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Chicago: The Veil is Being Lifted

Donald Trump [1]1,150 words

At the root of all politics is a threat of violence. Whether enacted from above or below, the ability to assert one’s political interests requires, at the very least, the threat of force.

Carl Schmitt wrote: “A world in which the possibility of war is utterly eliminated, a completely pacified globe, would be a world without the distinction of friend and enemy and hence without politics.”[1] This, as every last shred of history demonstrates, is an impossibility — despite centuries of (either naive or strategic) utopian rhetoric to the contrary. All groups assert their own interests in some way and these interests will always come in conflict at some point. Rarely, however, has a group of people been as unwilling to explicitly defend themselves as have whites. Modern white populations have been conditioned to hate themselves, to feel guilty for their accomplishments, and to proudly yet perversely assert the interests of competing groups over their own as a sign of sophistication and moral character.

As I write these words, a coalition of blacks, browns, Jews, and tragically misguided whites has managed to violently stop a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.[2] Mainstream and social media is ablaze with Leftists and neoconservatives celebrating this victory (an alliance that will come as no surprise to White Nationalists but very well might to many average Americans). The response, however, of Trump supporters has largely been to condemn such actions under the guise of gross violations of free speech, law and order, and common decency. While these things are certainly valuable, especially to white Americans, for whom these notions make up an essential part of their identity, they too can only be practiced, in one way or another, through violence. That which is decreed by the state requires the power potential of the state to make it “real.”

One of the many tragedies that has befallen post-war white civilization is the nearly universal acceptance that politics can be conducted by men in suits bantering back and forth in legalistic language until some sort of “both sides of the aisle” compromise can be reached. What this does is to create a veil between the violence inherent in the political process and any truly effective assertion of group interests. It creates an expectation of peace and civility that is never entirely possible. When this veil is lifted, as it has been for many average Americans tonight, it comes as a shock, as an affront to their cherished belief in the system, as a dizzying and frightening incomprehension. Not only are whites glued to their television sets watching the seemingly inexplicable revolt of those whom they have for so long been trying to help in good faith — blacks, browns, and assorted immigrants — but they are witnessing the exposure of the political id, the swirling and thunderous survival instincts that are at the root of the political process.

The American system has tried desperately to contain these impulses. It has tried to turn the art of politics into an exercise in complacency. Whites especially are instructed to refrain from anything that could disrupt this strange order. We are told to keep our mouths shut, to treat everyone as equals, to empathize with those who have destroyed our cities, made our schools unsafe, lived off our paychecks, and voiced their hatred of us at every turn. We are told that it is our fault for whatever ripples appear on the still waters of the American dream. And now we are told that the riots in Chicago are Donald Trump’s fault. But this can come as no shock to any racially-conscious white person. For the establishment, Donald Trump has become a stand-in for white interests and is therefore tainted — more than most — with the modern original sin of whiteness. So of course it is his fault that a black man bit the ear off one of his supporters.

What many, if not most, of these very same Trump supporters fail to grasp is that what is happening in Chicago is merely the physical manifestation of the very foundation of the political process: the advocacy by force of conditions best fit to ensure biological survival. The stuffed shirt mentality and fetishization of bipartisan compromise endemic in American politics is ultimately an historical aberration. What we are seeing in Chicago is a refutation of this style of governance as much as it is a refutation of egalitarian notions of race. How ridiculous does a Marco Rubio or a Hillary Clinton appear in the context of smashed police cars, bloody Trump supporters, and Mexican flags waved angrily on American streets? American politicians excel in disguising the reality of political struggle, in divorcing meaning from the political process. It is no wonder that “ideologue” is used as an epithet for any politician who purports to actually believe in something.

These riots should be seen as a step in the right direction for whites. They are a healthy reminder of exactly what is at stake and why politics are so important in the first place. Governance is not a game, nations are not social constructs, populations are not forever malleable and docile. On the contrary, the political process is based in a primordial necessity, a deep-seated collective evolutionary struggle. White America is long past due in seeing the real world results of their naiveté. The unending appeasement of every last minority group and the forced demographic displacement of whites cannot end any other way but in the radical readjustment of white political priorities based on racial self-interest. Just as there can be no compromise between a mountain lion and a house cat, there can be no compromise between the Judaic forces of globalization and nationalism or between Third World hordes and whites. There can be no compromise with those who seek our destruction. And tonight’s events, more so than any of the race riots we have seen recently, ought to make this crystal clear.

Whether or not this helps Trump is less important than the fact that Americans are, en masse, seeing the true meaning of politics: collective physical struggle against one’s enemies. For White Nationalists, anything that illuminates this foundational truth should be welcomed and used in our fight for survival — for that is precisely what it is. The charade of peaceful coexistence with non-whites in white territories is coming to an end. And what seemed to Jews to be the eternal submission by whites to their colonial rule is now being threatened. The practice of domestic politics has changed tonight. Expect more violence at Trump rallies. But also expect more awakened whites.


1. Carl Schmitt, The Concept of the Political (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996), p. 35.

2. It is true that Donald Trump voluntarily called off the rally, but it cannot be denied that this would not have happened without the threat of violence from the protestors/rioters.