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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast 153
Savitri Devi Speaks
Letter to Miriam Hirn, 2

1968 Sept Germany Savitri holding glasses CROPPED RETOUCHED [1]363 words / 61:14

What follows is a gift, an act of conservatorship, and a crowd-sourcing appeal.

Many readers of And Time Rolls On: The Savitri Devi Interviews [2] have asked me what Savitri Devi’s voice sounded like. Although I cannot make the original ATRO interview tapes available, I have many hours of other Savitri Devi recordings. I have been carrying these recordings around for more than a decade, and it occurred to me that I should make them publicly available, in case the originals are damaged or destroyed.

One of these tapes is in German, and the rest of them are in French, which is a problem for those who do not understand these languages. All of these recordings date from the last two years of Savitri’s life, after her stroke on March 30, 1981, which made it difficult for her to write. The first four recordings are letters to two friends, Georg Schrader and Miriam Hirn. (I wish to thank Georg Schrader and Miriam Hirn, both of them now dead, for making these recordings available.) The other recordings are reminiscences and historical anecdotes.

The following letter is to Savitri’s friend Miriam Hirn, a French diplomat in New Delhi whom Savitri knew during the last five years of her life and who became the heir to Savitri’s estate (before passing it along to the Savitri Devi Archive). Miriam Hirn died in India in 2010.

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I apologize in advance for the recording quality. These letters were recorded on very cheap cassette tapes. I have used noise reduction to remove background hiss.

The best way to ensure that these recordings survive is for them to be copied and kept by as many people as possible. Also, if a native French speaker wishes to transcribe this recording, please contact me at [email protected] [4]. Please contact me before beginning work, lest multiple parties end up wastefully duplicating efforts. Once as transcript is produced, I will translate it into English. Eventually, it will be included in an edition of Savitri Devi’s correspondence.

R. G. Fowler
http://www.savitridevi.org/ [5]