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Will Jews Change Sides?

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ArchofTitus2 [1]The history of Jews in Europe is full of conflict and tragedy. From the days of the Roman Empire, the Jews have been a conspicuous nation, a nation apart from all others. They have appeared to us as a self-segregating and culturally arrogant people, a people who refuse to assimilate. A people who even when they do ostensibly assimilate, cause even greater harm than they did before desegregating: violating our taboos, propagating bizarre ideologies, and even killing Europeans in their host countries en masse when given the power to do so.[1] This long, uncomfortable and often bloody history of Jews in Europe has left a lasting scar on Europe’s collective psyche that survives even to this day, despite non-stop Jewish propaganda aimed at deracinating and inducing guilt in Europeans.

The Jewish collective consciousness has, of course, interpreted history very differently, and see themselves as eternal victims rather than agitators and provocateurs. They tell themselves and their children that their history in Europe was and is one of constant danger and uncertainty, with an ever-looming possibility of violent spasms from the beastly goyim, resulting in pogroms.

Certainly, there is truth in both points of view. White Nationalists often downplay European anti-Semitism in a similar way that Jews downplay their own historical chauvinism, thus seeing whites as the eternal and undeserved victims of dodgy Jewish financial practices, communistic agitation, cultural subversion, etc.

While both of these viewpoints are chauvinistic and prejudiced, only one of these viewpoints has gradually become the popular and accepted narrative. While it is considered highly anti-Semitic to talk about, say, the Jewish role in communism, it is taken for granted that all conflicts between Europeans and Jews were the fault of Europeans. While it may be true that no one says this blatantly, the almost complete absence of not only criticism of Jews, but criticism of biased Jewish historiography on European-Jewish relations is a clear indication of who controls the narrative.

Jews, on the other hand, talk freely of being “persecuted,” frequently comparing anti-Semitism to a disease, without ever even acknowledging that they may be at least partially responsible for their own misfortunes. Take Abe Foxman, for example, who answers the reason for anti-Semitism in just one word: “Jealousy.”[2] It seems psychologically impossible for most Jews to comprehend that they have been partially responsible for their misfortunes throughout history, much like a lousy housemate preserves his self-esteem after being kicked out of house after house by convincing himself that the problem is with his housemates’ prejudices and intolerance, and not the fact that he dirties the house and is forgetful with the rent.

Europeans, namely those in Western Europe and the Anglosphere, on the other hand, are on far end of the other side of the spectrum. They are more than happy to accept blame and guilt, after decades of propaganda designed specifically to wear down their ethnic consciousness and pride. Some accept this guilt passively, like a Christian going to church twice a year to keep the faith, while other self-flagellate profusely like zealous monks. Nearly all accept that the suffering of Jews in Europe was due to the intolerance of their ancestors, their elaborate theories of Jewish child sacrifice, or their belief in Jews’ being complicit in the crucifixion of Jesus, etc.

It is a bleak realization when one sees his kin consume the poison of a hostile alien, especially one that appears as invulnerable as the Jew. They have helped lead us down a suicidal path of self-hatred, nihilism, and materialism.[3] However, there is reason to hope. There are glimmers of light in the darkness. While it is obvious that history never goes in one straight line and we cannot predict too far into the future, there is every reason to believe that eventually the Jews will have to give up their subversive shenanigans. Allow me to explain.

Jews, as explained by both Jews[4] and non-Jews[5] alike, promote cultural subversion in order to weaken the host population’s ethnic consciousness. Historically, this would have made sense in European countries, where they were nearly always the most obvious outsider in every way. Their cultural distinctness and hostility to outside cultures made them obvious aliens as well as targets, sometimes justifiably, sometimes not. In order to reduce their own salience as a minority, they promoted communism as a means of downplaying the significance of nationality, religion, and ethnicity. Such things, they said, were tools of the bourgeoisie and the elite.

Robert_Arch_of_Titus [2]

As much as I hate to admit it, such notions probably had some sense then. While nationality, religion, and ethnicity obviously mean nothing, and are indeed hindrances, to our current elite, there was a time and place where they could indeed have been tools of the elite instead of obstacles. Such was the case in Tsarist Russia, where the Orthodox religion and even celebration of Russian nationality was a source of power for the monarchy. This power would occasionally be used against the Jewish population, to which the Tsarist regime had no particular sympathy.

