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You Say You Want A Revolution

NotKentState1,495 words

Argument: A while back Greg Johnson made an interesting comment — that he wants to make maintenance of Israel as difficult and costly for Jews as possible, since the more effort and resources they expend on that, the less they will have to attack White interests. 

One can say the same for the System as a whole, the more effort and resources the System requires to prop up a decaying and disrupted multicultural regime, the less they will have to target those who pursue pro-White policies. Therefore, what we need is to stretch and exhaust the System as much as possible, ensure that they have no peace, promote constant chaos and turmoil, so the System is always on the defensive, always trying to stem the tide and prevent collapse into anarchy. A weakened System, desperate for survival, opens up many possibilities and opens up niches for nationalist expansion.

Counter-argument: The System will respond by repressing Whites even more, to our detriment (“worse is better” being mostly fiction; worse is most often just worse).

Response: That depends on what form the System’s problems take. If the problem is mass mobilization of angry White masses, catalyzed by Trump and subsequently amplified by “movement” activism, the System may perceive that the best course of action is less repression coupled to attempts at reform, similar to what Gorbachev tried in the USSR. It depends on us — if we get the White anger growing, then that will be the problem the System needs to calm down; if we sit back and do nothing, and let the Coloreds and SJWs rant and rave and have the stage to themselves, then the System will feel it has to placate them and not us.


Counter-argument: Reform by the System will be a safety valve, dissolving White anger, making our desired change more difficult (again, the “worse is better” argument).

Response: This I think misunderstands the fundamental nature of most revolutions in history. I remember something I read in a book by Soviet defector “Viktor Suvorov” — typically, successful revolutions do not occur during the time of greatest repression, but when that repression is suddenly relaxed. Examples in history abound, the French and Bolshevik revolutions being prime examples. The fall of communism being of more recent vintage, and for “movement” onanists, the case of Saint Adolf is instructive, the Nazis coming to power after an attempt to co-opt them by hopeful conservatives.

One may debate and discuss the mechanisms for this rule of history, including that when repression is relaxed, all of the pent-up anger and fury and revolutionary energy now has sufficient strength to burst through, and the ruling System has exposed its weakness which makes the revolutionaries “smell blood.” In contrast, during the greatest repression, the victims of the repression are stupefied by the terror inflicted on them, the System exerts an aura of invincible brutal strength, and the apparatus of state control is too powerful to overcome.

Counter-argument: The System knows this rule of history and will guard against it.

Response: I’m sure the Soviets knew this rule as well, as “Suvorov” demonstrates. But, a given System may have no choice. They may be in a situation in which continued repression is not possible, reforms are absolutely required to survive, and they may hope that the reforms will be sufficient to extend their rule and hold off revolution. In all of the historical cases outlined above, the ruling elites were in danger, and had to take the chance on reform. It follows then that it is imperative that the current System be given no choice — either attempts are made at reform to ease the rage and anxiety of the White masses or the whole multicultural regime will fall to pieces. But that is not going to happen on its own. Trump has been the catalyst to start the reaction, but unless someone steps in to extend and amplify this reaction it will fizzle out, wasting more time, and making us wait even longer for another opportunity, which would occur under even less favorable demographic circumstances. The fire has been lit; we need to pour gasoline on it.

Thus, it is imperative that the “movement” gets to work, sowing the seeds of distrust, rage, discord, alienation, bitterness, cynicism, and righteous anger among the White masses who have been at least partially aroused from their slumber by Trump and, to an even greater extent, by the unhinged System response to Trump’s rather mild and centrist challenge (the System’s reaction to Trump is more damaging to them than Trump is himself, it is like an immune system run amok — this should give us encouragement that the System will become desperate enough at some point to try reform if we keep the pressure up on them).

