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“I’ve Got Mine, Buddy!”
Non-Whites Against Immigration

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Aside from his forceful personality, one possible reason Donald Trump polls better than any other Republican among black and Latino voters — i.e., citizens, not illegal aliens — is that they believe Trump really will build a wall on the Mexican border and deport millions of illegal immigrants, most of them mestizos from Latin America.

Blacks may be dumb, but they aren’t stupid. They see illegal aliens from Latin America taking work and welfare from them. Even Latinos, especially legal immigrants, know that illegal immigration is creating a generalized backlash against all immigrants, a backlash from which they are already suffering due to the widespread assumption that every Latino is here illegally. Moreover, Latinos realize that further immigration undermines their wages and benefits, just as their arrival harmed the economic interests of the Americans who were here before them.

The anti-white Left hopes — and the pro-white Right fears — that non-whites will support more non-white immigration out of racial solidarity and will vote together in an anti-white bloc. But this ignores two factors.

First, the solidarity of non-whites with any and all other non-whites is weaker than their solidarity with their own ethnic groups. For instance, most blacks regard Hispanics as concrete threats to their economic interests rather than potential allies against Whitey. Hispanics also resent the status of blacks as the privileged totemic minority group of white liberals.

Second, the vast majority of immigrants come for economic reasons, and economic migrants share a common profile: they are more rootless, less ethnocentric, and more motivated by material prosperity than those who remain at home. This is one explanation for the low ethnocentrism and racial solidarity of American whites, and the same selection process is at work with non-white immigrants.  Thus many immigrants are likely to put their own pocketbooks above racial solidarity if they see immediate, personal benefits to cutting off illegal immigration.

Of course the selection process described above does not apply to blacks, most of whose ancestors came involuntarily, or to Indian tribes indigenous to the United States. But both of these groups still have economic interests in excluding new immigrants. Moreover, Black Americans may feel solidarity with recent black immigrants, but they are a small percentage of immigrants, legal or illegal, and genuinely American Indians are a politically negligible population.

This means there is a basis for creating an “I’ve got mine, buddy” anti-immigration bloc among non-whites, both long-established and recently arrived. Trump can woo these voters precisely because he is an American civic nationalist, not a White Nationalist. If Trump were a White Nationalist, he would encourage non-whites to unite across ethnic and national lines against him. This is probably one reason Trump’s opponents are trying to smear him as a racist. It is not just Jewish neurotics having fits of the Zyklon vapors. There may be a method to their madness.

Although Trump is not a White Nationalist, he can still help our cause. By building a wall and deporting millions of illegal aliens, Trump might be able to postpone for decades white America’s decline into minority status. That would give White Nationalists more time to get our act together, which makes it more likely that we will have a White Republic in North America some day. If Donald Trump can persuade non-whites to help that happen, well, that would be just one of the ironies from which history is made.