Miss Bindel labored alone to expose what everyone by this point knew but was too afraid to say: that Muslim men from Pakistan and other places were doing unspeakable things to young white girls. Frustratingly, however, she also had little effect in stopping these crimes.

Mr. McLoughlin credits the rise of the English Defence League in 2009 in turning the tide. The organization, which he is at pains to say is neither racist nor violent, staged numerous protests which he believes resulted in a spike of convictions starting in 2010. By that point, it was becoming less taboo to mention the truth. Andrew Norfolk’s pivotal article in The Times in 2011, however, is what changed everything. After this article, everything was out in the open, and the government was forced to investigate these horrific grooming gangs.

Still, this is no victory. As of 2016, only 177 men have been convicted, ninety percent of whom are Muslim.

(As an aside, I usually don’t have much time for feminism. When feminists complain that people tend to take men more seriously than women, it usually sounds like petulant whining. But in this case, they may have a point. Until Mr. Norfolk’s article, most of the whistleblowers for over a decade had been women: Julie Bindel, Ann Cryer, Sara Swann of Barnardo’s, and Anna Hall of Channel 4 – to say nothing of the countless mothers doing the detective work the police should have been doing. But all it took was one article written by a man to implement meaningful change. So go figure that one.)

In chapter five, entitled “Systemic Institutionalized Failure,” Mr. McLoughlin itemizes the corruption and cowardice that led to the betrayal of these poor girls. It is a devastating chapter. He exposes the educational system, local councils, police, the criminal justice system, child protection services, and academia for their shameful behavior and lack of action. He calls it a ‘catalogue of failure.’

Mr. McLoughlin writes

We have seen that as late as 2010 council officials and police officers were so scared of accusations of racism they would not even speak about the grooming gangs to a respected journalist from The Times.

He also reports that, after a Rotherdam girl named Laura Wilson was murdered in 2010, the city council ruled out race and religion as a possible cause. Yet

. . . it is claimed that the Rotherdam Council went so far in covering their tracks, they initiated legal action to prevent a leaked copy of a report from being used by The Times. The uncensored copy of the report showed that the council had known that from the age of 11, Laura Wilson was at risk of being groomed by Pakistani men.

Just as bad are the lenient sentences handed to some of these rapists. For example, in 2006, a twelve-year-old white girl was raped by eight Muslims within a period of twenty-four hours (as well as thrown out of a moving car at one point). The ringleader of the attack, one Shakil Choudhury, was sentenced to six years in prison and served only three. And he was the only perp in the gang who was prosecuted!

In 2012, the so-called Children’s Commissioner of England wrote a report about child prostitution which used statistical tricks to obscure the fact that Muslim men were raping and selling white schoolgirls. Basically, the report conflated different kinds of child sexual exploitation so that the results featured more white and black perps and black victims. It also, perhaps anachronistically at this point, still clung to the ‘Asian’ moniker, which basically told us nothing about the problem. Mr. McLoughlin does us service of un-conflating some of this data in the Appendix of Easy Meat.

Meanwhile, any academics daring to tackle this problem either insisted that race or religion played no role in it or absurdly denied that the perps were Muslim. Their logic, such as it was, claimed that these men couldn’t possibly have been Muslim because they drank alcohol, took drugs, and engaged in extramarital sex.

Mr. McLoughlin also graces us with a chapter entitled “Islamic Cultural Background” which offers a nice compendium the sins of Islam throughout history. He focuses mostly on how pervasive slavery has always been in the Muslim world, starting with Muhammad himself and ending in the present day. I was gratified to see that Mr. McLoughlin had included Robert Davis’ Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters in his research. He reiterates Professor Davis’ finding that from 1500 to 1800, over one million white European Christians had been taken as slaves by Barbary pirates in the employ of the Ottoman Empire. This is a figure that should always bear repeating.

Of course, Mr. McLoughlin includes this information to support his stated position that it is not race but religion that is the real culprit. He points to how Muslims from Somalia and Morocco also groom girls and concludes that since these men are of a different race than those from Pakistan, the only unifying feature here is Islam. Unfortunately, he does not explain how white Muslims from the Balkans don’t have a similarly atrocious record of grooming girls.

And this is where Peter McLoughlin bows down to the beast just a little bit. As meticulous and well-researched as Easy Meat is, Mr. McLoughlin still buys into the liberal position that racism is bad. He would still prefer to fix the current situation and return to the multicultural status quo than throw the baby out with the bathwater. If Islam is the culprit, then we should educate people about Islam. His proffered solution to this mess is “a full-scale Public Inquiry.”

But what would that accomplish? Like the People’s Front of Judea in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, any discussion which concludes to solve a problem with more discussion seems almost comically circular. Sure, it may engender new legislation and force police and other authorities to be more vigilant (and these are good things, no doubt). But the Muslim perps will just find new and clever ways to get around it all. Rapists are going to rape, and pimps are going to pimp.

Nothing but the gallows is going to change that.

These people are already very well organized and funded. Their actions are condoned in their holy books and are consistent with 1300 years of history. They are bolstered and protected by their own complicit communities. They produce MP’s and other leaders who speak on their behalf and intimidate any opposition. Furthermore, the Muslim population in the UK has been nearly doubling every ten years. Does Mr. McLoughlin really think that a “full-scale Public inquiry” will matter when Muslims make up thirty or thirty-five percent of the British population? By that point, they will be immune to all strongly worded demarches. By that point, if white Britons don’t forcibly stop them, they will be running the show.