What could a real, effective, far-seeing movement, reasonably proofed against infiltrators and traitors, do in the current situation (beside the usual tactic of online posts and promoting overt racialist memes)? Three possibilities:

1. Send representatives to be at attendance at Trump rallies and other events throughout the country. The key point here is that these activists would, for the most part, notbe there as overt racialists, representing groups, and proselytizing with usual nonsense. No, instead, these people should be there blending into the crowd, undercover so to speak,spreading poisonous memes to undermine the System, sowing distrust and bitterness, exploiting the anger and resentment of Trump’s supporters, attacking the legitimacy of the System with clever maliciousness, utilizing rhetoric that is restrained yet at the same time craftily designed to enrage, inflame, and infuriate.

For example, Hood’s various “waking up from the American Dream” essays are excellent sources of material for “whispering in the ears” of Trump supporters, who are, no doubt, properly receptive to such messages. Now, yes, there can be a few overt racialists recruiting and making their presence known, but the majority should be there covertly planting the seeds so to speak, preparing the ground, “softening the crowd up” so that if and when they later hear more hardcore overt messages they’ll be accepting of them. Even more generally, the point is to spread cynicism, division, discord, rage, anger, resentment, bitterness, to emphasize how they are against Trump and how they want to thwart the will of the people, and how they are ruining America. And if anti-Trump protesters start their song-and-dance, that’s just more grist for the mill, more examples to point to about how they hate us. Discord and division, chaos and balkanization, undermining all confidence that the American System represents the interests of Trump’s supporters.

Two points here.

First, the aim is to instill an attitude of defiant anger, not one of despairing surrender. The people need to be made aware of their humiliated subaltern status, but in a manner that triggers righteous rage, not cowering cowardice.

Second, so there is no confusion or misinterpretation, the aim is not to provoke violence (although everyone has the right to self-defense if attacked), but to promote the attitude of “we are all too different, America is a joke, the System is corrupt, it’s time to look after our people alone,” and utterly oppose the idea of “despite our differences, we are all Americans.” Divide, divide, divide! When “Americans” of different races, creeds, and colors view each other with suspicion and hostility, with seething hatred, then we are on the road to recovery. That is your aim, that is your objective.

2. Activists with no overt connection to racialist politics can join the Trump campaign, even if just locally, and do everything possible to nudge it further in the direction of confrontational right-wing populism. Inflame the opposition, whose histrionic excesses will play right into the hands of those activists pursuing possibility #1.

3. Younger activists with no plausible connections to any previous political activity on the Right can indulge in some “black ops” infiltration of the opposition. Join in the local Clinton or Sanders campaign groups and nudge them in the direction of more overt and confrontational anti-Whiteness. Promote outrageous displays of hostility toward Whites and the traditional America, to better demonstrate to Trump’s supporters how much the System hates them. One could in theory have infiltrated the campaigns of Trump’s GOP opponents, to encourage outrageous cuckservatism anti-Whiteness among them as well. Use your imagination!

Again, similar to #1, the aim of #2 and #3 is memetic confrontation, not to provoke violence. Indeed, the groups in question, particularly the anti-Trump crowd, are already violent. There’s nothing to provoke there.

It is of course possible that activists are already doing these things and are just properly keeping quiet about it. If this is so, and I hope it is, that’s great and would show there is some hope for the “movement” yet.

To quote Yeats, what we should promote for the System is for them to cry in despair: “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.”

To the ramparts, activists, memetically speaking, at least. You say you want a revolution? Work for it.




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  1. JD
    Posted March 17, 2016 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    Basically all pro Whites have to do is give a push here and a nudge there and get out of the way as this bastard crumbles from its own rottenness. Let the CUCKS spend the bucks and their blood trying to save the “Republic” for mankind.

  2. Robert Pinkerton
    Posted March 17, 2016 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Rather than being any kind of systematic scholar, I am the kind of nut who reads history for recreation. That acknowleged, over more than half a century of pleasure reading of history, I have come to the conclusion that when ethnic conflict is superimposed upon social revolution, that brings out the horrific, atrocious worst in us humans. As that is so, I am glad I am near the natural expiry of my present incarnation; I want to be safely discarnate when this country blows up.

