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The Soul of White Folk

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I came across a truly terrifying quote from Xenophon the other day: “You will know that strength and weapons alone do not always prevail in battle. When an army is stronger in soul, then their enemies cannot withstand them.” 

This quote appears in Xenophon’ s Anabasis which chronicles the 10,000 Greek soldiers who, in 401 BC, were stranded in Persia without leadership and forced to fight their way out. But it is just as true and meaningful today as it was in Ancient times. For today’s liberal, such a quote would certainly not elicit any kind of visceral reaction. He might appreciate the pithiness of the expression and the poetic notions behind it, but not much more.

To a conservative, especially a race-conscious one, such a quote means nothing less than life and death.

These days, we have the strength and the weapons, but they have the soul. And who are “they”? To a lesser extent “they” could mean the Hispanics who are storming our southern border with the long term goals of reclaiming American territory in the name of la raza. They have a strong race consciousness and don’t care too much about what the gringos think about it. We could also be talking about blacks, who, at the very least, shout a whole lot about how great it is to be black and how racist and evil white people are. That’s a lot of soul right there. Fortunately, however, they kill each other in such large numbers, generally lack the intelligence and skills to wield real influence, and are so reliant upon the largesse of whites that any threat they pose to Western Civilization here in the United States, although bad, is a little less existential.

“They,” in effect, are the Muslims. More specifically, the Arab “refugees” from the Middle East who are invading Europe by the millions intent on rape and Jihad. We on the alt-right are fully aware of the danger such people pose. Where a liberal may point to the fact that we have armies and carrier fleets and nuclear weapons and the like to justify not taking these poor Islamic urchins seriously, we on the alt-right counter by saying, “Yes, but they have soul.”

They are a unified people with a militant Holy book which preaches world domination through holy war against non-believers. A not insubstantial percentage of these people are willing to break laws, kill, and (most importantly) be killed for their imperialistic cause. Very formidable indeed.

The only way to defeat these people over the long run is for whites to re-acquire soul. This will enable us to forego scruples when dealing with the existential threat of Islam. Soul will enable us to realize that, whatever sins we must commit to defeat the enemy, victory will ultimately be worth it because we are better than they are. Even a Soviet Union squatting over every square inch of land on this planet would be preferable to a universal caliphate.

But what is soul? It can mean a lot of things depending on context, of course. In this instance, I am defining it as “the degree to which one believes in the righteousness of one’s associated tribe.”

Soul is all around us. Libertarians have soul. Mormons have soul. Villanova basketball fans these days have a lot of soul. But what we see with white people mostly is very superficial soul. There’s no biological imperative behind it. It’s all about conscious choice. The Pollyannaish platitudes about America the melting pot being an e-pluribus-unum state of mind is good example of what I would call skin-deep soul. It’s temperamental and, in the long run, fleeting. Once upon a time, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs was one of the most soulful conservatives around. Now, God knows what he is.

But there is nothing skin deep about race. Nothing cuts to the quick like it. Ultimately, all historical forces must bend to the exigencies of race. Look at the 7th-century Arab conquest of Persia. The Arabs had conquered Persian-controlled Mesopotamia after a series of crushing victories but wished to end their expansion there rather than needlessly invade Persia proper. The Persians would not have it, and continually raided Mesopotamia until the Arabs were forced to invade and subjugate Persia.

Why did the Persians antagonize the Arabs? For two reasons: 1) the Arabs possessed Mesopotamia, and 2) the Arabs were not Persian. The exact same reasons applied to French enmity towards Germany after the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, only replace Mesopotamia with Alsace-Lorraine. Back then, you see, Europeans in Europe had so little contact with non-whites that Germans might as well have been a distinct race from the French.

Around the same time, according to conservative writer Russell Kirk, the great Confederate general and cavalry commander Nathan Bedford Forrest stated unequivocally that “if he hadn’t thought he was fighting to keep his niggers, and other folks’ niggers, he never would have gone to war in the first place.”

So yes, race. This is why I don’t follow the NRO crowd. They abjure race consciousness like good little boys and girls and stay above the fray so when they die they will go to heaven. They seem to think that piety over free markets, limited government, Ronald Reagan, and traditional marriage is enough to give people of all races enough binding soul to make a nation great.

It cannot.

Remember the OJ Simpson trial? The prosecutors thought that if they stuff the jury with women, regardless of race, they could manufacture enough intra-gender sympathy for Nicole Simpson to convict. They assumed that sexual soul could trump racial soul. Boy, were they wrong.

Essentially, soul grows in strength the closer it gets to what is irreplaceable about a person. This is what I mean about biological imperative. One can change one’s favorite basketball team, political party, social group, religion, even one’s gender. But race is about as close to one’s genotype as you can get. And make no mistake, the Islamic invasion of Europe is very racial. If Islam did not exist, the Arabs would simply invent a different excuse for conquest. After all, white Muslims have lived in Europe for centuries, and never behaved the way the Arabs are behaving.

Racial soul is the most powerful kind of soul there is because it affirms three fundamental truths: Who you are, who your ancestors were, and, most importantly, who your children will be. Think John Wayne in the Searchers when he tried to kill his daughter (played by Natalie Wood) rather than let her be raised by savage Indians. He was white, and his daughter would be brought up white or there would be no daughter. This is racial soul at its most extreme and pure. It puts a person in a direct line from the alpha and omega of humanity, starting and ending with God. If a person truly believes he is a link in this metaphysical chain, and has a holy book to back it up, then he is formidable. And, as we are learning in Europe, an army of such men will be very hard to beat.

And the sooner we realize this the better, because once the Arabs do gain the upper hand in Europe, we will all learn that they tolerate no racial soul except their own.