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The Alt-Right is the Only Way to Stop the Islamification of the West

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A meme is going around the internet that highlights the points on which the Alt-Right apparently agrees with Radical Islam. Of course, it is possible to quibble with several of these – e.g. the Alt Right actually believes in Israel as a solution to the Jewish question – but there is a broad truth to the general assertion that makes the meme effective. 

But there are also massive differences between the Alt-Right and Radical Islam that the meme doesn’t dare go into.

The Alt-Right believes strongly in the importance of race, and realizes that many of the present problems of Europeans and the West actually stem from our racial natures – North European universalist morality and altruism, for example. Islam, by contrast, has no position on race and in fact has been one of the most deracifying forces in history with its massive promotion of the slave trade.

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Another major difference is that the Alt-Right believes in the genius and greatness of Western civilization, and a world in which science is ascendant and serves the interests of our people. Radical Islam prioritizes sharia law over everything, something that would probably inhibit and destroy science.

But having said all this, yes, there are some similarities between the two in the same way that those other memes highlighted similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler – “Adolf Hitler drinks water and so does Donald Trump,” etc. But the similarities are a little more precise than that.

Several of these similarities centre on attitudes to the related cluster of in-group preference, marriage, and sexual relations. Both Islam and the Alt-Right are ideologies that focus in their different ways on the central fact of life over death, which for humans means a birth rate of over 2.1 children per woman (and more if the death rate for female children is higher – as it inevitably is in Islamic countries).

In the return to traditional sexual relations, the Alt-Right, of course, favours more chivalry, veneration, and love for the feminine than is possible within the framework of Islam, but the comparison here carries a resonance that almost feels like harmony.

This is because the chief comparison point for both ideologies, modern liberalism (with its attendant harpy of feminism), is essentially a death cult of ever lower birth rates and the endless importation of replacements. Such a blinding aberration is capable of making two such differently shaped and coloured beasts as radical Islam and the Alt-Right appear fleetingly alike.

But there is another vast difference between Islam and the Alt-Right: in-group preference.

While both the Alt-Right and Islam emphasize in-group preference, Islamic in-group preference – with its non-racial, anyone-can-join ethos – is essentially meaningless. The Alt-Right, by contrast, is an ideological system to safeguard the growth of racial and political entities through restoring healthy and organic in-group preference. Radical Islam by contrast operates more like a virus and a cancer, growth for growth’s sake, power by any means, and an urge to spread to areas with which it has no authentic historical connection.

But there is more: Islam’s relentless focus on power is actually a weakness, as under any healthy system, the West and the rest of the world would oppose and crush its crude grasp for dominion.

The only thing that gives this evil ideology its strength is its fleeting symbiosis with the death cult of Western liberalism, and the demographic vacuum created by the sleeping ovaries of our women. Islam is therefore not the main enemy, liberalism – the soporific of sexual reproduction – is. Islam is merely its symbiotic partner and ingrate successor.

Far from being a shadow or simulacrum of Radical Islam, the Alt-Right is therefore the only thing that can ensure its death knell. Let this therefore serve as an Alt-Right fatwa and call to arms against Radical Islam and its useful idiots in the liberal left.