    • Dr. Krieger
      Posted March 17, 2016 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

      Truly it will not be a pretty sight. I’m about half way to expiration. Short of a tragedy I’m fairly confident I’ll be around to see it. With fortune’s favor, I’ll make it through.

      I’ve been trying some of this resentment stoking. When I feel comfortable with the company, I try to point out anti-whiteness (for lack of a better term) and the general shttiness of The Current Year. I don’t preach or bang on about it. Just a comment here or a comment there. I usually try to make it somewhat comical while making it clear that it’s not really a joke.

      I’ve found a refreshing amount of agreement among a wide range of people. Sometimes it’s even surprises me who agrees. There are a more of us out there than I thought.

      I think every little bit helps. Plus stirring up shit is fun even at my middling age. Woody Woodpecker had a ball with it.

      Ha ha ha Haaah ha

  3. Walter
    Posted March 17, 2016 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    This is a very good discussion. A system cannot be revolutionized without its active help and in the present situation, there remains only a flight forward with evermore chaotic consequences in evermore shorter cyclic repetitions. In every system, power rests in the mood -a somewhat unspecified attitude- of humans as members of the mass, and this mood can indeed be steered by intelligent action if there is a mood that is also receptive. A time of discomfort and anxious looking into a future that promises little that is positive and holds the expectation of a downward slide, is a time of reflective perceptivity. In such times a realistic alternative to the age-old same established-party merry-go-round with foreseeable results will be viewed with interest.
    I think that there is an instinct at work that perceives danger. The human mind works, in my opinion, a lot less on rational precepts than intuitive perceptions and the present time exudes an aura of danger, bleakness and rising concern about what will come.
    This can be used by fresh, unsullied ideas, holding the promise of a change averting the catastrophe that is coming in slow motion.
    Mr. Sallis makes very good suggestions how this alternative could be made known in an attractive way to a broad public which, from a certain point on, will spread them from the very momentum they will have gained.
    One can observe similar phenomena in all aspects of nature. A good example is crystallization which, once it starts in a solution rapidly progresses, even if there was long lag time necessary to establish the first seeds.

  4. John
    Posted March 17, 2016 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    I think Mr Sallis offers some good advice in this article, but there are a couple of things here that concern me. Mr Sallis recommends pushing people to “seethe with hate” at other races, as well as infiltrating leftist groups in order to subversively push them towards being more openly anti-White. Perhaps I’m just being naive, but I don’t think we’d be ultimately doing our cause a favour by stooping to such tactics.

    With regards to hating other racial groups, as Mr Johnson has pointed out in his essays, hate is a natural reaction to being forced to live and compete with groups that are highly different from you. But our goal should not be to promote hatred of other groups. After all, Blacks and Mestizos are not really responsible for our current predicament, nor our inability to get out of it. We need to teach our people not to be ashamed of their hate –which is after all a natural reaction to bad situation– but we should also teach them that you do not have to be hateful of other groups in order to prefer your own kind, and want to see it survive.

    As to infiltrating leftist groups and provoking them to be more aggressive (i.e. stirring up anti-White hatred), this would require us to be dishonest, even outright lie. It’s not that I’m not willing to use whatever means is necessary to see my race survive, it’s just that as it stands, truth and justice are just about the only things that we have going for us. If we compromise those, then we would lose the only real advantages that we have.

    • Riki
      Posted March 27, 2016 at 3:29 am | Permalink

      “it’s just that as it stands, truth and justice are just about the only things that we have going for us. If we compromise those, then we would lose the only real advantages that we have.”

      I appreciate your overall take on this issue. But, with due respect, John, truth and justice are for our own people, not for vicious and violent aliens bent on overwhelming us and destroying our biological existence. When truth and justice stand in our way for racial survival, their validity and legitimacy can be suspended, at least on tactical grounds. Means are justified by aims should be our consistent guiding principle when dealing with those who are not of our racial group. We Whites need to be ruthless as other races in order to ensure our ultimate racial surviving and thriving. That is my humble sincere opinion. Thanks for your kind attention.

