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The National Policy Institute’s “Identity Politics” Conference

The 100th Anniversary of Former President Ronald Reagan's birth [1]176 words

I want to encourage all Counter-Currents readers to consider attending the National Policy Institute’s upcoming evening conference on “Identity Politics,” which is being held on Saturday, March 5th in Washington, D.C. The speakers are Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, and RamZpaul. And of course there will be ample opportunities for networking. (I will not be there because of a prior travel conflict, but the conference will be covered for Counter-Currents by Claus Brinker.) For more details, see the NPI Events website [2].¬†

If you are planning to go to NPI, I highly recommend that you make time to visit the National Gallery of Art while you are in Washington. In addition to its regular holdings, the National Gallery is hosting a special exhibition, Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculptures of the Hellenistic World [3], which brings together fully a quarter of the Hellenistic bronzes that have survived from antiquity, including some of the very finest. The exhibition ends on March 20th, after which the works will be dispersed to their home collections all around the world.

Greg Johnson