Thus, communism was a natural Jewish response (though certainly not always a justifiable one) to certain conditions that existed in those times. Not too long after Jews started promoting communism, they also started diligently agitating for the “rights” of minorities, both racial[6] and sexual.[7] All of these efforts essentially worked to undermine a traditional, monocultural society and turn it into an anything-goes society. Race, religion, sexuality, all such things were meaningless. Everything was of equal value, hence there is no reason to be worried about that Jewish lobbyist giving money to the frontrunner presidential candidate any more than that transsexual undocumented Mexican over there. Whites lost their power, minorities became “empowered,” and Jews were easily able to blend in. For some time.

Enter Israel and the Muslim Problem

Many have pointed out the follies of the Jewish promotion of multiculturalism with regard to Muslims. It is absurd for Jews to invite Muslims into countries where they hold influence, as Muslims are nearly always against the very existence of the Jewish state, are unmoved by the holocaust story, and are often anti-Semitic. Of course, the situation is not so black and white. There are a few Jews who hold Israel in contempt and indeed scold it in the same way they scold White Nationalism, just like there is an even smaller number of Jews who, for all practical purposes, come close to being White Nationalists. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the Jews as a whole unequivocally support mass migration seemingly without concern for the Muslim problem. This is in spite of the fact that Jews have now on many occasions been the victims of the migration that they helped bring to their host countries.[8]

But the troubles don’t end there. While Muslim immigration is certainly the most visible problem from a Jewish perspective, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, other non-whites besides Muslims are also not too keen on the “chosenites” either. A study undertaken by none other than the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) showed the prevalence of “anti-Semitic” beliefs among both Blacks and Hispanics stood at 35%, in comparison to 17% of the general population.[9] Damn. Oh well, at least it’s not as high as Poland’s 45%.[10]

Of course, one must always take the ADL’s conclusions with a grain of salt. Their conclusions are based on the pre-determined conviction that any negative opinion and even some neutral observations about Jews, regardless of factual validity, are inherently morally wrong. Hence why Old Abe finds opinions such as “Jews have too much power in international financial markets” to be “distressing.”[11] However, to the perpetually paranoid such results must indeed be threatening.

Furthermore, Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be sympathetic to Israel.[12] This may come as no surprise, as many of these non-whites are probably wondering what the hell the government is doing sending three billion dollars to some country on the other side of the world when that money could be put to other uses.[13]

So what are the prospects for American Jews, and by extension, Jews as a whole? If current demographic trends continue it will mean that American Jews will live in a country where the population most sympathetic to them is the one most quickly declining. It will mean that a large segment of the population believes the “myths” that they have been trying to combat for so long. But perhaps most importantly, it will mean that they will live in countries populated by people that can’t feel guilt about such things as pogroms, the holocaust, or historical exclusion from WASP-dominated universities. It will mean that they no longer live in a high trust society governed by the type of egalitarian value system that enabled them to get into the positions of power they hold.

The practical implications of this future are up for speculation. Robert Weissberg said that Jews prefer to support blacks over whites because they believe blacks to be “too stupid” to organize mass murder on the scale that Europeans were capable of in decades and centuries past. Perhaps this is true, however, one should never underestimate one’s ethnic opponents. The more radical elements of the Black population in South Africa may not have committed a massacre on the same scale that Europeans have in past years, however, they have certainly made life sufficiently unbearable for the Whites in order to coerce vast numbers of them to flee the country. And while the Whites in South Africa have thus far avoided genocide at the hands of Blacks, certain Black groups have not been so lucky.[14] The Rwandan genocide shows how destructive even disorganized black violence can be.

It isn’t just American Jews who are suffering the effects of Third World immigration. In Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, Jews have already started leaving amidst growing anti-Semitism in the form of abuse, desecration of Jewish cemeteries and chants of “Hitler!”[15] Certain schools have even ceased holocaust education in order not to offend the newest victim class. German Jews have been advised to look “less Jewish” in order to not be the targets of anti-Semitic attacks, indicating that their status as the most protected group is no longer guaranteed.[16] And while the priorities of the Swedish establishment is to do everything in their power to keep the Sweden Democrats at bay, we can be reasonably sure that the Sweden Democrats are not the ones abusing the chosenites on the way back from synagogue. More generally, several terrorist attacks targeting Jews specifically have happened in recent times.

