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A Fundraising Appeal
Counter-Currents Needs Your Help


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The New Current Year is off to a strong start, but we need your help to maintain momentum. Counter-Currents reached 1,244,485 unique visitors in 2015, but we had only 331 unique donors keeping the whole thing afloat. Yes, I know, the great thing about the internet is all the free content. But consuming free content means being a free rider on other people’s generosity. This year, one of my resolutions is to convert more free riders to donors and book buyers.

One of our readers suggested that I make specific appeals for funds. So here we go.

In view of the fact that YouTube is a vast platform, a veritable world-unto-itself, we can dramatically increase our reach through YouTube videos. Thus Counter-Currents has revived its dormant YouTube channel, CounterCurrentsTV [3]. We have uploaded three new videos, and there are more to come. We are producing 2 kinds of videos: (1) videos of Counter-Currents Radio interviews, which simply consist of the audio and a single static image (for example [4]), and (2) slide show videos accompanying my readings of Counter-Currents articles and reviews (for example [5]).

There’s a simple reason why our YouTube channel is active again: money. We went from one video in three years to three videos in one week because I found a young man with the taste and technical skills to make videos, and I am paying him for his work. These payments are really just honoraria. I could never afford to pay him by the hour. His primary motivation is ideological commitment, not money. But all too often, commitment will get us only 90% to the finish. So a concrete financial sign of appreciation can make all the difference between good intentions and a finished project. Therefore, if you want CounterCurrentsTV to thrive, make a donation today.

And if you want the rest of Counter-Currents to thrive, make a donation today.

If you want to send a non-tax deductible donation to Counter-Currents Publishing, you can make two different types of donations:

Recurring donations are particularly helpful, since they allow us better to predict and plan for the future. We have several levels for recurring donations. Please visit our Donations [6] page for more information.

We can also customize the amount of a monthly donation.

There are several ways to make one-time donations:

Also, as we first announced in October of 2015, you now have two possible destinations for your donations: Counter-Currents Publishing and the Counter-Currents Foundation. The Counter-Currents Foundation is a US 501c3 educational corporation. Donations to it are deductible from US federal income taxes. The purpose of the Counter-Currents Foundation is specifically to promote scholarship and translations connected to the European New Right and allied movements. If you wish to earmark a donation to the Counter-Currents Foundation, or to discuss a particular project you would like to support, please contact me in advance at [email protected] [9].Please give generously!

Thank you for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson