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A White Nationalist Attends a Bernie Sanders Rally

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Let me be clear that I do not support Bernie Sanders. I just happened to attend a rally out of curiosity.

“I think Trump is pretending to be right wing to appeal to the Republican base and that he’ll swing toward the center once his campaign is over,” said a young Asian man standing in line behind me. It was amazing how so many attendees for the Bernie Sanders event were millennials. The majority of them, however, were white. As I sat down, literally every audience member in sight was white. At least 95% of all present had white skin, but only 80% on the stage behind Bernie did (56 out of 70 to be exact). In other words, nonwhites were about four times more common in the background of his speech. Perhaps he felt the need to advertise his nonwhite supporters, lest his support be thought of as “too white.”


Bernie’s message at times sounded exactly like Donald Trump’s. He complained of workers losing their jobs as factories moved out of the country. He mentioned several specific factories from the local area that had done so. Trump has also mentioned specific factories, most notably the Carrier plant in Indiana. Both are good at framing issues in concrete terms to which the average person can relate.

Bernie had a way of priming the crowd with various popular stances and then ending with a sort of catharsis as he affirmed his record in the congress and senate as having been in support of them. Like Trump, he interacted seamlessly with several excited supporters who yelled out answers to his rhetorical questions.

Much of his speech involved stoking envy in the hearts of the audience members. Well, it was either envy or rightful indignation, depending on one’s opinion. His arguments ran something like “if A can have B then why can’t C have D?” For instance, he said “if the Waltons of Walmart can be the richest family in the nation, then why shouldn’t Walmart pay its workers a living wage?” Some of his statements, such as that the current economy makes it too difficult for parents to raise children, seem to be very relevant to whites, whose collective birthrate is well below replacement level. While he referred to climate change, the drastic ongoing demographic implosion of whites was, of course, never referenced.

The white women present were on average feminine and dainty. Unfortunately, so were the men. In terms of fashion, there was a wide spectrum from smartly dressed hipsters to colorfully adorned hippies to frumpy older women.

Near the end of the speech Sanders gave a shout-out to various pet groups of the Left. Gays and women were mentioned. The latter group’s reference provoked a higher pitched tone of cheering. The abject poverty of many black Americans was bemoaned, but of course its hereditary causes were never explicated. “Undocumented” immigrants were cast as victims forced to live fearfully in the shadows, but Bernie never admitted the obvious fact that they prefer living in majority-white nations illegally to living legally their home nations. American Indians, though a relatively small minority, seemed to garner the most enthusiastic applause. The fact that most white Americans have never encountered an American Indian leads me to believe that whites are best able to idealize a group with whom they have never had any mundane daily interactions. Whites have had the most experience with their own race, so maybe they view it as rather ordinary as a whole and are only recognize the individuals in it as good, bad, or average.

Even if some in the crowd wanted to cheer for their own race, this 95% white audience was never given the chance. To utilize Bernie’s favorite form of argumentation, if “undocumented” citizens, Amerindians, blacks, women, and gays, are all worthy of shout-outs, then why not whites? Especially when they constitute the vast majority of the audience?

Hopefully Sanders supporters will discover that white identity is no less evil that of any other. It requires neither victims nor victimizers, but only racial existence. If persons like Bernie can conquer a civilized people in the middle east, ethnically cleanse them, and set up a state, then whites are justified in peacefully establishing a white nation of their own somewhere in the world.