To the cold, logical, and unbiased observer it would seem absurd for Jews to continue degrading the societies where they have been safe for so long. But we are all affected by our emotions, and Jews often both consciously and unconsciously allow their turbulent European history, not to mention their unique psychology, to guide their politics. Even as the ship is clearly heading for an iceberg, the captain has invested too much emotion into his present course to change it.

So the question is just how bad things will get before the Jewish elite realizes that multiculturalism just isn’t that good for the Jews. Chances are, they will get pretty bad indeed. The Jewish elite isn’t that much different from the Gentile elite in the sense that both will be far removed from the actual effects of the policies they are supporting. They are not likely to get beaten up, mugged, gang-raped, lose their jobs to immigrants, or evicted from home to make way for cultural enrichers.[17]

There seem to be virtually no Jewish organizations denouncing immigration, with only a select few individuals such as Paul Gottfried and Éric Zemmour speaking out. There are, of course, also the neoconservatives. However, focusing on radical Islam will not address the issues of creeping Islamization or the anti-Semitism and “apatho-Semitism” of Blacks and Hispanics. In fact, so severe is the delusion of some Jews on the position of race and immigration that some are even content with being victims, as long as they are victims for being perceived as being “white.”[18]

There is a long road ahead of us, but I believe that we must play these points to our advantage. Not that we should become obsessively philo-Semitic like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, or — God forbid — Tommy Robinson.[19] These people have benefited little from their obsessive pandering. Nor should we assume that there is no possibility of victory without appeasing the Jewish community. It will, however, be a lot easier for us if at least a good portion of the Jewish community realize that if we go down, they go down. We should realize that the situation that Jews have played a major role in bringing upon the West has given us a good deal of bargaining power.

The Jewish Survival Instinct

Some may argue that the Jews will never turn, that it is in their nature to be subversive. There may be a degree of truth to this, as stories of Jewish subversion can be traced back all the way to the Old Testament.[20] However, I would argue that eventually a survival instinct has to kick in. After all, even if your enemy and you are on a boat together, you’re not going to sink the boat just to kill him.

If we look for examples where this survival instinct had kicked in in the past, there are few and they are far between. But they are there.

For example, during the civil rights movement, Southern Jews were

[T]ypically reluctant participants in the Civil Rights movement. . . . The general perception of northern Jews and southern blacks and whites was that southern Jews had adopted white attitudes on racial issues. Moreover, southern Jews adopted a low profile because southern whites often (correctly) blamed northern Jews as major instigators of the civil rights movement and because of the linkages among Jews, communism, and civil rights agitation during a period when both the NAACP and mainstream Jewish organizations were doing their best to minimize associations with communism.[21]

This makes sense, especially in the context of living in a largely Black area where they were considered just as much crackers as the Whites.

Another example of this reluctant outreach to the goy can be found more in more recent times, where Ukrainian Jewish leader Vadim Rabinovich met with Marine Le Pen. Of course, they met so that they could discuss the need to “combat anti-Semitism.” However, a Jewish leader meeting the leader of any far-right nationalist party would have been unimaginable only a few decades ago. Rabinovich apparently sees that the FN are the only party that can protect the Jews against the Islamic horde.

If there is one point that needs to be made, however, it is that whatever alliance can be made between some Jews and White Nationalists in the future, we must not allow ourselves to become stooges. We must assert our own demands, that is, that our countries remain not just Christian, not just non-Islamic, but White. We want neither moderate Muslims nor Christian blacks. All non-European immigration must be immediately halted.

As for the Jews living in our midst, that is a matter for another time. There are multiple possibilities; they could either be allowed to live in their own communities, assimilate in small numbers,[22] or move to Israel. Anything as long as they refrain from subverting our societies in the name of some ill-intentioned crusade for “justice.” However, it must be made clear that after the matter of mass migration (and hopefully repatriation) is settled, our countries will be just as officially white (or British, or French, or Romanian, or whatever . . .) as Israel is Jewish.


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