  5. G.M.
    Posted March 17, 2016 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Don’t know, but according to the research of Dr. Virginia Abernethy, Whites restrict their fertility in response to difficult economic conditions (whereas e.g. Blacks do not).

  6. R_Moreland
    Posted March 18, 2016 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    Good discussion of various tactical aspects for the Struggle.
    Let’s see more articles like this.

  7. Douglas
    Posted March 18, 2016 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    And how will it end any different than the French Revolution? Thousands of innocents dead. Liberals in complete charge. An emperor reining in tyranny.

    This is just silly. The likely outcome short term is complete repression of white rights as we see in South Africa. I don’t want to spend the remainder of my life like that.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted March 18, 2016 at 8:36 am | Permalink

      Why does defeat seem inevitable to you? Because, psychologically speaking, you are a weakling and a loser. I think we will just ignore your fears and preferences. But feel free to stand in the tracks and yell “Stop!”

    • Aiser
      Posted March 18, 2016 at 11:32 am | Permalink

      Regardless of the outcome, I think thousands, perhaps even millions or perhaps even billions will die in the process. Either due to ethnic whites mobilizing, the collapse of the Dollar and Euro, total financial collapse we just don’t know. Also, I don’t think we can end up with the same situation as in South Africa. For one whites have been a minority there almost from the beginning before the Zulus arrived. Whites of course won’t reach 9-11% of the population anywhere in the western world any time soon.

      The truth is the system cannot fully suppress whites, they need whites to pay taxes that won’t come from blacks and illegals as well as technical and professional expertise. They may brutally crack down on some whites but only to set an atmosphere of fear and to set an example.

      But in a chaotic bloody confrontation even whites have the upper hand regardless of numbers. It’s generally common for white families to have even 14 year old daughters to shoot targets with great accuracy and little time for aiming. Whereas blacks even in places like here in NYC can actually unload an entire hand gun clip on a target that is within a rocks throwing distance and still miss every shot. Actually the black on black murder rate would be much higher if it were not for this terrible firearms accuracy they have lol.

      There is an infamous battle in South Africa where some 15,000-25,00 Zulus descended upon the 500 Voortrekkers in a Helms Deep like battle after the Zulus exterminated some 9000 Pygmies where the Voortrekkers lost like 1 person and like 3 injured while slaying off like 13,000 Zulus resulting in a Zulu retreat.

  8. Glen
    Posted March 19, 2016 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    Trump’s civic nationalism merely delays the inevitable decline and break up of the U.S. empire and Canada into smaller nation-states. Controlled or not, win or lose, Trump’s candidacy does provide a window of opportunity for racial nationalists among the white Middle American Radicals (See Sam Francis) – that is, if they smart enough to exploit it by courageously and intelligently addressing the future and describing the requirements for white survival, creating the informal social and economic mechanisms necessary to sustain that demographic, and marketing themselves as a viable alternative. Although this work should have begun back in the 1950-1960s, it is still possible (barely) to strengthen, preserve, and grow America and Europe’s traditional western European demographic. I am convinced that what I’ve described above is the very thing the Trump campaign’s strongest enemies fear more than anything else. The last time we’ve seen such implicit racial unity between blue-collar and middle-income whites was not during the sleep-inducing Reagan years when whites slept and white-haters conspired, but Germany in the early 1930s.

    IMO, one thing Trump could do is exploit the inherent division between Hillary’s “I’ve got mine, fark you” -leftist Baby Boomer supporters and Bernie’s young fools/tools. By addressing and providing solutions that not only address, but ameliorate and provide solutions/alternatives to the high cost of housing and “bricks ‘n mortar” -style education, for example, Trump could steal much of Bernie’s “thunder.”

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