Based on the evidence compiled in Easy Meat, white people must ask the following question: is this situation tolerable? If it is, then by all means, have that public Inquiry. Double, triple the police efforts to apprehend these criminals. Quadruple the funding to care for the victims and their families. Amp up those rainbow coalition EDL protests. Run hard-hitting, prime time documentaries on these grooming gangs every evening. Make new laws to ensure that child rapists and sex traffickers get severe punishments.

That’ll show ’em.

Seriously, such measures would do a lot of good in reducing the number of crimes and victims. But it won’t solve the problem. It won’t stop Muslim men from wanting to rape and traffic white schoolgirls. And it sure as heck won’t stop them from trying. What non-military, non-violent effort throughout history has ever gotten them to do that? If history has taught us anything, it’s that when Muslims have an advantage, they push it. Most importantly, time is on their side, not ours, and they know it. Such civil measures might have a felicitous impact in the short term. But in the long term, as the Muslim population nearly doubles every decade, these benefits will ultimately cease. There will be too many rapists on the streets. Too many of their countrymen among whom they can hide. Too many of their enablers in the media and in Parliament to protect them. By that point, there will be no solution other than mass violence.

But what if whites decide that the situation is intolerable? In that case, we can solve the problem inside of two years. In order to end the crime which dares not speak its name, we need to implement the solution which dares not speak its name: Mass deportations.

Britain needs to ban Islam, not as a religion, but as an enemy ideology. Indeed, it is an ideology that has led to the rape and slavery of over 100,000 white British girls. What more justification do you need to anathematize an ideology? From here, authorities need to shut down mosques one by one, deport all incarcerated Muslims and aliens (legal or otherwise), purge government, police, and the military of them, make it illegal to hire Muslims, completely remove them from public schools and universities, and thoroughly investigate all Muslim businesses for any kind of crime or fraud.

Basically, white Britons need to start showing Muslims the same respect that Muslims have been showing them.

After such pressure, most Muslims who have any sense will self-deport. After all, if they or their ancestors had the wherewithal to emigrate to Britain, they certain have the wherewithal to leave it. And if they want to riot, fine. Bring in the military and deport the rioters. No mass killings. No atrocities. Just peacefully rounding up the enemy and sending them on their way. The British military is still less than one percent Muslim. This shouldn’t be too much of problem. After two years of this, the Muslim population in Britain will plummet with the only ones remaining being ten thousand or so thoroughly vetted Ayaan Hirsi Ali types who have sworn off Islam and are leading the charge to expunge it from the civilized world.

Such a world would be civilized indeed. And schoolgirls would be free to walk home alone without fear of rape and slavery.

What I am proposing, to paraphrase Camus, is to consider first and last things. Do we want to live? Do we want to remain civilized? If the answer is yes to these questions, then we must view the barbaric situation in Britain as intolerable. Sooner or later we will be forced to answer these questions in a Boolean manner. No weaseling. No caviling. Just yes or no. And the sooner we do this the better.

Of course, such draconian measures will frighten many, especially other racial minorities. Blacks, non-Muslim Asians, and Jews will likely oppose mass deportations. Why? Because they know that if white Britons can expel Muslims, they can expel them too. So, likely these racial minorities will side with child-raping Muslims rather than risk facing deportation themselves.

This means that most racial minorities in Britain will find the rape and slavery of over 100,000 white schoolgirls to be tolerable.

This is nigh-treasonous. It is also a terrific reason why any healthy nation state should never allow racial minorities to vote and make up more than five percent of its population. When the dust settles on this vast multicultural experiment which began in the 1860s with the emancipation of blacks in America and Jews in Europe, this will be the lesson we learn. Our ancestors had it right the first time.

And what of another Holocaust? Many whites will be fearful that if we give in to our martial instincts we will initiate a period of horrific bloodshed. Well, my response is that mass deportations of Muslims now will prevent another Holocaust. It is truly the more humane option. My solution would be little more than a benign police action compared to the all-consuming civil strife which will ensue once the Muslim population reaches a critical mass and forces the British people to recognize them as hostile invaders and colonizers. At that point, whites will have no choice but to fight or submit. Picture the bloody and chaotic Indian partition of 1947, but taking place in Leeds and Manchester and other formerly peaceful places on the British Isles. Hundreds of thousands if not millions will be killed before this all gets sorted out. Do we really want to subject our children to that?

So if you want to save Muslim lives and stave off another Holocaust, by all means, deport them to their own parts of the world where they will be safer.

And to those clever attorney-types who demand that the British be consistent and also deport the thousands of whites who allowed these crimes to take place, the British should just say no. Britain is where white Britons belong. It is the land of their ancestors. It is their homeland. It belongs to no one else. Certainly some of these people deserve punishment, but deportation should not be on the table.

Conservative writer Russell Kirk predicted much of this years ago:

Like a great old tree, our society has been dying at the top. The educated classes are in danger of turning traitor to the civilization which sustains them – deluded by humanitarianism, perhaps ignorant of their own proper duties.

Whether he realizes it or not, Peter McLoughlin has become indispensable to the Alt-Right. By exposing these barbarous Muslim grooming gangs, he also exposes the betrayal of our educated classes who, through multiculturalism and political correctness (Kirk’s “humanitarianism”), have indeed forgotten their own proper duties. Easy Meat, as clear and well-written as it is, remains a very difficult read. Heartbreaking might be a better word. It is a shocking indictment of our current leadership as well as further evidence for racial differences. Most importantly, it opens a window to a future which will prove to be utterly disastrous if decisive action is not taken today.